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you know sometimes you just want to slam out something you know nobody's going to give a damn about the SEO on this is terrible the subject is relatively unknown this is by all means not a very good way to spend my time hello there my name's AOC's and I routinely make poor life decisions so here's a brief review of pitama inverted a little 2013 rehash of Disney's Atlantis a film that was notable for being the first major attempt by a film studio to shove the fact that white hair blue eyes tend skin is a very good look into public consciousness before that time perhaps but none of Van Gogh's paintings were worth anything until he was dead and buried so at least there's precedent asthma inverted often known under its original title flip turned upside down is a film based on the opening sequence of The Fresh Prince of bel-air where Will Smith's on his fun little gravity defying beyblade chair revealing him as the ancient trickster god he truly is now you might think I'm being a dumb jokesters is my wand but there's some actual legitimacy to that allegation because the film is really more than anything else about perspective which is a point I'm certain I'll end up bludgeoning you with incessantly throughout the rest of this review it's taken very literally without ever directly spelling it out the viewer and thank Christ for that because the last meta for this blatant I've seen was Valkyria Chronicles gay dolphin did learn his schmancy party from the land of Berman in a results in a take on the typical boy meets girl meets dystopia trope that's equal parts unique and generic like if da Vinci tried his hand at a paint-by-numbers the film starts with footage of a normal contemporary Japanese looking city with social anxiety which upon realizing your gazes upon it rips itself apart and flings the pieces into the sky to avoid having to face the reality of interpersonal relationships and hey I feel that that's relatable right out of the gate something very bad clearly happened with gravity in the past and now human society is living in an enclave under the ground and a pleasant but rough looking steampunk City funnily enough humans are also living above-ground in Addis topic city state run by an incredibly almost cartoonishly evil character they're like that ei press-conference fellow channeling Cruella de Vil in a theater major it's a pretty straightforward take on the iron-fisted dictator who knows his empire is built on a house of cards but hey it works these two societies exist separate from one another in more ways than one so naturally the cultures have to clash through what other than a whirlwind forbidden romance tale as old as time once a Capulet now an invert Shakespeare would surely himself if only you could see his story that legacy representing these disparate cultures are pitama a manic fun-loving adventurous go-getter and age a dull sad rich teabiscuit of a human being unlike a rich teabiscuit however he does improve with with time and thank Christ for that because from the starting gun you're probably not going to be incredibly positively disposed towards a captain enthusiastic of the no-holds-barred Express I don't know how you'd react to seeing a cute girl fall up out of the forbidden Valley but I expect your response would be to do more than act like you're watching an episode of The Joy of painting so yes Padma is upside down or maybe ages the film intentionally plays games with how it presents the characters relative positions in the world they come from to make it seem like nobody's quite in the right here something I really enjoyed was how angel society treats the sky like it's a monster kids are discouraged from looking up there are murals depicting people getting pulled into the sky by demonic hands it's a world where the sky claimed the lives of millions and now the sky itself is deemed evil really whilst the film short as it is doesn't spend a lot of time world building what little we do know about Eiger is very disturbing but in a subtle way what really sets part of my inverted parties as I'm sure you've noticed by now how the film uses orientation and perspective to drive its narrative on both a thematic and a story level it's one of the most visually striking metaphors I've seen in a long time in addition to allowing for some incredible visuals scenes like this are uncommon but at times the use of screen space and the meson sin are phenomenal and often finds itself doing a better job of telling the story than the dialogue does they use this core conceit and it is a very cool and unique gore conceit to drive essentially every aspect of the from its setting to how it delivers its theme down it visualizes character motivations and relationships to help you the audience member interprets what you're seeing they're all bound to this idea that there are two very different ways to experience the same world to play in the story then how people can come together despite these massive seemingly insurmountable differences these two it clashing now they're united these two don't see eye-to-eye now they do the way shots are framed and how characters are positioned in the frame itself is probably my favorite thing about the film and it's definitely its biggest strength it only really becomes blatant if you're actively paying attention to it which well I guess I've just made it less enjoyable for you then sorry the fact that it takes a second or two for your brain to properly interpolate what it's seeing when shots start out upside down serves as a brilliant metaphor for being unfamiliar with new things and altogether now perspectives like I said it's an obvious way to do it and it is very straight forward but it still works fantastically without ever being too intrusive to have you actually reorient now you understand the perspectives being presented to you goes hand in