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so one of the things that we've really been wanting to do for our own tiny house builders go out and see some examples and things that other people have done the problem is that there aren't too many tiny houses that have been built in New Zealand in fact I know of only a few but we got contacted the other day on our website by Shay and her new partner have recently completed all they're finishing up now their own tiny house build so they've invited us out to check it out we're on our way now and I'm looking forward to seeing their place

good it's beautiful look at that absolutely stunning we're building a straw bale house next door and fantastic who knows how long that's gonna take so we couldn't afford to read somewhere and we thought this would be a really cool option very cool so yeah we thought so who knows how long we're gonna be living in here it could be a year old could be teen yeah so for you guys this is kind of a stepping stone house this is a long-term plan well yeah cuz I think well I don't know maybe it was possible to have kids in it and a house was small I know it is maybe one good yeah we'll be building a slightly bigger house next door come on it's still small by Kiwi standards and today's standards yeah well I can't wait to see inside what does everyone I'm just to show you but yeah as I mentioned it takes a lot longer than you think yeah that is beautiful yeah it's been such a learning curve oh wow so how big is it the third that's person to us because it feels really spacious effect yeah photos 7.2 meters yeah well what's to point forward yeah right yeah so what would that be about 15 screaming yes yeah a bit over the a square meters yeah we were amazed at how spacious is that we kind of were expecting it to feel a lot smaller oh yeah yeah and then once I think it's because the ceilings are so high yeah so what was a height here 4.25 full visitors all of the outside see you guys pretty much met Excel yeah well 30 mins oh my they were like two meters too high but actually once the springs on the wheels went down will ya it lowered a bit and I suppose if it's not one that's designed to be moving all the time anyways really nice slightly oversized day if we were going to be moving it often I'd suggest to be able to go a little bit lower just so you don't have to be so fanatical about the powerlines yeah yeah as we had long bamboo pole and we were running around checking the power lines so you didn't build it on site you guys are awesome movie yeah yeah we moved it here about two weeks ago right it feels a pretty nerve wrecking do ya oh my gosh so many police on the road that day we got stopped oh did you listen to us we were so excited to see it move we got stopped and and sort of tiny house a tiny house they just said carry on and we didn't have our warrant so we couldn't we couldn't go with the house but that's alright I got ya we arrived and it was just neatly popped on real life very cool so let's uh let's go to it yeah okay well there's not now it doesn't take that long to do the tour this is the lounge obviously yeah and we've I haven't actually checked these drawers would just like shoved everything in Oh Tom Schwartz oh yes yeah and little bras sticking out so that's basically Tom's wardrobe and that's my wardrobe yeah he's a great this is such and such a good idea right we found that I know the toilet about twice a night yeah sounds like I'm gonna kill myself over there like I just knew that I would yeah there would not be a good situations if I wanted some stairs and you need to storage anyway see you may as well yeah that's a weird ball work you know it just felt like this actually so much space like what would we use that for otherwise I mean it just seems like you know just tiny but it's it's spacious too so yeah I mean have these drawers that I need to use yeah and Georgia Show space down there and this is for hanging clothes in me yeah yeah yeah it hasn't got that the whole thing and yet so it's just busy I'm getting my stuff and yeah yeah II think scuba gear yeah whatever so yes we found what the space it's not an issue so fun yeah yeah this is just a real fun little pantry we'll make some jobs yeah that's good my handy actually I mean not shallow storage and a kitchen is actually so much more useful you know yeah reach behind everything I know I because they nice things that got the back of pantry you look at them it's like oh my goodness this is expired in 2008 yeah exactly oh yeah I think it's gonna be really good yeah and the kitchen spacious as well lately how deep is the counter you this is 500 and with a normal kitchen at 600 yeah so we just took off ten centimeters cuz it just made that much different I don't think you feel it there do you feel at all yeah so you know you're not holding water and you're gonna be oh wait oh well you mean like having like a tank or something here ya know if we've gone we're going to like link it up to their name up tonight yeah yeah yeah fair enough so yeah sort of inside we were thinking it would be quite cool to do it off-grid because it's now taking a while to get our plumbing and electrics and where's our free bottle of good we just feel like yeah yeah although we're learning that comes with a whole new world of its own problems yeah I give him that yeah I mean it would it would be that's kind of probably why we didn't do it is because we couldn't find enough information about it so yeah if you guys had done it before us maybe we would have coffee gation fair enough you know I wish there was somebody to call fate those that can you think that yeah that's why we're here cuz we might be copying off you guys yeah yeah well my minds with each other yeah yeah who's gonna be real yes um stove is going to be yeah and we're just trying to find a narrower one because they are all 500 right so that's one thing cuz we know we could do it two burner but just four burners just a bit I don't know it's eliminated yeah it was a really nice long narrow one which would be perfect but it was super expensive so we're like okay BBQ for a few months yeah we can get that one fair enough and then we're gonna have a proper extractor fan yeah we need a lot of coloring and stuff yeah yeah and in a small house you really got to pay attention to it yeah yeah you know the whole space just to be smelling like a pink all the time exactly yeah and um this is just going to be a morose flashback