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hey guys my name is Justin you and welcome back to slime rancher in the last episode we fed some more of the Gordo's hidden about our world and attempts to get our hands on some more slime keys so now we can finally open this a very very mysterious door that we found at the end of the ancient ruins and according to our map there should be a suspicious light on the other end of this door so this just screams something special honestly there must be something special on the other end so let's go ahead and uh see what it is we'll put one of our slime keys and sign and see what's on the other end of this door we do still have our phase lemon in our backpack so we'll have to go back to the ranch to plant that pretty soon but do I see yeah another one of those statues up there let's just take a quick look around this place first so we don't end up missing anything oh my gosh look at this beautiful place and yeah those are actually the statues oh those look like the quantum is lying so you have those glitchy little eyeballs so I guess we have to go get some quantum Lords to put in their mouths but we do have a little tip over here so let's read this to the ruins used to be some kind of warp station used by whoever created it to connect to one of the most distant corners of the far-far range be careful Beatrix once you cross over you'll be in truly untamed country though beautiful the other side can be an unforgiving place okay so it sounds like we might be able to get to a completely new area and it also looks like a just in time we have our heart module mark 2 to upgrade to as well so I guess if it's going to be super dangerous there we might actually want to buy that but first we're going to have to go back to our ranch and ax grab some of our lovely quantum florets it looks like we need um five of them these are all the same types of statues so we just need five quantum floors to use this a big giant teleporter this thing is so pretty - it's absolutely massive I can't wait to see what's on the other end of that even though it seems like it's going to be particularly nasty over there it sounds like it's going to be a little bit more dangerous than the things we're used to maybe we'll find and other than just the regular tars that we'll have to watch out for but let's go back to the ranch we should have our teleporter right outside the gate here there we go that can take us right straight back to our ranch so we can go ahead and plant our face lemon and we can also check on the Gordo snare oh it looks like we still don't have any Gordo's to a feed on the ranch itself but we do have plenty of slimes to a keep us company oh you guys are looking hungry back here that's not good let's go ahead and suck up some of these chickens it looks like they do actually have some breyer hens but this poor little guy just can't seem to find one so we'll throw a nice hen hen it straight into your mouth so you don't go hungry we don't need our boom slimes getting cranky after all so I did get rid of the cursed Corral the cursed Corral that was a housing all of our pink slimes we actually placed them by the lab instead since we need to use their pink plorts so often so now they're neighbours with our lovely little quantum slimes and I even found a couple more friends do a hop around the place too that way we will have plenty of pink floyd's to use in all of our experiments oh no not again oh my gosh it's just these um pink slimes that our glitch then you'll pink slimes are absolutely cursed so I guess the new Corral isn't really going to hold them after all which is super disappointing and we are going to have to keep a very close eye on these guys do if the quantum slimes end up glitching out of their Corral's and that's going to be a little bit more of a problem because I guess then they would be free to you teleport wherever they please so we might have some thar situations if we're not careful but for now they seem content to you just a drift into the air a little bit more uh safely than our very mischievous pink slimes do but let's toss their carrot back into out their Corral over here and then I suppose we could plant our phase lemon right on the side of our lab for now since we do have an open space over here anyway we'll just make them one of the gardens now I'm not sure how often we're really going to use the phase lemons in all honesty it seems like it's far far more work than it's really worth what we're going to have to do is send different type of fruit at these lemons once they're fully grown and that should allow us to harvest them so it's not super efficient but I guess we're going to a try out all aspects of our slime ranching experience right we want to experience the face lemons for ourselves and then we can give our quantum slimes their very favorite snack - we've already decorated this place very nicely so they can feel are right at home with their lovely music just like the giant door in the ancient ruins itself and even a little patch of grass for them to enjoy - we also have one of these sunburst trees that we could possibly make we'll have to see what we have - a cow they're up to make one of those and we can pop it up right next to em their Corral on the other side but for now let's make sure our rad slimes are fed - you guys have plenty of oka OCA's inside your Corral so you should be just fine and then we might as well buy some of the upgrades we'll go ahead and get the advanced um extractors so we might be able to get some more resources as we're out exploring the world whatever is on the other end of that teleporter our