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what is going on guys DB ger in this video we are going to be doing a top five best and worst value small forwards in NBA 2k 19 my team I'm recording this video early on Friday because I'm away most of the weekend so if they do release the 20th anniversary set for I don't know someone later today and it ends up being a card that's better value than any of these cards then obviously and just don't expect that card to be in the video you'll know anyway but and basically the reason is that I'm not gonna be able to edit this I'm editing this before I go and it'll be set it'll be scheduled to upload on Saturday which is tomorrow from time recording this so just kind of a heads up in case there is a ridi ridi okay that I've missed out on just because I've seen those videos made a little bit before it's gone up but anyway now let's get onto it so in this video we're done with the top 5 best and worst values small forwards in NBA 2k 19 my team so basically this isn't the best and worst a lot of the worst value are actually better in the best value list actually while they're better ratings anyway but it's purely done based on value and how good I think the carat is for the MT it cost so we're gonna go over to 5 worse than the 5 best value and I just wanted to say that just for the video because a lot of people complain if there's better some of my favorite cards and the worst value and that's gonna happen so a number 5 on the worst value list is a little bit of a weird one and as a reason for this it's Kevin Knox so Kevin Knox is Ruby is 9,000 MT and he's a good card a really rego kinda an absolute beast like five gold badges some really good ones there he's got great driving layup great styling lamp he's got postpaid way of 80 open shot made of 86 really good good shot three twelve eighty six is good rebounding stats are okay I guess speed tube on acceleration good decent auto claims and beast on-ball defense like you the reason why you such bad value is that you can get the Sapphire for 2800 and it's almost the exact same so for not reason just purely based on the fact you can get i actually prefer to sapphire and i'm gonna explain that later in the video but just because the reason that sapphire is so good on same price that is why the ruby is number five and there's valueless at number four for like ten thousand mt we have gotten rid Jefferson his amethyst cat so I know it's not the most expensive car there is it's not the most expensive amethyst and that's why is he actually was quite good he's a tango by just some quite decent ones and he's got decent driving layup he's got a good shot made great shot three rating wise unreal driving dunk of 95 can't speed boost he's actually quite fast got decent hour wings and he's not bald offence by Q I know you guys might be thinking like surely this card is really really good his thoughts are actually really nice which I'll give it to him like these stocks are really nice in this card his release is just so hard to get off I've tried to use this guide so many times it wasn't that I shot badly with him when he was wide open he had jobs I just couldn't shoot with him I couldn't get a shot off with him I couldn't get to the basket I just couldn't do anything with him and for that reason a 10k especially when you see some of the cards in the best value list for the same price you definitely gonna have almost all of them involve Richard Jefferson anyway number three for 79 km/h Amol Mashburn this card was a beast when he first came into the game and he's still not terrible like this is a good card in my team it's just that there's very few bad value small forwards a lot of the other positions there wells ones were bad value I was trying to look for ages and the fact that this card is number three analyst just shows how many good small forward sign but um he's got really good badges 15 gold I'm gluten difficult shots doesn't come with gold limbless I don't think but it's not too hard to put the bottom he's got 95 standing 93 driving layup good shot made good shot three his release is okay it's not a terrible release but it's not one of the best release in the game but a great dunk great for either and he can speed boost he's also a decent of rebounder he's fast had good speed sweep on acceleration goal our quickness good on-ball defense my cute she needs to low pose events like you and because he's 6-8 I actually played was a stretch for and I honestly think he did a really really good job for me there when I was playing him there but at the same time the whole thing is that obviously this is where his valueless time for 77k he's just not good value though he like gray CAD terrible body and number two is a controversial one and it's Chris Mullen so he's about a 100 km T there or there it's like most of time you will find four by now but a lot some of the time he is only up for a bid he's a six seven like wing he's got hold of him conscious too deep French dad I wish every gigabytes to have but he literally does one thing but you thought I asked the only thing he does is shoot it trying to get one without shooting over stats there you go there's one here so he's six sevens he's not tall for a wing he's just not he's not small either he's got a good driving and sounding like he's got a great shot made a great shot three he can't speed boost he's not gonna dunk the ball too much he's not the best defence defender he's not the quickest I like he literally does one thing in a tooth of all his releases cash I'll give him that but for a guy who's literally just a catch and shoot player and not even a great catch and shoot player there's about ten better catch and shoot players in the game he honestly is just bad value again a really good card in general but like he's just not he's just outclassed by cards that are cheaper than him you can get some amethyst that are better than his card for less than half the price that's just why he's in my opinion one of the worst value small forwards of my team and a number one is one of the only pink diamonds for a buy now as far as I know it's am quiet when you only think of the number one is pink diamond Kawhi Leonard about 87 K and this card should be a beast like you look at his stats in general there's a shoe on this one you look at stats in general they look quite good you can donkey in speed boost he's one of the best defensive cards in the game he's got a Hall of Fame defense top or mid range Deadeye however there's a really really important stat and it's just hard to like ignore seventy shot three I even though I love quite a nerd I love quiet and it's released I think he's one of the top two or three player or he's one easy one top four players in the world in my opinion just in game the fact that he's a non shooter that goes for nearly a hundred K on the wing that's just you just