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[Music] smoke everybody to the podcast shot in the hood is the highest host a DeMille mr. luscious locks to now right here on another awesome day so Cal appreciate all y'all turn it in wherever the fuck you at if you're watching this on the YouTube or if you're in your car if you at the grow room reviewing the shop or if you in the in the friend's house your momma's house or wherever you listen to podcasts are you taking the time to hang out and listen with us I got awesome guests today killing it on the social media is killing it our life just stay at hi miss koala puffs is in the bill but before I get to her yeah she's here heating up the nail of course getting high like always I just want to talk about something real quick before we get into who koala puffs is and how she got to where she's at right now you know I've been getting a lot of shit recently I think we all do you might relate to this a little bit too koala this word like influencer goes around like a social-media influencer is one like it's a cool term I don't really consider myself influencer I'm more like a host I'm getting high but it's a cool term people use but a lot of people say you know I was at this you know but a lot of people don't understand what goes into like creating content and being your own boss and trying to stay relevant and and I have people want to enjoy your stuff you know there's a lot of stress that goes behind it everyone thinks oh you just wake up and smoke weed and chulo and just record yourself no cuz anyone can do that and a lot of people do do that and some people aren't as successful at it as others you know there's um you've always got to think about what's the next best thing is what are we gonna do to make someone excited how are we gonna get on sponsors how are people you know how am I gonna make money off this it's there's a lot that goes into a creating content all these people out there that are upset at their life because they're at a nine-to-five I'm not mad at you but if that's the path you take you know you're doing whatever it is hard labor and you see other people doing what they love and I'm making a life out of it y'all should just enjoy it and appreciate it and get motivated to do it yourself cuz someone was getting I mean the other day saying oh I wish I could just go and do fun stuff all day but I have to work 9:00 to 5:00 motherfucker I used to working under five I used to have an office job I used to work at a store in the mall did you know that no but you did it but we all start somewhere just gotta find what you like the fucking McGavin do you deal with this at all cool wall are you dude I get it I was a I had a 9 to 5 after 9 to 5 and then I actually had a sales job and I had a little bit of a different situation I was making really good income and I just felt like I didn't belong there and I was like okay I'm not happy I'm hating it I'm not going in there and then I started koala ads and I started doing both at the same time and I took the risk of like all the income to like no income but making people happy what happens and waking up in the morning being pumped to make content and now I'm just like so happy with the path that I took but so much stress went in to just take it not leap you got to figure out what you want to do and if it's worth it and it's not gonna be easy right away nothing happens overnight that happens but you said something you said you know I was really 9 to 5 9 to 5 and then I created koala yeah I want to know that because before you were born koala people named after animals give me your fucking name I know there's bears out there I met bears I've made oh yeah Tigers yeah what kinds of stuff well I'm a koala people think I'm crazy when I tell him my name when I first meet him like I'm not saying it's Angela I was born in Angela with a Jay well actually I was born in Ukraine completely different language different alphabet so English wasn't your first language heck no Ukrainian was is that aggression it's similar to Russian it's mostly like the difference of like an accent and like maybe it's like like dialect a little yeah okay yeah and then I moved to the United States in 2005 like oh fuck I need to speak English to be here yes you could add and I just couldn't I knew like hello and thank you how so how old were you when you came here is 11 you were 11 so you're already like living life I was already like friends depressed in Ukraine you know this is how Ukraine is I'm just accepting it what do you mean depressed in Ukraine what is just cold it's awful it's not like okay here's the thing when I was born it was a Soviet Russia okay and then the Soviet Union you know so USSR USSR and then it broke apart and I'm like in the countryside of Ukraine so I'm already like Ukraine like a country that nobody knows about ever okay and I'm in like the most country is part of families just like nobody there's like me and everybody that I'd like my neighbors that's a city have like five animals yeah actually yes we had a lot of rabbit what dude I used to like say little Russian our Ukrainian girls running around accepted it okay my mom moved to the United States a couple years later I want to move to the United States to live with her and I was like wow she came before you yeah she came six years before I did yes let me build a foundation to bring my yeah well my boat wall did she call you koala girl was that like a nickname no I was never like a thing in school why do you say koala and Ukrainians just calling it's Australian so it's just like it's really I know it is but I don't know you know animals and different languages are different times no no it's just koala I just really honestly like around the time when was it I started smoking weed like three four years ago I might get to that cuz I see you now like you're involved like you're everywhere every to ever even I'm at your he'll invite me and then I hurry can you get koala to cook you like that now no but so here you are Ukraine yeah not a farm yeah move to Colorado I moved to move to Breckenridge car that way your mom yeah what was she doing out here was she doing like a mall job she was doing cleaning you gotta do what you gotta do yes you know so she brought me and for a couple of years we lived in Colorado for like four years records records is like the first kind of US city to kind of legalize weed a fair remember