Minecraft : Survival - Part 142 - The XP Donut!

by: Thinknoodles

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hey everyone it's your friend thinknoodles and welcome back to the noodle planet where today we are gonna be running around the noodle planet and we're also gonna go to the nether because I want to show you guys I guess the first part of my mob XP farm it's pretty involved I didn't realize I mean it's actually fairly easy to build it just requires a ton of materials so much so that I think I'm actually going to run out of cobblestone if you can believe that but first time for the golden noodle award and um I messed up last episode and you can see noodle gator's fan art on screen right now from last week her on Thursday and today's goes to H pewter pop and it's also for fan art that you can see on screen right now he hand drew my pop Tropican and I thought it was awesome and I don't see very many designs for my pop tropica character it's not coming up or down down um that's fine oh right yeah I lost my bow and you guys might my I was actually down to like three XP cuz I died so many times um and then when I was making my XP farm and then I kept dying and then going back getting my stuff and dying going back getting my stuff and my XP went down and down and down and eventually one point I couldn't find my bow anymore so that's gone but I think I have and that one's okay I have I wonder you know what hold on a second here I wonder if I have enough XP to do this I didn't really think about it what do we got flame on infinity one powerful drive just a plain power 4 yeah let's try this I didn't even think about this um may have enough to put these two together let's see if not we'll get somehow look at unbreaking 3 power one flame 1 that's that's my bow again well let's just make sure that we can okay yeah don't know why that's different whatever I'll take it though and I just need an arrow I don't have any arrows either I lost those sweet I was a little worried I thought I was gonna have to UM thought I was going to let's see if I have any arrows oh yeah I have some arrows only need one oh right I forgot there's there's a chest behind there that feed this thing I have so many arrows so uh let's go ahead and do our wither fight uh how many how many stars we have six oh we're almost enough for well a standard rainbow mm okay maybe something for next episode one two three four I'm gonna have to get some solace and soon but I've been going back and forth another that shouldn't be that bad let's get some bread here and I'm gonna go back to my little area although it's still broken I didn't even fix the obsidian walls just hope that I can that I can take oh I don't have any armor at all uh that's not gonna work is that okay um you know I normally do it my chain I took off my armor because I was breaking it by falling all the time again but let's uh let's grab that and yeah my pants there we go there we go there we go I can handle that I think no armor I I don't think that um that I'm okay I don't know I don't think that I can manage that but this little bit of armor I can so okay well head down here now I'll actually show you guys something and I was thinking about it and I actually now it's gonna be really hard to fight him I may not actually fight him here oh maybe it won't be so bad but if you guys look here I I went through here I did a bunch of digging and blocking off lava and stuff because what I learned is it's about the way that breaking the bedrock works with the trees because I did it in another so let's say that you're four pieces of dirt or here you build the tree now what's going to happen is if you keep doing it right you know knocking down the blocks putting the saplings bone mailing them and when it grows the roots it will never grow them underneath these four blocks it will only grow roots in these areas here here you know all the way around not not always all the way around but it will only build there it will not build underneath this so you can kind of use that to your advantage oh that was dumb I don't even have a pickaxe um which I also lost no wait did I yeah I think the last death I lost that anyway but you can use that to your advantage if you want to take out a certain part of bedrock or leave a certain area of bedrock there you could use that and I was thinking about it about sort of building a wither cage out of bedrock but the problem is that the highest level of bedrock is and I figure this out later was pretty much well five right but most of its at four and then if you go three blocks under that you're in the void and we could make a hold of the void that might be kind of cool but yeah we could make a trash can it goes to the void that might be cool but uh okay so let's do the wither I hope he doesn't go off that way again let's see if we can um let's put him closer to the wall here I think yeah and let's put him right side up maybe he was just mad because I put him upside down um that's probably what the problem was oh I wonder oh no it's too tall okay there's one there's two and what wait did I only take two of these no I don't know how that happened that's really weird okay um there go go go oh gosh she's already over there that's not gonna be good that is not gonna be good I can't believe that alright well we'll use our bow against him to start with okay let's see if we can get them back into this area here because the problem is that oh man now I've already got the wither effect wow this flow is not working very well at all okay we've got a problem here guys honey brook my ladder my problem is my bow is not working as well as I had hoped and I don't even man power five why does that really that weak okay I don't have my smite sword either that was kind of stupid and now we've got a rogue wither on our hands that is not that was not planned um okay come on is my okay well I should have brought milk this is this is the worst wither fight I've done a long time guys um when is this gonna wear off okay okay okay okay okay how much longer is this there my goodness all right there we go we're rejecting or regen let's see if we can what what is that oh those are my