Review: My Girlfriend is the President

by: Aaox

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as the medium of videogames matures we find ourselves being forced to confront an ever-widening and ever more controversial backed with dramatic issues such as monopolization of capital and economic equality religious extremism fatalism destiny and free will redemption denial of conscience and guilt the use of violence and/or force systemic racism social segregation American exceptionalism the meaning or link between the player of the game in the game itself sexism transhumanism fear of the unknown fear of humanity and hot anime chicks however no game has embraced a more controversial and harrowing topic as Alcott's my girlfriend is the president a dystopic political thriller of unrivaled epic proportions utilizing the super kawaii anime art style my girlfriend is the president lowers the tone initially with the deceptively cheerful anime opening shortly thereafter however the player is thrust into the role of Junichiro han the newly appointed vice president of glorious and nippon shortly thereafter you meet your bison Oceana's Yuri Ohama Yukino who has been thrown into the role of the president after an alien spacecraft crashes into the Japanese government killing dozens if not hundreds and crippling the Earth's economy or something else of that nature to counteract this the alien brain washes all of humanity except you into thinking that dear sweet Ohama is the president cast into the unenviable role of saving the country whilst the alien reconstructs earth to how it used to be you as Genichiro must stand against a tide of horrific and worsening situations including having to defuse a nuclear missile crisis mass rioting and violent protests assassination attempts tentacle monsters from space and worst of all in love this gripping and seminal work explores the true depth of the human condition through both an incredibly personal and moving story of a relationship between two people and the earth-shaking complications of being forced into the shoes of one of the most challenging and influential roles on the face of a scared fragile earth the game is told through standard visual novel style requiring little interaction from the player this novel choice and gameplay mechanics forces the player to grapple with the lack of control of the players avatar Junichiro this feeling unable to make a difference all June can do is stare along with us as his girlfriend is forced to bear the weight of responsibility for what could have earth-shattering consequences it is in fact simply sublime and sets the bar for storytelling in videogames 9.5 recurring out of 10 also it's an age game so it has seems that a adult and therefore unsuitable to audiences under 18 years of age so be careful about that alright okay glad we're clear about that 10 out of 10


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What's it like to have a girlfriend who's also the President? Aaox investigates. I was unable to use my pop screen when recording the audio for this, hence the pops. Also the music is 'Hell March 2' from the video game Red Alert 2, composed by Frank Klepacki.
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