but not at the time that I lived there I was in 2005 so like I mean a couple years later yeah so I was there from 2005 to 2009 I don't know when they legalized but I feel like it was right as I left everyone gonna come and ski and smoke weed yeah so my mom was like oh I'm getting married let's we can move either to California or she said actually Los Angeles or Chicago I said fuck Chicago let's go to Los Angeles yeah my mom moved me to Victorville California yeah so you go to the desert Victorville is kind of like um it's like an hour and a half two hours outside of LA it's a desert it's you know not really LA life she lied yes she brought me there it wasn't good how were you at this age at this time I was like 15 okay so 11 you moved to Colorado 11 more in high school how long did it take you to learn English so by like eighth grade like six to eighth grade was like a struggle train right your middle school was rough good learning English and not knowing how to speak English all at once those are the good phases in the middle man it was bad I went to high school and it got worse I knew how to speak English I understood everything everybody was saying about me you know so Yuri people what kind of student were you were you struggling oh you know I was doing really good in school and people were just mad at what because you just were different did you dress like I don't know what it was I really can't but but like you know I was four and I really didn't speak English at first so I get that like you know I like whatever I make fun or whatever then like it got to high school and like my mom wasn't really okay with me like wearing makeup or doing my hair so it was a lot of like not fitting in in that way and then I just I don't know I never really got along with girls until I got like I turned like 23 24 no now everybody wants to be a ho me and I'm like all for it but before everybody was like she must die we don't like you had no idea like for why just chill with me I think you'll like me and they're like when was like the first time you smoked weed do you want the first time I smoked weed or the first time I smoked weed and liked it I want the very first experience you've had with cannabis the first time you like what is this strap your seatbelts in I buckled up here it is alright so I was dating a boy who was like let's say like a very experienced owner to the point were like no no dabs but like he would probably smoked as frequently as I do now okay this was we like rolling joints blends bongs pay yeah bongs pipes joints blunts like minimal no dabs huh how'd you meet this guy this was he actually owned a business right next door to a restaurant that I was working on he would order pizza restaurant I worked at this place called Mamma Mia Chicago pizza yeah yeah so you you worked at a restaurant I did that was my very first job I stock to this family-owned business like I came to the restaurant every day and order chicken wings and asked him for a job and he finally hired me and that was my first job I was there for like I loved it that job to moved to Los Angeles actually this was in Colorado this was in Illinois was when I came back to LA to just be an adult don't do my own where did you go in LA listen so I moved to a to Victorville and I was there for like nine months hated it didn't do well and then I I came to my mom I was like let's try Chicago because I got jumped dude I was waiting for my school yeah I got jumped by girl by a girl a Puerto Rican girl but she had a couple of people helping her out would you do you sense it I did nothing nothing I literally just started going to school but I like did not fit in and and she just I don't know like the first day of school it was like the first week it was the first time she saw me at the bus station waiting for the school bus and she just came right at me all I remember is looking up from my phone looking up and seeing a fist fight at my face and I was like oh my god like whatever couple of months move forward I came to my mom and I because I cause I didn't want to go back to the school I was like I'm scared so I was home-schooled for like six months I wouldn't like I serve I like went way past in school I did my tests and studied quicker so I actually did a year and a half of school in six months then I came to my mom was like I'm still miserable can we please try Chicago now since that was our other option so we did we relocated and I was able to just like graduate after 11th grade not go into 12th grade 0 but then that that was when I saw that family-owned restaurant I got a job there I also that a couple of years after working there also started working at a auto shop out of mechanical shops I know a lot of my car suffer I did like well like front does but also I would have to like go and drop off cars that were done and pick up parts and drop off some things I really really like cars so that was like a what's like a dream car koala would have I hate it cuz people judge me on it and I'm like I hate that I'm even saying it I really want a fucking g-wagen bro I know I know but I'm just like I just feel like it's such a douchebag car but I want I would love a matte black if possible with some black rims and some heat so anyway so so I really liked not working at that but as I worked at the Mamma Mia place this boy started ordering all the time I say boy but he was a man okay and he was constantly ordering pizza and then he finally asked me out and we went out so fast-forward now six months we were dating I knew he was a STONER I'd never smoked weed I was like do whatever you want just don't force me into it one day I came to him I was like I'm ready to try he was like alright so he had a shitty fucking dry pipe answer glass the dirty and old and depressing and looked like it'd just been stood through some things and some weed I don't know you know what honestly don't remember to tell you if it was good weed or knob or whatever we'll just give him the benefit of a doubt saying it was great and here's the thing there's two things that you could do as an individual introducing somebody else into the cannabis community okay you could either be a dick and you could give them way too much crap on a red-hot nail for the first time let's go don't do that you could do that but don't do that or you could be nice and be like here take a puff it hits quick it's not edibles see how you feel and if you're into it