This is Our World, Episode 1 - LIVING LIFE IN GRENADA

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okay hi my name is Atiya and a lot of you know I'm in the Caribbean I'm in a little island called Grenada which is a very beautiful island I want to talk to you about something a little different I just came back from the girls to restore we eat a lot from the land we get most of our vegetables and stuff a lot of times from the land that I went to the store today I spent 199 easy dollars which equates to maybe about 40 pounds and about maybe like 85 American dollars and what I wanted to do is kind of point out some of the things that we got and how much they were in America of course things are more plentiful have to you know make do with certain things in Grenada and so of course the way I would necessarily shop in America I don't necessarily use cans but sometimes here you only have available to can so you try to eat as much as you can from the land natural and then you fill in the gap with getting you know what God has blessed us with another way so here it's very difficult to find salmon you can't go into the store get Sam and I love big salmon so we still have to identify other than going to the fresh fish market which we'll have to do to get salmon which is like $80 didn't get that today but what I did get was what they call it's like a headache fish and they stopped their fish actually like they did a long time ago if you read the measure of a man or heard the tape with Sidney pottier you know he's from the island and his mother used to salt the fish and you know hang it in a dirt dry place to preserve it well they do that here so we have like salt fish and what you have to do with this is like boil it boil all assualt away and then you prepare it after that this was like $7.95 for this little egg I got a couple cans of tuna which normally I would get fresh tunas I get tuna but these little bitty tiny here are like three dollars and ten cents easy dollars so I got two of those here you also have mackerel this mackerel was like 395 it's in tomato sauce with chili so it's really nice I did get some spices this is paprika this paprika cost 7.95 funds I got some other spices today that I was out of onion powder and seasonings coffee go for like four dollars and 95 cents each I got saffron which is also tumeric same thing this was like this little package is like 495 I do a couple recipes that have corn in it of course I like fresh corn you don't always find it the market the best times of the market here is on Saturdays because we needed to go pick up some stuff today we were forced to actually get the vegetables and stuff in the grocery store which I'll get to soon I got a little can of corn and this little can of corn with like $3 and something I'm sure that quite to English buzzin thank you Tom in u.s. dollar to dollar be like a dollar fifty in America dollar twenty-five dollar 35 in America this little bitty can that we can probably get for like 25 cents in America and this is like creamed corn and got a little can of creamed corn of course again I like to do fresh but this was like $3 or $4 here I make homemade ice cream usually if you get ice cream in in Grenada you do find like Breyers which is some of the best natural ice cream you can get of course you might pay $25 for a gallon of Breyers ice cream here which equates to close the kit actually ten American dollars so I make ice cream from naturally here and so I get the e the evaporated milk as well as the condensed milk that I use to put in my ice cream and this can I did find deals on these so wherever we can say we do this was like $3 for this can three dollars and fifty cents somewhere around it this little can of conditional was like 290 so to 60 to 90 solve the budget that this is something my husband likes to see malls for all you men if you ever come to the island kitchen something else usually I buy the bottle that's already made and you can just drink it well today I get something different and I got the concentrated fee month where I have to add the condensed milk to it at some of the spices and so this little can of constable bottles concentrated cost like $6.95 but I can make a big portion of it so he can kind of drink off of it for a few days and this is a convincing up again it was only like 260 I happen to like the noodles for ramen noodles I don't use the season packet just like the noodles I just left them and I add cheese in them we get vegetarian cheese which I need to pull out a few fritters and these here in America you can get for like nine cents and twelve cents here they're a dollar 25 easy dip dollars which runs you probably somewhere about 75 spoons here in America the macaroni noodles there's a big dish that they do here I noticed a lot of West Indians do is macaroni palms which is really just macaroni and cheese based in the oven so for the people who live in America and in in Europe I guess they called Mechelen glasses in different parts of the UK but this here was like two dollars and something eesti dollars i love angel hair pasta this was like two dollars and something as well two dollars three dollars okay here for this little package you did at the dollar store in America for less or like to be since I got veggie pasta as well you can make the likes of the pasta salad cold you know which is really really nice here is a kind of cabbage I like purple cabbage I like all sorts of cabbage cabbage is like a big thing they use here in the West Indies as well I got green cabbage today because that's what they had in the store you have to go to the store