extractors we'll have plenty of time to do their work while we're exploring so we have the advance to drill the advanced stump pump and the advanced apiary - and we also have access to them the blue teleporters and the grey teleporters now so I guess that's how we're going to be able to tell apart are different teleporters based on what color they are we'll just have to try to remember which one goes where once we can actually start making them and if I remember correctly we needed the deep brine and the hexa comb to do so let's see the pink teleporter takes lots and lots of that deep brine so we know we can get the hexa comb from the moss blanket if we place our eight berries in there but I did a little bit of research on the deep brine and supposedly we need to place our pumps inside the dry reef so let's make sure we make a couple of these oh my gosh look how many tabby plorts we have we are definitely not going to be out running out of those anytime soon and good thing too because the advanced pump does take a little bit more of these up lortz than the novice pump does so we'll fabricate a whole bunch of these and then do the same for the apiaries - and if we find ourselves going past the moss blanket today then we'll make sure we place those right inside as far as the drill goes I would imagine the best place for us to a place these would probably be the indigo quarry so once we go back there we'll have to make sure we have a couple of drills on our hands but it seems as if we have used all of our pink quartz up so I guess we'll have to uh try to snag a couple more from our very very cursed slimes but the Sunburst tree we need um that wild honey for these all right that makes sense we found some of that wild honey from the moss blanket as well in our ate berries then the quantum flirts of course the tabby Lords and the slime fossils as well which seem to be pretty common for us to find so we should be able to make these sunburst tree in absolutely no time at all but look at that we have just enough quantum floors to take with us to you on that teleporter so I guess we're ready to go right we just need to UM take a quick look at the m7z corporation to make sure we buy the other heart module because yeah if it's going to be that dangerous if it's so dangerous that H felt the need to let us know that we might have some trouble we might as well make sure that we are fully prepared before we leave so we can buy the heart module mark 3 that will increase their health to 200 luckily we haven't had any situations where we've been completely knocked out yet so I think we'll be just fine now our slimes are all fed so all we have left to do is just uh make sure that we place down all of our little extractors and this right outside of our ranch should be the dry reef so I guess that means that I'm anywhere we place this should give us some of that lovely a deep brine so all of the pink slimes and the phosphorus limes can take care of our pumps while we're gone for the day because now we should be ready to make the very very long journey back to UM the ancient ruins the very end of the ancient ruins and that's why I'm hoping that we'll be able to UM make a teleporter sooner rather than later especially if we're going to be going to a new area on the map as far as I knew we were pretty much a done filling out our maps so I wonder where on earth this is going to take us I mean there's a lot of ocean out this way there is that very strange Island that we haven't cleared out yet but I wonder if maybe it's um one of the places that we teleported to from the quarry if we maybe a grab the map no in the quarry this might end up lighting up after all oh my gosh wait a second there's a whole new area over here and it's sectioned off too so I wonder if this is the place that we're going to go to it looks very very big as well almost as big in fact as the a map that we're travelling right now that is crazy so we have a quite the journey ahead of us I guess quite a bit more to explore than I was expecting but since we are passing through the moss blanket it would be a good idea for us to a tuck all of our apiaries in here too hopefully this will be just enough for us to get all of the resources we need it says it's going to last for three cycles - so it should be a little bit more effective than our regular extractors anyway but there's all three of our apiaries ready to go hopefully those boom slimes aren't going to I'm not get out of orbit we have so many of those on little pink tabbies happen around the place - and since they are so mischievous on our own ranch I'm a little bit concerned leaving are very valuable items with them but maybe if we're lucky they'll turn their attentions to you all of those carrots instead it looks like the Sun is just beginning to set - so I guess we're going to be exploring this on new area overnight which might not be the best of ideas because the tars do tend to be a little bit more of frequent in the night time since there's so many more slimes but we'll have to make do I'm sure we'll be fine we just need a little bit of confidence so in you go little quantum Florence it looks like it's working so I guess we are doing the right thing we'll shoot every last one of these ports are right into their mouths and then back up so we can see it work it's magic oh my gosh another lovely light show and now we know exactly what we cannot do with these quantum floors I guess if they're powerful enough to a charge an entire giant teleporter I'm sure they're quite a valuable back home - but I guess we're ready our entire backpack is empty so we'll be able to take plenty of little