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[Music] so this video is sponsored by a CyberPower UK they build a lot of awesome pcs if you do want to go check it out I will leave the link down in the description so what is going on guys welcome back to some more slime rancher here today on the channel today is episode 7 I believe and this is going to be a good episode so as you can see in the bottom left we have ourselves a slime key so we're going to open up a another location now I remember seeing like another door in I believe the the mossy world or the mossy Rock or whatever the mossy one is called I remember seeing some kind of a kind of key over there on door should I say over there so that's what we're going to do we're going to we're going to see if we can open that one also in the most blind kids that's what it's called the moss blanket it was similar I think I could use my jetpack so my jetpack costs 350 new books so I want to get this what's the pulse wave to do that that emits slimes away so I want to get these pulse I want to get the jetpack sorry that's cuz then there's somewhere else that we can explore in the moss blanket as well so let's have a look at the value of these rocks right now and 38 for a rock one and 30 30 23 sorry for a rock 138 for a honey one do we have any more water ones when do we have any little chicks just yet we don't have any chicks just yet alright we're going to water I've got a couple of water plot puddle clocks right here there we go we're going to grab these we're going to explore the moss blanket a little bit more also how much is this location to unlock how much is this what I'm going to cost this is the overgrowth the ranch is very old wild side this is going to cost 1795 new books but with these holy slimes that we've got we could afford that if we wanted to which would be pretty cool for now though what have we got over here let's get all of these let's get them all all these rock flaws give me giving mm there we go Willa we'll get all these rock plots we will put these into the machine these are currently worth 23 the holy ones can go to a maximum of 50 so I want to maybe I've seen them up to 50 so I want to maybe maybe try and wait till they go to like 50 activate jetpack we will buy the jetpack we might as well buy the heart module as well and I think we're pretty much done for now actually you know what I don't know what to do with this hunter slime I really I really want to keep it but at the same time apparently aggravates other slimes I believe let me read about the hunter slime monster slime is right here so red chorizo honks as far as being the key sense to detect its prey from great distances making finding a good location for the corral are challenging the the wild nature of the hunter also passes on to any large jaws formed from its plots a newly created hunter larger will be fair isle a preferred rancher knows that breeding home Taleggio should always be done slowly all right so I think I should be okay I think if I if I build a Corral here and I want to do high walls on it so looks like we're going to have to get some of these honey bees funny pods I want to get some higher walls on it and maybe even a rerun it as well just because I want to keep this hunter slime and I don't want all of my normal slimes to disappear oh no come on don't run run so we'll probably even here I'm going to throw them all in here we're going to get 20 new locks there we go we've got 1,300 new books right now which might seem like a lot right now but apparently it's not actually a lot so music box soothing tuner reduces slime agitation is this one of the ones that it gets an agitated does it get agitated is that what it said

is it agitates it I don't know I don't know let's place it in here and let's see what happens so if you place it in here oh hi can you jump can you jump high oh it goes invisible oh oh I don't know I don't know should we put a roof on it and it there we go I'll put a roof on those so hopefully you can't get out and maybe we put one on here as well we put one on here and was the other thing here it is there we go we'll put an earnest on this one as well because they're low joules so we should be okay that I think do we have anything else that we can get yes we do we have some more of these mint mangoes oh yeah so we're going to get the massive amount of mint mangoes here because we've got that operated and also little girl twice as quick which is a very nice you can't go wrong with a couple of mid-month Oz Canyon there we go alright give me them give me them give me them there we go so we got plenty mean mangoes that we can use to play in here we don't actually have any in here right now so it's a good job I placed on it there we go you want to feed on them I'm sure you do I really need to get rid of this board I'm going to put these ports though - I don't know we'll put it on to that for now and we'll place some more in here oh wait what I can't I can't throw those in here I can't throw them in here why can't they throw anymore oh maybe I'll just throw them in here instead there we go or just roaming here and then it'll just get there just get sucked up again while there there we go there we go come on couple more there we go so there we go we're up to seventy one of those that's