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by: Zen Garcia

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[Music] hello and welcome to the revolutionary radio project I'm your host Rob Skiba and this evening I'm excited to bring Zhen Garcia back on the program the show I think the last show we did together was dealing with his book Paradise sides of the North and the mountain of congregation and I know if you guys had a chance to listen to that if you haven't you should definitely check it out in their archives way-cool he sent me the book I've been looking through that book as well and while talked about giving me all kinds of crazy cool ideas for the television series I'm working on seed it has really inspired me and I've had a number of phone calls conversations with Zen off the air talking about this and he's agreed to come on board as sort of a consultant and creative guy to help me with script ideas and whatnot and real excited about that and well let's just go ahead and bring him on Zen are you there sir thanks man thanks for coming on again so yeah I've been looking through your book I'm working on the trailer for seed right now and there's quite a few things in it based on our prior conversations in fact I was working on some things just this afternoon regarding the what's in the North Mountain Meru and the whirlpool around it and all that and that actually led me you know how when you look for stuff on YouTube a lot of times YouTube will populate similar you know somewhat related topics on the right side and so I'm looking for whirlpool footage right because I'm just creating a previous trailer right now just you know real basic just get shot angles and the general gist of what I'm trying to portray and then I'm gonna hand that off to some visual effects houses and see what we can do to to shoot in live-action to some real high quality special effects with it and so I'm trying to depict the waterfall and the you know the whirlpool and all that that's around Mount Meru and the sides of the north and so I'm on go on YouTube and I'm just searching for whirlpools right and I found some stuff nothing was gonna really work for what I'm trying to do but then this this video pops up on the suggested column there and it was about the United States and Russia in a deep drilling race and you know we know that the United States and Russia got involved with the operation deep freeze that got out you know everybody signs the Antarctic Treaty and then the next thing you know the United States and Russia engaged in a space race well first a missile race launching high altitude nukes into the sky then a space race well I didn't know but at the same time that this so-called space race was going on in the early 60s they were also United States and Russia were also racing against each other to see who could drill down the farthest into the earth and I'm like this is so crazy cuz everything if they're trying to avoid a conspiracy I mean they are not helping with the names fishbowl of donek of the Lord in a fishbowl the Lord you know it looks it so looks like they found something Antarctica I believe probably the edge of the dome touched it said what the heck and immediately they start trying to see how high the dome is and how deep you know underground it is I mean it all appearances are of what would happen if you know people find out they're in a cage the trying to find the boundaries right so anyway that was my day today I'm like okay I gotta get Zen on I want to talk some more about all this stuff and and in your book chapter 14 you mentioned something I've never heard of before the thracian Chronicles and so maybe that's a good place to start is you're kind of revisiting some things from your book paradise sides of the north and the mouth of the congregation and what you found in regards to that that has to do with this Thracian chronicles I'll just share a description of a book that we had released and connection to this it's no longer available but just to give people an idea where to take it down for to bid but in this book the Thracian chronicles and you people can't download the first thing the first two were released in Bulgarian but they did have included within them like a 40 page section written in English about the Thracian chronicles what they are and how they were deciphered in 2006 by dr. Steven guide and his brother svet dengar dis key witch doctor guide was poisoned tragically soon after the release of this material and I think yeah and we'll talk about that because the implications of the work that he did and the information that he has brought forth is absolutely paradigm changing because it confirms that the biblical narrative is not dependent upon nor plagiarized from the Sumerian mythology which we know to be pagan traditions and scripted by the Fallen Angels but so what was this guy's name again dr. Steven guide he was an American linguist and also a PhD linguist and work here in California but he was from Bulgaria and his origins are connected to the Thracian people so he always had a an interest in the archaeology which if you've ever looked up and seen the Thracian treasures they are the oldest and they are also the most eloquent with regard to well you just have to look up some of the treasures but they are very artistic and very well made and beautiful in rendering but I wrote this as a pretext for the book it says in 2006 dr. guide released in Bulgarian with English subsections a four-volume set called the Thracian script decoded successfully decrypting the three Kobo Heric script this information proves one that this language is the most ancient post-flood nuoc language in the world and origin from the ancient and origin for the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic system descendants of Japheth they worshipped a triune Godhead especially a Dione Isis which you know we know the the we have the mythology of Dionysus but according to this is die on meaning God and ISA is what we know to be Jesus Yeshua and so God Jesus is the name or the the this particular description and again this predates any of the Greek any of the ancient Egyptians any of the Sumerian and they were believers in Christ and also had in their oral traditions mythology which dates back to 5500 BC of his coming that he would be born of a virgin of the you know of the tribe of Judah of the seed of David and that he would be of the children of Adam which you know again I believe that there's two different bloodlines and so which even in Luke chapter three we don't see Cain you know included in Yeshua's lineage but anyways prophetically they foretold the Savior Messiah would be born of a virgin to rectify the fall or and of their ancestors Adam and who is what they call them and this particular rendition of the Adam and Eve the book of Adam and Eve which is part of the Thracian Chronicles is the oldest in my opinion and predates all the others and includes chapters that are not found in any of the others as well their teachings predate the ancient Sumerian the Egyptian and the Greek civilizations the Sumerian by 1,500 to 2,000 years and number two most importantly their traditions confirmed that Christianity is not plagiaristic contrived of nor dependent upon the pagan Akkadian Sumerian or Babylonian mythologies which most contemporary historians believed to be the oldest stories in the world I would also add that the anthropologist and most of the PhD scientists they believe that the Sumerian peoples are the oldest post-flood and that all of the biblical narrative as far as the flood story of Noah are based upon the stories of Gilgamesh and the flood stories found in the Sumerian pagan traditions and also that the stories of like for instance in Egypt with the stories of Horus being born of a virgin or the Mithras traditions with a you know that they have a God that was also born of a virgin but all of those are based upon the Thracian which again predates all of them and is they were Christians they were believers in Yeshua in this case Dionysus which is God Jesus and they believe in a Trinity and when you read even the first chapter that I have included from the book of it Adam ánewá which you know I've released in the Thracian Chronicles playlist on our youtube channel the entire rendition of the ancient Thracian book of Ataman and also the chronicles of long inist which i you you've seen portions of that as well and then also the book of Navi in a small portion of that as well but there are many texts which make up and I can share them with you as far as the fullness of the Thracian chronicles which I have it's difficult to find them in book form anymore they're not published and and released any more you can sometimes find the Bulgarian copies with little bit of the you know like I said 30 to 40 pages in English which explains the research and how they were able to decrypt this language but you can't find the electronic PDF copy of the first one and read the story of you know how he and his brother were able to decrypt the language of the things that they learned about the thracian people and also how the mainstream science community came against him and how they have been trying to suppress this information even though it has been public and available since 2006 but it was like I said it was tragically and I don't see any coincidences or you know there's never coincidence but he was murdered in my opinion murdered but poisoned shortly after the release of his Thracian Chronicle series and I believe to keep this knowledge suppressed but anyway some the Thracian chronicles are 700 pages of material that are not available in English as of right now I do have a few of the manuscripts in English and we are working with the duration church to provide them and to make them more public and to bring forth the first English translations of these texts which as I said are only available in Bulgarian right now but they are the book of Ottoman whooaaa as I had mentioned before the cosmogony of the first man released by King so Tariq which he was the thracian king going back to like I said like 5500 BC