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this is no ordinary missing-persons case I've never quite seen a case like this in 20 years of doing this this case has spun out of control despite the drama and rumors playing out on television and social media one sad truth remains clear a young girl is missing in Myrtle Beach South Carolina and no one can find her now crime watch deli takes you inside the shocking series of events that shattered lives and has torn a community apart bring the truth bring justice just tell us what we need to know about her daughter Terri Elvis's daughter is 20 year-old Heather a hostess at a popular restaurant in Myrtle Beach her proud parents are so excited about Heather's future their little girl is all grown up and ready to take on the world she loved working I don't know what it was about Heather but work was her driving force but her passion was doing makeup she was very artsy and that's what she really loved but hiding in the shadow of Heather's bright future there's a dark secret she was like do you see him and I was like who and she was like Sydney and I was like whoo-whee Sydney and she was like that guy over there the maintenance guy Briana Waller Minh was Heather's roommate and best friend she's breaking her silence about Heather's disappearance in this exclusive interview with crime watch daily Briana says they met when Sydney was hired to do maintenance work at her job even though Sydney was 38 almost twice Heather's age it was love at first sight at least for Heather even after that day the day that they first started talking like over a series of weeks it was her running and being like Bri Sydney did this and where I want to do this and we hung out here and every time he would come in she would almost like run away because it was like oh you know like Sydney's here kind of thing Heather's romance with Sydney was very intense when it came to Heather he made her feel like she was his one and only she told me she loved him but there's one big problem Sydney is a married man according to Brianna Sydney's wife Tammy knew about the affair and warned Heather and calls and text messages to stay away from her man it read in part someone's about to get their beatdown your is about to take his last breath when the whole thing was found out it blew up like a bomb almost I mean Tammy was livid texting Heather she was sending Heather pictures of her and Sidney having sex I personally never saw them because I told her I did not want to Tammy her phone calls you know you're gonna stop talking to my husband or else and it wasn't or else I'm going to do this it was or else according to Brianna Tammy made sure Heather got the message loud and clear Tammy called Heather she said you're gonna end it with my husband so she put Sidney on the phone and sat there while Sydney and Heather talked and they ended things on the phone but Sydney made comments to Heather and said you know you were nothing to me you're just someone who spread your legs and basically tore Heather apart as a human being Briana says it crushed Heather it was two months full of tears then Heather showed signs of moving on she called Brianna and told her she was going out on a date it was supposed to be the first official date since after her relationship with Sydney had ended I asked her what they were going to do and she was like I'm not sure but I'm just excited Heather was happy that night and let those close to her know it she texted me during the day she said my D is teaching me how to drive a manual car yeah I got a text from her and it was a picture of her driving a truck and it says look at me we're pro it would be the very last picture anyone would see of Heather heather's date dropped her off at the apartment around 1:00 a.m. at 1:44 a.m. Breanna gets an emotional call from Heather she was crying when I asked her what was wrong she told me Sidney had called her Breanna was floored when Heather told her why he called he said that he left his wife and then he missed me and he wanted to see me and she was like I don't know what to do and I was like how about you sleep on it she was like okay you know I'm gonna go to sleep and I'll talk to you tomorrow and we always under conversation with love you so he said love you hung up and that was the last time I talked to her according to a police timeline Heather then left her apartment and drove to the Peachtree landing a popular place for fishermen and kayakers peachtree boat landing is a dark and desolate wooded area certainly at night Peachtree Landing doesn't get a lot of attention or traffic by any means phone records show she ping there at 3:30 8:00 a.m. it was the last time anyone heard anything from Heather less than 24 hours later police get a call of a suspicious vehicle parked oddly at Peachtree Landing it's Heather Elvis's car registered to her father Terry what did you find when you got here I came with officer to identify the car and to open it for him I have the spirit keys to spare keys all of our cars locked up at home so we got here we found the car we opened the car the officer went through it and he found receipts time-stamped earlier that day and that's pretty much it Heather had vanished along with her car keys purse and cellphone did you try calling her at that point oh yes

every time the Horry County police first want to meet with the last person Heather called or texted police reports show that was Sydney more Heather's dad wants answers - did you notice it anymore never heard the name before not once that's not even one time never that night when we're going through the phone records and it was did you want to call him I actually did call him you called Sydney more I texted him that night and I said please call me it's important did he call you takes it back a little bit later and says I think that takes it who is this and I immediately call the phone back and he answered the phone and I was told me otherwise and what did he say uh he began to curse me profusely I said hey I just want to know where my daughter is that you were the last person to talk to her on the phone I've never known your daughter I never spoke to her wah wah wah I just kept going on and on he said he didn't know your dog yeah I said I said man I said you've got children I said this is my daughter and he says don't you threaten my child and he hangs up the phone pops question Sydney he first tells them he has not spoken to Heather for at least two months phone records show that's a lie authorities say that they then presented the cell phone log that they say shows that he called her the night she went missing a police report shows Sydney then changed his story admitting he did speak to Heather but only to tell her to quit calling him police sent track down Heather's date that night he was the last known person to have seen her but after an interrogation he's been cleared the investigation leads back to Sydney and his wife Tammy but they both claimed they were not at each tree landing the night Heather goes missing but now the whole community wants answers tens of thousands of people devastated for the loss of Heather the find Heather Elvis Facebook page that her family set up I mean countless posts from around the world Tammy made a post on Facebook too it was chilly saying in part quote will Sydney cheated on me in the months of September October with a psycho whore who is since went missing then the search for Heather goes from sad to bizarre and at times downright scary coming up death threats wannabe cops and shocking arrest the term that's been used is shock and awe authorities kind of storm in there with dozens of police

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When Heather Elvis met Sidney Moorer at work the two began an intense love affair. But Heather’s fairytale romance turned into a nightmare when Sidney’s wife, Tammy Moorer, found out about the relationship. Not long after Heather and Sydney broke off their affair, Elvis went missing. Three years later, her body has yet to be found and suspicions surrounding the Moorers continue to circulate. Check your local listings at

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