Skincare Routine (CHEAP for all skin types) 2019

by: Selena Grande

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hey guys what's up so today I'm going to feel my most requested video which is a skincare routine all of you guys really want to see how it may take my clear skin and right now I have no makeup and this is what I look kind of crusty dusty and very like dark under-eye circles I'm gonna show you how you clear my skin not how I maintain this dark under eyes because if you want to have this just don't sleep honestly believe that the less products that you use is the better off your skin will be because like one time I use so many products at the same time that like my skin just started going crazy when I went off of those so yeah I have this theory that these companies just put these chemicals so your skin will be like addicted to the product so you can't get off of it so just use less products and everything that I used in a literally cost less than like five dollars like they're so cheap I got them from like Walmart and genetically if your parents have clear skin I'm sure you'll have one - your parents don't I'm sorry you weren't born in the wrong family I showed you my night to morning skincare routine so you guys know what I use daily and most of the time I just use water and like so because I am so broke my money goes straight to food so yeah anyway let's get started before I'm going to use this little towel to clean off my makeup it's from the cup eraser and I got it for free a face gentle you want to hold it so that you don't drag your face because you obviously don't want wrinkles already look old enough so you know that's back and don't forget your neck if you wear makeup remove everything after I removed my makeup I wash my face with hot or warm water I'm gonna use the nut seema cream to cleanse my face or just wash my face with this this is like this is like three dollars from Walmart and they love it and they usually just exfoliate around my nose because that's the way I can to you know gravitate a lot of products and that's like my most problematic area and then go a little more gentle on my cheeks because expression under eyes too because they're very sensitive just name kind of stings a little bit because it has like mint and it's like super Mindy I'm gonna wash my face off with a cooler water so like a little bit cooler now with warm water again I'm just gonna do this around my nose I usually get a lot of pores around my nose so I use the st. Ives Saint Eve's apricot scrub I like the strawberry one better or the other one better but this will do today and I just put it around my nose because right now I'll have a lot of black black spots what did a couple I Pat me you know I'm about to get my period so obviously I get a lot of problem and then again wash it off with cold colder water as you guys can see I have a lot of mascara under my other eyes so I'm just going to use these simple micellar water cleanser to you know just get rid of excess mascara always use this ring finger I'm not giving you guys the middle finger but use the ring finger and know I'm not flipping you off since I have a lot of under-eye circles I'm gonna use this aloe vera gel from nature public I'm gonna put this on NASA math I do this a lot actually I put like a lot under my eyes to cool my eyes down cuz I'm really like tired for the rest of my face I just slather a generous amount and I go to bed with this by the way I'm just gonna leave this on for the rest of the night but I'm going to get rid of these little as you guys can see there are some redness on my face especially on my chin my forehead and my nose so I'm just going to use this magic water to make it better anyway it is called the Mario Badescu drying lotion and basically at the bottom there's like pink stuff and then in the top they are like alcohol or whatever so I'm just going to dip a q-tip into the pink stuff we only want the pink stuff do not shake or mix the bottle so just dip it in here and then I'm just going to put it on like my redness and yeah the next day I should wake up with no more redness lighting plays a huge role in this too like as you guys can see right now in my room my skin looks so smooth and so nice but in my bathroom I look like a monster but like seriously I love my skin right now and I wish I can just stay in my room the whole time but I mean I do that already what you see on Instagram or whatever is not real you know I'm just gonna apply lip balm and go to sleep now and I will see you guys in the morning goodnight aloe vera gel but it's not peeling and these are the drying lotion that has dried up with lukewarm water I'm going to use my toner to get rid of those drive lotion because sometimes it's just ducks on there make sure like on cotton pad there are like little see there are little exceeds on these contents so make sure you get rid of these seeds because it can really like harm your face and this is the Mario Badescu toner and this toner just helps out more you know moisture to my face I have really dry skin and this toner is not oily or anything so I think anyone can use it and especially for me I have dry I mean sensitive dry skin so the toner really helps this is my face and there's nothing wrong with my I'm not perfect I'm gonna use this sunscreen to protect my face from getting wrinkles because girl I am only 17 and I look like I'm 25 so I don't need to look a lot older and I love this sunscreen because it's not oily and also it's just very good and it doesn't have like a blue or white cast and after this I can just apply my makeup and this literally blurs my skin and it's good for dry oily combo skin because I told my friend to use this and they loved it and they have like a different skin from me this thing that can last you for months and it's only less than ten dollars because I really struggle with dry skin my last routine is this holy grail setting spray facial spray and I'm just gonna spray this all over my face to add moisture

perfect this is my face after everything and it not perfect two guys can see like some redness around here and maybe a few of these dark spots um but hope you guys liked this video make sure to subscribe turn on that notification ring that Bell so you guys aren't notified when I upload in a new video coming down below if you learn anything new or if you didn't if you liked this video or if you have any other video suggestions give this video a like or dislike so I know if you guys like this video or not don't forget to follow me on Instagram and snapchat I always post makeup tutorials on Instagram and other stuff so make sure you guys follow me there anyway I will see you guys later

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