treasures back with us as well let's jump in and see where we end up the glass desert under a blistering Sun prismatic giants evoke beauty and peril all right the glass desert I think the slowest Amma one of the most recent updates the game actually so we should be seeing some pretty new slimes in here too and we're getting all sorts of a brand new warp stations as well butterscotch warp stations in fact so they must want us to I use those to get to this place once we can make them of course but first I'll let's just see what we can find this place looks very similar to the ancient ruins so far they are definitely connected in some way we have all of those a big walls the broken pillars and even those strange lights do but look at these giant crystals oh this place looks so eerie in the night time maybe not the best idea to explore in the night after all because I feel like something is going to come jumping out at us I do see movement in the distance though it seems like that might be I'm some sort of chicken back there and what I know there you oh my gosh what is that this thing it's not a slime whatever it is it's a good little plan can we like water or something well that's very mysterious but it's clear there's something we need to UM do with that little plant oh my gosh what are these tiny things little flowers on the very tippy top of the cactus plants that is adorable too and yeah we do have chickens running around here but so far this place seems very very bare aside from those strange plants there's no slimes to be seen well maybe if we wander a little bit further our luck will change let's see it looks like there's more implant-- is that a Gordo oh my gosh I think we already found a giant Gordo and it looks to be a different type of slime too because it seems as if it's some purple and I don't think we've seen the purple slimes before okay we're going how to investigate that and even this slime looks new too he has a little flower on his head just like those cactus plants so maybe that's where they like to hang out but I'm apparently not in the nighttime so I think we're going to have to find a way to get up there because unfortunately our jetpack is not strong enough to take us straight up to that platform there must be a different way to go around and I'm oh my gosh find the Gordo this guy the dervish slime this is definitely what's on the very top of that platform oh my gosh and he's angry too very very angry sending little tornados after us well let's suck you up to learn a little bit more about you twists and turns all day and spirals all night so I guess some H was not kidding when he said that it was going to be very dangerous out here that tornado is still raging oh my goodness what on earth is going on now it looks like we're in the middle of a raging inferno did the dervish slime actually do this and can we stay down here like that's another good question or are we going to start getting hurt we might want to find some higher ground just in case no wonder this place is so bare oh my gosh because there are literally pillars of fires shooting from the ground well maybe if we're lucky we can make our way around this like I'm guessing there's probably nothing we can do but just try to stay as far away from the fire as possible oh my gosh there's a giant like chunks of rock falling from it too you know this place is very very dangerous it's even following us guys this is not good well I know it's triggered back to you was it because I picked up on one of the slimes or is this just what happens in the glass desert in the middle of the night can you give us some a little bit of insight on this I know it's not the best idea to stop and read in the middle of a firestorm but a desperate times the glass desert is a fascinating place but you need to be on guard at any moment a dangerous solar anomaly can occur that will cause all hectic break loose for a spell yeah no kidding you know it when you see it and when you do head for cover or risk burning your tuchus yeah I hate thanks girl we could have figured that out on our own and there's Little Rock slimes here too oh you poor little guy so let me save you from this terrible terrible disaster we'll bring you along with us adjust for now so you don't get completely burnt up in the process maybe if we sneak in here we cannot find a place to hide there's a dervish slimes all over the place too oh gosh I hope they're not going to use the fire to their advantage we don't need flaming tornadoes coming after us - this guy seems to have found a good place to hide though the little tangle Gordo oh you're one of the ones with the ax pick flowers on your head just in time too because it does look as if that a solar anomaly has ended okay that was um a little bit crazy to say the least we're going to have to be a little bit more cautious I suppose if that can happen at absolutely any time it seems like we didn't trigger it by I'm picking up any slimes we just on were in the wrong place at the wrong time but the tangle gordo you actually eat me oh that's surprising I guess you're a carnivorous plant then despite your very friendly appearance we're gonna have to stay back from you well I do have a lovely little hen hen that I could feed you but I don't know if it's going to adieu too much we're going to need a lots and lots more of those a hen hens to keep you satisfied luckily it does look like we have little tiny nuts down here but uh no chickens because they were probably all wiped out in that crazy storm we can at least leave our lovely Rock slimes down here now that it's nice and safe you're not looking too happy but hopefully you're