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what's up guys Lew here back with another video and today I've got something gaming related for you to look at you may recognize this package here of course this is a scuf controller and if you've been following my channel for a while you know that I previously featured the new scuff controllers for Xbox one well of course it only makes sense to share the new controllers for the PlayStation 4 as well so I've got two of them here this is one package the other ones over here we're gonna be looking at both of them and I'll be explaining a little bit more about what a scuf controller is and we can also just look at how beautiful these unusual PlayStation 4 controllers look on the box you can see elite engineering powerful precision full hand control and of course the most important aspect victory so I opted for a couple of cool different color combinations quite a bit different from my choices for the Xbox one controllers which were done in a red kind of scheme one of them was red camo and the other one was plain red damn there is the first of the two controllers very slick as I'm sure you can tell this is the yellow and black bumblebee style look and you have elevated thumbsticks as well so the first thing I'll touch on is the height of the thumbsticks which is completely configurable by you short medium or long depending on what you like better and what suits your style of gameplay you can also choose to have a concave stick or a domed stick again that comes down to personal preference you can see here we have the blacked out buttons just for a slicker look as I flip it over you'll see another aspect of what makes a scuf controller special first you have these specialized grips normally this would be a relatively slick surface and then of course your scuff buttons so the scuff buttons located on the back are really what's going to give you your advantage in the game that you're playing they are remaps of the front facing button so your triangle X etc you won't have to take your hand off of the right thumbstick in order to access those buttons instead your middle finger lines up perfectly well and just a little bump a little tap and regardless of which button it is that you've remapped all of a sudden boom you can hit that same thing goes for your left hand which also falls on to the other punch so you can keep your thumbs locked down on the thumb sticks so you don't have to give up any kind of movement you can always be looking around moving around and still accessing those face buttons so obviously it's also about the appearance since this is your custom controller you're gonna want to suit it out exactly how you want in this particular case it's yellow and black I like it you know lots of contrast there and one more thing that I almost forgot is these ones are programmable via a magnetic key so you can actually remap these buttons without the need to do any kind of extreme work or open it up or anything like that okay so next up we have a different look and a slightly different layout this is a black and green digital camo I'm a big fan of these camo appearances I have the black and red camo on the Xbox one controller you'll notice that on this controller the d-pad looks a little different than usual that's because you have this scuff disc on there instead which should improve your precision a little bit and help you to slide around from the different locations on the d-pad of course you have the scuff thumb sticks in this case as well these are concave like on the other controller and the blacked out buttons over on the side here the blacked out face buttons on the back once again you have these scuff grips followed by once again the scuff 4ps buttons which will be remapped from the front as I said before so I'll put the two of them together here so you can really check them both out in that frame so the black and yellow version with the standard d-pad and the blacked out face buttons and then the digital camo on the right hand side here which has this cool disc installed this is removable I'm told so you can take that off if you want to go back revert back to the standard d-pad anyways very cool as I said the whole point here is to customize it to suit you so some of these choices are subjective whether or not you like these thumb sticks or different thumbsticks but that's the beauty of scuff my question is why aren't all controllers mapped like this stock out of the box I mean it seems to make sense you don't have to remove your thumbs you still have access to those buttons you can still pull the triggers and the rest of your hand generally isn't doing very much in the game it's just gripping around the edge so the idea of accessing these buttons in a different way it's kind of interesting to me and always has been since I first heard about scuff so anyways there you have it - fresh scuff controllers for the PlayStation 4 very pretty to look at and functional as well you don't always get that you know sometimes it's beauty sometimes it's brains in this case it's both big thanks to scuff for sending these out to me if you guys want to find out more information that'll be down in the description if you enjoyed this content make sure to leave a thumbs up down below thanks as always for watching and

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