1/72 HMM Liger Zero Schneider Review

by: ThePunisherMAX17

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alright guys the punisher max 17 here today and this is my review for the hmm Kotobuki ligers gyro snyder now i've already talked about this model a lot pretty extensively in all my work in progress videos and those are all on my channel if you're interested in seeing them but this is just a review for basically everything that the schneider armor does all the cas pact stuff and i'm not going to talk about the articulation of the like or 0 itself because quite frankly it's amazing it can go in any sort of post that you want there's nothing you can't do with this like or 0 core that uh yeah III don't know what else to say about it it's really great and there are some other reviews on youtube of it so if you're interested in that look one of those up but this is just for the schneider armor and first of all let me face say a few things about the kit this is an amazing kit i highly recommend it to anyone one of the greatest kids I've ever built in my own opinion and it looks good in terms of building it I really didn't have many problems everything went on nicely everything went together nicely I've had some people tell me that they had a lot of trouble getting their Snyder armor to stay attached to the ligers gyro core itself but I really didn't I don't know if that's because I painted it and maybe other people didn't or something I'm not sure but for the most part mine stays on quite nicely everything stays on there's one exception here and I'll show that to you this piece right here just like slides everywhere so if you want that to stay in place so you should glue it on but I didn't on mine it really wasn't too big of a deal other than that the only piece that I have trouble keeping on is these right here occasionally fall off but that's not too bad now there are a few pieces on here that you're required to glue one of them is inside the schneider armor of the head basically you Glo glue it in to keep these on it's just a little peg in there to be 100% honest I'm not sure why they didn't just make that inside part and this piece the same thing but yeah you do have to glue that and they recommend you glue these parts right here you see this part up here is one piece and then these little thin parts are a separate piece they recommend in the manual that you glue those but that's not a necessity but it will help to be honest and if you do that before painting that you can get it to be one solid piece and remove those seam line seam lines which I didn't do I didn't read the manual close enough I guess but that's okay anyway let's get to the review of this guy itself the schneider armor has a lot of great little features to it and let's start at the head all of these and this just fell off you do have a little bit of trouble with these bottom ones I forgot to say I'm gonna leave that off for the time being just because of what I'm doing but all of these right here these blades go down like so so that basically you know Snyder's got somebody right here Adam then you can just point hose all those blades on them just like spear them right through and similarly these blades come around sometimes you got to bend them down into place a little bit like so as well as these ones but because of how much difficulty I have keeping those blades on I'm just going to let you know it does do that and like I said I got to get this blade back in position there we go sometimes these blades can be a bit of a pain to be completely honest I personally like this kind of mode of it myself just leaving all the blades up and it's easiest that way too now all of these parts right here I'm not entirely sure what they are they're they have little clusters on the back so I'm not sure if they actually are thrusters or what but yeah it's not focusing but those right there are some thrusters along with right in there on the back of all those parts but these clothes like so and they open back up to reveal just kind of like a full thruster mode I guess or something I'm not good with terminology I'm pretty much any kit and you can probably tell that but you get what I'm saying those two the side ones and this one down here all open clothes doing that now let's move on here these parts here which I told you have a pension and not staying on this little flap opens that's about as far as it goes open and but it will go all the way closed again just a little thrust or kind of parts that sort of deal DS right here yet again thrusters open close and that's on the front and the back they don't know if I'm close a whole lot they actually don't open close as much as I expected they would but that's okay now these blades these can be kind of complicated mainly for the fact that they're pretty tough to get down because of the size of the armor they're really tough to get them down and you're likely to scrape some stuff up if you do it but it goes down and you can see having it down it's in this kind of blade back mode but you can take the blade and take all of it and go forward like so and then you can get again bend this for a forward-facing blade so if you want all those blades on the face and these blades on the side all facing forward at one enemy you can do it this thing is pretty much I don't know what to say it's just it's overkill you know alright so get that back up there to be honest that little transition back up wasn't as difficult as the first few times I did that whenever I was taking photos of this guy for my work in progress that was actually pretty difficult the first time so I'm happy that that was easier I don't know if I just got something right into place or what but that's good let's see and it does that on both sides of course one of these sides is a little loose for me for a reason that I'm not entirely sure it spit into place and everything just like it should be but it is a little loose so I don't know if that's something to watch out for or what but yeah and finally on the tail here you see you get two attachments for the tail you get this Sneijder attachment and then you get the lighter 0 AK or attachments just pretty much a gun and the guns actually really cool now would have been nice if they could have integrated into the into the design of this maybe just having it come out here and this just be like a cap over it but that's okay anyway these blades here go all the way in like so and then come all the way out like so and yeah that's that's pretty much all the little features of the Snyder that I can think of I don't think I'm missing anything but yeah it's a really nice model kit I'm sure you can see that it's pretty cool in my opinion it sure is at least this is honestly my favorite model kit I've ever built and I'm very happy with it very happy with how it turned out I couldn't I couldn't have asked for anything better there is one other part I wanted to talk about this with the build of it and that's the head I mentioned this in the work in progress but this head is actually really difficult to put on for any of you guys who are currently building this or gonna be building in the future a little tip is that in the manual it tells you to put all of this stuff on the sides of the head before actually clamping it to lighter zeiracorp it tells you to put these thrusters these blades these thrusters everything on there and then put the two pieces together and that's a very bad idea I did that and it didn't go on right it was angled incorrectly and I was honestly pretty worried that I was gonna snap the thing trying to get it back apart and into place so take these orange side pieces you can see them in my work in progress the side of the face put those onto the like or zero first then well put those sides of with these up here because these are would be difficult to put on afterwards but these blade the side blades and the side thrusters put those on afterwards it's a whole lot easier trust me you don't have to worry that you're gonna break something because I really was so yeah and there's one other thing I wanted to compare this to the old Hasbro or Tommy if your Japanese release of the ligers gyro Schneider here mine I have the old one and something just fell off of it so I got to put that on before I put it in frame here it is this is the old one and this is the new one and I think it's pretty obvious which one is better here and I forgot to put the tail onto this I think the tail is down on one of my other shelves somewhere but you know the idea of it you can see this thing is bulky this thing is bulky as can be and very very simplistic and you can see how this is much sleeker much more almost realistic in a sense that you know if somebody were to actually make Zoids it would be this slim sleek fast thing instead of tons of bolt now granted they had to do it like this because these are motorized models and they need room for the motor but in my own opinion these hmms are where it's at not that there's anything wrong with these old models are great for nostalgia value they I love them whenever I was a kid but in terms of collecting Zoids nowadays I'm all about these hmms so yeah that should be it for the review you know if you have any questions or comments leave them down below and like subscribe do anything you want there so thanks for watching guys and I hope you liked the

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