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yo you blow up this way me as q1 4k action camera that I picked up a little while ago I'm really impressed with this with this camera for the for the price I mean yeah you can get GoPros and a few others that are slightly better quality but for 60 70 bucks if you just want to make some quick action videos maybe get a couple of them because they're so cheap it's an awesome deal and it's a good camera I've used it quite a bit for making aviation videos and so far it's been fantastic and a quick overview of the buttons on the front you've got power and it also doubles as a mode button on the side here you've got up and down buttons for navigating the menus and I believe it's for zoom as well but I rarely use that back most of it is screen there's a couple LEDs right here for record status and power status on the side there you've got HDMI and USB inputs and that's where the card goes it'll take up to a 64 gig card would and that's what I've got in there the battery is on the bottom and it's a little bit of a bugger to get out I edit it out to where I was trying to to to get the battery door open it's really difficult because you got to hold this while you're prying the door open and it's it's difficult and you just pull this tab and battery comes out it comes with two batteries and it also has a little charging cradle to charge the battery or you can just plug a USB cable straight into the the camera with the battery in it if you want to charge both of them are just the one that's emit the camera so I'll put that battery back in and one thing you'll want to be wary of is if I can get that close enough to the camera there's a little tit on each side the the big side goes in here other on on this side otherwise you'll fight with it forever trying to get it closed ask me how I know okay it does come with all this stuff on the table there's a little holder for attaching it to a standard tripod mount a couple of velcro thingies a bunch of standard GoPro type of mounts that little clicky mount clip another GoPro mount also comes with a USB plug in adapter another GoPro type mount this mount I've I've already modified with a couple of furniture furniture movers and a penny to to mount on the tail of the an airplane normally it's just round around here for mounting onto it like a handle bar or something and of course the manual comes with a strap that I've never used also comes with a chamois some Tyrande I don't know what if they included those but nicely them to do so and a little bag for the camera I carry the camera a different bag anyway so I don't really use that it also comes with a lanyard and some some stickies to permanently attach if you want to do that and it also comes with an extra backplate I haven't used this yet and it also comes with the plastic container for the camera one tricky thing about this is it looks like it opens from this side it looks like you click that and lift it up but it actually opens from that side and I found that a little confusing when I first got the camera so that's how that works okay there's the viewfinder to change the mode use that button on the front there and right now it's at 100 at 1080p at 3 30 frames per second and then it switches to the photo mode which is at 16 megapixel right now and then to the slo-mo mode at 720p 120 frames per second then the playback the video viewer and the settings to get into the settings just hit OK and to scroll through these here you just use the mode button on the front and it scrolls through those different menus on the video menu you've got video resolution recording sound I've got that turned off because in a plane all you can hear is the motor in the wind time-lapse loop recording and slow motion and you notice when I was looping through those modes the video resolution which is the first mode will be this one whatever you used for the slow motion will be whatever you set here and likewise in the photos whatever you use for the photo resolution will be there and you can use different resolutions I was just use the max so you've got photo resolution timed settings auto settings and drama shot to be honest I don't know what drama shot is I don't use this as a as a photo camera and these are the detailed settings for exposure white balance Wi-Fi I'll show that later image rotation and so for me I've got it upside down hanging on a wing or in the cockpit going out a window sometimes the way it's mounted is upside down you can have it automatically turn it around with that it's easy enough to do it software too but if you want to be able to see that the viewfinder correctly you need to set it accordingly there's a driving mode and I believe what that does is it adds a little bit more image stabilization to get to the camera specific settings you can set which language be honest some of the English is a little bad but most of the English translation is pretty good you can set the date time the format of the date and time reset to factory settings and then find out what your firmware version is and that's about all there is to setting it up to get out of the settings just go over the X hit OK and you're you're back in business and this led here is just an on indicator when you're recording I'll just start at recording here real quick you just hold the ok debt button down if you hold it down for long enough it takes a photo which I just did there but if you just click on it and while you're in the viewfinder it starts a video recording and you can see down here it's recording this here will go blink when you're recording this led here comes on when you're charging it and it'll be red okay I grabbed a another cell phone to show how the Wi-Fi works and I'll just get it up a little closer to the camera so you can see the screen a little better so get it into the the settings okay and go over to their Wi-Fi see that's a third one down so go down there select okay you'll get that for a few seconds and then it will show the SSID as whimmy as' and the password as one two three four five six seven eight nine okay now in xdv let the camera adjust there you'll see that WHMIS is in the list so I just select whimmy s give the password as one two three four five six seven eight nine

done and there's a connection button on the top its disconnecting from my home Wi-Fi and connecting to the the women as you can see there and now to connect to the camera and start it recording there's a video camera here camera there if you go to here it goes to the video camera and it already shows you what mode it's in so I hit that and it's black because the land lens is pointed down but voila you can see that it's tracking pretty well the movement of the camera if you look at my hand there's about maybe a half second lag three-quarter second lag at the most so it's reasonably dynamic good enough for you know setting up your shots just be forewarned that that's going to suck a lot more your battery than just using it by itself once you get that video camera on xdv it immediately starts the camera recording and the file is going to stay on the on the camera itself the you can record it you can download it to xdv it will store it in the xdv folder on your device so you'll have to go dig around and find it but it is there and I find it easier just to leave it on the camera and download it somewhere else and just use the phone to to monitor but if you're in the field and you download it to your phone and that's certainly a decent option to disconnect we go into settings once again and it's still sitting there at the Wi-Fi screen you just hit the UP button and it turns the little internal Wi-Fi server off and your phone will disconnect it says a network connection is changing please reboot the program and you can see on the camera that the Wi-Fi is now unchecked



okay once again this is the woman's q1 4k action camera it does not come with a a memory card that's a 64 gig card in there and you know a 64 gig card nowadays cost about 1617 bucks so you're probably looking at you know 75 maybe 80 bucks total to have a usable action camera you just cannot beat that price and it comes with two batteries and a bunch of mounts and stuff I am really impressed with this camera for the price the video is just ever so slight and I mean really slightly green it's you have to be really picky to even notice it but the difference is there if you compare it to a a really expensive camera but for you know out the door with the memory card you know around 80 bucks you just can't beat it okay I think that's it thanks

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A very good action camera for the price that comes with a lot of extras including two rechargeable batteries. I'm very impressed with this camera for the price.
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