hand with the whole thing's Menken see nearly every major narrative revelation is juxtaposed with a jarring 180 degree shift in perspective it really is quite clever sometimes nauseating for example take the main idea of the early relationship development between partner and age partner is frightened of the sky because to her it's an abyss comparatively to age of the sky is a beautiful thing when he can't understand why his society demand he not engage with at a certain point these perspectives are reversed at age understands how frightening the sky is while padma appreciates its beauty it's a matter of meeting in the middle the film insists and again it's quite intelligently constructed on be it in the sort of bishop rice a bees first empathetic thought experiment kind of way of course the inspired visuals aren't the only pro partner has going on the soundtrack is an incredible thing when it wants to be at its best it sounds as though John Williams turned weeaboo and started getting in with the Japanese animation crowd and it lends the film a wonderfully adventurous feel I mean the film's basically easy anyway just instead of a demonic legless shambling periscope that thing we've got peppy dreamboat the Manic Pixie dream girl wow this really sounds like John Williams when researching the background of partna inverted I discovered two Studios attached to the project the main studio studio dica whose most notable previous work was time aviv notorious for both being detroit become human but better and the incredible plug-and-play milf who served as its dramatic impetus in the other studio doesn't seem to exist Purple Cow Studios Japan's website leads to an unregistered domain it has no logo no staff credits it's a ghost after some digging I found a trace fund of several thousand dollars being pumped into a shell corporation in Nairobi it's just a regular apartment building it's time to ask the hard questions who are purple cow studios why has their existence been erased why did their involvement in the industry end in 2014 after which all trace of the vanished what really happened to Malaysia Airlines flight 370 yeah I think you're right I think we're onto something big here what oh the the conclusive statement you're right I apologize let's get back on track so Fatima inverter definitely isn't groundbreaking or overly complex well I mean it's not house of leaves but it's ending certainly caused me a fair bit of confusion at least on my first watch and if you do decide to check out inverted based on this recommendation a friend and I have collaborated on a very helpful visual guide to show how the world of the film is constructed remember it's important to take notes really Padma inverted as an exploration of a single idea through a unique lens they've literally turned the setting and character dynamics into an actual tangible bio-jet ik force the enigmatic nature of its setting and the conclusions the story reaches might strike you as being a bit too nonsensical ignoring the substantial suspension of disbelief that oops half of humanity is upside down forever now might race to begin with but if you're looking for a quick enjoyable lightweight thing to watch with the stylistic take on character Dinah do a helluva lot was compactly [Music] hello there fun little PostScript here so I figure if you've watched this far in a review of something that's relatively obscure like this you're probably more than just a fair-weather friend to this channel so I feel it pertinent to announce that I do indeed have a patreon if you wanted to support me directly then that would be a fantastic way to do it because I would love to be able to keep doing this so you want to keep seeing videos like this obviously feel it incredibly pertinent to announce nothing will change hopefully I can actually make these uploads more freaked when I'm trying to get at least one video out a month hopefully that's coming across and you feel like it's actually worth pledging money per month that would be fantastic but nothing will be locked behind a paywall you will get access to a discord server though which might be a curse rather than a blessing but if you do have some kind of income on the side that you might be able to spare even if it's just $1 I would enjoy it immensely I'll be an actual proper patreon announcement video a couple weeks down the line probably because it's been up for a while but I wanted to make sure that I was able to upload a video a month for three months straight before I actually started asking for cash which I've been able to do fantastically because I want I want people to feel like they are actually not throwing money at someone who's not doing anything with it so if you have a smaii spare if you have anything that would enormous ly appreciate it obviously don't have feelings if you don't I get it I'm currently in that position so thank you very much for watching once again sorry about this little fun money-grubbing sequence

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! I first watched Patema Inverted years ago and remembered loving it, so I thought that I could go back and use it for a good little short mid-season review. It can be a bit patronising at times and a bit vague at others, and whilst I'd never call it great, per se, Inverted's still a wonderful way to spend an hour and a half. Patema's very sweet, as well. Unforunately the only way to watch this legally is to purchase it phyiscally. Still a worthwhile investment, of course, as this is the kind of film you want to watch more than once since that midway plot twist is pretty out of nowhere and confusing - it seems like I wasn't alone in thinking they had landed on some kind of alien spaceship - but it makes more sense on the rewatch. LINKS ----------------------------------------­­­------------------------- ►Patreon:



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