Monsta X- Stuck MV Reaction

by: Triple BEI

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hey it's BAE Becky Emily I need so for today we will be doing a reaction to Monsta X you want eggs stuck which is also focus on me but I didn't know what I understand you know they always have like two different no no it's like the English first versus the verses verses like lyrics I thought they're like two different yeah oh this a special clip so I'll even know if it connects to all input actually maybe they're not connected to already make it come yeah isn't it supposed to be like this I think this is like a little heart yet part of it does all enemy that's why I'm saying you know especially yeah that's why see smell good so maybe it's not my face will be surprised all right starting in 3 2 1 your foot you took my hand I should look there I think I Drive on that bridge you can know their feet you do though she learned their faces this looks like the facts ease of life what that seemed like a good you wanted to look back Gary

no way that gasoline

yeah yeah

you know Judy's not written up Oh

look more like a dancing maybe that's all

maybe some enough I know

oh you're gonna dead right hey we should be good for left oh my god

oh hi

oh yeah that was in Korea right there do

you like the early fries Oh struggles room like this all is really alike I was pretty obsessed with this when he came out damn they got music ideas music video Wow like we don't a there's a dance practice too all right right there how you know it's the same song I think I clicked on it q what you later okay thanks for watching guys here to like yes

anybody else during the music video night Emily I think you should drink some water come on power oh yeah it looks all good intro Gary's head ripped energy oh no I like ripped clothing it's like teasing you stealing gonna slip the scheme tease

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In this video, we react to one of our favorite groups, Monsta X and their MV for Stuck aka Focus on Me. We got a lil too excited for this one LOL. Hope you enjoyed watching us cry and fangirl to the max! Thanks for watching and don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, & request! ♥ Background Music: Monsta X- One Love Monsta X- Trespass Follow Us on Twitter! ^^ Becky's:



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