you know one more one more there we go 72 in here we still have some beat so we're going to have to watch out for getting filled up and level it too much that's only got 30 so we should be okay for now but they have mint mangoes in there as well there are less of those drier hens or do we need them I don't know if we actually need them I'll tell you what let's just you try hands yes you do it's not your favorite one but you still even don't yeah are you still eating them now Joe no eat another one I'll get a couple of hundred so like then I can spend no one we know you want to eat another one eat another one I don't need these breyer hens no one you know you want to eat them eat them Oh always go to invisible that mean he's going for another one I don't know all right let's put these on supports in let's just do it and which of these worth these are worth 8501 f initely worth a lot could you squeeze their breathing please stony hands they're breathing we need more Hunter plots we need more so we've got the jet pack how do I even use this oh okay okay so it uses energy and you just jump with it that's simply how it's done you just jump with it got it so we should be okay here we're going to head over in this direction and I'm going to get some water as well if possible there should be some more to just around here here we go there's water just around here there we go so I'm going to be careful with the energy that it uses if we do want to actually no I'm just going to get some food just in case just in case I needed to maybe calm down some kind of slime or something like that we'll get some just in case but yeah we want to head over to the mas blanket and a few little locations that we have to explore the first one is a word you can use the jetpack to jump over and the second one is where we open a key that we all put up the location with a key I'll tell me now I'm down giving you I'm giving you food you eat anything no yeah there you go so I kind of relax them a little bit I think it relaxes um hey we just got an achievement let's actually have a look at our achievements for a second we've still got a lot of achievements that we need to get I look at all these achievements we've still got to get them complete the slam pedia we've got so many different achievements to get we just got catch complete which I'm guessing was what what even was catch let's have a look at that achievement quickly a catch catch catch catch catch where are you shoot through into an oh bond slimes mouth oh okay that's alright then we got that completed fair enough sister alright so I don't even know what's what's the points of that over there that's just simply like that just seems to be and I don't know what that is that's just where boxers at the end alright so I need to save my energy I need to save my energy how much how quickly does it use it I think it uses it very quickly so we're going to have to be cautious with that I can talk to this now as well there we go the bright end let's actually talk to this the first time I went to explore it in the moss blankets I got stuck up here so constructed a way out it's just oxy yonder I'm guessing that that's where the teleporter was right oh and this is how you get over here oh okay so you get over here anything else over here boom slide I don't even know what is all there in this direction nothing that I can see at the moment I'm hoping I've got enough energy to get across with my jetpack I'm hoping I've got enough alright there's enough tea over there so let's get rid of it where is actually I can hear him no he's gone okay oh no he's gone well that's the wait because you know more are going to appear over in this direction all right we're going to need to wait for energy and then we want to try and see if we can fly across this which hopefully we can hopefully we can fly across this is the first objective that I wanted to do come on we got this we got this yeah there we go whoo we got across what is over on this side though I'm curious what's over here is there anything new oh you're nothing new all right you're not new we do have another message over here have you ever been in love Beatrix makes me feel all itchy inside like a day you've had a soul like a day after your souls been to the gym that's the best way I can describe it anyway it also relies you thinking to something that you swore is downright alien all those things you thought mattered that suddenly don't change you're entirely Katra can't recommend it enough all right this is like a totally new area as well I'm really curious what's in this location we've got phosphorus lines around here there's like all these glowing mushrooms and everything and it looks really cool we have another treasure pod how do I open the treasure pod though I don't know how to open them Walter doesn't work on it I'd rather have to open up oh we got a lot of booms lines a lot of booms lines is that something else at the back then was that one of those nasty things I forgot what the call I think it mine's a mess all right luckily it will will pick up some boom stuff if we see it might as well right if we see the boom box that will pick anything else in this direction all we could get some potential water water over here any water ones not that I can see right now anymore boom plus