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just had a fort but I fully get why will the bad guys or plays get all the girls law it's literally because the nice guys give girls too much time and attention and then the girl simply gets bored of it yes that is it that is 100 senator that's that's how I get the girls that is it like it's not because of my personality or anything like that it's simply because I just don't care hey Dean eight flowers or chocolates who doesn't where do you live Australia why yeah like him red wait you're asking for my address yeah sorry that's quite creepy I was gonna send you flowers but whatever sorry say thank you for the fort let's work out a trade what are you in need of but trade for a nature wood calyx unit that that's all well good luck with that have a great night sorry to bother you if you change your mind and need something just tell me what it is can I hey just to take you on a date you won't be disappointed for 698 dollars yes you can really no I'm too hot hung and a great guy I didn't ever pay a woman for a date but I promise you a good time I'm not a woman it's in peace to all the guys I lost a good girl because they weren't mature enough to keep her rest in peace to other girls who lost a good guy me because they won't stop messing around with every dudes my biggest problems are I trust easily I know it is everything I care for everyone and I don't cheat and hey I may be a giant wanker but it's ok good boyfriend material passion love respect thought that chases guys with no future hey babe I'm a nice guy olives treat you right colonel all the men are pigs I'm not trying to give me a chance my queen you're to love them I laugh over aging reject to me and if you do that makes you a slut so what do you say never gonna find a better guy no go where all the good guys I why is everyone a date and absolute us me well good guys are everywhere they're just still in the friend zone I believe that the vast majority of many girls state generally good I don't want to turn it into a bit of urgent if it sees women as idiots who date assholes probable is me not other people not going to be easy I should have met you before your boyfriend I got late anyway you have made your poor choice of boyfriend I got to respect your feelings now man I swear I wish I get firm one female who would actually like to be treated nice to be treated like a princess I would like to actually show them how much of gentleman I am I'm like every other guy who treats a women like crap and downgrades them I'm also not a jerk or a douchebag ever I like to spoil them and show them a good time if there are still any good women out there who would like to go on a real date and be the presence of a real gentleman swipe right you are my friend but I do not grant you the rank of boyfriend how can I be nice to girls and not be a boyfriend you don't know that I think about it Anakin does have the traits of a nice guy except he's actually good with girls you know he's a whiny little bitch yeah that's all I'm gonna say hey guys whatever happened to taking girl on a proper date stop being classless retard sitting dick pics two girls have some class and take them out stop giving good guys a bad reputation with your pig-like moves you can um you can feel that I just got rejected you can actually feel it it's funny how some people be like I want someone nice in my life but when they get the chance they push it away I tried complying with everything he asked of me to become close friends but you wouldn't have any of it so you're right I give up so instead I'm just gonna see your tits shit I'll even offer $100 for the pleasure I don't have a response being nice never got me anyway so why bother the offer is there if you change your mind if I extend the time on here at least message me thanks but no thanks I'm the guy you go out with twice before some other dude who looks and acts just like me sweeps you off your feet hey I'm sorry to hip you up again but I gotta say I can't let this pass me again please give me a chance I can make you the happiest girl in the world I know that you're scared because you've been hurt and I know that you don't trust people because of it but you can trust me I'll never hurt you I'll never leave you and you will never see that if you don't give me a chance I would do anything to prove I am worthy of you just give me the chance Wow sorry dude this is gonna sound super varied but I gotta say it I don't know where you got the idea that I was hurt and abandoned because that's never happened to me before the reason I rejected you is because I'm not into you I barely know you we can get to know each other sorry for assuming I just figured I like to help people a lot and I hope a lot of girls with problems like that I'm not one of those girls so I don't want to cause a problem since we have a class together so I'm going to end it here figures you know just like everyone else I thought you would different I thought you could look past my appearance but you're just as shallow as everyone else here I am a good guy giving you everything I have to offer and you still don't give me a chance delete my number I give up I'm done with all of you bye I saw this cute girl at a coffee shop sitting all alone and I came up to her and I asked her what she was drinking she told me that's none of your business bitch I was trying to be fucking romantic and fine love at a coffee shop fuck you and your fucking coffee what she didn't want to tell you what she was drinking she didn't want to be bothered what what what is this madness Jetta two other boys who come girls beautiful instead of cute or hot - the ones who have conversations with girls instead of one-word answers to the boys who actually have good intentions and don't want pictures shoutout to the boys who asked how was your day in what are you doing every five seconds to the boys who will call you back when you don't answer the first time to the ones who show the curl off but I actually care about her making the girl feel wanted shout out to all the boys who will stay up all night with you because they can't sleep to the boys who won't leave you alone until they find out what's wrong with you and shout out to all the boys who actually say good morning or good night instead of GN which G hey somebody gives a shit about us want to go for a coffee I like a man why man because I don't know you is that not the expected answer anyone would give what I get to know each other I'm okay to be honest no you're the country begs for attention and chats you when I ask you straight you play it difficult I don't play it difficult I said no to meeting a stranger and no to getting to know someone who didn't even say hi before asking to meet IRL you however or a 35 year old man who can't handle rejection if you could even call this rejection since I don't know you you declined to getting know each other better yet you post them stupid hit me up posts where is the hit me up post lamell I don't see it come on you begged for attention and chats well I want a normal conversation about my post sure but you opened up this entire convoy by saying wanna get coffee and you're 15 years older than me man that's creepy in what world is that not creepy it's normal in countries like France Spain Poland and Germany not this shithole the video goes like you we think ninety-nine percent are rapists when it's like 0.001 percent young garbage of course I am like taking out the garbage I like throwing away garbage it only lasts to being garbage so yeah I'm garbage and really bitch you don't even know me and we haven't even met in person but I know this though but my eyes and my teeth are brighter than your future and my jawline is more structure than your life oh and by the way my lane is under construction staying yours and crawl back to the gutter well look at you big boy knows how to cuss I'm a boy I don't drink I don't smoke and return home within 9:00 p.m. yes we exist hey blue I like how much you're confident of yourself your tits made me hard wanna see my big dick do you you're a fucking whore hey you don't reply you're instantly a whore that's not works dude let's just be friends what a girl says to you when she'd rather be with an a so who we use her abuser and eventually break her heart even tinder girl is such a bitch to be honest Laval I'm so nice to her and honestly it isn't about sex at all I just like chilling and hanging out but she's like still cheating me like you girl it's annoying the shit out of me a hug bitch you mean like someone I fucking appreciate being around fuck off that was shit tired of these no respect fucking hot dogs hot dogs that's so funny okay let's get this out of the way I'm a nice guy I say it like that as a don't understand how being too nice is a negative thing so if you're only interested in the same sort of guys that drove you to this site in the first place then feel free to swipe left but if you want to connect with someone who will treat you of mutual respect and affection then swipe right and drop me a line anything else ask me no questions I tell no lies usually people bring their own I have you know cards against humanity' and Firefly Yahtzee McKenzie usually brings secret Hitler and I think someone is bringing a game called captain sounds like a fun night hey would you like to go on a date sometime well thanks for being a typical Internet chick haha you can tell everyone in this conversation


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