Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark - Slug [Triceratops/Dinobot]

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we are back with transformers rides up the dark spark on DW bang CA channel if you want to look at the playthrough and other stuff check out the W bang see a tech channel which has all of the Transformers playthrough because we want to set you know the transformer game are kind of dark kind of warrior so you don't want to keep things on a superhero channel because it just kind of is it doesn't feel right so the technology channel is for a much darker kind of atmosphere if you haven't checked it out you could definitely go check it out there now we're going to look at the next Dinobot and slug right here this is the bot we're looking at and you don't see this bought in the game in this game so you have to select them here we did unlock him and this he has some sort of shield as his bonus we're gonna get out there and take a look at the character you gonna use this character in an online battle so that means in other regularly playing through the game you won't be able to use him so luckily and hopefully we will be able to take a look at this character in detail I know that not a lot of people will select them it's not because they can't select them is because they haven't unlocked it yet still relatively early into game players don't actually want to spend that much time unlocking the characters but we have unlocked it so let's take a look at this character his transformation of course we're going to be using the two DLC guns which is electro Boulder as well as my favorite the glass gas cannon alright so going on where are the Autobots it looks like we're at the highest it looks like we're the highest level bought and that that's a bad thing I mean because we suck so you know having worse is worse I don't know hopefully we will be able to make it through it




all right looks like we're starting now the only thing is I'm trying to get the sound going I'm not sure if what's happening I'm not sure what's happening but I don't hear anything hopefully you do

all right so the the screen it does show that there's something playing which is a good sign because even though if I don't hear it you know yeah it's still recording but we're gonna take a look at his transformation right now all right the Triceratops and he does rush which is pretty cool there it is unfortunately we won't be able to see his front unless somebody else is around here that want to show his front to us oh no no no no uh-oh he can shoot oh this is not good but it's not bad either all right let's get back here oh this guy is pretty that's warpath all right so we're using the electro bolter here the DLC gun just get out my way all right let's save this guy then or someone yeah shoot them while I save you that's a good that's a good thing alright his special let's see what his special is his special is that the thing what does he you call this ammo regenerator oh that's why you don't jump you know you'll run ahead if you'd get a die you know g-g-gee alright see that's why I don't run ahead because once I run ahead I'd get

shield matrix deployed all right thank you for saving me Hobie couldn't deploy hi who's behind me enemies away from victory only one enemy remains I who died good word friends victory is yours who is this guy alright so yeah that's why I don't run ahead ammo beacon deployed prepare yourselves enemy reinforcements have arrived fine okay hopefully everything works out actually I'm gonna try to plug in the sound at least get some sound Autobot oh my fire

all right I just tested it sound should be working which is great Oh that's why I don't run ahead again that's why I don't run ahead that was a bad idea why am i running ahead anyways that is about it I don't want to play all the waves here because it took a really long time to actually encode the video it took like four hours can you believe that four hours so here is a triceratops really really cool design here unfortunately we're almost dead I want to heal let's heal first oh boy so I have a newbie team watch your hike that's pretty bad down to the final three folds

only one foe still stands he's dead but let's he our victory only counts if it ends the war healing installation-- I once I heal you'll probably be able to look at his texture better ammo beacon deployed barricade online here comes the next way all right so there it is the Triceratops Dino bots really cool Dino bots look at the corrosive sign eNOS of his I don't know of his armor think he can rock and he can shoot if you're wondering I think it's a machine gun style shooting stuff I should really help my partners because I don't think they know how to play hey where'd you come out of that's why that's why you shouldn't run around oh hello he didn't deployed alright get back out here dealing installation offline

who is dead

healing installation repaired barricade offline all right again I think that's about it I don't want to continue on in the video because I think you looked at everything and I'm actually I need to go help my partner's anyways that is about it that's the second Dinobot we've taken a look at I think this is slug I don't remember exactly but I know it's the Triceratops all right that is about it we'll move on to the next Dinobot a little look at

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