some as the hunter slime was that another hunter slime yes hunter slime come here pump the sli's we're getting a little bit of a collection they said don't get too many of them or something like that but we got a couple of them for now oh we're going to I forgot with the column where is it gun is he gone into the water yep into the water so it's gone that's fine I forgot what they call them the old names and things now I completely forgot forgot what they call them but we've got a couple of hundred slimes over here we've got a new message over there that we can talk to this must blanket is huge but this is massive right now we've got another platform down here that goes to somewhere I'm guessing you're a foster horses like I'm not very happy are you no you are not this is like a whole new location over here oh we could have just walked down here okay it's a whole new location though exploring the most blank in a little more anything around here no I'm looking for some Giants lines like we're probably going to feel like a boon slime or maybe it's something like that road here a giant one of them because we had to use the jet pack to get over here but here's another treasure pot I really need to look how to open those treasure pods because I have a feeling they're going to have something really good in them that's just uh that's just my initial thought is that it's going to have something good in it there we go fatso you get up to the top what is it round here oh oh this this hole with water down here I think I think we've what down here at all so we've got up to somewhere that usually yeah look we go up there and we'll go through that little tree over here but we're above now we're above it all this is where all the honey slimes are found so we're going to another treasure pod over here that we can't yet find I don't know how to unlock them it's so difficult I generally have no idea how to unlock them I'm kind of struggling this is only on the treasure pods I need to I need to figure out how to close it on the locket so we're back here again now so I think we've explored the entire location where the jetpack was they didn't seem to be too much I don't think that's a unique or anything like that it all seems to be something that we that we could access before it's just a couple of different treasure pots I think is there anything new over though if I've missed something I'm terribly sorry if I miss something but we got a couple of hunts of slimes out of it so that's fine now what we want to do is we want to try and find that key that door I think I think that's going to be the next objective let me know in the comments if I miss something when I went past just then I don't think I did but just let me know if I did all right where is the key I think it's this way I think the key door is this way pretty sure this way what are you are you are boom sign as well use just a little a little darker we're just going to cook them are these never hurts I'm in a bit of food just in case you need it to calm a slime down and I'm pretty sure that the you hunter know you're just a tabby slime not on the one we want hunters here's the here's the doll alright so this is where we want to go we want to open this door let's use it there we go I'm curious where this is going to take us or this one's going to behind the door whoa look at this oh this looks amazing look at that tree what is this this is glowing what are you you seem to even want those ports or something and then we've got whoa with this what is thee is this like a slime door and is this a sign door whoa let me let me go on the can I find out what it is from the run sure anything like that no what about the world this is still classed as a slime blanket is the moss blanket whoa I like this location whatever they say it looks really cool we got another is this a treasure pot no I don't know what this is oh oh we need to put a cloth in every single one of them okay so that's just a pink one so we still need to do quite a few different ones over here all right are they all in this location oh we got another door over there as well which one of you I think you're a fiddle slide right I think you're a puddle green do we have any green have we met a green slime yeah I don't think we have we have yet to meet a green one oh we got we got another power chord there we go we can get up - that's nice we can get some more energy which is going to be very helpful this is awesome I really like this I wanted all us on the other side of that door man I really want to know so we got the green what colors do we need let's have a look so we got a a green one I promise they're all in this location they've got to be all in this location right they've got to all be in this location I'm going to need plot and everything wow this is awesome there might even be some up there so we need to open another we need to open this door to get to to the rest of them this is awesome though I'm going to need to find another one of those giant slimes and blow it up with food I mean we know where the tabie one is but that will needs me - we're not we're not too good on the whole meat supply just yet are we so there's two we know where three of them are we've got three and there should be five in total that we need to activate them so there's