very extensive the actual text name is corpus Genesis Mundi the Liebherr of Adam at Eva and Adam the cosmogony is probably written by the thracian king sit talk the book of Navi is all it also mentions it there's a similarity with the content of the book of Genesis from Moses the Pentateuch and probably due to the bilateral religious exchange between the Thracian kingdom and their jerusalem temple at the time of King Satake and onwards I'll just read a couple of descriptions of some of the text to give you an idea I'm well-read the fullness I have a description of each one of the books that make up the many you know as far as the manuscripts that are part of the Thracian Chronicles but as far as time I won't read it all but the book of Navi The Chronicles of our burros Al marks its it says it is known that Hobart zomick's ruled in 386 to 383 BC right after King a médoc who ruled in 407 to 386 BC and his paradise T Sethi's second and before King kotas from the Chronicles of Hobart Modocs it becomes clear that he was not a real basileus but a region of the infant hairs to the throne of Paris odd and I'm a doc there are two transcripts in the lane Tintin language with more comprehension of the two included here there exists also one fragment of transcript so it just tells the background of each of these particular texts which there's more you know about them too but they most people wouldn't know because we don't have again most of these are not available in English and there are not fragments in any language that I've seen available anywhere to us because I have searched them out the third book is the book of re the chronicles of Avila the faithful Shepherd written for Tulare it is a hieroglyphic script and it means the keeper of the mysteries of Thrace this is the highest dignity among the Shepherd Kings ever since the time of the Odyssey and King Terri's from the book of Navi chapter 25 7 through 11 and the re so if you know all these texts are from these very ancient Thracian Keens and there's a story in the book of Navi as well about how the the high priest he it was after the flood but he was led to a particular a particular spot and he was told to dig there and when he did he found a vault that was full of these ancient manuscripts and so that's how they were preserved which it's interesting - I don't know if you heard there was recently a text release called the revelation of the Magi and in this particular book it speaks about how the Magi were actually descendants of Seth and they were told by their father that Adam when he was cast out of paradise Yeshua you know told him the word told him that he would incarnate into the flesh fifty five hundred years after he was exiled from from paradise and that he would be born of a virgin that he would come and he would lead the descendants of Seth at that time those that were appointed to watch and to keep a lookout for this ancient sign because they would see this the sign the Star of Bethlehem and and they would be led to where the Savior Messiah would be born and so anyways what had happened is that the the Magi they were led first to what is called the cave of treasures and the cave of treasures in the story of the revelation of the Magi which it's a second century Syriac text that was just released by I forget his breton brent landau he wrote his PhD dissertation on this ancient syria text which you know none of us have but he did make it available and it tells the story again of the seed of seth the children of Seth and how they were related to the magic and Uchida star Bethlehem it says was actually Christ himself when he had descended down from the heavens and he came to them in the shape and led them as this star to this particular cave and they went there and they found where the cave of treasures were Adam and Eve had lived a long time before and we're even Seth and some of the other generations before they left you know their mountain and were called down and intermingled with the children of Cain as it's told in the first book of Adam and Eve but anyways and so they were led there to the cave of treasures and it was full of these ancient testimonies and the writings of their ancestors and even the books of Enoch and you know the stories of Adam the books of Adam which there are ancient manuscripts to speak about how when Adam was cast out of paradise he was given five books the book of signs book a generation of the book of the Wars of the Lord the book of the generations of man and two others I forget exactly what they I haven't mentioned in the my Flat Earth is key to decrypt the Book of Enoch there's a mention of those particular texts in what is called the secret book of Moses which is the the acid here it's a Sumerian text or a Sumerian not not Sumerian but a Sumerian text very ancient as well and it mentions those particular texts in there and it also mentions how Adam had given them to Enoch and Enoch passed them on to Noah Noah gave them to Shem and pass them on to Abraham and so these texts were you know passed down and Abraham provided them to Isaac Isaac gave them to Jacob and Jacob passed them on to his line and we can read even in the Testament of the 12 patriarchs which is also a very ancient text it is predates even the time of Christ but in this particular - and we know this because fragments of it were found in the Dead Sea Scrolls but anyways the this particular text makes mention of and quotes several times in each one of the the patriarchs they speak about how they know about the coming of Christ and that it's mentioned in the Book of Enoch which we know those prophecies are associated to the coming of the the son of man and and so they also know because Adam was told the entire history of all his children that would be born of him and the things that they would do and how even Christ and Yeshua would be born of him and how he would be Savior Messiah saved them from the depths of evil and that he would come at the end of days to save you know the world in humanity because unless the days be shortened there should be no flesh left and so the the three other things were found there as well and that was the gold the myrrh and the frankincense and so they brought these actually to him when he led them to the cave where Mary was to conceive and then according to the story he entered and was born and then the the Magi came and delivered unto him those gifts which Adam had taken out of paradise and were given as treasure to him the gold was to provide light and the frankincense and myrrh remembrance of paradise in him being banished from it and so this story is also very interesting but the reason I mention is because we have these ancient texts which you know there's hunters out there thousands even and I've released a lot of them in the work that we've done at sacred we're publishing dotnet but there are still huge collections which have not been released even to the english-speaking community and this is one of those sets so I'll continue with the Thracian chronicles collection but and so in the book of re just a little bit about it it says that oh I actually read that it means the keeper of the mysteries of Thrace at the church council convened in Constantinople in 1896 ad a decision was taken under strong pressure from the Greek bishops that the land of the Bulgarians be returned to the church at Constantinople the pretest was as follows to the question asked by the Greek bishops did you find latin or greek priests when you conquered the land the bulgarian delegates expressing the position of king boris replied freek Pope Adrian then failed to challenge the council's decision and following his death Pope John the seventh having ascended the papal chair wanted a complete repeal of the council's decision with respect to the Bulgarians and so you know even back then we have the Thrace which they predated even the dominance of the Greek culture and there's no you know there's no history of how they dominated and they ruled in the middle European continents before and before Sparta and Athens and all of that they were the original him before the Sumerians in Mesopotamia at the ancient Egyptians they had you know United the cradle in Asia and Europe and emanated from like Scandinavia down to the Middle Eastern area and know what is around the Mediterranean Sea and so their culture was widespread and their knowledge base was what became that the traditions of even the pagan knowledge --is which you know those are basically bastard ID renditions of what was once of your Christian faith which is what the decorations and so the fourth book is the book of Getty it's the origin and the deeds of the get a by the jordanes and just a little bit about this text the origin and deeds of the get a by jordanes cost includes in abbreviated form parts of the 12 volume history of senator Cazadores called on the origin of these of the get a from the most ancient pass through generations and Kings until the present according to some scholars senator Cazadores most probably destroyed his twelve volume work on his own because it was written during the reign of the king of Death get a tad ory the great also Theodoric the gray can rule from 493 to 526 ad where Casa Doris was called the chief secretary Wow alright what's up for we go and we're back on the revolutionary radio project I'm your host Rob Skiba and this evening I'm talking with my guest Zeng Garcia and wow you are on quite the roll in the previous segment but I want to kind of pause a little bit here and I got a few questions as I was listening to you is writing things down like okay Wow so first of all the the date 5500 BC now that right off the bat conflicts with most chronology that people who study the Bible would look considering creation at 4,000 for roughly BC so what's your take on I'm because I know the book of Adam and Eve frequently refers to that time period 5500 years when the Messiah would come which threw me because here's here's a book that was you know written very early on with what 200 AD or something like that when that book was written I don't remember the date on that but what's