you know I'll give you a little more he was the first type he was the dick you know so fuckin dirty life he literally had me take a puff after puff like he did so I smoked as much as an experienced smoker did at the time and I thought I was dying I was like curl it up on the couch I didn't know what he didn't warn me about dry mouth he didn't warn me about munchies he didn't warn me about the trip he didn't warn me about how long I was gonna last he was just like here just do it so I was tripping out I was like telling him was like oh my god dude like this is insane he's like and again a normal person would comfort you and be like you're good and fine you're just high chill he went oh do you need me to call the cops yes why would you say that he's like are you dying do you feel like you're dying and I was like yes it's exactly what I feel like what is wrong with you great I need you to order me food right now or bring me food or something like I'm starving I've never felt this one created my entire life but you go to the kitchen motherfucker comes back with a bread peanut butter and bread sandwich no butter so dry rose no nothing no he did not come back with water and it was that like the last time you saw him where were you did you still date him for a while but like he started playing guitar here I saw flying colors so I was just like this is too much I went to sleep woke up like 12 hours later I was like I can't look at you right now just a guitar hero he was out here just ready yeah literally was tripping out when I say tripping out like I literally was tripping out I didn't smoke weed again for years to LA started dating a new boy that was into eating he was and he did it the right way let me show you what it's like let's take it a little step at a time and see if you're into it and motherfucker was I into it we started out we would get those little is it the swisher Sweets blacks we would get we were he would roll those blueberries yeah it was it was a great actor Graham yeah and then we would get like it's time for you upgrade so we've got a bond which I actually still have awesome does not did not break we wash bum it's a glass bong and he would like fill up the chamber for me and I would just like take a little bit at the top but we couldn't leave the house I had to be at home to take took took baby steps nobody could be over listen you know obviously we couldn't go anywhere and then I slowly got more and more comfortable and posted one picture with me on that bomb one picture years ago I don't even know if all these repost pages on Instagram I now realize that it was me but they all reposted it they went like oh my god why I don't know cuz it was me and like a sweater and like just holding the bong and like I was like sexy in it and all these people reposted it and then I was like okay and then somebody was shout to me was like we'd love to send you things I'd love to send you something what were you doing at this time this time I moved to LA you quit mommy you correct the auto shop you moved to LA why did you leave Chicago it's too cold it was fucking cold and it was depressing honestly the reason why I left Chicago is cuz my best friend that lived in Chicago moved out here and we were apart for like almost a year and I was like that's shitty like I don't have a close friend that understands me and I also have nothing holding me here so there's no point in just like staying here so I just packed up my shit quit my job quits college with my boyfriend yeah that dude dumped him the one that was a dirty stoner no one the dirty soda and I moved to LA nice it was just like I'm not happy here no future I need change and you know what if you anybody out there is questioning like China like just not happy and hasn't been happy for a long time and once changed fucking do it dude if you're waiting for a sign this is it like there's no fucking sign there was no sign but I'm giving you one in case you need her cuz like for me was just all about like you know what worst-case scenario I'm just gonna kill myself [Music] don't do that but I was just like you know worst-case scenario I come back home and I just deal with the fact that it didn't work out but I tried did your mom come with you back to LA I saw my mom a year I'm not moving everywhere for you girl I moved by myself I was here for a year and I was like really happy like really the happiest I've ever been in my life okay and it wasn't for anything particular was just cuz the sun was shining and the weather was nice and I had the drive to do things out here I wanted to go even just exploring things whereas I didn't even want to do that in Chicago you just was so fuckin cold yeah and and then she was like you're always so happy and I was like just move here you don't like it in Chicago either so she did and I was like la la you know where was it like we're in LA this time we were in WeHo super safe so she moved in with me she lived with me for like a year she saved up for her own place and then she moved in in the same building as I was like really close and then I moved in with my at the now ex at the time boyfriend who taught me how to smoke weed right away so what were you doing out here in LA when you moved out I was working I was doing a couple of things one I was doing background on TV shows and movies so it's just like a cool introduction on how everything is filmed do you mean like you would just they would call you for casting you'd sit in the restaurant in the back of that scene or actually pay you for that ship move it or not when when when our back won't hire you background will central casting yeah I paid my rent dude I made like three grand a month doing that shit house show seats it would be like 15 hour days though of just like city is long you learn from this experience you learned I didn't want to do that again but you learn like oh my god I learned how everything is filmed I learned what actors and actresses are actually really nice and which ones are not so nice I learned I actually worked with Robert Williams right before he right right before like literally he was doing his um there was a show fuck what's a call he had a show going and I was doing a stand-in for one of his co-stars okay and I was like so like wanting to ask him for an autograph or a picture and I was like don't do it like that's so weird don't be that person and then like I think it was like weeks after that I found