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thanks for pressing like if you enjoy the video water's up you know bros welcome to another episode of hide-and-seek we are on ambush coming freaking the name of these maps geez alright here are a list of players who do you think will be found last pick one person let's see how you do alright got little you're your champion you guys all ready yep they makes three you guys alright here we go yeah so the rule is if to stay within the confines of the map and be visible old-school mode is on so you have ability to jump up a little higher I'm gonna try not die from the fire that'd be nice first place I'm gonna check an obvious place yo Lord night nicht night ninja type reduce ni CHT legend killer is gone boys he's out Lord thanks to the sub man yeah man you can join back in but I don't know the bets will be valid for you any longer man you jump really fast back in I think we'll let it slide you know I don't wanna like dude if I check the spot hey shadow and sock you just weren't cool how does he that bet list and I have the power to do this with spot.com ford slash bets that's where all the active bets are listed if you're watching the show live thanks no problem homie

all right and our first victim is I mean our first shadow alright shadow he did alive I got kicked this one juggen yeah did you hear me are you really running away bro bro are you actually running away panty Neal is it okay thank you

hey Brotherhood dude what are you doing no dude you're gonna kill someone else oh dude kids kids and hide-and-seek you'll stay in your spot bro geez it's not the hardest game to play all right

ah snake in the grass still lose out yeah man good supply gotcha calls grass now

plenty of spots of checks doing a kind of warm walkthrough over here spotting I can spot then we'll comb it over real real thoroughly looking around

next victim taze me I don't know you guys watch that new Harry Potter film I didn't watch it was it good yeah it was pretty good all right there you go we talked we had some small talk good job guys it's not quite anymore

another one under the steps not bad t4 yeah not a bad spot man you gotta get someone living upstairs oh yeah yo hey Oreo man you there how how many Oreos you actually eat men on a regular basis like is Oreo is just like a word like a word you like or do you actually like a Oreos a lot you actually hate Oreos I've cut down my chocolate and dick recently just seems to be seems to be for the best so overall sugar you can try and stay away from but you know I saw a video this morning I'll just randomly going through my you know like new sets or whatever there's a magazine called the Atlantic and one of those dudes you like you know fun investigative reporting videos and he did one on how like you know basically using soap like while you shower to like clean yourself actually like does more harm than good possibly illegal in long lines of like you know like your body produces oils and the oils that protect you and I like you know using all these chemicals and body washes and whatnot you actually like you know do more harm than good and so they talked to like a journalist who didn't like use any soup or whatever for like a month like first few days she smelled terrible and then she starts with what is going on here I have not seen that position before gentlemen well anyway I was it's saying I think I might just be an online publication I don't know if they print the Atlantic get on or not at all people who are a dead can I just say thank you ghosts fire distortion spazz martini Fonzie and Quincy remaining where was my story at oh yeah anyway the chick basin in the shower like did she showered but this with water but didn't use any soap or whatever and eventually she was fine she apparently said like you know her skin was like you know naturally moisturized and I was it I don't look like a huge benefit to it men you dudes are hard to find

no actually yeah alright first to go yeah yeah that was loud lot even the dark name well ok to the voice presser Frank maybe I'd lovely to that voice from that scientist gas Simpsons forget the guy who does the voice but he he does a lot of them for Simpsons

you check the roof

like a guy's name Professor Frink nice Hank Azaria oh yeah yeah man you must been doing that for a long time oh yeah isn't he also like a comedian or something might be I and he played Gargamel from The Smurfs movie such a good spot ac15 CR thanks for selling two months in a row he's good spot quince was out we've got four players left fire distortion spaz martini and Fonzie zombie all right let's take a look where else might these jets be huh yeah yes God you all right beautiful this is actually a pretty good point to check from so yeah three players left see what we can find from here get those binoculars on if I went to shit like that basically just means what Martinez in some simple spot that I missed No how would be refereed to kill my car you know he is the in man I do appreciate though you guys shutting up that when he walks by one of us I do appreciate that

there's no one in the big square alright dudes if you have ideas in chat at this point I'm desperate I'll take any and all ideas don't think anyone's in the center I'm always taking out the trash Oh over here for sure for sure over here for sure where are you yeah dude no more hints like that man that ain't fair alright yeah really I was thinking like is somebody hiding in trash all right it's just fire distortion while martini left alright so I guess you guys must be in these like pockets I don't know otherwise be inaccessible accessible is questionable I mean you know without old-school mode fire go burn on that tank man just let me take the W huh I mean I'm gonna guess that Martinez in the easier spot he seems to be more concerned yeah I know how can you read people like that that's BS near the stairs by the stairs what stairs yes talking about these stairs this alleyway how did I miss him you guys saw him huh yeah Wow I just like spin around or something it was a pretty dark corner I guess yeah I guess so maybe well that's pretty martini also he's like fly out I pass both of them huh it happens guess we do have a winner remember that one time that crane wait no yeah you passed no no no he's right that was your head peeking out like that before - no wow I remember go in here and you're looking straight up oh look at that a lot sticking out over there oh man oh man what a spot what a spot all right well done congratulations fire distortion Thank You Gigi oh man I can't believe I missed that I was I was obsessed with the spot for a little while - oh man how'd you even get up over there I guess not see our gym for like a roof - a roof or something yeah that's what I did oh man next time I looked at fire early in the game on the tank oh did I now he blended and I guess that outfit matched that rooftop all right let's take a look at the bets and see who did who did well here yeah my buddy bet 500 Cain he got a lot back oh wow let's see here so if you come to the live show on to which side TV porch left Swift door we have bets for most of the games we play in call of duty let's see fire had a multiplier of 23 pretty good man and let's see who been on fire not belittle Ross cross cinema is your easier friend like online friend unreal life on Twitch on Twitch there you go cross but half a mil and gap back if you did the math already 11 and a half million way to go across among you believed in your bro and he came through for you

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