gonna find something to eat out here yet still very bare and these strange flowers are absolutely everywhere so there must be something we can do with them in all honesty though I'm kind of stumped so hopefully we'll be able to find a good tip that will let us know what we're supposed to do let's go ahead and feed the some lovely carnivorous plant a couple more of these stony hens though just a couple more I'm still only a lookout for more food for you oh and there's that map node to excellent so we'll go ahead and dumb unlock this we can get a better view of the area yeah it looks like we have a teleporter here to bring us back home so that's good to know too but we still have so much more to explore there's the venom another one of those strange lights up there at the very top just like the ancient ruins we have little pockets on the sign to explore so maybe we should try that out next because I think there was some one of these yes lime door is blocking the main way though luckily we do have another slime key so honestly we could just open it right away we might as well because um we still haven't found too much that we can bring back home Oh No and this one has one of those caution signs like as if we're not having enough trouble in this crazy crazy place now we have to worry about all the slow James coming after us too and since there are carnivorous slimes wandering around I wouldn't be surprised about that's exactly what's going to come after us is this a different type of chicken though oh it definitely is what are you the pink did hen some believe it's what lies at the end of the rainbow totally disappointing little painted hens waiting for you once you get to the end of that rainbow instead of each ient pot of gold well honestly I wouldn't mind because they look absolutely adorable I wouldn't be surprised if that's what this Gordo's favorite food is though unfortunately we can't check because we still haven't managed to you find the regular tangle slime just this mysterious dervish slime instead but there we go it did give us some a little hearts so the tangle slimes love the painted hens we'll have to make sure we take a couple of those back to the ranch too if we happen to find some more but for now let's head down one of these aside passages to see if there's anything else we can discover more of those plants it's always those plants for some reason there has to be something we can do with these maybe it is just related to um all of these statues then maybe we need to go grab a couple of those have proc florets and see if that answers any of our questions we have a little rock statue right up here I think those are rock statues right yeah those look like our little rock slimes are just like the ones we used to open the ancient ruins itself so because this place is so very bare it doesn't seem like we're going to be able to find any food to give to those rock slimes even though we did have a couple of wild rock slimes roaming the area we don't have any vegetables to feed them so I guess we're going to have to go back to our ranch after all if we want to I'd Chuck something into their mouths there's even a place summer right up here can we get to it with our jet pack no it's just a little tiny bit too high so maybe there's some sort of staircase a little bit further back that we can use in fact it looks like there's a torch on the other side oh and it's another one of the doors okay and Casey is sending us a mail again too so they must be getting a little bit worried about us talk about a connection light-years away from Earth and they can feel the immense stress that we're under right now so let's check the rest of these hand hands right into your big adorable mouth and then we might as well take a peek inside this area like I'm a little bit concerned a little bit concerned because of that sign but I do want to at least see what's here before we leave before we go back and I try to find some of those rock floors to throw in two of these statues so far I don't see anything though which is um even more concerning oh my gosh what are you oh is this one of those um mosaics lamps I think they're called I have seen on little screenshots of these guys before and they are absolutely gorgeous they glitter all sorts of colors just like that statue but we haven't seen any for ourselves yeah so I guess um this is probably about where they're going to live once we do bring some life back to this place there's even one way down there and is that on sand of some sort quicksand maybe yeah that does not look like a very appealing place to go for a swim let's see if we can find just a couple more of those painted hens though if we're lucky maybe they'll be I'm on the other side here somewhere by those nests yeah there's one of the nest excellent and there's those of feral slimes - oh no wait a second are you guys going to eat the hens let me suck these up really quick and then we'll um get out of your way oh wait a second oh my gosh that cactus has a little face just like the tangle slime oh that is adorable I wonder if there's anything we can do but that can be like water you to bring you to life or something no definitely not and we have to get out of here because it's kind of super super cranky but at least we have our lovely little painted hens and is that different type of fruit chew the prickle pear don't mind if I do we'll bring these back to the ranch - this is a fruit that knows how to fight back oh it sounds like it's going to hurt us just as much as those pesky rock slimes then so I wonder if that teleporter that um was on our map is actually underneath this a giant Gordo I