what's what yeah that's so the book of Adam and Eve that we have it is that derive from the stration texts or is what is there a correlation or what a great correlation they parallel quite a lot with regard to the you know the content however and the reason I do say in that particular book that you had read I speak about the Thracian Chronicles in both the Paradise because I think the work is very important and the information is something that people need to know about because again it verifies that the biblical narrative and the teachings and the Christian faith are not derived from dependent upon or plagiarized from the Sumerian pagan traditions which is what the world mostly believes now but anyways um I share even in the the great contest of war in heaven about this and I write in that in that particular text about how even the 5500 years it's it's the oral traditions they state that these and again there's no way to confirm this but that the oral traditions of these people go back to that particular time period and they speak about Orpheus who was the with which we know him as the the the song player the flute player in Greek traditions but he was actually a high priest in the Thracian tradition and it talks about how Orpheus in the book of Navi was led by the Holy Spirit to dig up these particular texts and then he you know passed them on and and they were passed down through his line and and they were told and passed down through the different Kings which all these books are you know the different stories of these Kings related to these Thracian chronicles but anyways I do believe that the Thracian look of after man is the oldest and the reason I say that is because I've read all of them and there are two particular chapters the the first chapter which is not included in any of the other texts and the last chapter and they are only found in the the Thracian chronicles in which maybe after the next break I can pull it up and share the first chapter it's really quick but like I said it's you can you don't find and it again it confirms the that the thracian peoples worship the Trinity and that they knew of Yeshua and his coming and that way he would be born of a virgin and that he was the son of God and it even speaks about paradise and the place of the righteous and paradise being created before the foundations of the world all these different things which again are elements of our faith that have been passed down in other chronicles The Chronicles Jeremy I'll also make mention of how paradise was established and built and and constructed before the foundations of the earth it speaks about pre-existence as well how God knew us before the foundations of the earth and before you know that we had preexisted with all these different things which are concepts that even today are not well accepted as far as mainstream churchianity but are found all throughout the the extra-biblical and even the King James the the 66 books of the Canon as they are established it's just that you know this these concepts aren't taught in the church and are not well studied but they are certainly interwove inand encoded all throughout the scriptures for instance I write a lot about this with regard to Ephesians chapter 1 and how it speaks about some being predestinated and this again was before the foundation of the world and Christ speaks of how he knew us before the foundations of the world and and you know with Jeremiah I knew you before he ever entered into the womb of your mother I had four ordained you to be a prophet unto the nations these kind of things in my opinion are related to all of us and not just jeremiah and not just you know the ancient prophets and the patriarchs but that all of us have election in similar manner and that what determines that election for instance like as far as jacob being favored in esau hate it and you know the whole thing with etho being hated before he was ever born how could god had just got a compassionate a righteous god hate a child that had not yet even been born and had not even grown up to determine or to deem worthy such favor or condemnation it only makes sense if there was something that occurred previously which determine what our election and the situations and circumstances of our birth and lifetime and incarnation into this world would be and in my opinion as I explained it in many of my books specifically the sons of God and Skyfall the Angels of Destiny which are sold out and I am going to be republishing them as sometimes just I don't have the time right now but anyways I cover in great detail the concept of pre-existence predestination and an election within them and I talked about how it was that the war in heaven because it says that Satan went to each one of the angels and tempted all and those that joined him in rebellion the one third that joined him million were cast out and fell and they are the forces of the powers the principalities the rulers of darkness wickedness in high places today they are what we know of as Legion but in my opinion the elect which I do believe that the many of the elect are incarnated now because of we're at the end of days and you know that were close to the end but that previously those that did not make decision one way or the other asked you you know who decide within the whole war in heaven and the crisis that occurred way back in the primordial times that those are those that are incarnated into flesh now we're doing so because the earth is the proving grounds that being tempted through duality and the challenge of good and evil and light and darkness that it is here that we choose either to serve Christ or serve Satan and that this is you know the reason the real reason for our coming into the flesh it's not about you know getting a good job getting a good education so you can make a lot of money and own a lot of stuff really the real reasons for our being here are larger than that and have everything to do with spiritual concepts which most don't understand and never entertain but that in my opinion when you understand that the war in heaven is connected to you in my opinion original sin and that we are all individually responsible for that decision whatever it is that made us and found us numbered with either the elect or the the the fallen or those that made no decision and now are incarnated into flesh worm that we see even in the flesh the determination that election determines that we should be born either of the seed of Adam or the seed of the serpent or the seed of Cain which again is the the great contest again the separation of light and darkness but here in flesh and upon this world that we see the enmity between these two bloodlines playing out and that this is why some are born into you you know even the Illuminati families and even though they have power prestige money and wealth and you know can do as they wish it's hard for them to escape their families and escape their their wealth and their prestige and their favoritism and to come to no price and to join in allegiance with him and in my opinion those are you know those like Esau that Esau in my opinion was hated because he would give up his birthright and he would spite his parents and take wives of you know these pagan cultures and he would accept these pagan traditions which they worship the Fallen Angels as their gods and it's the same way in this world now with those that know Christ and know the father and son in the old spirit and that worshiped them and then there are those that that don't in that worship many Fallin angelic Pantheon's of you know numerous gods and goddesses and whatever form shape and beauty but that they are the ones that are deceived and they are really connected to what is the same kind of Babylonian worship that all the worlds are caught up in when Israel was brought up and chosen and favored by Yahweh Elohim and then you know the Christian Church believing on Christ as the Son of God and that he died for all our sins and he did rectify the fall and that when he came in incarnated flesh he defeated death and ascended from the cross and that the frost became the the symbol of his defeating death and providing us a way home that he is our Redeemer our Passover lamb and our Messiah our Savior Messiah and so those of us that know the truth of who he was and how he truly was God incarnate and that he fulfilled the prophecies that were given even unto you Adam and Eve when they were cast out of paradise and passed down through the you know seed of Seth as was maintained by the Magi and as was passed down and as I said from Enoch to Noah - Shem to Abraham to Isaac Jacob 12 tribes and onward that all of these prophecies were maintained by the traditions of the patriarchs and the prophets and that's our legacy in our heritage and as we know it and have received it even in this day and age okay every time you turn on the fire I got like a million questions that I'm thinking okay this is like a lot of this is way out of my box probably a lot of our listeners too but so so you're you are of the mindset then that there you know I've always said we know that God is eternal but usually when we think eternity we think from this point forward in time but eternity works the same way the other way backwards in time and so I have said look yeah you know I believe in in a biblical 7,000 year timeline with 6,000 years of this current creation and then a seventh God day if he will days a thousand thousand years this day millennial reign of Christ and then we get a reset button and everything gets reset and since I believe that there's going to be a reset button I have no problem believing that we could be in a reset from other prior seven days of God or whatever you want to call it so yeah I don't really have a problem with abstract ideas of what came before that there could be other things but of a biblical timeline I'm very much of a 6,000 year timeline up to this point waiting on the millennial reign of Christ so well but this this Thracian Chronicles and book of Adam and Eve both discuss a 5500 BC which would throw all those numbers out that would mean we're