Scrap Mechanic #4 - Car/Robot Transformer!

by: Monkeyfarm

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oh no what are you doing what are you doing you're gonna fall over you stinking robot you're doing a headstand

what's going on everybody it's monkey farm we are back with another episode of scrap mechanic I am really happy you guys are liking this series so far today is episode 4 we are going to build a transformer we're gonna build a jeep that transforms into a robot of course that's so like I said today is episode 4 so we have built in episode 1 we built a car with a garage and then we followed up with some gyroscopic vehicles in episode 2 last episode we built a sweet Star Wars pod racer and today we're gonna do the transformer so this is the Jeep that I am basing the transformer off of when I was a kid I had a bunch of transformers and things called Gobots which were basically same thing as transformers just like a different brand or whatever and I had one I don't remember which one it was but it was a it was like an army jeep like this pretty much and and it turned into a robot and it's like my favorite transformer alright let's see this thing in action let me push the button real quick and I'll kind of explain what's going on here so the arms and the legs work very similarly there there are two bars connected by bearings and they swivel out and most of the movements that you're seeing right now are kind of to keep the center of balance in you know so that the thing doesn't tip over and there we swivel out the robot head and then the arms come down and we are done almost check it out so I haven't made it drive or walk yet or anything like that after it turns into a robot that might be a little difficult this thing will probably fall over but I think I think I might be able to do it I don't know we'll see so anyway I'll push the button again and we'll turn it back into the Jeep

