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[Music] Wow it's going to be an experience one of our body is still from complex were in LA a flight club with rising superstar comedians Sebastian Maniscalco thanks thanks why I still call them gym shoes yes is that wrong good to do some sneaker shopping today get to see what he's feeling what he's not and then I'll hope he's gonna buy some sneakers thank god you're here because I have no idea what all this is let's go we are in a section with shoes that vary from maybe $500 to $5,000 what do you think your dad would say if you brought into a store like this first of all my father would never have me go wear shoes were there actually roped off okay things like the VIP he choose and I don't know really too much about sneakers the last time I bought a real good pair was the first Jordans that ever came out I had to cut lawn to work to save up for I think it was back then maybe a hundred bucks yeah maybe I still call him gym shoes is that wrong I when I first came in the store I thought it was a Museum of shoes yeah because they're all wrapped up in plastic I'm like oh this is just something you can look at and then leave I don't know it just seems like a very very intense place for shoes let's go and walk over here let's talk about growing up in Chicago all right [Music] Sebastian you talked about getting the Jordan ones and it was such a big deal you grew up in Chicago what was that like it used to watch Jordan play oh yeah my father took me to my first ever Bulls game obstructed view up in the balcony at the Chicago Stadium and I wore these shoes growing up in the 90s in Chicago it was all Jordan and nothing but Jordan so yeah I haven't bought a pair of cents but this was my favorite my favorite pair Sebastian what I love is when someone who's not super into sneakers comes on the show and I asked him about kind of crazy makeups of shoes a Python Jordan for would you ever wear before I came to this thing my wife said do not come home with any Python okay absolutely not I'm a simple guy black and white I don't like a lot of color in the sneaker maybe alligator if you have it but we're going to delight of that on the Shelf the other thing that I wanted to talk about I actually felt like you were a subliminal at me a little bit the Instagram guy who takes the pictures of the new sleepy yes yeah welcome through the Instagram videos and looking with people post as always their guide it's supposed to make a photo of his new kinks why in our world it happens all the time so why why you doing that I mean you buy a pair of shoes then you take a photo of it to show your friends that you got a new parish shoe what if you had a new car that you want to show off nobody said well I'm not sure that's a thing I don't show off okay good things self-contained no pictures of the car shoes outfits nominally stop it we got to stop about on this again you've heard it first listen it's going to be tough the whole speech I know I know just get to start commenting

[Music] so I'm looking to play basketball a rec league or rectly no just YMCA in case somebody calls you on a play okay it's not organized okay just for some exercise okay so I'm looking for a basketball shoe but I don't like a lot of bulk like this to me something you would wear to go shovel the snow in Chicago said more like a book check I'm looking for something a little bit more kind of functional I guess I mean I'm looking I'm older so I'm looking for a little ankle support what about like a black LeBron that's are here I don't like this it was a three-quarter topping don't they call that it's like a mid top yeah I don't have to you don't have to guess what else look at these before these are the new look at how high the music oh wow what is that right get him some shoes Wow look at a look at what about a reptile Kobe for your pickup pain if I came on the court with my buddies and a reptile Kolby I'd be ripped on for about four or five years [Music]

you just had a daughter congratulations man what if she is into this shoe phenomenon if my daughter wants a shoe I might treat her too I saw you had a little baby she do yeah baby shoe yeah right here maybe I get my daughter on this district if it's okay yeah put her little baby shoe so when she turns whatever wire two years old she could slip into that maybe we sell it four years later question around town the kids are talking about boots boost technology lights of all adidas new technology one of the most comfortable sneakers in the last 5-10 years we say technology what are we talking here foam the upper look at the uppers sewn together while primeknit technology under the technology is amazing on this so Sebastian we talked about everything now is the easy part get the browser she'll see where you want to pick out and what shoes you want to leave with cool [Music] what about training running shoe that's what I need have you ever owned a pair of these flyness feel you can workout in them you could for travel for walking sir what you can walk in involved you know you can stay unless you're walking me you know what wouldn't sold me all right see if we have nine in the walking shoe you know what I gotta get one of these because this is the first shoe that I really spent a lot of money on I don't have it anymore perfectly I'm going to get the good feeling that was good they're a little snug you know you know what they say when you go to these places it will expand that's what it it's killing me now but four months that's going to expand so I'll go with these these are the boosts these are our told these are life-changing most comfortable shoe if you can get it at weight wow I could feel the technology [Music] all right mm 14.95 32 1495 Thank You Vicker you know what throw in the baby easy yeah thank you [Music] so Sebastian came through bought a bunch of sneakers check them out why would you do that tour coming to a city near you thanks I really appreciate it max take care [Music]


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