somewhere in the millennial reign or beyond that well the oral traditions mentioned that but as far as the you know the the timeline of Christian as far as the Christianity it is a six thousand years and a thousand it's a seven thousand year second world age and how that plays out with this prophecy of 5500 years I've not figured that one out but it is mentioned in the I mean it does come up a lot I've seen it actually in you know it's kind of like some of the other things we've discussed when you get into you know various rabbinic commentary and all kinds of other especially in the first few centuries both BC and AD you know it's like for the first you know let's just say four hundred years bc and four hundred eighty there's all kinds of writings that we have found and it takes us in all kinds of pretty wild directions that that being one of them the 5500 and to kind of address what you just discussed you are of the mindset that there was at some point prior to the 5500 or 4000 BC timeframe there was a war in heaven where there were beings up there that chose sides following Satan or following God and yura the mind said it sounds like that we have pre-existed in some fashion and we it's not reincarnation no more like it's it's incarnation from a spiritual state yes that we had pre-existed in and you know it's a you know I'm sure plenty of people out there might think this is heretical I haven't thought about it long enough to decide either way I've just numbed I've heard of this idea before I've not heard it a tick articulated the way you just did but you know I'm all of the mindset to think about it and consider okay you know when you read scriptures were God and you know I hated Esau you know it's kind of bizarre I I've heard some Hebraic study on that that was more like it's really more like loved less translated into English as hated okay but you know it because even Jesus would say something like you know the Nicolaitans whom I hate you know and you know I could look at the Nicolaitans and say well I can see why he hates them they're anti-iranian there are all these things that you know he he despises but when it comes to a person I was just born you're like well it's so hot yet but yet he's of the same father as the righteous right but and this isn't you know I I know your position on Cain and Abel and I understand that there can be too fathers you know that a woman can give birth to a friend from two different fathers that that is that is scientifically possible but we don't see a case like that with Abraham so so in the case of Isaac and you know all Ishmael and you know all these well those are two different mothers but those are the examples that he's showing to us because Ishmael and Esau are considered they're very similar yeah they are considered serpent seed and they're considered to be and Canaan you know which we talked about that and how he was born of the fornication of ham and his mother who was Naamah of the seed of Cain as well but anyways and so that's interesting I I knew that that was your bleep I have come to believe it was put that was the offspring of that that Canaan was actually already present in order to be cursed at that time but I do believe that the nakedness of the father that is referred to according to Leviticus is actually his mother so right either way ham did something with his mother it appears and there was offspring whether it was put or Canaan I suppose remains to be you know you know figure it out but so that but that's interesting though you know no idea that we that we have free existed in a heavenly state and that we had found our way here do you think that I'm just going to explore this I'm I'm thinking out loud here this is kind of new for me to discuss so do you think that whatever we you and I let's just take ourselves for example whatever we were in the before we were born to this world face that we were when the war in heaven took place that we were on the side that sided with God or do you think that you know what was it that when we came to this world we decided you know what I want to believe in this Yeshua guy because we already did I do believe that many of us that are here in doing the work that we are doing were part of those that yes we're you know not saying and because I want to be humble about this but but that we were sort of like with the elec and that that's the reason why we are doing the work that we are doing now and serving the Brethren and serving the kingdom with our entire lives and our focus that eseni think because the angelic you know we see the angels they don't get they don't get Redemption you screw up you're done because you because angels were in heaven they saw everything and so they they're without excuse you know we we don't have the privilege of tangibly seeing and experiencing and walking with God even like Adam and Eve did much less what the Angels did so were we a different class than the angels or do you think in in this concept that you're talking about that we were angels and we are given an opportunity maybe a choice to experience this world a warrior what are your thoughts as to the mechanics as to how that might happen I'll share a story with you but I'll give you my commentary on this verse I do believe that we are what is reference as bright nature that we were in some kind of glorious spiritual incarnation previous to entering into flesh form and that it is our spirits which are the immortal aspect of who we are that aspect that during dreams leaves and goes on you know and leaves the body and goes in enters into the dream world that's the portion of us that is the witness behind the consciousness of our bodies are fleshed it's that spirit that was blown into the dust body that God created to house what is in my opinion the again be spirit of Adam he was blown into his his flesh form and there are many stories which talk about how even his bodies when it was created and laid emotionless for a time and then the Angels you know when they witnessed the Spirit of God I mean the spirit of Adam God blowing that into his body they were just mesmerized they were because they also knew that God was about to create a being that was made in His image and they had never seen their maker and so you know Adam was certainly anomaly so I do believe that humans are similar but you know we're in fall in flesh form but it is that spiritual incarnation that we it's who we truly are and it's that portion of us that when our bodies die and go to dust that goes on to Eternity and to be with the the Father and the Son and the Holy captor so that does sound like if I'm hearing you correctly it sounds like we are than the fesh that was blown yes that we are of a different breed from the Angels right well similar similar yeah but but yeah there's something which when we come back from break because I know we're at the next break but I'll share with you a security flying by I know it really is but I'll share with you a story that explains this from The Chronicles of jeremy'll and this story is also found in the legends of the Jews but it will give you greater detail in to those questions that you are asking right now hmm so in bassin ating texts so it sounds like you're kind of like me on the 5500 we're like well that doesn't really jive with the biblical chronology but there's a whole lot of people talking about it so I don't what do we what do we do with that and so and so the Thracians they are pre-flood or or nor they come through Japheth they do come through Japheth and they were you but they are of the children of Adam and Eve you know they transition so they're of that ancestry yeah and their traditions were passed down just like Adam to Seth and onward to Enoch and to Noah and and it also speaks about how those texts that many of the books that were ended up in the cave of treasures that they were also on board the ark you know learning books of Enoch and so those kind of things were passed down and this is a line that is descended from you know the sons of Joseph through Noah and that still hold and maintain the biblical traditions as we have them even now so yeah because we don't really get much of anything out of Jay pets in the scriptures I mean right there's a little bit but I mean of course the narrative follows Shem because that's what's gonna what's gonna roll up to Messiah and we've got you've got Nimrod out of ham and you know the Canaanites and stuff certainly I mean you get we get right why but it seems like the big well we're gonna break come back and we're back on the revolutionary radio project I am your host Rob ski before the second hour of the broadcast I'm talking with my guests Zheng Garcia and before we go on I just want to say you know some of the things that were said in the previous hour you know some people I can say go what what are you guys talking about and you know I gotta say something to my audience is just say look Zen is one of these guys that you know we have had our disagreements certainly over the past but he's the kind of guy that I can get along with even in disagreement and I would say he would share that same opinion and I think it's important to sit and talk about things like this and to talk about differing ideas and just you know common reason together and I'm all for that I want to look into this stuff you know whether or not we existed before we were born I don't know there are certainly number of people who believe that we do and I wrote about it how far does our timeline go things like that I don't know but one of the things I appreciate about Zen is this dude takes the time to read a lot I honestly don't know of anybody who reads as many books as much as Zen Garcia does and so I consider him a wealth of information I enjoy talking with them and exploring ideas and you know so I just want to kind of start the second hour by saying that I'm not saying I agree with everything since talking about I'm not saying I've even looked into it some of the stuff I'm hearing for the first time and so I enjoy talking about it but we kind of left off this the last hour by saying that you know the biblical