alright let's build this thing now some of the details I'm not gonna worry about too much like the aesthetic parts like as you can see this Jeep is a little bit different than this one the robot one this is the one I used as an example basically I wanted to build a Jeep first to make sure that once I built it into a robot I knew how I wanted it to look I didn't want it to be like a stick figure that was folded up and had wheels on it anyway so let's start with the head that is six blocks wide one two three four five six and two blocks deep we're gonna put the grille stuff up here actually I think I did it like that yes I did let's put some headlights on it all those those are bearings they look pretty much the same right now what we have to do back here we have to delete one of these blocks and put a bearing on the inside and then I'm gonna you have to point at the bearing and drag the blocks back that's how we know this whole head part will be able to rotate and swivel up as the robot is kind of standing up and then this this back part is all connected this is all the body the floor of the car so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna make this two blocks wide so I have to just make sure I attach it to this don't attach it don't point at the head while you're attaching it cuz otherwise your head won't swivel this thing will all be connected in the wrong place will be totally weird trust me okay so this whole body part should be connected correctly now what we're gonna do we're gonna throw the arms on here real quick now these are just folding you know two folding pieces it's pretty simple I'm really happy actually with how the design came out it's pretty compact and and slick alright so this is five blocks long I think one two three four five let's put another bearing going back the other direction one two three four five so that's all nice and don't worry these are not connected they just look connected sort of we've got the bearings here we'll go one two three four five put the arm back this way okay so there's our arms now what we need to do is do the same thing pretty much for the legs the difference here is that the top and bottom part of the legs are not the same length the I don't know what part of the leg but the upper part of the leg is only four blocks and then the lower part is gonna be six so we need to go one two three four let me get rid of this stuff right here and the difference is of course this is just like how the arms worked except the bearings are on the far side over here so we're going one two three four and then we're coming back six so one two three four five or it's six blocks long one two three four five six yeah sorry and then one two three four five six and then these you just have to make sure are attached to the legs not to the body part and this is gonna be like for our feet so we're gonna you know stand this up a little bit we'll worry about putting all these little you know triangle-shaped things all over the place later so right now as you can see with the controller everything should look pretty symmetrical we've got the head swivel we've got the upper arms the lower arms we've got the upper legs we've got the lower legs and then what we need to do is hook this thing all up we need a controller and we're gonna need a on/off switch let's see this needs to be attached to what do we need it attach this to and just need to make sure not to the legs did I attach it to the head I did actually okay so we're gonna attach this thing to the head okay oh and I guess I missed a part part of the head here I missed a block sorry cuz that's where the button goes alright it's not pretty much look how it looks alright so we need to connect this stuff that was me sorry I need to put the driver's seat as close as I can to these controllers because we don't have a lot of space now what I need to do is make sure you place it on the middle blocks don't make sure you plate you don't place it on any of the blocks that are part of the legs okay so I'm placing it right in the center and then the engine is gonna go right behind it I just have to make sure I place it in the middle blocks meaning not the leg blocks okay so let's connect all this stuff up we've got the driver seat go into the engine we need to turn the engine we'll worry about that later we don't want this thing driving off without us or something then we need to connect the button to the two controllers we need to connect the button to the driver seat if you want I mean technically you don't need it all right so your car should look pretty much similar to this at the moment now now what we need to do is connect all of these controllers to all the different bearings so that we can control you know how this thing stands up and turns into a robot now by the way I didn't put the wheels on yet because I just don't want all the extra bearings to kind of confuse your eyesight because this stuff is really you know it's difficult to look at a little bit in fact I'm actually going to move this car out of the way just because all the bearings at the background you can't see them so hopefully this is nice and clean a nice clean view for you guys I didn't mean to connect that accidentally okay so we have nothing connected except the driver's seat to the button the button to the controllers and then the driver's seat to the engine of course as well okay so let's wire this thing up the two controllers you know are basically gonna be exactly the same except one controllers controlling this side of the robot the other ones controlling this side the robot so I guess technically you could have one control the arms and one control the legs instead but since this is symmetrical I just divided it up that way it doesn't really matter I guess so let's take these and connect one right here to the top part of the arms two is a lower part of the arms 3 is the legs actually I should do three here except since I programmed that one this way just so you see the the controller programming I want everything to be exactly the same so I don't confuse you guys so let's do the same thing on this side so we've got 1 & 2 for the arms we've got 3 & 4 for the legs and then of course don't forget the head we will do this one down to that front 1 that'll be number 5 and now what we need to do is just get the numbers correct so let's open it up I just want to make sure you guys can see so I'm gonna open up the front controller here now what we have is we're gonna turn this one 90 degrees the next one negative 45 0 then negative 30 now these are the steps that the things change in other words if I program 1 2 3 4 for this row this is all what's gonna happen first then after this is done everything in this column are going to happen then everything in this column is gonna happen and same thing and also we need to turn down the speed a little bit now make sure you get the speed for both controllers exactly the same because otherwise the one leg will stand up quicker than the other and the thing will fall over okay so let's continue with the programming now by the way like this is not perfect programming it's just you know I made it work by trial and error and you know seeing what would happen is this thing gonna fall over or not you know so everybody you know everybody can do their own programming however they want actually whatever works for you but anyway this is how I happen to do it so we had 120 60 30 negative 135 this is basically everything is stretching out and then it's gonna stand out by rotating back the other direction so in case you're wondering like why it's going backwards after I did all these steps forward that's what's happening so in 3 we're not gonna do anything on step 1 then we're gonna do 45 degrees negative 30 degrees nothing than 75 degrees and 45 degrees and these are like I said not perfect degrees it's just how I happen to do it and then we've got that that and then the head is number 5 down here which we did I believe it was negative 90 and we're gonna do the same thing on the other side and you might be thinking there's one step we haven't done yet and I'll show you that in a second one important step actually so let's do this again we've got 90 negative 45 0 and then negative 30 same thing over here 30 and negative 135 45 30 five then sixty and sixty all right so we've got the speeds the same now the one thing I didn't do yet and this is so important you have to make sure that the bearings are pointed the right directions okay so I'm going to do this just because I know how it's supposed to work but you may you know if you mess up it's no big deal you can you know reset reset the vehicle and change the direction and nothing breaks or anything so that's that's one good thing about this so this number one bearing is going to be rotating this way so I need to make sure that the other one is doing this same thing and rotating basically clockwise this one needs to go the other way so number two needs to go that way that one is okay this one had to be changed four three and four let's see we're going that one is correct and this one is not and then four we have let's see it's rotating what way is it rotated that way so the legs are gonna rotate out that way and rotate this way you'll see you'll see once it's all kind of done now I haven't tried to stand this up without you know the wheels or anything but I think we could probably do it let's put some feet Stoppers on here I haven't used a different block over there I'll use that so anyway but let's test this thing out and see how I did it might not work just because the wheels help this thing kind of hook together but it should be pretty close and yeah so it does need wheels those need wheels oh no what are you doing what are you doing you're gonna fall over you stinking robot you're doing a headstand what do you owe I got something backwards okay wow that's weird why I think I think what happened I might have gotten something wrong in the order let me go let me double check this thing again but I need to put the wheels on first why don't we actually I just put this back on the stand it'll be easy okay so for the wheels we need two bearings so under here on both sides and that is one block behind the head grille part if that's where you're looking and then we need to block underneath here and a block underneath here and then did I go out two blocks or I don't think I did maybe I'm not sure anyway go ahead and put another bearing on there and then put a wheel on it okay now on the back where did I put the wheels remember the wheel stuff the back I think I just did like this I think that was pretty accurate the back ones we don't need a swivel the this one this bearing right here was to steer so let's lower this thing back down and we need to connect the we need to connect the steering thing to that and I don't know which direction is the right whoops I don't know which direction we have to to rotate these but at least they are pointed the same direction and then we need to attach the motor to the wheels as well let's do that over on that side rotating forward and forward and we can do the back wheels as well as if we want to and like that okay so should be a lot better this time let's test it out all right stretching out now I think I think I messed up a couple of the steps here coming up right about now yeah so number four is not rotating ah so I found the problem right here so I had put these in the wrong order I had the 60 starting here and they should have started right here okay so that should fix the problem here all right and the other thing I'm gonna put some feet stabilizers here I think that might have been the reason that and the incorrect programming that I did but this should do it I think let's see if this thing can stand up this time and yeah it looks good so far it's about to stand up the head should start rotating and is the head rotating I don't see the head rotating oh I saw it rotate the wrong direction and it did almost work though okay yes the head is the bearing needs to be rotated the other direction so let's right-click that is it gonna turn or not yep there it goes okay so now the head is rotating the correct direction all right yeah this thing does look way better with headlights and not bearings his eyes huh kind of looks like a frog like a giant frog standing up all right so let's put this thing back down and Wow I can't believe I built this thing that quickly because the first one I built definitely took a lot longer but it's so cool that I have to now so I have two transformers that is so cool all right this one I can make look a little prettier make it look like a Jeep more like a Jeep I think this one looks pretty cool I'll try to make it look like this Jeep altogether but anyway yeah so let's watch it one more time and we'll turn off the screen stuff so you can see everything all right well that is gonna be it for today I hope you guys like the Jeep transformer and I hope you guys like the scrap mechanic stuff so far so make sure you're subscribed and thumb with the video if you enjoyed it and we will see you all later we're out

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