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They'll play "Redoing The Scene", Elidio and Mário will stand up, and we'll need the audience to give us a profession. Fireman. So 'fireman' will start "Redoing The Scene", now!

Easy, ma'am! Unfortunately, the fire began at dawn and I'm the only one on duty, so I have to drive, carry the hose, open the faucet... It's very hard! I didn't understand a thing! Can you repeat it? - Could you help me? - We have to... I'm sorry... I know you're only bystanders, but... I'm on duty!

- Ma'am! - Geez, he's the clumsiest fireman... Please, help me! When I say "now", you open the faucet! There's 13 faucets here... Just like our printer, press all the buttons! Ma'am, calm down... Now!

Ma'am! - Close it! - Which one? The one you opened! - Done! - Hose! - Geez, it's easy being a fireman! - Come, ma'am...

All right, no they'll have to redo the scene, but I want a movie style... Disney? So you must redo the scene now, 'Disney'-style! Now!

I'll make an omelet! How many eggs does a standard omelet takes? One egg, two egg... Geez! It's a barbecue! I'll call the fire department!

- Hello? - Hello! Fire department! - Hello, there's a fire in my house! - I'm alone in here, but I'm coming! - Maybe my friends will come! - Thank you!

- Who's up there? - It's me! Hi, buddy! - How are you? - Can you help me? I'm burning!

I'm coming! Be cool! - Chip, look! - Dale, it's him! It's Mickey! It's Mickey!

Geez, this ladder will hit my face! - Are you stupid? - "Pow!" Mickey! We have three items and we don't know which one is the hose! What about you, do you know which one is the hose?

Very good, this is the one!

Turn on the hose, quick! - Turn on the hose! - Turn on the hose! Okay!

My hero! Guys, I'd like to see this same scene in a different style.

In the back, mexican soap opera? A nice 'mexican soap opera', starting now! Mira!

Ahora I will make... una tortilla!

How caliente I am! Estoy burning inside! I will call el fire departmento! Dos, tres, cuatro, cinco... meia... Sete... - Fire departamento! - Mira, mi casa is very hot! - Si, I'm on my camino! - I wait! Muy good!

Cougho, cougho!

Ay, caramba!

Hombre! - Hey, hombre! - Si? - Are you smoking? - Just a little! Yo enjoying... He's enjoying... That's why he's smoking, smoking, smoking... Yo jump or wait? - Guanta! - Guantanamera, guajira guantanamera... Guantanamera!

I go! Here! El hose!

Arriba! No, it's over!

No, no... Hijo de la puta!

This is actually a homage to all the spanish-language speakers here... They probably don't have mexican soap operas in Portugal. We watch mexican soap operas in portuguese! It's all dubbed! IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show. Hello, we are the Barbixas, thanks for watching this video... Mr. Youtube has gone crazy! Subscribe to this channel, share, like it, watch more videos, all of that, only until tomorrow! Mr. Youtube has gone crazy! Crazy!

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-- Convidados: MC: Andrei Moscheto Jogador: Mário Bomba Músico: Daniel Tauszig Jogo: Refazendo a Cena Regra: Os jogadores fazem uma cena curta. Ao final, o Mestre de Cerimônia pega um novo tema e os jogadores devem refazer a cena utilizando este tema. Tema (profissão sugerida pela plateia): "Bombeiro". Improvável é um espetáculo criado, encenado e produzido pela Cia. Barbixas de Humor.

Gravado no Teatro Tuca Dia 18/05/2017
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