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oh my goodness what could that be in a can well judging by the label it's a bloody scorpion but this is a black scorpion in a can lovely found Asian forest scorpion Bay before 10th of June 2016 so Lisa seemed a dead weighs 6 grams which is a 2.2 micro pulse is it yeah on the Polk scale one oxygen absorber is in there lovely once open consuming really or keep in airtight container for up to two days once opens consume then throw away hopefully or eventually once open try a little bit feel sick chuck in the bin yes so this is a little tin about an America some other foods and there it's literally just a scorpion there's no sauce there's no reasoning algae warning crustaceans as well we weren't sure of that my Bibble Saturday's well yeah that well-known black scorpion salted black scorpion cooked and dehydrated with a lust the last in last I learned dehydration or we don't scorpion Suzie thing salt so it's no bloody crustaceans an insect well yeah it's a nasty thing that needs to be consumed legal be the volunteers about I'm going to take umbrage with the leaders to be a bit don't try this at home how did our lives get to this point but we do this for money I enjoyed it when I say sideshow geeks in 18th century America these pledges yeah people from right vegetables a shutter the next thing I'm in the hands of live chickens that's good you chicken does the modern friction we were ball we want to make worse come on oh my god but the heads over chinky we gotta study uh it is gonna it's kinda twenty-eight our hot dogs yet I entreat so I yeah measure the 20 hot dogs will probably put a security that could have killed us whereas this won't kill us unless it's still alive that's a good bad oh my god okay oh you're in the open listing no but we got to God yeah hopefully swallows that things we up the Tenon's or some you like Justin of what we chopped up oh yeah right it's in a bag oh oh in a tin in a bag okay oh Jesus is covers much bindi we not the stinger my preserver Jesus that's a big scorpion oh look glenda games over here let's follow what some food is in this drawer specifically for scorpions simple pieces of snow at all oh my god we need to stop animate some this scorpion oh I've got all these pizzas already uh oh my god how what I'm not is there to eat there is clawed hand shell I said I gave so skeleton me please I think that we need to take a knife to this and go straight down the middle with it where is the meat on it could be like a pork pie this is yeah there's no pastry but I'll get through it to get to the goodness goodness yeah I don't know I guess it's gonna go this other star set his tail to mr. Spex squawky oh this is tear off them Oh stingers still on yeah let me know if that's a probably sensible - mmm oh my god of casualties I've got a scorpion stinger in my eye it smells really meaty and dirty oh my god not in a good way first time you said that oh oh oh insides it's all black and there's nothing else of dehydrated I suppose but that's ever yes this isn't like a sort of crispy Peking duck or something yeah my wife's gonna get over going to picked up and come pie stairs scorpion floor on the floor can we get some glue that about together yeah I think so and just put it back in and see how need a I've got genuine recon sit I don't know if you can see at home I'm gonna bring it up Harriet's face and arms off and that's worse on camera there's real oh no doesn't right we have to work at what part of this we're gonna eat yeah I mean I'm the host is any polite I'll let you can thank you know that that is is in the papers you nervous never break scorpion okay yeah masters reception she was avoiding us with spoiled right I don't know should we eat some of that is the four acts or my life oh yeah we have a bit of a leg each I don't notice yeah dried and all for this nothing in it less tension of a leg each okay yeah sounds good yeah fight you bet sorry traffic you'd want some scorpion it's so plain scorpion till you ate seven it's not is I don't put it putting it in there this is the big games already oh I will find that in many years is so far some beers go with yeah yeah will you sell the house without in the manifest yeah bit of scorpion stumps on the house digs oh yeah comes a foundations and bits walking this is well lady Smallwood school it's a good dance cooking this is salty I don't get for the claw you are killing me that's just gonna be yeah you wouldn't really eat your core would you it's like eating a toenail yeah uh you don't sell me on this burger I'm going to the leg yeah there's some pointless to go for the body cuz there isn't anything it's just excess killing leg is quite hairy just point that all right I bought is pincers off it's like a crab - yeah it's just eating crab eating crap more like yeah right ready three two one ah

be honest with you Barry I'm not Julia very much yes I see water does sea water and death very very salty I swear they see this is going from maybe I really don't like it you know I think I'm being biased to one side of my mouth we need to share the flavor around oh dear oh I did sex difficult and I was disgusted very very very very very crunchy yeah that was bad I'm glad I didn't go off the core the leg was bad enough frankly ah was there any sort of meat in the core no no tears lady in the shallow a pistachio nut this is exactly the same here I think there is no meat on them usually whatever meat they have has literally just perished in yeah that's succulent juicy I was really open if it might be a little bit of like I know it lost it i hitting that golden meat right in the middle of it mm-hmm scorpion meat but no no like a bad pork scratching yeah yes yeah moldy pork scratching as what I'm going for and moldy pork scratching you found in a toilet yeah it's angry I love pinches of that oh poor thing hello as you let's say piecing back together and let him carry on with his look a bit like what happens you been missing you wouldn't believe what I do to me yeah yeah oh I got a spider your blood you toons yeah you will say it easy yeah yeah yeah you scorpion Oh God mmm thanks for that very well welcome gets right rapture now that'll be a berries choke ya annotate I'm really looking forward to that

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A taste sensation, with only mild interference from an off-camera pug. (Also: Despite what I say in the video scorpions aren't insects, they're arachnids. I should have counted the legs...) And here we are eating a tarantula!
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