two more that's missing is one of them up here yes one of them is here all right no idea what color one that is so this is one more slime thing around so two are activated and there's one two three four five that are not so there's one two of the green one you want all those the other one goes the other one okay so we know where they all are we just need to actually get this line plots or whatever it is so I think one of them is going to be a foot off line we've got the boon floss which is fine at Abby's line might be one of them let's have a look here what are the ports of exactly of the ports around here let me like a caveat there's a tab you want all right we got a tubby one we don't need the Pogo fruit anymore I don't think so the tubby pause we need a portal plot that's another one that we need a holy plot is probably another one so we could go to other funny funny slimes are I'm not getting rid of these er you know I'm not getting actually let me get a couple of Savvis just in case I fire it wrong [Music] okay one more copy one there we go so we've got three Tubby's we put the boom one in we need the honey plot and I think a poodle plot might be one as well actually I didn't see if there was a puddle under oh no no I dropped all my food I got a gold claw because he had something oh that was a gold slime I needed the alright go away boom plots is he gone I think he's gone I think we've lost him I think that's him he gone now is he gone no I think he's gone we got a gold plot out of it though maybe we need to use a gold plot as well I think that might be a bit too much I don't think we'll need a gold plot I think that's let's get a bit too much all right this is the Holy One but we found the gold slime I know you that you need to give food to them that's what I've been told you need to give them food all right here in the honey there we go I'll get a couple of these holy blogs gold plot tubby plots then we need a poodle plot as well and I need to I might need to get rid of the I might have to sacrifice the honey Flyers I might need to I might need to do that guys I don't know the conscious limes of row or not but we may need to to get rid of them if we see a portal slide rooms here or a put off what should I say is there any portal water in here oh there is a put a slime over there is the report o'clock yes there is sorry hunter slimes you go in I get in the foothill plot no I want a puddle block there we go all right so we're gonna have to get rid of the whole two slums but now I'm keeping this gold plus as well I have no idea the value of that gold plot but we got the gold slime I don't know how worthy I'm getting the prettier and every time you see them you need to feed them I know that much as well I'm kind of learning I'm kind of learning a little bit really good decision to come over in this direction cuz we've had some really cool stuff as of right now all right well which way we heading is it this way no it's not that way is it this way all right we've got three floored so far holding Atari and a puddle we've done the boom there's a pink quartz done as well maybe there's a phosphorus one that we need to do or a phosphor that might be one of them as well but we need to wait at nighttime for that don't we let's head back

all right where are we going over this way here we go I love this look at these trees they look so cool or I think you're going to be the honey one right yes you're funny there we go so we got honey one done as well poodle plot I think is this one are you put all are you put on no you're not fertile are you happy I don't think you're happy now so we can't do you to what about you are you put oh no hubby no it's going to be a poodle one right this is a green one and we've not come across a green spot I think that's going to be the the radiation one or whatever it's called I actually like a radiation a radiation one at some point so I think it might be that one oh I thought we might have needed a Crabby slide we kind of surely we need a puddle one puddles pretty new right surely we need the puddle one nope all right happy all right so we got Tammy how is there not a puddle one do you know what I'm saying how can there not be a puddle plot there's a blue one that needs lighting up right there you've got to be puddle right you've got the blue eyes of everything [Music] I'll give you Walter no looks like it's a it's not looks like we need a different one I have no idea what that slime would be linked cuz we've not come across it just yet maybe phosphorus no phosphorous is like a pinky color isn't it maybe maybe that's the phosphorus one I think it might be actually I'm all you want to look at the Statue of them so this one's I think that's the rock one oh so that's going to be Rockport this is going to be the phosphor one and then that's going to be like the radiation one or something like that ah this is the only one we need to find guys I've never come across this one yet whatever this slime is I need to come across it it's the green one I have no idea what it is but it looks awesome that's for sure so we got three more that we need to do and then that doors going to be open I think I can get two of these the plots we just need that radiation slime which we might need to look in a different location I don't know it might