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hello everyone and welcome back to another detail line guide where today we're gonna be take a look at the blimp again in the form of the Bible version introduced as part of the After Hours DLC so for the price of 1.2 million on discounted you can get your hands on a blimp of varying designs all of which represent some of the fictional companies within the GTA universe I'm a big fan of the sprint design of vehicles I've seen in my past videos so naturally I got myself a sprung blimp but all the other designs look pretty cool too unfortunately as expected this is a pegasus vehicle so if you want to have more than just one of the livery designs you're gonna have to fork out 1.2 million to get another blimp on my way to retrieve said blimp after calling pegasus i noticed there's a new radio station added to the game cool anyways once we arrive at the Blitz location we find ok once we arrive at the blimps location we find one sexy-looking aircraft it's basically the same blimp that we've had all these years in the game but now they've added speakers to the back of the thing I had my key from CGH fly away in my blimp just to see if the music played out loud on the speakers and how far the music was audible if so music does play out loud just like the festival bus but the distance in which you can hear the music left me a bit disappointed personally in order for people on the ground to hear anything the pilot would have to fly dangerously low to buildings in the search unless people are riding on top of the thing though who's gonna try that here's five more things that you can do when board and GT online I guess it's not all bad news because you'll at least be hidden from try-hards use it for tiny prints oh yeah speaking of target practice Jesus someone shooting

a few got away yeah it seems the blimp is able to take at least a little bit of punishment before being taken down

anyways the blimp as you'd expect won't be beating in the air speed records but it also isn't very slow either if we fly low to the ground you can get a good idea of just how fast this thing cruisers and hmm well that's the blimp for you it's nothing too special but we've wanted to add up to the game just because we wanted it and now that we have it I'm pretty content I can see the blimp being used in ways that Rockstar didn't really intend like using it as a battle platform or something I don't know what do you guys think are you happy that these have been added to the game let me know in the comments and hey if you enjoyed this short video make sure to leave a like and subscribe to the pyro gaming channel for loads more videos coming to you very soon see you

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