arrows oh jeez and I'll I'm in lava and now I'm in lava oh this is all right I'll be back in a second guys with some with some reserves this this was just poorly thought out I'll be right back alright where are you where are you where have you even gone I don't I don't know where this guy even is alright uh so there's the lava let's see that's that's not what I wanted to start with that is not how I wanted to start this off oh there he is okay so alright good I was worried he actually got into the base um and I didn't bring a pickaxe of course not of course I did not okay so we're gonna use our wither Slayer here and we are going to slay the wither right now I'm you know I brought yeah I brought fire resistance just in case um let's go get him alright here we go you are making a mess sir you are unauthorized to make a mess like this take out here get out of here get out of here and get out of here jeez Louise now okay there's another start golly look at this mess this guy made there's a chicken down here oh that's the chicken from before you're still a lot wait where are you you're still alive look at him he's like I am getting out of here I am out of here I don't know what's going on on what that guy did bored chicken you don't even man that is one powerful chicken okay well one good thing is that he um please don't tell me he broke part of my base oh oh no okay yeah no um but yeah one good thing you did is give me some more cobble actually surprisingly need it I know it what you would be surprised by that but I actually do for this base or the the XP farm okay I'm really sorry about how poor my performance was there guys I don't um it's yeah this was not very well planned at all um okay let me can i okay what that's weird okay so so let's do a couple of things here I just wanted to do that get that last seventh star another star and then well I don't know we may we may go with more for the rainbow beacon but seven is good no 14 to be better because then you can sort of fade the colors more um so let's go and put this away um right here yep I don't want to die with that on my hand um I don't need I didn't need these after all there you go and get rid of that okay so uh what else did I need to do oh uh right I need to so I've been making glass and it turns out for my um my little farm uh I am going to need I think I think I I haven't exactly calculated it yet but I'm gonna need about four thousand pieces of glass that I think is what that's one level of my good of my little farm big farm as you guys may have guessed and so I've been cooking as much sand as I can and I don't I'm gonna have to go get some some more from up you know up in the desert I do have some in my chests uh but I think that oh we can do that and we can sort of update the map because I think people have been saying yeah so that so I haven't updated the map recently so let's grab this one here there it is and we'll go up and do that and then we'll come back down put it on the wall and put some more sand in and then we will head to the nether so you guys can check out what I'm doing now it's not done yet but it is pretty cool and sorry puppies and kitties it's just not the right and not the right episode for this well I could bring one but it's going to take so much time and already wasted so much time with the wither oh right we wanted to update the map here so go right here to this chunk we should there we go boom yeah oh the TNT looks awesome from above there what why am I going so slow I think the beacon doesn't reach ah here we go San San San San San note that sandstone sand sand sand sweet alright let's just bring that down and and get it's melting and and I'm glad I built that crafting room because being able to smelt with all those furnaces at once um I do have to refill it and stuff each time but you know it's I guess it's nice there it is the TNT whoo alright umm people have been asking for that for a little while so I thought I would give you guys a little bit of update on that so there we go there we go nice and yep fill that one so yeah I mean I don't know how many um I don't know how long it's gonna take actually so a so each level of this XP farm II uses basically four thousand blocks and if you guys don't really I guess grasp how many blocks for the and blocks is it is pretty much a stack of stacks so 64 stacks or so um it's it's unbelievable but it does work oh wait I need okay we'll just grab it from here I'll just go grab I just need one I need a piece of sand so we'll just grab we'll grab a couple and I also need a cactus I destroyed all the cacti I think that maybe there's some upstairs there better be or else what a waste of time but yeah I should have at least a piece of cactus up here somewhere I think maybe even in the brewing room and you guys will see why in a second yep there we go sweet ah now here we go into our I guess new XP farm now but only one level is completed and it really you really do have to have one two three floors and then the glass top so you guys can do the math 4000 oh wait where am I going so you set 4000 blocks for each level and there's four levels so 16,000 blocks but it's really really simple and there's there's a little bit of cool redstone at the end and OH so if you guys want to see this or try it for yourself the original youtubers design I'll put a link tit to his video in the description below and if you go to his video he has a world download for his completed version of it and I think maybe for that one he built it and creative but um but I'm doing it in survival and it's it's it's easy in survival it just takes a really really long time and here we go so um and uh and he built it with quartz and probably in survival you could never collect that much quartz but I'm doing cobble so let me put some of this let's see put some of this away well yeah okay so I want that um yeah that should do it don't we do I'm an axe or anything oh there's a pickaxe uh no I don't have an axe anymore I don't grab this okay so get up here and oh and the cool thing about it too is it doubles as an awesome diving board okay so uh nothing on this level we have to go up and you guys like man there's