be just through that door I don't know we're going to have to try and try and find that out we all right we've got some nasty guys over here so we're going to leave them I'm going to see if I can find the hunter Oh actually we could probably do the phosphor now as well actually what should we get rid of tubby BOTS we'll get rid of this should be a phosphorus lime appear over here in a second because it's nighttime so we can get that done and then oh we need to worry about these two different plots come on where you at through the arts she'll be appearing by now do you want to appear I saw them on the other side of this jet pipe I saw them over here it was over here definitely that tree looks awesome by the way over there maybe we want to go up there or something like that I don't know we'll have a quick look come on we can do this there we go I did see them over here previously heard yeah all right would you like to drop some food I'm pretty sure they screwed around here for you somewhere just don't don't fall off the edge of the map please find some food eat it give me plots because I need it they're like fruit I think they do like fruits right pretty sure they're a fruit eater there you are yeah are this there you go thank you there's a phosphor for cuddly we didn't need a puddle plot but we got the gold one go away we don't want you nasties around here so many of them I mean like this water everywhere as well so all right the so many morning is reasons let's grab these instead though it's going to be worthwhile let me go home to just get these ones instead could I fly over there I don't think I'm going to be able to fly over in that direction I think that's too far we could give it a try but I don't think I'm going to be able to do it is there anything over this side as well that I can't see I don't think there is I'm curious if there is anything over here that I missed no oh I've been knocked out but a daze or I should fix you right up do I lose everything I just had on me don't tell me I'll lose everything do I actually lose everything I lost everything no I press the spacebar and it didn't give me it no I I lost them I lost my gold paws how much is that work that was with 390 I lost it no I lost the No oh I'm not happy right now I lost everything that I just had guys everything oh wow you drop a lot of pots thanks little slimes you can give me a little bit of money back do I need to keep filling they're not I might need to keep filling them up I can't believe I lost everything also the value of all these slots are going down I think I'm going to get rid of all my gold my phony right now before he drops even more I think that will be a good oh wow we're gonna puncture it oh wow we got too much we have too much all right can we actually feel like a pasty up a little more let's have a look what we got we got a couple of upgrades then tank booster yes give me Power Core we'll probably get that we'll probably get some more help as well if we can I [Music] can't believe that I lost the girl cause I'm so annoyed in myself why did I do that I don't know why I did that all right do we have any food that we can get as well we do have food so let me screw down I'll give them some food there we go you can have some more beets do you have any more milk mangoes we do we have a lot of mint my nose oh wow I'm actually going to need to revamp it I think there we go you can grow again and we need another bee tatula there we go there we go that's a lot of men mangoes right there but we don't have any either well speaking of all of these there you go have them all I generally can't believe we did that I'm so disappointed with myself Oh come on give us all those new books we've got plenty new books that we can still get at least that's that's one positive I don't think I had anything else that was important I had the it was just mainly plots that I had wasn't it but I was my first death my first actual death and I had a gold plot on me and I'm and I died I'm so annoyed with myself well we know not to make that mistake again don't we look at all these honey claws so much currency I think every time I get 50s giving me like 1600 you look something like that a lot of new boss isn't that a a quick new book I think that's getting 5,000 new books in one day I think I think that's what that achievement is well there we go another achievement unlocked awesome give us these 20 clocks do I have any any other plot can I put thoughts in here I don't know maybe but these ones in here is our homeless line still there I didn't check at our home to sign the value of the hunters farms actually going up there we got chickens we go quite a few yeah elder hen what is an elder hen it to be actually grow old elder hen have lived the full feathered life they met the rooster all of the dream seeing the little chickadees grow up and are ready to start the next chapter of their chicken lives in all likelihood this will include getting the names of countless books we visit the actors wrong but don't blame them on for that I know they can no longer lay eggs and serve no other purpose than becoming slightly tougher chick endeavor okay well I did not know that you could get old ahead it's a good job that we are that we know about that now isn't it well I'll put the two roosters down and