Lord Jamar on Troy Ave: If You Do Bozo Things, You Should Be Called "Bozo"

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what do you think of my song called Oh bozo I got a problem with it like it out of me I beat up about too bad my song here I mean honestly you know if you do bozo shit like motherfuckers are going to call you a bozo like right now me because you know mice was telling me about like for example he was going through his court case and stuff like that I remember going to trial facing trial for shit that I didn't do and sitting it going to court with a suit every day because my lawyer said if you come in here looking like in from the street they were singing in jail because that's just in reality is situation this guy comes in with a mink on and a bulletproof vest on you know the Hat that's got you know construction was to cook crack on it it's like what do you do and he came to court like that Yeah right what do I AB did this hearings yet he showed the court like a hat with instructions to cook crack on it yes he is going through something he has never experienced in his entire life I mean I know some I know some I know some thug niggas dough that like they didn't go to jail because they was moving small and I mean but that don't mean it wasn't like some real Street motherfuckers either though you know I mean like some other fuckers know how to move like you none of me I know dudes I was like selling drugs but when she'd started getting hot they stopped for a little while and then start back up again it's the motherfuckers that keep going and keep going no matter what yeah no my friend calvario was like this you grew up in a drug dealer family and he was taught an early age how to move and you know he he talked about how his point like a lot of people go into this with the assumption that will eventually get locked up so the sort of a fuckit kind of mentality his point was I'm never going to get locked up I'm going through everything possible which means I'm not going to dress flashy I'm not going to have cars that clearly I can't afford I'm not going to do various things that's ultimately going to get any locked up I used to believe I was going to get locked up like I used to be preparing I was at the crib working out like thinking oh I'm going I want to be diesel when I get there well I work most people get diesel when they get to jail and then you know they start working out and then they come home okay so you would you get a convicted of criminal possession of a weapon okay and it was just well now no probation I got it felt yeah guys telling me because it was the first time and yeah I had a paid lawyer and all that type of shit and so you've never been to prison I've been in jail but not prison but I love you joke bullshit couple couple days yeah hey - yeah so so you and I both cannot relate to a hard time as we shouldn't what I could relate to doing Street shit and I could relate to being smart enough to fucking like I feel like I just moved smart like I did plenty of shit that could have got me locked up but I just moved smart like some other fuckers move before they think you know I think before I move so I was able to avoid some of the pitfalls that people around me in enemy like I've seen all my friends fucking catch sealed indictments and shit like that one time that's what made me stop fucking around like SEO Davis what when they fucking been watching you for so long that they fucking can just come and grab you and they got all this fucking evidence on you and you know you're indicted before you even fucking with arrested type of shit you understand I remember the last time I was locked up in New York you know you get locked up in the precinct right and then they sent you to central booking so then it's central booking at least in New York I don't know how these other places you kept you keep getting transferred from cell-to-cell know this yeah until you eventually report the gore room right so in the course of you know that instance I probably was like in eight or nine different cells right as you go from cell to cell you sometimes see the same people / hey so in one of my early cells I'm speaking it's like you know Spanish kids and it's like what are you here for like suspended license what about you man did they raided my house looking for the drugs they didn't find shit dog looking stupid you know I'm saying my lawyer telling me you bought to get me out man I'm good cool man that's luck few hours later I'm gonna sell with him I walk in this dude's head is down I like yo getting now I like was good he's like we're totally to have me on tape moving kilos you told me you probably can't do nothing for me it's just like wow these are all good a couple hours makes right yeah so you know you can feel some type of way when them boys come listen hang hanging down with none of that shit like that I mean like I'm trying to willingly make myself a slave you know yeah because it is modern-day slave also use modern-day slavery it's always been slavery right what my slavery is legal through prisons twisting right you get what seven seven cents a day something I think something like that to work and like I think but I interviewed boosie's like a honey bun cost like 50 cents you got to work a whole week to get a honey bun crazy you know the commissary right like I don't get that I purposely don't get it he also said that when you go to like Louisiana like you're in a chain gang you're the chain gang like you know like that movie life people think oh that's you know that's from the 50s nerado that's Louisiana and all over that all that someone is on a chain gang as we riding right now breaking rocks even yeah like you know the main generator in the in the cartoons they would be chained with the stripe fucking you know they still got those right goddamn horse whether you know what it like I've run yeah a very plantation esque very much so yeah so back to Troy I think that my point is that for the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep no matter how brave he you know he presents himself to the world how arrogant no he's worried oh I don't think worries like you terrified I think he's terrified and mental trauma on a daily basis is you know eventually we will you know fuck you up okay Aaron Hernandez well it's funny we were talking earlier about like post-traumatic stress yeah before the interview and all that and how like shit happens in the hood that you know a lot of times we have no there are no counselors and shit for that like you're not I mean like you just got to deal with that shit and I mean it is what it is yeah so we'll see what happens with Troy but listen I don't want nobody going to jail I don't want nobody killed and you seem saying like I don't we got a problem wish these things on nobody you like okay so so you need to tell me that if someone does something heinous to you your family you would want them to go to jail listen yes I've only got one I don't wish it on nobody I always had a problem yeah I see what you're saying like I if somebody gets up to me I would want justice now is justice jail I don't know I want justice whatever justice means to me United mean like for example the this is this is what what came up recently Steve Stevens the Cincinnati shooter oh yeah yeah I fucking best yeah the one who walked up to a random old man asked him a question that he literally suck a shit that any bum said you know so and so the guy that I don't know what you're talking about pulled out a gun shot him the head right to what I wish Jay love somebody like him what came up and I was deaf on him but what would had come up at that point was that the can on sixty minutes interview when they asked them you know if you had a serial killer living next to you would you call the police no I would move if after shooting that old man he went home he looked at and he said oh shit that's my next-door neighbor right would you move what would you call the police or would you go handle it yourself yes he maybe maybe the third option you know the meals maybe maybe it depends or maybe I get somebody to handle it you see them saying so my hands don't get I have to get there I don't know well maybe I would call the police I'm not moving okay that's what I'm not I'm not moving and letting you see like again people get it twisted like with the snitch in and all of that like he's not my Cody I'm not snitching on him because we're not fucking doing crimes together I didn't walk up to this man and just shoot him out of the blue I just happen to notice motherfucker right now you know you don't want to be cooperating in certain circumstances but come on that shit is crazy like like what he did right there right so you call the police you'll cooperate with the police you tell them all the information they need to know in order in that circumstance probably that's what I'm saying probably yeah me too like the motherfucker had a beard you look fat he's fucking driving a Ford Fusion whatever the fuck like go get that motherfucker you know to me I don't want to someone next door to me but at the same time if I had some sort of community watch you know slash I don't know vigilante crew I might call them all the flavor that at my disposal I might call those motherfuckers too you see him say you call the police because that's your frame of reference of how shit like that gets handled you understand I'm saying and traditionally they're the ones that are supposed to meet out justice all I'm saying is if there was some sort of other justice that I could pick from then I might would pick from that but I'm not going to just leave this motherfucker running around just because niggas say on the street all you shouldn't fucking sniff frappe that motherfucker just did with the fuck him he might go shoot your daughter afterwards absolutely you know if you were to shoot a random old man what's this that say he will won't shoot your daughter just to say won't shoot me right I mean like so ya get this motherfucker off the streets absolutely

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