out that something I'd have been months I don't know but like it was right after and I was like wow I should have taken that opportunity to have so let's take the moment and then so then a marketing company hired me I was working for a marketing company putting together events okay putting together social media marketing campaigns but it was all for like beauty and makeup and fitness well what I learned is that they would pay like $50 to people with like hundreds and hundreds of thousands of info followers and it's just like mind-blowing to me of how very little they thought of these people because of how many there were right you know and how some people really do value themselves so they'll you know just really liked it for what it is I wanted to talk about that but I didn't really want to get into a but you know it's just like any industry there's I you know there's a certain rate for especially like what your number is and what your investment like what you can bring to a company that gives you the money and some people really don't understand how to value themselves and they give it a lot lower than what they really are worth and it kind of fucks it up for everyone else who actually does makes the living out of yeah working with brands and getting products out there yeah I know I agree so it's a little you know there's some people out there but you know that's why there should be people here educating people is great that we're here for too long

I just think nobody should ever have anybody bring their value down if you believe that you're worth more no matter what situation you're in you do not let somebody else or something else devalue yes no matter what stand your ground yeah so you work your firm marketing companies to people yeah well like they and they literally like yeah again I learned a lot about marketing I learned a lot about social media I learned a lot about like because I was very close with the owner and I saw how he ran everything I saw I learned how not to do things right and from there I met tipsybartender and I started doing YouTube show [Music] yeah I met him randomly on a street in Koreatown turns out he was my neighbor and then I D I'm Tim on Instagram and I was like yo if you ever need another girl for a show I would love to be you know to work together and he was like swing by if you'd like to see how we film and I came by with a friend and they were filming an episode I was like this is actually really lit and we filmed a couple episodes and the audience was like all for bringing me back so that was a really big part of my social media and my personal page growing and was it's a koala ru koala Angela Jesse Angelo with the J Angelo with the J now here just doing stuff beauty working marketing being on set when the whole transition come cuz right now koala puffs being acted like maybe a year so this account currently accounts have you gone to okay so I lost one account nine months in at a hundred and seventy thousand understand that how it's been there and now it's back but for some reason I can't access it so that's interesting and then I started the one that I have now May 15th and it's at almost 400,000 right now 52018 yeah 2018 and it's not even a full year and you're about to hit 400,000 followers I'm setting a goal to hit a half a mil by May 15 and this is completely by organic you're not out here you just create and what you do if y'all go know if you watch this and don't really know is you create original content sorry I forgot to put vibrate on so professionals you create original content every day anibus yes that's involved in how did you develop how did you conceptualize like I'm going into the cannabis industry I do this shit okay so honestly I just um I felt like I needed something else in life I didn't feel like I belonged anywhere like I didn't feel like I belonged to my relationship up my job with my friends like something was missing I didn't know what it was flashback so your sweater with the bong pick this is as like I posted the picture with a bong and all these people started reaching out so I just started posting pictures and videos of me smoking out of bongs and then I was like I want to do more so I started doing overlay shots and then I was like I want to do more and then I started doing some skits which as I recall not too many people in the cannabis in this year were doing at the time so I was like you know I felt really good trying to bring something new to the table and from a different perspective honestly like I I went straight to Instagram I'm doing this yeah I started posting with cannabis on my personal page saw that people were liking it and I was like shit I should really separate this from my personal name because I was working at this time now had a sales job that I ended up quitting and there the whole we were selling leads so basically when people would get like say like I need car insurance and we would be like we have a car insurance company that can help you sell reach out to a car insurance company be like I have a guy who's looking for a car insurance that's what I would be doing so so that's what I did well that's why is that my bosses were 420 friendly and we had a bong literally underneath the boss's desk so we would have a smoke sesh every day so that led me to feel more comfortable with smoking and they were totally okay with me starting our going on account about cannabis they were like just separate the name since you do sales cuz if they look you up I just don't want this stuff popping up so that's when I was like why do I go a column myself like what do I wear I wear and I know cause they asked me to separate my name so you could see in case if somebody Google's me that way it wouldn't be like for this company and you know you know I use my real name so you know yeah

because they they googled me yes it oh look at all this weeds yeah you can't come No exactly so I was like well I really love koalas I was like what if I do like I literally was just circling around koala koala Pascual the smokes koala like everything and at the tyres cool I think koala dabs was a thing cuz at the time I was pretty close with Lexie Jun she was the first person in the cannabis industry that I was introduced to and that I had met and she's from North Cal right and she I called her I remember calling her and I gave her a couple of like the ideas that I was going by and she thought she was like oh my god I think koala puffs is so cute like that's just so fun like puffer puffs and I was like I think it works it's smoking and it involves my favorite animal and it's just like koalas well you know I don't know I just trees and look at how cute they are they're very vicious and fuck care so on all diseases yeah