narrative certainly focuses on Shem because the chosen people come through him and the Messiah comes through his line and all that well really you see the interaction between the line of Shem and the line of ham it shows up a lot specifically with the Canaanites and the am rights Philistines you know all coming through ham you know that so you sort of got the good in the bad right there and Japheth off the top of my head I mean than Gog and Magog which turned out to be Giants I can't think of a whole lot in Scripture that really stopped my head anyway is elaborate on a whole lot from jPAS line so he's just kind of this third son out there and from what you discovered the the Thracian people traced back to him and are the according to these documents the oldest post-flood people to write anything down according to was it dr. Steven guide that figured this out okay so and they you said they also were led to some sort of vault where they found these ancient texts where was that and when was that you know no it's actually it's not a vault but they they're part of what is called the Thracian church and the Thracian Church is kind of underground because they live in countries which were part you know the communist bloc yeah and they're very much persecuted and so they're not able to be out in the open with their faith and so they're part of this underground Church but they have people that are connecting into all different places and there are many places still that are connected to ancient monasteries and even the Vatican Library where a lot of these texts are collected and have been kept away you know from the masses and so it's from these kind of informants and you know even some of these people have risked their lives to hand them and to get to them some of these texts and so these are those texts that have been compiled which are part of but they did find a whole collection of what are the the thracian manuscripts as passed down by these ancient kings but some of these texts like The Chronicles along in this which we can talk about that I definitely want to get into it holy cow I mean this is like a this could be a ten-part series just what you've already talked about I I did a little bit of searching I did not a whole lot but I was trying to figure out what the deal is the Thracians and all that and I found her website a blog that was written in 2016 that seems to be kind of bad-mouthing this it says how the thracian Bulgarian religious sect robbed Jewish history faith in Christianity it seems like this person is saying the the Thracian Chronicles are just plagiarizing the Jews there's a lot of that there's a lot of like what the academic community in the mainstream scientific community they have come out and put this information out there and also have criticized and condemned and like I said even dr. guide he was poisoned which in my opinion nobody will openly say it but I believe that he was absolutely murdered to keep this knowledge sequestered and you know from being out in the mainstream because again the knowledge is critical for understanding that Christianity as a faith pre-dated of the Sumerian the ancient Egyptians the Greeks who basically instead of us plagiarizing our traditions from them they plagiarized them from us and so now to clarify that I mean we think Christianity we think followers of Christ Post 2,000 years ago you know that Yeshua was born roughly 2,000 ish years ago and Christianity developed as a result of the way the first call Christians in Antioch but what you're saying when you're saying these guys were of a Christian quote/unquote Christian mindset is because of the prophecies that go back to books like the Ataman whatever yeah which is there are the Adam and Eve basically like because well the book of Adam and Eve that we have today claims to be of Christian origin and believers in yeshua post you know 30 ad who were writing embellished stories on the old testament trying to fit christianity into it but you're saying the thracian texts predate all of that and that the book of Adam and Eve may be are you saying that it may be based on that and that there's there may be some prophetic truth to that or yeah I believe is older like the Book of Enoch and also like a Testament of the twelve patriarchs that they predate even the coming of Christ just like the Book of Isaiah and the prophecies about him which are written about in there but even you know that's why I think the Book of Enoch was thrown out okay because when I first read the Book of Enoch and and believing that you know even in a conservative sense people would date it as as early or late however you want to look at it to about 200 BC right this is this is a 200 BC text at least I would say it goes all pre three flood right the copies that we have that were that are preserved in jars do date to 200 but these are copies of ancient texts that probably were copying and copy to copy 4000 years before they and but even if we just said 200 if it was a 200 BC text it is very messianic I mean you're like okay I can see why the after you sure and the way gets started I can see why the Jews was like oh you know we used to like this book but let's go hide this one so you think it's kind of the same with some of these other ones - absolutely absolutely yes and so again and when I speak of Christianity I'm not talking about what happened after the coming of Christ when he incarnated in the flesh I'm talking about the traditions and the knowledge that he would be born during the time because even Daniel talks about him I mean the knowledge that he would come to flesh that he would be born of a virgin of the tribe of juda in the town of Bethlehem from the seed of David that goes all the way back and is mentioned even in the like I said the testament of the twelve patriarchs all that is mentioned in there by many of the patriarchs and they also quote and say I know what's going to happen and how you're gonna fall away and that you're gonna end up you know even murdering him because it says so and in the Book of Enoch in the Book of Enoch tells us like remember the animal Pharm parody the parable it talks about the lines and the children that were born the white Bulls of the black bull which is paint the white bull Seth and the enmity between the two bloodlines as it plays out all through history you know actually what is that that's like chapter 90 or so it's one of the late yeah because it gives an allegorical you know like animal farm type of story it gives the entire history of the world from the creation valley until the coming of or second coming of messiah and the wrapping up of everything it's like this and this is one of the things that one of many reasons why i don't believe the multiple incursions because even in that story it doesn't talk about the stars coming down and mounting the bowls and you know a second time it doesn't there's no mention of it everywhere other than at one time and it's quite explicit in the first time but there's no mention of it in the second of their even being a second time but yeah i mean it gives really a total prophetic timeline of all of human existence presumably from the time of enoch before he was taken and right through to the end of the millennial reign right yeah exactly so that in itself is prophetic as well and shows you know even he talks about the coming of the son of man and so all of these like i said even the first book of Adam and Eve which I believe goes all the way back and was a Testament Adam and Eve telling their story and Yeshua even says that he was gonna because he was the one that cast them forth that it wasn't just the father but the Father Son and the Holy Spirit all there and they spoke to them as far as you know and revealed to them what was going to happen all throughout their days and how he would be born of their particular seed and so all of this was knowledge that was known and passed down and as I said Adam was also given the book of the generations of humanity he knew exactly what was going to happen who was going to be born of him all the the whole storyline he was shown all that he passed that down in prophecy which is why even Enoch he reveals it and relates it in the same way and so they know there's good indication to that that Abraham during the whole you know I want you to sacrifice Isaac and all that that he he had an understanding you know that that you know in the book of Joshua it's one of the reason why I love Joshua Joshua my wife my wife looks at Enoch and Josh are like Enoch is like the the blockbuster you know infinity war you know guy flick and Joshua's like the you know the chick flick because it really goes at the detail and the relationships and stuff like that but but Joshua you know goes into a tremendous amount of detail you know the life of Abraham is something like 200 pages book of Joshua we just get we just get a few short chapters in Genesis but it's really unpacked and you get the impression reading Joshua that Abraham knew of the promised seed to Eve and knew that the Messiah and the chosen and all that was going to come through him and so he was like you know what yeah if I've got to kill Isaac God's gonna raise him back up again you know well he knew also that you know that was basically a foreshadowing yet if God would be willing to give his son and sacrifice he had to be willing to do the same and so his willingness just showed what he knew God would do later in you know the prophecies of the coming of the Messiah and I seem to know it too cuz you know he's a young guy and you know presumably has a lot to live for but he was like you know what dad okay you know if you read the Targum the story of the sacrifice of Abraham and even though in the legends of the Jews he encourages him to bind him tight so that he doesn't you know second-guess and the whole reason why the whole you know the the offering it takes place in the first place is because of an argument that Isaac has was Ishmael Ishmael was circumcised when he was 13 and he's bragging to Isaac about how he had given his foreskin as a testament of his faith and then Isaac says