really nothing there he's lying to us not showing us anything what a jerk well when we get a little bit higher it should come into view in a second here so as you guys can see we are way way way way wait there it is it's the donut yes that is 4000 blocks at some 30 it's a circle with a 37 radius from the middle the middle four blocks and then a I guess a circle with a 10 radius cut out of the middle it's all solid cobble and it's basically just a spawning pad now there's a little bit more mechanics to it and I think oh okay so that's one of the problems right now is um is that you end up with ghasts because um when you please don't knock me off that's the that's the biggest problem is the gas yeah okay and uh so let's see if this works the way that he had it design I did a little bit of looking at his design oh man how am I going to even do this ah I just realized I'm gonna have to block out from here to do that okay well oh not gravel to get down to that level let's see if I can do it come on get there can I not why can I not place place the block dum-dum ah all right I'll do it from here it's annoying but yeah I need to get down a level or two so so that I can do this there we go that should do it gosh what a knowing so yeah that's the that's the annoying thing about this is that you're up in the air the whole time and any time you want to build something you've got to kind of do stuff like this we can go up one actually I think there and yeah so here we go this is what I wanted to do and put this here put that there nice okay so I'm gonna put a cactus here well on what sand and then cactus and he builds I mean once I'm done with this I'm gonna do it with glass and stuff but oh right stupid uh right and how much do I have left okay have one cactus left so don't make this mistake oh wait okay did drop it okay so there and I'll just build across here put it here and then put it up like that is that what I want to do yes okay so that should do it now if I do that and that the cactus should stay but I need a way to get past it how am I going to okay okay we can we can actually test this right here right now now I hope so what I did is I put the double I put the double trap doors because they seem to get past it but I think this slows them down so that they can't um but it might knock them back I we'll see we'll see what happens here I'll just do this just in case a little worried about the Pigman because if you guys didn't know or probably you did big men are super powerful so uh what we'll do is um I think my guy the guy that I he's gone now alright so I'm just gonna shoot a big man now this isn't the full efficiency of it but you guys will get the point you just shoot one Pigman what oh he died you got to shoot one big man and not kill him wait there and all of the big men will be a grown on you I mean that's typical big man behavior and we can watch what happens here okay so this guy doesn't fall okay so now they're falling uh and you guys I'm really glad I bought this here um but so ah well it works a lot better when it's on three levels um because they keep getting a grody oh uh yeah and also also um the other thing about them man these guys didn't get I grow it at all up there are they coming come on there they go uh and and it's just kind of it's supposed to be like the right I guess um size so that so that they keep getting a growed and and it will happen when they do this they hit this thing they keep getting a growed and oh you know what it is so I have to keep the guy alive and he's so what happens is that's the problem so what happens my goodness I have to like continually explain this because it's not working out as well as I wanted but what will happen is you keep a Pigman don't die you keep a Pigman like in in here right and you hit him with a snowball and then he stays alive and every time that one of these guys gets hurt it react Rose the pigments because he's still alive and constantly keeps getting getting new ones to get angry and and eventually they just all keep falling down now at this point um it it's I guess you know it did they don't spawn as often because we're gonna have three spawning pads are kind of stairs and when you guys try it oh yeah see the react road you see when they respawn the react road again because I guess the guy is still alive so uh so they responded and when there's three levels of this guy's it is a constant flow of zombie pigmen I mean just just like it's insane how many you end up with um so that guy okay so I think this is a good time to check it out and we can also jump off of our diving board here so uh that that's a basic concept if you download his level from his video you guys will see let's let's uh let's do this way yeah boying yeah so that's really fun too that you can do that but um anyway that is the Spoils there and um you guys can pretty much see so we're at level 12 and yes uh-huh lots and lots and lots of XP and so the basic concept is that if you build it properly you there's also a mechanism that we'll shoot that they'll fall down and there's a mechanism that will use slime blocks to shoot the XP back up to you and all you have to do is stand there you just aggro the first Pigman and in that little block area there and I would suggest I'll I'm probably going to name him but yeah you agro him he goes bananas the rest of the people go bananas or Pigman go bananas and then they just keep coming and keep coming keep coming non-stop you can walk away from your computer don't even go back to it you can you can leave it for an hour I although your your your your chess will fill up it I think it's you said seven thousand items an hour and you get thirty XP in one minute flat so you can just leave it alone don't have to do anything no interaction come back in a couple hours and you'll have a few hundred XP probably and then you can enchant everything you could ever possibly want so I hope you enjoyed this episode on the noodle planet sorry about the mistakes in the wither and I guess my demonstration here not being up to par but maybe in the next episode I'll see you guys again soon thanks for

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