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there you go have a loving and loving time obviously I'm thrilled for the first time ever national treasure Julie

writing begging letters to you coming up too drunk at parties okay don't worry I'll be drunk soon yeah Simon um so this is your first time as well isn't it yeah anywhere

yes this is me all right they won't yes Jessie J welcome back to you because you'll be here but my god the last time was was it price tag you know it was my first TV show I ever did and since then whoa later on you're gonna be performing the new signal laser lights yes very good but we've got to talk we've got to talk a bit about the voice wow that was are you guys watching it was yes I've said we didn't see less the last one but don't yes yes do you no no I get to see enough of yourself on Twitter and people send me photos of myself and tell me what I was wearing and stuff it wasn't me yeah you see I've been away but I've seen the last episodes you know I wouldn't have seen it you gotta say about it I've been there pops off for a while but excited even yeah go any other bits that guy that guy with the glasses who was he was voted off or whatever they always say only chose oh I just you know I just hope it's not the end I feel somebody should say to them it's definitely the end are you gonna be a bit meaner yes I am because last week I felt there were some car crashes everyone was too nice yeah 100% like Matt and Celine now

I think he looks like he's left 11 other wives at home he's the leader of a Texan cult 75 children and seeing the harmony I mean the hoppers working I mean sometimes it's different in the studio you know what you're right I don't think it's very tough because I'm a very I like having constructive criticism all the time I'll always come onstage or tonight I'll perform and I come off stage and I think what could have done better and it does get to a point where everyone is a bit too nice because you haven't made it and you shouldn't ever feel like you've made it you should always be growing and learning and sometimes it is hard when you know Will and Tom and Danny are always very complimentary and then I'm like yeah that was crap it's a huge stage and it's like it's not surprising that people drop the ball a bit yeah I mean don't have you got someone who will say no that wasn't that wasn't up to par tonight but I mean it did get a bit emotional I don't know if anyone saw the results show and it was like I'm losing tears and it really pissed me off people like what about you it should be a very bad poker player because your face a lot away a fan a fan of yours has filled a fan or is he someone that makes me want to look silly well it's a fan wants to make you look silly well maybe no we were going to look silly they they were filming you on a phone oh I tell me and then they slowed it down on YouTube it is funny if it was me maybe I wouldn't think it was funny cause he's got it 20 minutes oh this is you you know that thing when you do that yeah it's amazing

there is a serious point to be made in the people are judged by how they look did you encounter that in a good way or a bad way well by this I mean even now people meet me and go I've really thought you're gonna be quite aggressive I'm not at all I'm light I think people think I'm gonna be quite cuz I do it like a dude oh yeah like they get disappointed and I haven't got like crystals on my mouth I'm not making the phone famous latte because Julie do you feel pressure exactly obviously when you're walking down the street people know who you are you know people are looking at you do you feel pressure to you know I don't know what is it it changes a bit when I'm 60 tunas it's a bit different from when you're no I don't think you'd say that and yeah after I did a 60 after I did mo Mowlam and so I shaved my hair off for the part well that was a bit of anything in itself but I look like all of my mother's male relatives this is a chance to grow my hair back problems I'd always died all my life like my mother she died her till she died at 70 with blue-black hair she was 17 she said doesn't it look natural so you know so I'd always done that I must see what it's like underneath I knew I had sort of roots you know there were some white reads I could see them living anyway so I grew it through and I thought I think I'm gonna wait now I'm 60 I'm and I thought yeah like I'm gonna keep it it was something empowering about it I thought right now I'm 60 I'm just gonna I'm not gonna work for a bit I decided and I was at the wrap party for Harry Potter and I happened to say people Tangle Teezer a wrap party I just haven't dimension at this dude I thought of you know not doing anything for a bit I just wanted to see what it was like - something about being sixty meant something yeah so anyway the next thing the papers are ringing up the agent and asking we hear that she is retiring and the agent said you know it there's been a bit of thing and then the next thing it was in the Daily Telegraph a little section that I was retiring to anyone then looking up stuff in the pilot I don't know the next thing there's a knock at the back door I lived miles from anywhere down a two mile own but beaten up old track next thing there's a knock at the door the back door and we've got a great cleaner Jackie she goes to the door and there's a young ladder he looks about 12 and I'm from The Daily Mail which ended yes and he said I hear you're retiring I said what's a bit hard on the knees but I'm not just what I think of life it's hard on the knees

you must get recognized a lot now because you know television yeah okay there wasn't a sort of them a few years ago quite a few years ago I was at a sexual health clinic

sexual health which is a good thing to do a healthy good thing to source and I'm you know I'm some quite naked my penis is out no says to me so but it killed like is lovely but it's supposed to be the main point I had one where I went to have a Dutch cap fitted can I tell this is lying sauce but you have to catch it actually it's like a quaver it isn't it well it's a little bit like a good start I was in that position sorry don't show that that's all I'm 60 I'm glad you noticed that the nurse did say I know you don't tie

let's get back to the voice now obviously the voice is all about judging people by the sound of their voice and and singing is one thing but you know I think we all get judged by our speaking voice do you really that's what I can't watch the show I can't even now I'm just so aware no but you're not you you speak perfectly I mean if I do you spell proper me did it's your turn brother sir and Simon are you because I've heard you speak about you're not thrilled with your speaking voice I feel like it's not ideal like

we tried to change it have you tried to change it well I did used to speak a bit more like you because I'm from Essex by God

yeah I did I used to find it very difficult to sort of guard people I found to the parties there's not not

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