well you know even if God required me of my life that I would be so I would be willing to give it as a testament of my faith and so then you know the challenge goes forth just like it does with jojoba yeah in the Testament of job which a lot of people don't know God didn't just bring this on and without him no he goes to him and what job was doing job was burning down and cutting down and destroying all of Satan's altars and in the high places and God goes to him and tells him and says job if you keep doing this Satan's gonna come after you and he's going to attack you and but if you endure then I will reward you double and he says basically bring it on tell him to bring it on it so Jobe knew just as Abraham and Isaac knew that the trial was coming and so and so if you understand the fullness of it it's not some sadistic homicidal act you know Oh Abraham go sacrifice your only you know your this the one son that you really really love or enough your wife Sarah sister they knew they all knew and so it plays out and again it's a prophecy of what the father did for us and sending Christ to come to die on the cross for us in order to give us Redemption to rectify the fall and show us the way home and so this this is sort of a sort of a sidetrack from what we're talking about sort of but I was impressed on something to write a little note about something the other day I wrote a note called my sheep hear my voice and and that came as a result of you know I am very casual in my speech when I would say something like you know and God said to me bla bla bla and and you know and God told me or whatever I mean to me it it's very kind about it but I've received a number of comments and YouTube videos whatnot saying you know how dare you you don't know that you're really hearing from God and God doesn't speak to you and I'm going yeah he does I mean yeah they're not listening and and that's my whole thing is I'm like you know I am very I will always be very very grateful for the canonized text that we have yes love it it's awesome but there's several things that have occurred to me over the years and one is that God never told anybody to make a cannon to limit it to sixty-six books and to close it no no those three commands do not exist anywhere in the Canon so but I think that when they did create a Canon limited to 66 and closed it that we now look at it is wow isn't it cool how God spoke to all those people you know and we read about their stories and we don't live their stories and my prayer a number quite a number of years ago especially back in 2003 but even before that is I want to have the kind of relationship that the people in the Bible had before there was a Bible yes exactly you know Enoch Noah these guys didn't they weren't walking around with a Bible reading about other stories a job they were having conversations with the No and in and knowing clearly oh hey Kate God told me this that the other thing I mean think about Abraham okay he's an old guy you know hey you gotta get circumcised and everybody in your house - it's like okay okay God may have told you that but you know those there was an understanding that people did have a very real communication with the Creator and I know that I have it I mean I don't always hear from God but there are plenty of times and lots of numerous times in my life where I know I have heard from God and it's there have been a few very few occasions when it was an audible voice that I heard that nobody else heard but most of the time it's an inward knowing the voice it's like the voice of your own voice when you're talking but instead of your voice that seems to originate in your mind for me it seems to originate like in my heart but my brain here is it I don't know how to describe it but I do believe that that people can and do still hear from God and that he's always so you know the story is that you're talking about I mean these were with people who actually heard the voice of God and right that's my desire I mean I want to look if we lose the Bible that would be a tragedy but at the same time like look the guys in the Bible didn't have a Bible and they had a pretty amazing relationship so I would rather have a relationship with the author then with this book I mean I've got a bunch of your books this is great you've got a ton of information you've given me but I love having conversations with you you wrote these books and I can find out hey dude what were you thinking when you wrote this and you can tell me well we can do the same thing with God yes absolutely it is a relation and and I think that a lot of people they don't believe that that's possible and because of that they're not hearing because in my opinion God is speaking to us every day in several ways and he is he is so funny I mean he is so humorous and most people they don't recognize it or they'll call it coincidence or deja vu but those are the way that God speaks to us and he can use anything to to give us a sign that he's there or to share you know whether it's dream or sometimes you know like the lightning that summer yeah sure oh you know shooting stars I mean God can use the majesty of his creation to speak to us and in my opinion that shows even more that he is God he is the creator that controls all things and and yet this is the language that most people don't understand they ignore and they just toss it off as coincidence and yet it's God speaking to us at all times of our lives in a supernatural manner and it is sometimes in the way that you say because all of us have the connections the connecting link Christ within us to Kingdom within us that is our conscious you know in our conscience to to tell us what is right and wrong we get those feelings when we are about to commit evil our conscience tells us don't do that you know that is against God and we get that and get that warning don't get on that plane or don't do this how many people had that feeling before 9/11 you know right I just I don't think I should go in right now or whatever you know and then the building's come down and those people that are sensitive to that and that honor that and listen to that and don't think it's just you know something just should be yeah exactly exactly and you know that honor that in and listen and hear God when he speaks to them in that way those are the kind of people that you know how those kind of intuitive moments and that recognize when God does speak to them in the different ways that he does because he is speaking to each one of us every day in many different ways it's just that most people don't recognize that yeah for sure well yeah that was a little bit of a sidetrack I forgot where we're where we left off before that but we had about three minutes before the break holy cow man this this show is just like right and we don't even get to the part that I wanted to have you on the show about yet so we'll definitely have to make this a multi-part I'm gonna be on your show tomorrow yeah yeah that's about your efforts and because I know you're you've been focused hardcore on and I'm honored to be part of the process and I'm honored to have your confidence and all that to be able to help you and you know I really appreciate for sure like I said we don't agree on everything but I don't know anybody who's read more books than you have and the stuff that you're reading is like crazy cool stuff to at least consider to look at you know and you know you can take it to the Lord in prayer and see whether or not it's true but at least look at it right the other thing to just really quickly for me one of the ways that I commune with with God is to read and study his word and so when I do that and I take I dedicate a large part of my life to doing that every day because I love reading all the ancient manuscripts and knowing the stories and then being able to compile them and share them with others so that they can also be moved by the Holy Spirit when they read them and then come to a more deeper and intimate relationship with him because I think that one of the things that people lack and the reason they don't have relationship with God in a in a deeper and more profound manner is because they don't be and don't study his word and don't know his prophecy and don't feel the Holy Spirit moving through them when they study and they don't give the knowledge the discernment the intuition and the downloads of information the instant knowing that comes from studying the scripture but when you dedicate your life to doing that that's the way you know and come to understanding on all the riddles and I know that you know I'm very controversial in my beliefs but everything and I've written 20 books and and I'll have edited and formatted dozens of others and so everything that I write everything that I talk about I confirm with multiple sources from multiple ancient manuscripts and all of that is there in my books and so anything yeah it may sound off-the-wall and they may be in opposition or contradiction to what you're taught in the mainstream churches but I can guarantee you if I say anything or take a stance on truth in any manner I will back you that with hundreds of sources Kikki from many different things that's true and we're back on the revolutionary radio project I'm your host Rob ski before the final half-hour segment of the broadcast I'm talking with my guest Zeng Garcia and right before the break Zen made a statement he said you know what if I have an opinion you can bet on the fact that whatever it is it's gonna be backed by hundreds of source texts you you can back up whatever it is you're talking about with lots of ancient commentary and I like to consider myself the same way that yeah I do have what I consider to be strong and I considered to be well-informed opinions but that's all they are and I can point to the source material that gave me those opinions and it's one of the reasons why I wanted to collaborate or have Zen collaborate with me on seed is because there are lots of seeds in the seed that I'm going to be planting throughout the series and by that in the industry they call them Easter eggs but I don't