you never know which vegetables are going to be available because it depends on the people's crops and how they're growing so this was like four dollars and fifty four cents ec dollars now this is the thing that really funny I'm going to do the cauliflower broccoli which is like really really expensive here I pay for this when we pay four dollars and ninety eight dollars for this and this not even the whole head of cauliflower that equates to somewhere around close to two American dollars where we know we can get a whole head of it for that in America that this is what they sell in the stores and same with the broccoli I paid 365 for just this little piece of broccoli and that's the style goes here I was looking for the green peppers the yellow peppers and the red peppers they didn't have the green peppers they did have some yellow peppers but because they package them together I ended up just getting the red peppers today which is like 383 and that's a garlic it's the garlic is a little older than what I like it could be the market again I didn't go to the market today but this was like 291 but I use a lot of garlic I cook in a whole lot of garlic so the garlic goes pretty fast here these are the tomatoes that were available they don't necessarily look the best but this is what was available we are going to plant we have a lot of vegetables and fruits in the garden but we don't have tomatoes I am plant we're going to plant some Tomatoes so that because tomatoes are very hard sometimes to find here and these vicious evil 3 Tomatoes was $4 for 41 cents my husband likes what they call in in the UK we call french fries he loves french fries I make french fries from potatoes I make them from blogger which is we have a tree in the back I make them from the green bananas from breadfruit which we have in the garden so whenever you know we get a little crop the young lady downstairs who went she blinked she works helps works the garden and she brings some up you know when they're available guy got paid up here now this was being a potatoes which only has a few and it was three dollars and sixty eight cents and these were the best potatoes I can find I prefer red potatoes because they're less starchy they're better for you and potatoes are defining really cold climates so but my husband likes the chips or french fries so I get them and then in a lot of Indian dishes when I like to do Indian dishes or Caribbean dishes they use potatoes and supplement as well so a all-purpose flour and make homemade pancakes and make having grass how to make the baked because minor Center has been they make here but I'm going to master that because they put the salt fish inside the bread life and it gets like a nice little bake and stuff with the bread and they're really really nice so I got all-purpose flour I paid like four dollars and something for this little thing of flour I'm vegetarian for the most part if my body is depleted of protein because it's hard to find beans here I can't find the navy beans in Europe at home halaqaat in America they call them navy beans I have to actually have some navy beans shipped in there's a friend of mine a sister in Miami who's going to ship me some navy beans because you I have not been able to find any on the island they don't have them it's hard to find black beans it's hard to find any other kind of being except for the chickpeas lentils I do get a lot of lentils because I make bean burgers sometimes every now and then I find black Bert black beans but I didn't find those a day although they were on my list so we got halal chicken they do have halau chicken because there is a community here that do sell halal foods and so we was able to get some halal chickens every now and then I have had a little chicken although I don't eat meat necessarily my husband likes chicken so I wanted to prepare some chicken for him so we did get some cucumbers which we had in the garden but I didn't have any so I got some cucumbers these were like two dollars and 81 cents by the way the chicken was twelve dollars and 13 cents or twelve dollars and 81 cents so this little package of chicken drumsticks was maybe close to maybe five American dollars closest $6 in America and other groups know that's really expensive just a second I didn't get a today because we have plenty of eggs but we only see brown eggs here which is wonderful and you can tell the chicken just laid them because sometimes when you get them you see the little stuff from the chicken on but I just wanted to show you that since I had one frigerator now I do vegetarian cheese when we do new cheese and it's so good here I think this is the best cheese I've ever tasted anywhere this is vegetarian cheese and this little thing of cheese cost seven dollars in something seventy two dollars usually they have the bigger one that we can get best of both of these so I got two and it's funny because they had they had two 500 gram sides which would be the two of these for 1765 well I only paid like seven dollars for this so really it was cheaper for me to get two small that equate to the same rather than get the one big one so I came out better by purchasing it like that and so for 199 ICI dollars this is what I was able to get it's really not a lot when you think about it but because of the way we eat that that will last for a very long time and in addition to the other things of course we have here because of the color right I forgot to write I love basmati rice this little finger rice was $25 that's like 10 American dollars you know how cheap you can get rights in America and this of course you can