so yes so I started the page and people were like all for it ever even then it was like your first post I honest well the first few posts were because I was working with Lexie Jun so it was just mostly just like smoking out of a bong and and you know we her and I would did a lot of like duo's together we did a couple of like videos together and then I don't know I just really have a feeling that like the skits make me feel the most that I could be like the skits get my create I've never felt like a creative person in my life and being able to just wake up in the morning and be like what am I going to post today and two hours later have something that is something in your mind two hours it's already done is what I'm saying like so cuz I was talking about this in the opening of the show about the whole creating content and you know being your own box work yeah you ever stress out like watch you're gonna go what's next wanna see Jeffrey's be popping up every once in a while is that stress realities are gonna kill me oh well I'm doing so many things that I'm definitely stressed I like I got my I got my merchandise I got my mystery boxes I got my meetups in like four different cities coming on all the people the constantly want me to post and pick up some stuff and ever show up somewhere in ho host something you know how I you know you ever imagined just cannabis is gonna like take you around the world and you're gonna like have a life off yeah yeah you sure look at it I'm like this with my ex like cuz my ex was like really not a good guy and I thought that the weed made him that way so I had a bad outlook on cannabis so I never you embrace it you understood what it was I got so creative when I started smoking all the ideas that I was coming out of all that not even like like video ideas was business ideas it was things that I it was yeah what I would like it just got my everything that I feel like I've been suppressing and not thinking about and out quite asking myself like what do I want where am I going like it just kind of came when I started smoking weed and once koala puffs got introduced and seeing all the teams that I get on the daily from all the girls that get inspired and get in a good mood because of the things that I do like I say girls cuz it's 97 percent that's the DM said I get do sliding up with a DM you know like people send in dicks no dick pics I haven't got like a year there's a couple of guys here and there but mostly just like girls he's just like just honestly like low-key it's a lot of people that are either like ah this is funny or like hey honestly I've been going through a lot of big depression and I appreciate the humor that you put out you put out like real shit I think girls can relate you take you do you take you wake up at like 5:00 in the morning just like don't care if you got boogers in your eye and your hair is all fucked up you just keep it like and I think a lot of people can relate to that because you're just like a regular person you're not out here like trying to be all glamorizing and how here being all set doing sexy poses you're just like this is where we go to this is life I look back there's a couple weeks ago yeah you know you guys got the whole digital puffs thing going on and it's crazy my wife y'all to bounce off each other and just be creative with each other and just make it happen so the process though you do you do stress out and do you do everything yourself you shoot you everything use ik concepts so there are some times where like I cuz there was a lot of times where I get high honestly an idea skits flow to me and I just note them down in my phone but there are a lot of times where I run out of the house and I just have to kind of come up with something in the morning so it mostly goes like this what am I gonna post today I go into my office I look at everything that I have I go into our living room or dining room everything where everything's laid out I look at everything and I'm like what what haven't I posted what haven't I done in a while and then I just kind of see is it a roll of video is it this is that it takes a while to come up with an idea but once I have the idea it's like I can envision it exactly how it's supposed to look and I just boom boom boom I set up the tripod I set up my lights my camera I film it like sometimes you see I play all the parts of all my friends cuz I don't got any you know I play the girlfriend and the boyfriend parts sometimes I put on a mustache and pretend to be the character a little and then you know the editing that's that's the real bitch right there yeah that's where I starts with my boy Adrian out here so it's a you know that's I can sit there and like sit in front of a computer all the time and like because you know I'm a scatterbrain and I'd like I'm all over the place and I just don't have the patience I don't think of doing it and I sell it to all the editors out there oh my god you guys are making all the patience in the world and I appreciate you guys's work but it's just so great to see cuz everything that you do is you have so much joy doing it like it's oh I love everything from reaching out to a company and seeing if we can maybe combine our powers together and make a meet-up happen in a new city - waking up in the morning even with the stress like making the content happen - coming up with new ideas to put on my t-shirts and into my mystery boxes like everything like I genuinely can sit here and say that with the amount of stress that it brings me and it's a lot it might seem like it's not just because it seems like it's easy from the side but it's a lot I love it so much and I would never trade it for anything else like this this is I'm living an amazing life I'm blessed and I appreciate every single person that's out there taking the time to send me messages and watch my stuff and support me it just means the world cuz it's just like it changed my life in like a year like a year ago today I couldn't like two years ago today I couldn't afford to make to have a sandwich to pay for my like gas in my car now I'm like I'm the Korean