believe in Easter and I'm not gonna use that reference but it's the same general idea in in the film world an easter egg is something the filmmakers intentionally hide in their production movie or TV show or whatever that the the fans will go crazy over they see it references something there are lots of themes and ideas and concepts that will be in seed that will have a basis in something that is real that people could go look up for themselves so that that's always excited to me and one of the things we only got a half hour and this is easily probably a two or three show topic that that I've always been intrigued with is this individual in Scripture who's not named in Scripture but his name is Longinus and interesting story about that is I I left the military in 93 and ended up shortly thereafter joining up with an acting troupe and traveled all over the country with Alvin and the Chipmunks playing David Seville you know the father of the Chipmunks right yeah that was me I toured did Civic Center's it fairs and stuff like that and and and on the fair circuit you meet all kinds interesting people because you're on tour with you know like the Beach Boys and stuff and you hang out with some of these people well we had done a show I want to say it was in Pennsylvania and the cast and crew were just all hanging out later and they had like a hot tub area pool area and so I'm in the hot tub and the our stage manager was a guy his stage name was ox I'll just leave it at that and so ox and I are sitting there talking and I always at that time considering writing a passion play and and I was gonna play Jesus but I wanted it to be as visually accurate as I could meaning very graphic and this is ten years before Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ this okay so I'm planning on writing a passion play and I didn't want I'm like everybody does fashion plays at Easter at the time you know and I'm like well yes I mean there's the central story but there's ways of telling that central story that they don't all have to be you know the same and by that I mean I like to look for other interesting characters and try to write the story from their point of view so in this first passion play which was called the station at the cross oh I'm sorry no his I beheld his glory was the first one I beheld his glory and I wrote the passion play from the perspective of the Centurion who pierced Christ's sight so I'm sitting there in the hot tub telling ox this was my plan and he goes yeah that's that's really cool I says you know who the Centurion was don't you I said well no scripture doesn't mention him by name it goes no the the canonized texts don't but the gospel of nicodemus does names of Longinus and then he went on to give me this fascinating history of this guy and that his full name was I believe Cassius Rufio Longinus or something like that and how the Highlander series is loosely based on that and there's this legend of the legend of the immortal soldier and in the story so the let the history goes that he had poor eyesight and that when Christ died and he pierced him with the Lance the spear of destiny as it came to be known some of the blood and water came out and sprayed in his eyes and cured him of his blindness and not only did he get cured in the physical but apparently he has the ability to see into the supernatural into the spiritual and according to the legend he saw the Spirit of Christ leave the body and it said a soldier you were content to be a soldier you shall remain until I return hence the legend of the immortal soldier now history as I understand it he became a devout Christian follower helped the disciples with various things and it would became a preacher of righteousness and the Romans tried to shut him up he wouldn't shut up so they cut his tongue out and yet he could still preach anyway so they eventually cut his head off and that that so ends history but legend picks up from there so I had already been a long time I had a thousand pages of printed content just on research on this guy back in nineteen from 97 to 99 was I was really writing about that and they're writing a trilogy movie script series the first one being the spear of destiny excuse me far from being the Omega conspiracy and the third one being the sphere of destiny but it covered all of this stuff so then I start talking with you and find out about the stration deal and then find out how Longinus is somehow tied in with the stration deal so pick up there okay yes The Chronicles of Longinus is one of the thracian texts that's the book of Longinus and it's The Chronicles of Longinus are included in a fugue Latin copies probably made around the time that of his Beautification because you know that he's also a saint that they sainted him and as you said in the story he pierced the side of Christ and he was also witnessed do all the miracles because there were signs in the heavens and on the earth when you know when they crucified and and and basically murdered him and and so he knew that he was the son of God there was no question and when the when the blood came into his eye because he was blind and one eye from a war wound and it healed him and as you said it cured his sight and it also gave him the ability to look into the spiritual worlds and so afterwards according to the chronicles of long in us he he knew that Yeshua was the Son of God and so he sought out the apostles and he had met and went down and hung out with Mary Magdalene and Paul and also the can't remember his name the guy that was resurrected Lazarus yeah I read like because you sent me a document I read the first 20 pages of it and it seemed like it was Lazarus's testimony that really kind of converted him right exactly and so he he meets Lazarus and Lazarus tells him of the story of how he was resurrected and pulled out because it's a portion of the text that we don't receive and that we don't understand or hear from but in the chronicles along in this Lazarus describes how he's in and Cheil in a place of darkness and he's surrounded by demons he's being persecuted and he's scared for you know well his life has already passed but he's scared out of his wits and then all of a sudden he sees you know after the four days that he was there Yeshua comes down and actually pulls him from the darkness and frees him from the bondage of Sheol just as he did for Adam and all of his righteous sentence that you know he has the authority over hell and could break open the gates of brass and the doors of iron and he pulls Lazarus whereas we only here in the story that he commands lazarus to come forth and he does but in his spirit he actually goes and gets on and and Lazarus tells him this story and another very interesting part is that you know in the whole da Vinci Code series they teach us that or they try to teach the world that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Yeshua and that they had children and that this was the Holy Grail and all that well this book also shows because Mary does have deep love for him but only as all the Apostles did and all that are around him and in the story it depicts how his mission is a spiritual one it has nothing to do with you know sin or physical or having children or you know the things that we believe life to be about because so much now you know we as far as the legacy everybody wants to have children and raise them correctly and leave a legacy for them and an inheritance and all of that and have a namesake to go through life but that's really not what this life is about this life really is about our spiritual our eternity and that is and comes through Christ and knowledge that he is Savior Messiah and so um it depicts that in the story and affirms it without a doubt that even though yeah Mary has love for him as do all the other apostles his mission has nothing to do with in any manner with the physical it is a spiritual mission that he is here to defeat the powers the principalities the rulers of darkness and to overcome death and through his ascension to then redeem and rectify the fall and lead Adam and his righteous descendants out of Sheol as the resurrected first fruits we know that many of the dead were seen in the streets of Jerusalem that the children of sin simian Karenia sand Lucius that they were two of the resurrected dead that ended up giving us the gospel of nicodemus because Simeon the high priest who had prophesied he you know his tongue was stay'd he couldn't speak until he saw the Savior Messiah and then when Mary brought him to be baptized and to be circumcised he announced in Israel Dan that this was the safer Messiah that the prophecy had been fulfilled and he blessed him and then had passed on but anyways his children were were already passed away and they were resurrected and their tongues were stayed in similar manner and so the hot the the high priest Caiaphas and Annie as they called them because they're familiar with them and they asked them to share the testimony and so they write down both of them write down you know in in in detail word-for-word and it matches exactly the story of what came to be now the gospel of nicodemus and so especially the portion that is the descent of Christ into Sheol and so people can read that for themselves but anyways so long enough there's incredible portions of this text but if people are interested in it we haven't released it into print yet but I did release an audio rendition of it and I did three to our shows on it it's 18 chapters in its fullness and it's a really beautiful incredible story it's very deeply moving you know it's a long Ennis as actually I can share a portion of the very first chapter it says in it's he's writing to his son theophil he says I write to you my son do you fill regarding everything that you want to know when you were young remember your father long enough God's servant over whom God showed mercy and saved him from death despite he deserved eternal death because he pierced the head of life with his Lance it became unworthy of living me who was raised with love and knowledge about the mysteries of the son giving esis that's what they