Bill Geist on Irish Bowling in West Virginia

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France faces Italy later today in the World Cup final so why is Ireland on a roll bill geist explains top of the mornin Julia from the Emerald hills of Ireland Ireland West Virginia

and what might these lads be doing bowling of some kind on a road in Ireland which would make it Irish Road bowling that it would says David Powell Irish burg bowling is sports that's over 300 years old and it's played in Ireland primarily and we know that it's was played during the American Civil War here in West Virginia Irish troops play with small cannon balls that were used in battle and they played between the battles David wanted to bring this popular Irish game back to West Virginia but first he had to figure out how to play I went to the Library of Congress and in the 128 million odd items there there was only one book on Irish Road bowling and no one had ejected out and no one had checked it out for years first team up we tried to figure out the rules of the game from the book it's fairly simple this is it I've never you toss the ball or Bowl as they call it down the road for a mile or two and the player with the fewest shot wins we call this sacred ground this is the first road that Irish Road bowling was played on in 140 years since the Civil War really we had our first match here in 1995 as a brochure although his own Road outside Irish immigrants from Boston came down and really taught us to take the game a lot more seriously con O'Callahan was one of them he's the North American champion what do you think of this road this was just like home road bowling in Ireland I mean I grew up with so I like I start when I was 12 years of age really so I mean you develop the technique when you're very very young it's the same probably somebody you know kid in America playing baseball whole thing is that right you know he that's what he does and that's weak is good with the help of the Irish West Virginia now has its own bowling tour the sport attracts athletes of widely varying styles and ability grandma's even play Jared a logger by trade let's go a mighty he well mine more closely resembles a skee-ball talk oh shoot sliced it it's a simple game but these scenic roads roll and pitch twist and turn as though purposely trying to shake off the iron ball I'm going uphill around a curve with great difficulty but some can do it occasionally by giving the ball just the right English if you'll excuse the expression she goes to the camber on the road going to the right the camera of the road the camber and there's so much to learn what is the function of this guy out here he is the road show earth road shower road show her and he is like the coach Jared what do you call that a soft target from that doesn't argue to mark the Amen there are hazards to the game like traffic

there are even road bowling injuries I went to the doctor and she said that I was the first case that she's ever diagnosed with Irish rogue bowling elder's spectators don't know what to make of the whole spectacle and they wonder what it is and you have to explain it to him what are you telling me well I would just take two balls and go out and play in traffic it's just something new for us really we've never seen it before you see what you see what the other that the red truck is above the other truck is about yeah this is my individual instruction from on the gray that's perfect okay I got the stop down I'm ready come on my ball keeps straying off road I quit I'm retiring I would like to announce my retirement but as it turns out almost every shot winds up in the rough is the very rough search parties are formed and special equipment is brought in

dr. Pillai so odd nevertheless Connell Callahan says Americans are mastering the game of Irish Road bowling including the most essential part a good strong

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