barbecue I'm treating my mom to like spa days and I thought about myself and it's all because like I'm able to you know do what I love everyday and put my heart into it so it doesn't seem as difficult as it would if I were hating it every day yeah yeah but it's it's so awesome to see the the success that you bring coming from up cuz people think it's a sight it just happens but I mean you've had your Road you worked at restaurants you worked at offices you've found out the background you say look this is what I'm doing I'm putting fully and let's go now you out here living life traveling the world trying to going places I know you got some meet ups we actually were at a party last night for the Grammys there was a cannabis gifting suite yeah that was like the fanciest thing I've ever been invited to they said Grammys and I was like oh hi panties are dropping yeah and we actually I don't know if your box was like my my bag we got some some bad things your shit was better than mine no no I think you probably got more cuz you know you got more clout than me and you're prettier than me but look at your hair though my hair never looks like that yeah right I wish you guys could see right now if they could they watching it right now like if they want to check in we got the hair bag I probably got something you didn't get which are these max beef shorts cuz we out here creating waves you know I got those what did you I didn't I just wanted to look cool for a second I'm you're gonna make so much sound [Music] [Applause] [Music] I just dumped everything you out if you're listening to this you watch it on the youtubes we're on here but we got flowers there's there's edibles there's trees there's grinders there's papers there's pre rolls there was vape pens there were so many things in this bag and I know you're all about creating content I seen you already there like unbagging on your on my story like without everything at once there was so much stuff you know how hard it was to squeeze into 15 the second you saw what I did yeah Matt did a live stream and I was like god dammit I see we out here just trying to make it happen and you see we all do kind of the similar but different I did the old school because I'm grandpa you know you guys probably had more of an impact I went all by so fast people were like what didn't even know we got so many things there's dabs in there cryo I was curious about this let me take the sticker off everything's compliant now that's what was great about this it's all I can't open shit with my nails I need a personal package opening everything gotta press this button take off the sticker button press er hold on I got you right here yeah see that's what's great too I think girls are like hell yeah fuck that I need a burb too bitch gassy bitch like I don't fart but I burp a lot sorry for like I don't know what happens well what happened you gotta press this button and pull out right are you pulling out all right oh it's a pin that's not dude that's thick whoa don't drop it give me that I'm gonna I hope it's what that's charged cuz I want to hit this it should be charged that's from what is this one what is it bas status genetics they got the one gram premium cannabis oil it's a starter kit we have vape pens in there there's so many things that came his granny bag I did you enjoy the bag you got I love my bag did you consume anything for me yet yes we smoked a couple of joints from it already I am saving theirs what I got a sex of fucking a passion Big Mike joint it's supposed to help you in the bedroom too proper anyway I'm saving that for the special day wait wait hold on I got something you didn't get that one oh no what they give me they gave you a mellow one you get to chill out I got the supreme green too from this morning actually on I stuck that into my new subs there's so many things there's some dabs me I got this back from field though did you get one of those no I see you got a grinder I didn't get a grinder Oh No yeah what's the flowers for it's like that's their bag I love Gucci life it's a field extracts I think this is some hash I didn't get that oh you know what I'm a little I'm a gram I see I went home earlier you did look at that look at the packaging with the red carpet inside the red carpet in sight you mean the tissue that's red sound it sounds good that's some saucy sauce yeah I think that's some hashed rosin some peach oszi Wow well you got a ring if you want to dab I know you a that Queen adapter do you know like what's the biggest dab you've ever taken like a gram and a half at once yeah I died that was it I had to read see here's the thing the first when you first put it in it's great but then when you reheat it cause like the Banger usually you can't like you can't you don't to take it too hot and die cuz then you're dead you can't enjoy your dry if you're dead so you got to wait it out a little bit but it's things not big like they need you know you need to read torch and that's when it doesn't taste great it's the retort yeah yeah the relay so you got to find that right temperature you get email you know emails yeah what's your favorite way to smoke weed so okay here's the thing emails are great like when we do our twitch streams that's great because I'd be chewing all video games that's why you don't want to play me you don't need to be calling me out thank you when I'm over here just but yeah like I love emails like during live streams during our twitch when we have company over like when I had my birthday party like we just had an email plugged in the whole time so people could just but when I'm sitting down to take one dab I loved tortured like I just love the process of torching up waiting for the cool off getting are already like the different caps that it comes with and then it doesn't have to be the pointy one like I just do the coltec the cold start know where you put the dab in first you know what you know the cock was very against it what's your favorite way to smooth weed I like bong rips with a little topper on top like either I slit or a little wax or something like that's my preferred way but if I'm really trying to just like get because I have to take a couple of those if I'm really yeah if I get like really if I'm trying to get like really lit I need to take a big DAP edibles like the waiting process with edibles you have a favorite flavor I would go to is it like in the cars they're like a sweet ass