have a feeling because it does seem to be right inside this room so we might not be able to use that after all I think we're going to have to go all the way back through that very dangerous territory cross our fingers that we don't have another solar anomaly to deal with as we try to get back home we'll make sure that we unplaced our painted hens another one don't mind if I do right inside the ranch so we can get a whole bunch of them ready to UM give - oh wait a second we do have some veggies out here Oh excellent it's not much but we could actually feed the rock slimes after all I mean it makes sense because there has to be some way that these are rock slimes are surviving all of these different slimes even though this place seems oh no very very unstable to say the least they have to have some way of eating or else thing I would have moved on by now I mean I can't imagine that any of the slimes would really like to spend their time here considering that we have solar anomalies deal with giant pillars of flames spouting from the ground but let's get out of here and uh check out that new blueprint - it said something about a refinery link which would be super helpful if it means that we can I'm just toss our resources straight into the refinery without going all the way back to the lab so yeah that is a definitely something that we're going to have to check out but first let's go back to our ranch let's take a little bit of a break from the class desert we'll check up on all of our different slimes still no Gordo unfortunately still no Gordo's do a speak of a weekend place are painted hens right in the middle of our ranch and they can I get to know all of our other hens - you guys are so colorful our tabbies are going to be a very interested in tasting you I have a feeling and we also have the dervish slime which is I'm a little bit more concerning considering that we did just have to run away from a giant tornado that it spawned so I'm not sure what we're going to do with this guy in fact we might want to UM put him very very far away somewhere off in the corner where we just planted our phase lemons as soon as we can a harvest a few of these to give to our quantum slimes we'll get rid of this garden and hopefully tuck our dervish slime very very safely in the corner so we won't harm any of our other slimes in particular especially if he can send his tornadoes outside of his Corral the other thing we could do is maybe and by the dock upgrade because I would imagine there's probably a couple more spaces down there that we could use for all of these different slimes and apparently we're going to need them too if we have on news lines to take back to the ranch but let's see what that strange a blueprint was for the refinery link allows you to remotely deposit resources into the refinery yeah that is exactly what it is and how adorable is this thing it looks like a tiny little bear of some sort that is so cute well let's go ahead and purchase that just to see what we need to make it because we have so many of our different demux tractors and whatnot spread about the world it would definitely be nice if we could just chuck it straight into the refinery we need some a royal jelly for it but we do actually have everything else that we need so we'll have to I do a little bit of research and try to figure out where we can get that royal jelly that must be a pretty rare item to it come across but as we relax on our ranch for the night let's break back into our slime pedia to read a little bit more about all of these crazy slimes now we're on the crystal slime we have a couple of those inside the grotto actually nice and cozy and their dark cave believed to be a cousin of the rock slime the crystal slime is covered in a crown of shimmering crystal spikes these spikes seem to form from the crystal slime generating a tremendous amount of internal heat and warping the minerals around them a truly alien behavior yeah they kind of like hop out of these giant patches of a crystals it's very dangerous to walk through - so we have to be careful when we're going in there corral the sharp crystals adorned on the crystal slimes crown will cause a great deal of harm if touched we're still the crystal slime routinely creates large patches of hazardous crystals in the environment around them thought to be a means of expelling internal heat these crystal patches are ultra hot and can be shattered if splashed with water oh I didn't know that okay so yeah another good reason for us to keep some water on hand I suppose though the crystals produced by the crystal slime are highly unstable a crystal port like all ports is far and more pure and can be used by slime scientists to engineer a variety of metals that are completely transparent this innovation has led to metropolitan areas on earth completely transforming visually allowing more light to reach the streets and the space as a whole a chance to breathe Architects often describe these transparent metals as so totally cooler than normal boring metals I can understand that because they are very very occult lines very beautiful despite they're a dangerous appearance I mean we know quite a bit about danger now after going into the glass desert oh my gosh not what I was expecting fire storms and tornadoes everywhere but in the next episode what we'll do is we'll bring some more of those some rock flirts down and see if I'm giving them cue the statues helps us out any and of course we'll read a Casey's new male too but for now thank you all so much for watching and I'll see you all next time bye guys [Music]


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