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there's two seasons for boo-boos and now cricket season after we shot this commercial with a rookie year lasting longer than a jolly rancher

knowing neither the enemy know yourself you will succumb in every battle Oh cut cut I'm not feeling this am I too serious yeah I don't know grunt you don't like sons ooh we need some music wow this is more what I had in mind this is my world and this is my shoot carry for is it see what you think about that rookies and this war okay that's the boss's Armani miss where it gets bigger

let's see that backwards how'd you do that simple plant-based diet logo now my logo [Music] let's welcome Derek is the newest member of our high potential team let me just start off by saying I heard it once said at the height of your accomplishments we'll reach the height of your conviction you can measure height but you can't measure heart sounds good [Music] Rudy it's a workplace safety issue it's a common form of the coachmen grid working there high-five good job baby great seven she said it hi fire good job - do you - we've got to figure out another way okay

hey I wanna have someone job chatty today okay Shay Joe stay on this guy he's one of our best

Joe he says you're not giving me space I guess not give me more everybody this is the newest member of our innovation team Ricky Rubio hey I'm Steve product specialist my friends call me Steve Arena and I'm Barbara product design I go by Babs everybody calls me right now oh well my friends call me Ricky Ricky and then Yanis know when linear MOBA the thief Rufio Spanish Samurai my octopus yeah hey man you good yeah I got a big meeting yeah but you just licked your shoe better traction right yeah but it's like hand to mouth to shoe not mouth tissue yeah that's right man my bad thanks man appreciate it yeah you know no problem

if you're just joining us we've got a scorcher of a sprite commercial here looks like they're calling for refreshments food feast here comes big taste he looks a lot like LeBron James [Music] [Applause]

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] we at carnival take our mission to be America's most fun vacation very seriously so I'm making changes at the top effective immediately mr. O'Neill is perfect for the job his unparalleled passion and unique business acumen are a tremendous asset those numbers about five o'clock today

duck-duck-goose just hit me on the email shack and carnival calm and for tickets will be delivered to your house first thing in the morning if you're not hurt know what CFO oh really wanna know what else tie your if I'm excited for the immediate impact Shaq will make it come in president Duffy I turned the conference room into a ball pit Marco Polo in 15 choose fun look it's three times slam dunk champion Nate Robinson see what you got see kids if you eat your broccoli and do your homework just like

introducing the tech mini hoop the world's strongest portable hoop attach it to any door and instantly become a super stone just like Nate Robinson goodbyes are never easy but when you're born to assist you can't close one door without first opening another man don't miss seeing that face every day cliff you know only one who to get you yeah and this moves big deal let me show you something you found me a new State Farm agent think of it that's my last assist [Music] it's just a guy hey Chris how's the move going I get it new house new truck this moves a big deal for your family but it looks like you can use a breather let's roll you read my mind [Music] anything else Oh Shelly fries I can change it you cool

ain't nothing but a mistake tell me why I never wanna hear you say on it there James hey you guys need help don't forget shakin fingers cloud to glide yes low-cut socks no way Papa New Guinea that's amazing I need an agent like that I got you glide you worked hard for those give them the protection they deserve Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo those guys are good so you think my kids are gonna make some great memories here yes look at that play set Wow knows what you're thinking comes with the job man only people to get me like this on my teammates hey guys hey games they call my shorts thanks man Chris I figured out with your shorts on guys stay from red really complements my skin tone but that was wrong it's rude why can't it be both I'll just do it

no Gatorade Jordan whines thanks LaMarcus no problem man Wow these are bold I got the new kicks on let's start the day couple million Nassif back

I'm gonna chop it up [Music]

stage-ready was good any comment about your day yesterday Kauai I was hacked [Music]





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