hours a hair is my favorite string but that's simply for how it smells like I it smells so good like sativas usually have all the exciting flavors I'm really not picky you so I go weave I just want fucking good sound honestly sometimes I'll smoke not so good weed just get me high yeah there's nothing else around you know you just you get it but you like the good week cuz I know for your videos I'm sure good we looks better than badly well I'm not too worried about that I got that la cushion I should yeah there you go I got some here too if you want we got bongs over here I got some some big jars we could smoke some the elegy of course award-winning but you know I seen you we were at the grammy party you know uh we were hanging out a little bit i got there kind of made sure everyone was okay and you pulled up early and you left early like before anything even happened well no I mean I here's the thing like I went and I met everybody that was there you know like all the other products that were there all the companies and I didn't know who else was like I don't really care about celebrity names like like not to be rude like I'm not trying to be mean but I'm like I'm not gonna hang around for like cuz some celebrity is showing up you know no cloud chasing on koalas in just like don't like I love Kevin Hart that's the only proof - Kevin Hart is coming I'll wait for days you know smoke weed though I don't care I'll just wait for days cuz he's so funny you know but other than that like so do you have someone you want to get high with that you ever smoke weed yeah who okay they're a couple of people first okay Miley Cyrus okay I fucking love her I'm Haley Hemsworth now she's married here's the thing I've had a crush on Liam Hemsworth of for the longest time so the fact that she married him like is that cool do I hate them or do I have a threesome with them invited either way it doesn't matter are you ready for that we slid in the DM oh my god well I want to get me and my husband want to get high with how you feel I'm in my car right now mile a mile ease on the top of the list honest occupants and your location please guys if anybody can can lick me up with Miley Cyrus like it's not even the fact that I like let you know if I don't clout chase I just like I love her I've loved her since Hannah Montana Hannah Montana Hannah Montana Hannah Montana Hannah Watts are anyways so uh Miley Cyrus is like number one so Miley Cyrus is number one snoop of course is not so yeah we spoke with him yet okay that'd be but I'm sure he'll be so cool let me think is there anybody else know this movie Miley is like that's crazy I love Miley you take big old ABS huh oh yeah I'm going in yeah you get it that's what's crazy too about dads dapping became like it's so expensive now for good shit when you try to dab your homies out there like we go to dad when they take half the hit okay I appreciate it I think there's a prime cap to if you need it Miley is there someone you've smoked with that you never thought you'd get I were before like a celebrity that you were like oh shit yeah let's get high oh she's like nope only Miley I know she's I feel big Grammy gift bag DAB's oh my god I'm trying to think I feel like there was no I can't cuz I'm so why is there where's like the craziest place you got hi not like the craziest place but I think the craziest experience I had was when I flew into a Vancouver an expert joins picked me up from the airport I was there for their show and he booked me a room at a hotel and he gave me a suitcase he dropped me off with a suitcase that had a bong a rig a torch adapt to like literally rolling the hotel oh the suitcase in the suitcase everything's here everything for you to get high yeah it concentrates in their head flower in there I literally have never felt more like special I've never even had a boyfriend make me feel that important in my life like that was so lit I was like oh my god and they had like all these like because I've never been to Canada that was my first time to Canada so I had okay yeah they're like the weird thing is I actually went through and I realized that I was wearing my own hoodie and it's a coil puffs at a koala with a bong on what are you here for like just exploring the city with my boyfriend you know here yes and yeah that was like that was the craziest but as far as like they're like yeah but yeah this thing the thing with me is like I film a lot of cool content but as far as like smoking with cool people or like going and smoking in cool places I don't really do a lot of that I'm at home filming contests that I fucking don't events making my mystery what's it's the mystery box what is that okay so every month I have a little mystery box that comes in every month it's different it's $40 and it's packed with goodies is $40 before reveal and if you do want to still have it after a reveal at $60 so my Valentines Day box had CBD infused mask face mask CBD infused massage oil so help everybody get laid on Valentine's Day they had the choice between a bath bomb or a shower fizzy that is also CBD infused a soft stuffed koala animal hat with a koala and a heart on it they had my koala puffs rolling papers inside some trip wipes a loofah since it had like all the bath bomb stuff in there and like that it was something else so yeah so it's like packed with shit and it's all limited-edition stuff so when you will all the hats and the shirts that come in there it's all like different every month and it's limited edition so it's not like you would but I like give little slips up a here and there because I want people to be excited what's inside so I let them know what's in there but I never reveal fully until they're shipped out little T's