so it was yep some life and makes it feel bigger yeah that's a clever idea yeah well it wouldn't be a giver idea once it's done and this is the bathroom in here yeah yeah a bathroom very unfinished as you can see yep yeah and we were really unsure what to do about the toilet because a bucket toilet was like seemed really primitive but actually now that we're doing the sawdust toilet we're getting it's actually not hassle at all so this is the the lovable loo like humanure method yeah exactly and you have like a back drum that then you pull a drum of some sort that you put everything into yeah or the the big um composting things that they do but I saw one lady she just has this black drum and she puts everything in there and cut one she's once it's full she closes it up for a year and then that it just turns to soil and then she uses another one while Adams been closed so you say oh really how long have you been using the composting toilet now found 10 weeks yeah we've only been living here for about a week yeah and so you're already adjusted totally you're still kind of getting used to it no I I find it fun I might a god interesting yeah and and so it's in use now yeah and there's absolutely no smell no it's nothing well I was hard not like my mom's like you're gonna get used to smell because she's totally not sold on the ideas you know antigens but all during and she's like yet you're gonna use this funky we're gonna come round it's gonna stick a poem you're not gonna yeah you would never know that's really cool yeah which actually puts my mind at ease a bit yes that's one of the things that we've been worried about you it works other people but I still don't quite the thing but yeah it's too weird yeah we're just so used to having that kind of flush away disposal yeah yeah I have to think about it and which we're all like taught to be afraid of output I also want to say that the shower oh your showers your size so well it's it's a normal house shower right quite a good sizes 8 8 90 or something all right okay that's quite not 800 by 800 and so yeah that's something that we were quite yeah it's not really based ah yeah kerlick base yeah and it's just gonna have a um yeah glass front yeah and then those are tiles which are really pretty a little bit beautiful that's the cool thing about this brave using tiles and a movable house isn't it well yeah I think if we were going to move it often we wouldn't yeah because it's not going to be moved often anyway and I get some of the case of your build you are able to move it on site Park it yeah yeah but it would that start for you really only have used tiles so so yeah I want to talk to you about materials but I'll let some look upstairs first so stairs are a little bit about the normal size of state yeah okay you this is quite tight for you just so cool yes I am a giant so for us you see it's still comfortable yeah yeah because we sort of set it up on the ground and I was like Tom we're not gonna be able to you understand sit up in here yeah but once we bother don't miss just let it seem to find space from nowhere yeah yeah so how high is this like that's the stud and this part of the house no actually we don't have it mmm I did know but I forgot him cuz it's like one of those things that it doesn't have to be it doesn't have to be a practical living space it's like how often you actually stand up a little bit anyway okay yeah and I think it's there's something actually really cozy about it like so as long as you can set up which yeah which I can and I'm yeah six four yeah exactly yeah and so Tom sleeps on that side because he doesn't get up in the night and I sleep here so it's easier for me to get the sphere and can you smell the theater at all I can I can so this is necesito here is it yeah yes yeah we wanted to go with something native but we were just really pushing it with the way yeah these are so light yeah so how heavy is it it's we don't know exactly but I did a little calculation kind of estimate thing and I think it's about three and a half tons yeah how do you guys ever done anything like this before well we've got a little bit of building but not really sort of bullying yeah unfolded Mike yeah we've got a little knot Virginia oh it's cool yeah so we've done that but that's totally different totally different it's so much easier there's more labor-intensive but just I mean mixing mud anyone can do it sure and then you're just like put the windows in it's really easy but nothing like that yeah you can learn pretty much everything you need just from YouTube oh yeah it's pretty cool really yeah I don't need to be a builder No very cool yeah and there's something about building your own house that just loved it so much more yeah like I was lying in bed the other night no like God anonymous no my girl is so home talk I was just like and I'm sure if somebody else had built it for me I would never have you know I wouldn't be like that like it's kind of just feels really special a I know and I was saying before we started I just wanted to find what other people spent but it's kind of hard to get a straight answer on that yeah so so far we've spent 20 grand yeah and I think by the time we finish everything this includes all the fittings will be about 24 which i think is fantastic yeah I think that's absolutely brilliant I mean look at the quality of everything you've got here and this base that you've got yeah yeah and I mean you'd be paying the rent anyway yeah well that's two years when you listen to ears ring yeah yeah when we worked out every trenton news is $150 a week eh yeah there's $300 if we works out of just over $18,000 a year that the average yeah New Zealand page exactly I'm sorry I'll thank you some of the other day I wish I've done this straight out of university oh if there's any young you know university graduates watching us or people leaving school board yourself a tiny house you can save so much money and instead of you know after a few years of passed that rent money is nowhere to be seen but a few years after living in a tiny house you've still got house you've school and you know it just makes so much seen exactly it's yours step free and it's exactly it's nice and it's beautiful like I mean it might be small but still home I feel like I could move in well I can always get out and you can share being become alright you got a no cameras heavy so we go I try to show her

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