call yoshua the god of our forefathers and the son of thrace did not recognize him while he was on the cross a sacrifice for our sins and like the last monster in the world I pierced him considering him to be a worthless slave who had the guts to go against Caesar but it was me who was a miserable slave under sin and a slave to Rome because I gave my life and my youth to an evil empire and so you know that's just a portion and then he tells the story about his right eye was healed and how he knew that he had killed the Son of God yeah in that part to the joseph of arimathea is at the cross and he sees this that that the blood here healed his eye and that he collected some of the blood in a bowl or something yeah but I remember going whoa wait a minute where is that I'm pulling up the document here yeah a chapter four right at the cross verse six right at the cross a righteous man who was one of his disciples he saw how my eye was healed through his wounds from which his blood sprinkled into my eye then he took quickly a cup and put it under the Pierce wound so he might gather outpouring divine liquid his name is Joseph Joseph handed over the filled cup to another disciple named Johan John and together with some weeping women he hurried up back to the city and then it goes on to say that he was the one that helped Joseph of Arimathea lobby to get the body stick it down each other well very fascinating because we know Nicodemus is also part of that you know as far as yeah pleading for but also longer this last you said that after he witnessed and began to hang out with the with the Apostles he became a convert and as you said he became very outspoken and affirmed just like Paul did you know and be converted that he indeed was the Son of God and you know who better to to witness and to share testimony than the person that pierced his side and that witnessed all the miracles of that day and the signs in the heavens and the earth and the three hours of darkness because that you know a lot of people say it was just an eclipse but an eclipse happens and it's over - three yeah three hours of darkness and everything got so consuming dark that the stars were saw at night and this all occurred you know when he was murdered and then the Sun I mean the moon rose up blood-red it was a full moon it rose up blood-red yeah yeah yeah so I mean just amazing and then the veil of the temple was ranting and then other portions what we don't know as well is that there were many earthquakes and a lot of the you know the different synagogues that were established around the temple they were completely swallowed up in many of the Jews you know that had conspired his murder they were swallowed up like Korath and so yeah yeah so that's another portion of the story that we don't get and so there were there were a lot of divine occurrences and so people knew without a doubt that God was taking vengeance against the Jews for having murdered his son so this is a Thracian text is that because Longinus is of the the line of japheth that became yeah he was a Thracian he was a Thracian soldier and Confirmation is that is a the Bulgarians kind of are the ones that have is this Thracia or whatever is that is that ancient Bulgaria or yes he was born in Sofia which is ancient Bulgaria and so yeah yeah yeah yeah that's like right on the border of Serbia right and that's his tradition and that was the you know as I said Thrace ancient Thrace extended all the way from like Scandinavia and Norway all the way down to really you know Easter egg yeah it was a huge it had United that into Anahata also encompass right towards Greece and the you know the Mediterranean it was huge it it had United all of the Central European nations back at that time and I I definitely encourage people to look up the Thracian cultural treasures because you'll see just the kind of exquisite beauty and detail and the complexity they were a very evolved and you know heightened culture and again they predated the Sumerians by 2,000 years and so very knowledgeable and they were they were a mighty empire during that time their kings ruled over that whole area for you know thousands of years until and the now even the Greek Empire their traditions come from Thrace their mysteries and their their knowledge and their traditions but again they've been paganized but you can see the roots even the stories of Dionysus and all because all of that has been bastardized and has been corrupted but in its purest form back in the day it was a worship of Isis which is the name that they and I can share I told you I was gonna share the first chapter of that text which you know again is the in my opinion the oldest with regard to the knowledge of of the book of Ottoman Allah it says and nobody knew what was to be only him who was manifest it through his word from beginning to end because he knew what he said and everything that he said would be made manifest in place and time coming into being there were something was said it would appear manifest in time and place the visible and the visible within it and outside of it thus appeared first the heavenly place which is the place where God knew teh that's the name of the Father dwell himself together with Raya and esis area is the they also speak of them of the Holy Spirit as a feminine as well this is the place for the wish for love of the one who is the three this place is the most inaccessible of to all but those allowed entrance to it by the one in the three they see his face for eternity and under this place there are others heavenly places according to the order and the greys devised by Newton himself Raya and esis there he there he established the earth as a garden paradise flowing with milk honey and wine and the trees bearing the bread of life so that whoever eats from them will not die but will live eternally as God Himself lives eternally and from there descends the river of life in four directions to all living worlds flowing with living water providing life to all until the end of the universe humans were not allowed to know about all these worlds only those found worthy to by the sacrificial lamb from the day of the creation of the world whose name is Isis are allowed to learn about these worlds one after another till they will know them all as he himself as God became known and they will live together with esis for eternity in the bosom of the Father and in the womb and the holy mother spirit rheya and all these worlds began in God city which is the city of truth Giroux sand the city of peace namely salem blessed are those who are worthy of God's lamb who will be allowed to pass through his gates because nothing unclean can pass through nor immortal commit sins it's much longer but I just wanted to read a quick version because I know where yeah we have 3 minutes left what what what text was that that's the book of Ataman it's the first chapter and it's very extensive it describes the whole creation you know basically the word you know and how he sang the whole universe into being but I just wanted to give you a you know kind of a quick taste but yeah they knew about you know that Christ was the word and that he would is the son of God and that you know he would be even the sacrificial lamb that Passover lamb so all these things were passed on through their traditions you had said something early on about the Egyptians and and because a lot you know most people would consider probably Sumerians oldest Babylonian Acadians relax and Egyptians and of course all that it would be Semitic and hem attic if that's a word people groups so you would say that this is the the Thracians being of Japheth would be parallel with these guys and probably coming out with more writing before they did yes absolutely in fact the dr. Stephen God perused that the ancient hieroglyphic system is after it's based on the Thracian script and he Prue's the Thracian script and decodes it by utilizing the hieroglyphic system he shows you how it is a for you know a late rendition the Thracian script it's a fascinating text people can look it up and get the first you know the PDF of it and read the entire story freely online just look for a ssin script decoded book one and and you'll find it and you can read there's 30 pages of it in English and they tells the whole story of the decryption of the the language and how the duration people who they are culturally and how they predated the Sumerians and again the most important point is that Christianity is not based upon the pagan traditions they're the mythologies but that theirs are based upon ours fascinating stuff have you looked into the Corbin Bible at all the Collbran yeah I've read that in great detail yeah it's like 500 pages I read it over a summer fast oh wow yeah I've heard about it somebody else was trying to get me to look into it recently that's all others show in an episode it's also the sons of japheth - oh really their particular Holy Bible yeah because I thought that came out of MIT's RAM no no it came out of it came out of Glastonbury alright well that's all the time we have for tonight thank you guys for listening we'll see back next Wednesday night


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My guest appearance on Revolutionary Radio last Wednesday midnight to 2 AM Eastern. In this show we spoke about my involvement with the Thracian Chronicles project and what exactly that is. Most importantly, this work confirms that the core tenets of the Christian faith are not dependent upon pagan Sumerian or Egyptian mythology but actually predate both of those cultures by thousands of years. We also specifically talk about the work of Dr. Stephen Guide and his brother Tsevatan Guidarski , Who decrypting the Thracian script in 2006 compiled a four volume set of the Thracian script decoded which explains the postulations alluded to within the show. The Chronicles Of Longinus is just one of the many texts which make up the Thracian Chronicles collection. We will be doing a follow up this Wednesday evening on Revolutionary radio midnight to 2 AM Eastern on

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