CAN YOU BE THE STUNT KING? (GTA 5 Tricks Competition Xbox The One)

by: Beh2inga

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what is up guys and welcome to a brand new competition that I'm bringing to you guys this is awesome so me Josh and Toby have partnered up with Xbox to decide who is the best stunter on GTA now this involves all types of tricks if you've got the tricks on GTA you need to show us so the competition is who can do the best stunts on GTA you'll find the link in the description where you can look it all up so for the winner of this competition there is gonna be a lot of goodies up for grabs the prizes that you guys could be winning could be a GT Omega racing jet I have one myself they are make a comfortable right here you could also be winning yourselves a turtlebeach xo7 headset Toby Jed sensor awesome as it is anyway you're also gonna win yourselves an engraved controller so you're gonna get yourselves an Xbox one controller with your game attack engraved on it you're also gonna win yourselves quite a few games you're gonna win yourselves Forza horizon 2 you're gonna win yourself sunset overdrive and you're also gonna win yourselves a brand new halo along with all that awesome stuff you're also going to get yourself some Xbox goodies such as a hoodie and a t-shirt and to top it off you're gonna get a keychain now if all that sounds fantastic to you make sure to look in the description also to compete in this competition what you're gonna need to do is you're gonna need to be able to record your clips from your xbox by saying xbox record that and you're gonna need to upload that to the Xbox upload studio and use the tag the one GTA tricked now once you've submitted your entry with your best tricks will be going through them and will be choosing one person that have all these stunts that you guys can do we choosing one person who's gonna win all these prizes across the whole community so if that's what you guys think you can do make sure to start recording your entries because I'm excited to go through them I can I like stunts I like stunts quite a lot so I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys can do because as you know me and the guys you know we get up to some sort of stars nonetheless let's go and have a look at what me Josh and Toby can do with our stunts hey guys guess what what it's time to digits down yeah women do stunts we'll try our best okay so what what stunts we doing first step accelerate guys stunt number one the airport one on the count of three you know you said it me in the trunk goes up the car park alright okay oh no Ethan you only two guys which is just we do take two it's like her attempt to buy Ethan bears landed at l1 and he's done it he's only gonna landed back to begin port right take two you ready guys no guess all the trial it is done right three two one go I'm making this time I'll make this time guys I think I win you do again okay did you stop stunting human wheelie run now Ethan now you know who's in charge right oh oh oh wow this time very cozy I take free we could show everyone how good of our son sits there

Wow Wow just try to take my head off I just don't think we're gonna be on the stadium boys just don't think now let's move on to another one on two failed stunts number three stop drawing so I have McClure tell us what's done with Toby you have to pay up your own

consequences I've really stuck right and now you're gonna intro us and tell us what we do in it's just that number three I think it's an airport thing just look the way you only having like rear tire your leaves good lead the way well I don't know where it is okay have the acceleration right one backflip wow you make two boys okay this time I actually have gone son yes yes Toby we're chance he's about to go school a keeper even though perfect

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Today you've got the chance to prove yourself as the best GTA stunter, You think you can win the prizes? ► Enter "The One":

◄ The prizes for winning this competition are: ► GTOmegaRacing Chair ► Turtle Beach X07 Headset ► Engraved Gamertag XBOX One Controller ► Forza, Sunset Overdrive, Halo ► Xbox Hoodie, T-Shirt & Key Chain ► How To Enter The Competition: 1. Say "Xbox, Record That" when you know you've done something worthy of being "The One" 2. Use the Upload Studio application on your Xbox One to upload your video to the competition 3. Before publishing, name your video after the category you're entering ("TheOneGTAtricks") 4. You're done. Share your entry with friends via OneDrive and wait to see if you'll be crowned 'The One'. Disclaimer Compensation has been received in connection with posting this video as part of a promotional campaign by Xbox.
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