can't afford to have that to be completely honest and as much I like Hawaii he's just not worth picking up I'm really bad about you and now we're on the top five best value I'm number five for an AKM T and he does dropped around six kmt during the super packs crashes and it's Andrew Wiggins this guy is so good he's so good for summary he's not skinny his body build is like really Wyatt in-game he's got a good enough driving lamp even though it's 80 he gets a ton of them from even those writings by he can shoot the mid he can shoot the three his release is cash he's also got a great driving Doug 95 well don't get on everybody even those cons I think he's only 40 again he's still just somehow jokes and everybody eighty six ball control that good enough shotgun test not a great steel ridi ridi fast six eight so he's long with that speed is great great lateral quickness go down ball defense my cue and it's a great defense okay this card shouldn't be as good as it is but you're gonna see well you probably saw in a video yesterday where I went 12 and oh he was one of my most important players all the way through on my budget squad on ps4 and he's just so so good in my team a card you definitely need to try it and number four for like 5.6 km t is Luol Deng he's actually really similar to Wiggins but a much better defender he's got ten gold badges including some really nice ones unfortunately no limitless he's got a decent driving layup good standing lamp good shot made good shot three he's also got a quite a good dunk can't speed boost unfortunately which is like a little bit of a downside he's got a reading a shotgun s cut steel rating he's moderately fast not fast with the ball but he's fast in general great auto quickness great on-ball defense of IQ and again it's just like Wiggins really effective I was like a glue guy and again for this price you're getting a six nine guy who can locked into your team's best player especially if they're rolling something like a Yanis when this card came out at the same time as Yanis or i thinking about same time as Yanis i'm not only just I'm sure whenever this car came out I used to call him the iana stopper but this guide was super super good this card is super super good ridi ridi solid on a caddy definitely should try out especially if you're on a major budget a number three for 17 and a half K a guy who was the best card in my team at the start of the year he was literally the best card in the game inside here as rudy Gay in September he was the best guy in my team he comes with ten gold badges this card is only cheap because of the challenge for her like alley cats I can see him going back up great driving layup he's got a great shot mid gray shot three his release is so money so he feels way higher than that he's got a really nice driving on great contact on he could speed boost he's also got a good steel rating really fast got good luck waiting some decent on ball defensive IQ and he's also long at six eight so we can guard everybody is one of the best offensive cars in the game still and well actually no he's not one of the best authentic eyes game but he's still a card that can go off and drop twenty thirty in a game against God Squad he can still compete with top tier cards in the game and his only 20 km T maybe he's a little bit high on this list just based on kind of nostalgia but without doubt he's when the best value cut small forwards of my team in my opinion and number two for 2,800 MT is Kevin Knox Kevin Knox a six offensive and defensive overall so obviously I think this guy is better than Ruby as I said earlier they're really similar shooting-wise to Ruby's like close to or plus three and a lot of things they're dunking is almost identical Dame boat speed boost shot blocking and steel I can't go up a little bit in Ruby but they don't make too much of a difference just look at this ad offense of 92 defensive rebounding and with the fact these six nine makes this Cavanagh is one of the most Opie stretch fours in the game and he's a sapphire and to camp T he can shoot the ball he can dunk on people he's super fast with the ball he in speed boost and even though that's our speed sacks at capacity they lie he's so fast lateral quickness not the best defense not great he will kill a little bit inside but everybody LLL kill him inside he'll kill on the outside on the perimeter any rebounds he's one of the best rebounders in the game period in my opinion with these stats is a lattice ism and just the way he just seems to read the ball he gets so many boards for me a number one for 3,000 MT is Darius Miles Ruby I think if I made this list at the start of the year in like November or October when this guy came out he'd be honest and he still is five gold badges this guy is just a perfect card great driving layup great shot made great shot three even though that rains and that high his release is money unbelievable driving dunk 97 contacts on he can speed boost he's also even though I like his defensive IQ stats are terrible his all his defense has to matter unreal and Sam his rebound he's rebounding okay but he's vertical so high you get so many of them he's so so fast 90 lateral quickness as well and he's in 96 shot contest which may be most important to you fastest at 88 block in 82 steel so it's not that matter like when you were making like a perfect card in 2k there's a lot of things that don't matter like the lights of IQ you want a fast don't card I can shoot the ball really fast lateral you can block yet steals and you test shot that's literally this card honey 69 as well he is without doubt one of the best cards in my team and he's 3k empty so anyway that's the video my opinion is our top-five best and worst value small forwards and NBA 2k 19 my team this is only my opinion and this is as of the end of January so I probably will do power forwards and centers over the next couple of days and then I'll probably do this again in maybe April and that'll be it for the year I've done this in October for all the positions I'm gonna do it again January as I said back then and then I'm gonna do it again in April just setting high April is kind of the end of when new cards really get released or when people care about budget cuts now you might ask the video thank you guys for watching please like

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TOP 5 BEST/WORST VALUE SMALL FORWARDS in NBA 2K19 MyTEAM!! In this video we go over the best and worst value small forwards in nba 2k19 myteam. These are not the best and worst lists since the majority of the worst value are better than the best value and some of the best small forwards in nba 2k19 myteam are in the worst value list. These players are budget beasts in nba 2k19 myteam and i think that these are the best small forwards to pick up in nba 2k19 myteam
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