Growing Geraniums : Problems with Geraniums

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we are here today to talk about common garden problems you will find among your geraniums the first problem really is the lack of Sun the lack of Sun will produce a lot of nice vegetation but no flowers again do not over water your geraniums wet feet is a killer to geraniums make sure that you water in the morning or late in the afternoon to prevent the water from standing on the leaf again this help prevent certain fungal problems in your geranium garden also pruning your geranium helps flowers geraniums bloom on new wood go into the center of your plant pull aside the center cutting any branch that is going to straight up or to the side or through the center of your geranium this increases air and Sun to your geranium stimulating new growth and new flower production don't forget to feed your drain eum's a high phosphate general garden fertilizer that you can find at your local nursery or home center again they're hungry feeders if you feed with a liquid fertilizer make sure that you feed them every two to three weeks if you feed with a dry food make sure that you're feeding your plants that are well hydrated water before and after you feed with a granular food lastly preventive medicine really goes a long way in your geranium garden watch for your common insects when necessary take appropriate actions to repel the insects also with your funguses making sure that your garden your geranium garden is clean of debris sometimes I've noticed that you're draining garden starts to look a little tired even though you are feeding and water them correctly and you're are giving them enough Sun you might want to try either with a full your feed or a dry application one or two times a year a good mineral this helps with the iron and manganese Clarett ik problems that you will have in your drain and garden again preventive medicine in your garden goes a long way in a happy

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Using fertilizer and pesticides will prevent many problems with your geraniums. Get tips for avoiding common geranium growing problems in this free landscaping video about how to grow geraniums. Expert: Gail Thompson Contact:

Bio: Gail Thompson is the owner/operator of Gardens to Grow, a landscaping firm in Carmel, California Filmmaker: Jim Martin
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