like you might not be listening but I do want to say a huge thank you to Aaron and hi-rise because that would be late because he actually is the one that makes all the magic happen he puts together all everything with my merchandise he orders everything he prevents everything he ships everything I come in and check in to make sure that everything is the quality like I would like quality it's high-quality I definitely quality you prove it before he gets sent out to everybody but he definitely does everything so I just want to give a huge thank you to that because I would not be doing any of this if it wasn't for him and his team a couple episodes there they're late they're late there it's a good team yes so you got the mystery boxes you got events coming up I got meetups yeah we got we got an LA Valentine's Day meetup February 16 you won't be there you know what I'm talking yes I'm coming yes you come in and then you know that when I said I probably wasn't so I'm coming oh yeah and then actually we're going to Detroit Michigan February 22nd there was a high demand we actually sold out of 500 tickets in three hours that was the craziest thing that I've experienced in a while like I did not think that there would be people not to mention like I felt like okay LA like people live around here sure like we put them out they were sold out so quick so we're doing Michigan February 22nd and then we're actually doing a meet-up at spannabis and we're doing a meet-up at a little booth there we're gonna be there March 15th and then march 19th we're doing a birthday yeah well you might be coming with us from what I've been talking about Danny we are but then we're leaving for Amsterdam so March 19th is going to be an Amsterdam we're doing a meet-up at a coffee shop okay country to countries heck yeah let's go yeah do you think when I go back to Canada they're gonna be like [Music]

fuck yeah you know tell me about making full-length videos has literally changed my life what you mean full-length what does that mean cuz like Instagram I love Instagram but I feel like it doesn't allow me to portray my personality yeah like all my stories that could be like a little bit but it's still 15 seconds here 15 seconds there those people got short attention spans on Instagram you know on the we tube it's all unlike it's edited but it's like not sped up it's all just kind of everyone is different there's some games there's some challenges some little talks some hot boxes they're around 6 to 11 minutes long I upload by 2 to 3 times a week so there's a decent amount of brand-new videos and it's just like been so much fun thinking of really outside the box ideas and kind of trying to set like not like set the bar in a way but just kind of like start new things without like just like taking something and creating a brand new getting it yeah I fucking love it say someone out there has come through your dams like oh I love what you do I want to do what I do how can I get a start in the industry I want to be I want to create content I have a passion for cannabis how can I just create content how can I get people that's exactly how the deal goes you know exactly how it goes probably similar yeah the plug can I get some can send me someone broke here's my address let me see it for free no I never get that shit shit gee my only two people would be like that's what I say all the time is like when you're uploading content make sure that you would watch it still even if it wasn't you uploading that content and like it if you're doing it just because you think it's the cool thing to do or because you're seeing your friends do it or you're seeing other people do it it's not you're gonna hate it you got to really like it be really into it cuz it's a lot of editing a lot of your tripod not working your ring light not working this the way over not working you forgot to click record something doesn't work here your camera just deletes the footage like so much stress so you've got in order to deal with all that and you want to wake up tomorrow and deal with it again you really got to love it so make sure that you love it and make sure the content is like at the point where you would watch it even if you weren't the one creating it and the rest will just kind of take care of itself be passionate about what you do it's gonna be on there forever yeah make sure yeah effort into it yeah that's the thing that's what I think people love about you is just you have a passion for it it's just all organic and say what am I gonna do I got this shit let's make it happen I'm gonna roll a cactus tree I'm gonna fucking put 40 joints in a crock and hit it I almost died that day that was the first day I died actually I lied I didn't almost die I died that killed me so where can people watch this just koala puffs how many S's is there any period yes with two S's on Instagram same if you want to go koala toast on the Wii too but most of there as well but I don't post about me on this story all the time so if you go follow him I'm sure you'll see a koala pops come to Isis or just just one post calm has all my merch and also actually put in a special thing on my website it has a linked list of a bunch of discount codes products that I pre-approve and try it out and I really think you guys would like and should save money on like fuck spending the excess if you don't got to yep

I just I'm shocked that you guys care about me I love it all the support and everything it just means a lot of warms my heart and makes me feel like I'm in the right place you can find more qualifiers on the social medias check it out get a box see you're out of meetup get high with her real life come smoke bail what I want to give a special shout out real quick to all the growers out there because without them none of us will be getting one plant growers a 100 plant the 1000 acres or whatever y'all are growing upon you guys without job we wouldn't be yeah hi everyone tuned it right now appreciate all y'all for listening I really did learn a lot and you inspire me to work harder on my fucking creation really well you know I've been it's been a long you guys coming grandpa and saying I always see like I've been doing shit all the time and site i I've been recently pulling up old videos that are there like from years ago and people are just loving that shit and the thing I noticed is people who love watching people take dabs yeah dabs is like what people want to see especially when you die from dead I posted me smoking crazy as blindside smoking and crazy-ass amounts of weed so the craziest ones is what people are all about but be passionate about what it is is what I've been saying and that's what you basically said as well yeah and enjoy what you do coops appreciate you a little girl from Ukraine coming toward America and living your dream yes the American dream is to smoke weed on the Internet appreciate you coming out to Purple Haze right here - radio everywhere are you listening to this if you watch it on YouTube or whatever appreciate all you guys for your time get higher yeah [Music]


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