Big Bud Tractors pulling 21 and 18 bottom plows in Ohio

by: Mike Less - Farmhand Mike

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hey everybody it is Mike les with a video with two big bud tractors pulling some pretty big moldboard plows in Northwest Ohio on Saturday July 28th my wife and I attended a plow day in Overton Ohio and I did a complete YouTube video of the entire ploughed day but I elected to do a video on just the big bud tractors in the big plows I shot so much video that day it was hard to get it all in one video so I thought just a shorter one of the big buds would be good and I had a couple of my YouTube subscribers asked for that so here you go first off we are right here walking around admi 21 bottom moldboard plow the founder of DMI bill dietrich was here at the plough day so he has not seen this plow for forty years this plow was built in 1978 and made its debut at the Farm Progress Show which was held in Taylorville Illinois that year at the show it was pulled in the field demos with ace Tyger Tyger tractor that would have been around 600 horsepower back then the plow was then sold to a farmer near Fargo North Dakota who I understand owned it for many years and it might've went to another owner to there before the farmer here in Ohio had purchased it the same farmer also owns this 18 bottom will rich plow which I do not have a lot of history on it other than it was built in 1978 although this farmer does not do a lot of mobile ploughing on his farm nowadays he does have these in his collection and he also has this big bud 525 50 tractor [Music]

there was a time throughout the United States and Canada when just about every farmer pulled a moldboard plow although it has become a thing of the past it is still popular in some areas and especially in the summertime it is not too hard to find a local plow day with mostly antique tractors maybe nothing quite this large that's what's made this plow day quite the deal the big bud 650 50 pictured here pulling the moldboard plow belongs to a farmer in Michigan just across the line from Ohio so he was not too far away to drive this here since it was questioned on the video I did at the plow day about all the golf carts and side-by-sides pickup trucks and so forth out in the field this was just a fun event put on by the local fire department and some local farmers so this was a get-together local gathering for a lot of people to come out and just watch this equipment run in the field so this was not actually these guys doing their farming here today necessarily as much as they get together just for everyone to come out watch this big machinery going at it and for the rest of you that could not make it you can just watch it right here on YouTube the plow day here in Overton Ohio has been an annual event put on the last several years and it is growing all the time so you can check next summer if you would like to make it and live close by should be able to find something on the internet when they're gonna have it next year all Virtanen ohio fire department cooked chicken dinners here last year they cooked 500 dinners and ran out this year they was going for 650 I'm not sure if they run out or not but they were pretty good big bud tractors were built in Havre Montana and I've been to that location a few times in my life as big equipment is the home of Big Bud and they are now a versatile dealer I've been out there several times for work and it's quite the place still get to see a lot of big bud tractors out in that area not so common in Ohio but back in day there was a few big bud dealers right here in the Buckeye State the Big Bud tractor in the front which is the 650 50 the bigger of the two is powered with a Detroit Diesel twelve cylinder engine at eleven hundred and four cubic inches or eighteen point one liters it is rated at six hundred and fifty engine horsepower weighs in at sixty thousand pounds and has a fuel tank capacity of seven hundred gallons of fuel this model of Big Bud also had a twin disc powershift transmission with nine forward and two reverse gears depending who I talked to there was very few of these 650 50s ever built one source tells me five I've heard six and I've heard up to eight this model here had yellow striping on it and I was told this model was built for Australia but never made it to Australia and spent most of it's life in Colorado until the local farmer here purchased it and I should also mention the little white tractor running beside there which I believe was a Steiner painted up like Big Bud colors it was named low bud and was a 50/25/25 the Big Bud 525 50 was built between 1979 to 1982 it was powered with a Cummins kta 1150 C motor which was eleven hundred and fifty cubic inches or eighteen point eight liters it was putting out roughly 525 engine horsepower it also had a twin disc transmission in that the Model T D 92 26:10 with nine forward gears and two reverse gears this tractor had a 550 gallon fuel tank capacity and the tractor here had thirty point five thirty two triples on it and these tractors weighed anywhere depending how they were weighted between 45,000 to fifty-two thousand pounds there was also a five 25 / 20 tractor model and that had a synchronized transmission in it over the power shift [Music]













and that is going to wrap up this big plowing video here and hopefully we can make it back here next year thanks

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