see with only one pound ninety nine tenths so in in Europe in the UK this only cost like $1.99 just you know just under two pounds so this just goes to show you may ship this in so they charge $25 for this but because this we love basmati rice rice is one of the staples here we have other kinds of Rice's I do prefer the basmati rice and we just go ahead and sacrifice and pay it once I locate the famine from it you find my friends people you know know that aren't got that so this is what we were able to get it's not a lot oh I dig it's in Bleach this was a new kind of bleach they happier they have what they call faithfully that kills all kind of stuff instead of getting the Clorox that I usually get which is what we're familiar with in America I got this sumo bleach which like kill some Anila ecoli and all those other Listeria all this and they call it ocean blue so I mix up bleach with water and I actually use that I'm a natural person that likes to use like baking soda grapefruit citrus we had a lot of that in the garden that I can use but you know because we're on this small island and you just not quite sure about some things I do use the bleach here more so than I would use in America because I have more choices but I just want it we wanted you to be able to see you know living on this island is really like paradise it's lovely it's beautiful but some things are scarce and some things are very difficult to find and so you know I'm grateful for the preparation before I moved here to the island because the way I eat them with vegetarians don't eat processed foods I did get a little cheap thing I did get some little macaroni and cheese in stock okay normally I don't eat but I just I got those because I wanted to do something with them so I did get those two and they were like a dollar dollar twenty or dollar ninety you can get those for like 15 minute but I did get those too but because some things are hard to get or hard to come by you know the preparation to move to an island like this there's so many pluses and because I'm a vegetarian because I don't normally eat processed food and I don't usually do canned stuff I eat things out of the glass try to stay away from certain plastics you know plastic has to have a number so I'm real fanatical about that but living on a small island like this has taught me you know what you do the best you can and let God do the rest and that's pretty much what we do so while this is not a lot for 199 dollars um 199 dollars like I say would be close to 80 American dollars maybe around 40 pounds a little bit more but I wouldn't trade it for the world because I love it here I love being able to go in the garden and pick off lines from the tree I love being able to mangoes and bread fruits and just all the different things that we have in the guard which is plentiful so much in the garden and we're going to plant some other stuff but we're comfortable you don't deal with the stress the hustle and bustle of America we get so much work done here and at the end of a you don't realize time goes by so flash you don't fast you don't realize how much work you've actually done because it just didn't seem that stressful my stress level is like very small here and you know bills can get high but because we preserve you don't necessarily feel all the sting of everything this is a lovely island you have water all around you you can go to the beach for free if you swim in the ocean I mean it's just it's beautiful and we get American channels here we're able to see the inauguration because they're there the cable here you get America channels as well as um Canada and Mexico Oh in Mexico and I think we get some UK channels as well so that's like really good cuz table here it's not expensive compared to America our internet is not expensive we pay $79 a month by internet and that covers Internet and well done you cover telephone because the telephone does get high but it covers the internet so when you break that down that's like what 20 pounds and in America that's like what 35 or little less maybe 35 American dollars so everything balances itself out you know my husband likes I get this in the store today I got this from the store last time now this is $40 this is a comp plan this is like a protein shake thing that he likes and this was like $40 so I thought that was expensive but it's worth it for what it does and what he likes it for so something like when I find the salmon I hear the salmon is like $80 just some things is just worth paying for you know because when you think of the mindset of being abundant and knowing that the earth is plenty of printers and abundance you know no one could really start here in Grenada I don't see how that could because there's the land is so rich people have more than enough on their land to be able to help other people sometimes we get so many bananas I take them we taking them down the road and just giving them away to other people so that they would not go and fall by the wayside I have we have green apples in the freezer just frozen waiting for Graham when she comes in March to us she comes down twice a year so she'll be here in March of Ingram's dad as well as his grandmother so we're saving from some of the apples for them but yeah so I just want we just wanted to do this to show you things in Grenada you know just simple things every day that people take for granted and that's not a lot for 199 dollars but that's what we were able to get you know and so we don't eat a lot and we budget so have a wonderful day and welcome to Grenada

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