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a hello madam and welcome to whispers parlour it's nice to see you again do you have an appointment okay that's lovely well when you're ready if you'd like to jump onto the table here we can get started lovely thank you madam that's wonderful would you like me to take your coat okay

that's better ping that just then and how about your caller madam okay you'll be more comfortable that's way

pop that on there now what can I do for you in today's appointment hmm okay right yes okay I see I see so just a general check and a brush and check your nails and and your ears and maybe a little massage yes okay and your name is bebe isn't it yes I remember now you're very beautiful I have to say you really do have the softest softest fur honestly you are blessed okay so first of all let's have a check in your ears and check your nails are you okay for me to have a look in your ears madam okay thank you so I have

this little tool I use it has a light so I can have a good look inside your ears I have a fresh tip on the end for every client so you can be assured that I am using the cleanest yes right unlike a look in your here okay I'll look mm-hmm that's good thank you and the other way okay

excellent you have very clean ears you must look after yourself yes I can see that you do that's good right now shall I just have a look at your nails hmm this leg first yes okay right okay and this one here I can see that your nails are a little bit long baby so we can file those down a little bit if you like yes give them a nice shape this one too that's pretty good yep I think I just mainly the two front paws here whilst I was looking at your back nails I actually can see there's a little bit a dry patch of skin just here okay could I ask um what breed you are oh I see that explains it your your epochal hmm and that is a mix of a pug and beagle am i right I see so you have quite a puggy tummy with extra skin underneath and that you look quite look like a beagle I have to say very regal but just the skin here there which is why I think you have the dry patch um I do have some ointment I can put on that would that be okay with you madam hmm okay let's have a look then now this is an antibacterial and an antifungal would that be okay with you it's water-resistant and moisturizing so it will moisturize the areas but it'll also keep your skin healthy and clean free of infection okay lovely thank you okay see what you think is it okay pop a little bit on my fingers there just place is quite cold hope that's alright that's it I do need to apply it liberally and just to the other side here where I can see another dry patch in the hold there

hmm okay any more marks on the frontier okay I remember last time we looked actually that you had a few scratches down the front there but they seem to have gone I do remember saying at the time you really shouldn't be squeezing yourself under people's fences all right you've stopped doing that of you hmm okay right so let's get started on your nails

I'll just shape the front there

okay Oh lovely and the other

there we are how's that for you you see what you think happy with the shape good we do aim to please Adam okay so let me just have a little look at your coat here

okay all right you have pretty healthy skin I have to say you eat well I'm assuming vegetables proteins yes okay stay away from fleas do you mmm and you regularly wormed excellent that's good to hear just on your head okay

all right so we'll get started on your brush now I think so if you could move a little bit closer to me that's it thank you and I'll start by just you just come here thank you start by just working my way from the top here down your bag okay and I'm just going to be removing any loose hair using this comb here so this is our first comb and then our second brush will be our massage brush which is more for relaxation and just stimulating your skin and hair growth making you feel nice and sleepy

would you like to send you away from the salon feeling rejuvenated and fresh just under your ear

don't actually have that much loose hair so we're doing pretty well I can see that you take care of yourself do you use another salon at all I don't see you here that often what do you do some care at home okay that's good it's good to have a little me time some evenings each week yes after a long day running around


- just here do you mind

okay excellent you are very good

oh no you mustn't lick the cream I know it tastes give it that your skin really does need the benefits of the cream okay so let it soak in and do its work thank you excellent I will quite a bit of hair let's pop that over there so next we have our massage brush now you can stay seated who you may lie down it's entirely up to you would you like to lie down here hmm would you like to stay up okay let's do it this way

can you feel those teeth there see this is rubber you see and each rubber tooth is nice and smooth and when I press them down onto your skin they give you a really nice massage I can also bend it like so according to the shape of your body yep trying to come a little bit closer to me come there we are that's a good idea come and I can just oh that's right you can go all the way from the top of your neck here right the way down to your tail how does that feel madam

good okay

now this one doesn't really take a lot half it's more just to relax you get the oils moving your skin

you're such a beautiful lady you're a pleasure to work with I have to say does I said before the softest fur and your ears they're like silk so lucky what's your secret hmm you must tell

how did it feel just there is it nice I'm not pressing on too hard just a little bit see a little bit of hair coming off here hmm this is a need of doing I think just this area here on your chest

okay how is that nice good so lastly the final part of our treatment today I'm going to give you a little more brushing this time with you lying down and then I shall give you a nice massage all over and you can fall asleep if you wish how's that yeah okay let's do that then if you'd like to make yourself comfortable we can begin

okay mmm so firstly I'll carry on with my brush but this time I'll just go lightly I want you to feel very calm and very relaxed

almost ready to fall asleep there


rubbing you down your back and down your side anyways

nice and comfortable


how does that feel here nice good

you must be ready to go to sleep soon huh I bet

it's nice to have about the session isn't it


so that's the end of your massage I hope that you enjoyed that I certainly did I change your ears and your nails and we applied a little bit of wintermint to the dry patches on your legs underneath and gave you a nice relaxing massage there we are thank you ever so much coming in nice to see you can stay here as long as you like okay can I have a little sleep that's good all right then take care and I'll see you again very soon hopefully okay

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