we will talk four of those down so we got some stony hands you still like stony heads right you still each Tony has elder hands you got to still eat elder hands right and purif least favorite wanna eat no idea oh yeah there he goes mean oh wow he's going crazy with them right now I'm curious what is his favorite let's have a look at the hunter slime what is your favorite your favorite one is rooster oh oh okay I wonder if we can give him a honey pot if we can give them a whole new cloth then he's going to drop two of each right do we have any honey pots have you got any honey pot now let's take one of these out here all right so if it's throw one of these in here once they get eat oh there we go alright I'm going to give you a honey pot please please please eat it from hey don't get aggravated though if you're going to eat the honey part be nice

there you go here's a funny plot ETA yeah there we go a horny a horse a pony large oh oh no you're not happy you're not happy at all okay well we're going to have to calm you down a little bit a music box there we go pelota collector there we go we'll get that and an auto feeder there we go so yeah he's not very happy right now oh no that's not very good I'm going to have to watch out here I want to play some of these down in here if I can play some of these mid mangos in here because obviously he's going to eat everything no he's going to eat fruit on meat it's like a place to eat in here he's on his own so I'll put that like that oh that's not good I don't think to destroy everything that I've been working with can you calm down please eat that there you go and now you're going to drop two of you trite yes oh that's going to give you a lot look at that two of those and two of those that's gonna that's going to give a lot we just need to calm him down we just need him pretty chill can we change it up here no okay he's in the little car now after eating a bit mango he seems a little calm which is nice we're just going to think watch out aren't we oh wow these very very quick very quick indeed I think I'm going to any episode soon guys we're just going to quickly collect these up got some mid mangoes as well there we go I can't actually pick those up all right we'll put the beets in here first then there you go know we can put them in my nose up there we go now mine give me the good stuff nothing better than a bit of mint mango there we go and as you're on your own you've got 12 that's fine for now so we're going to place the traffic here canta pod for them three now we have five this one Supporter definitely worth the most right now these are what I think more than two funny ones yes they are worth a lot that's for sure and you can start growing some dings there breathing some more little tokens for a clean I think I need to fill this up it's not going to go up I don't know how that works with water ones these are very nice and cute and everything like that so what is it what is this let's have a look what we need ping pong Brier hands rocks lime now we're good we don't need that one we don't need it man we do not need it oh oh look at all these plots here oh yeah go on eat them all up there we go got a lot of rock ports you're on your own so you're just going to do whatever and then we're going the honey plots as well now nice we've already got 24 of them Wow I think we're getting a little bit of fishin right now guys got with it we've explored some of the we've explored some of the the moss blanket now we found an awesome new location I think I need to get myself a rock plot I need to get myself a phosphorous plot and also need to get myself like one of those whatever they're called and these ones whatever this plot is whatever slime drops of this that's what we need so we've not found the location just yet so maybe the next episode will open up the location what's this location this location is just a ranch expansion so tell me with all we get a bigger ranch ah ha this is the ranch there's nothing new location it's just a ranch expansion since that mean we get more of these like portal holes or something like that this is the grotto a dark and gloomy cavern above the sea and likely first chapter to the novel of yours that's 1700 and we also have a what's behind this way what is this one this one is what is this this one is the lab allows you to begin your career as an amateur unlicensed slime scientist and I cost ten thousand what's the love the love is an expansion to the ranch house that host is a burner containing Hobson's old slime science workshop what's a lot the love will allow you to fabricate dozens of useful gadgets using slides sites interesting and then the grotto okay so you can find light dark slimes without needing to always a ranch oh I think it might be a ranch as well it's just we don't need to have those shield things oh it seems pretty cool but I'm going to end the episode though guys hopefully you did enjoy I think it's really pretty pretty successful I just can't believe we died from that slime I generally cannot believe that we died from that when we died when we had the gold slime but we met a gold slime and it was absolutely awesome so thank you very much watching this episode at Miami zero exclusions and hopefully I'll

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