Supercard: King Kong Bundy Re-experiences Wrestlemania 2 - official trailer

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but I remember hope tell me the big ship is big show you and they were gonna pick me or Savage I said fuck Savage I said need use a much better match than Savage did you say to him even in a joking manner well no as know I was dead serious fuck Savage I got deserve that spot this business is about physical stature it's about looking at that guy walk down there I on saying my god mmm what I want to be in the ring with that guy woman he gave me a give me a ride up here her big hero the one she loves so much is Chris Jericho I took a dump this morning bigger than Chris Jericho I mean come on

never hurt you sometimes we drop the leg his acid hit your face he's not working like three times in a row I I had an imprint his balls right here and wanted a slender lead a ski no we throw out K failures k faked if he was dead right I mean the anytime the barn door after the enemies right about that but he stayed to eat asking you wanted to get some color of course I never said yes I never asked anybody to get color I know one time I was down he would say to you do you want me to get color for you yes Hulk told me from WrestleMania 1 he went into Vince's office and Vince he had his WrestleMania check and he walked in and it was for $500,000 and he said to Vince where's the other half if I had my way over you and I wish I would have done I shouldn't go under said Vince I don't like my gimmick can you think of a gimmick for me and then I would have been Vince's creation Linc's creation is always going to do better then Vince is some that's not Vince's creation I called Vince three times at his house in my life and I'm so Dom it didn't teach me nothing all three times he answers the phone now I don't answer my phone you know all the times it should have told me who people he likes to talk to people all right I didn't know that I thought you laughter I'm so dumb Shawn I thought I was doing a favor by leaving the loan because that's what I would want if you're my employee wrestler do what we ask you to do do it to your best ability and leave me the fuck alone no Vince go once that this once you call it say what's going on and blah blah blah

something that people fans of the current product would find remarkable is all you guys needed to set up WrestleMania was that one incident I wanted to kick Hulk off the stretchers he's been taken out mmm but somebody put the kibosh on that

I guess Andres got to go over - how are you going to not put on driven a battle royal well cuz you paid the fridge 135 thousand dollars to show up he didn't make them yes he did and he didn't sell out I make sure I was nice and loose nice little extra good because a big match I titled the hell if I take my wrist I can't remember you did because that's where you hid your gig Jesus Christ jabroni like that back my day I would slap you right across the face fat but you're right that is where I put my blade are you always carrying razor blades no hell no I knew that night I was gonna blade forget that random night at Madison Square Garden someone says I once you get a little color you bleed yeah I usually had believed really well I've gotta memorize ideas for one but somebody had blades yeah to me in a cage match both guys should buzz be busted up but Hulk said that Vince didn't want him coming down off the cage with the kids crowding around them and he's all bloody which I totally disagree with but I didn't sell Mike I'm saying open was there a discussion to make this one look completely different or don't do what we did in Boston we had asset mats that we did for the other one so this was different than that okay we're gonna do I think I jumped him at the start we didn't usually do it like that I got 50 okay I how you can say oh that's not fair $50,000 something donate when anybody else


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