Bishop Neal Roberson - GodSpeak Interview - 2008 JMAA's

by: GodSpeakShow

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hello everyone I'm standing here with Bishop Neal Robeson hi you this evening this one before how are you doing I am well I'm well I understand that you hosted the awards tonight yes I get along with our Harvey walkins and Paul Porter believe me right were you nominated for any award one of the best solo artists or something like that very good tell me what projects are you working on this year working on a new project it's gonna be called praising God with the bishop so it's a kind of a worship and a praise CD kind of kind of go back and do some old songs some old stuff just to remind us where we came from just some good church stuff I think we're kind of leaving away from the church and that's kind of my pull people back in and so I'm using that I never die and I want to be one of the ones to keep it alive exactly I know you've done a lot of collaborations with different different artists but who in particular would you like to work with one of the artists I'd like to do some work with would be probably milton bingum or you know another traditional artist and really you know clay Evans so I like to reach it back and get some you know the Reverend Jim Rogers is another word oh my god pastor Tim Rodgers is a great thing and I'd like to do something with him in the future also he's amazing he's amazing tell me how has your faith helped your life in your career well my faith is my life you know one thing I learned about habits is no habits form your character and character forms your life so I'm a habitual appraiser my faith in God has caused me to become a personal and today that's kind of for me tell me what would you like to say to your fans I would like to say keep praying for me keep trusting God for me as I kind of moved forward in ministry how many believe in God for some great things this year and the years to come so I want you to keep me in your prayers keep my church my family lifted and pray that God will continue to use us and we stay humble before God bishop leave us with your favorite guys speak this evening Galatians 6 and 6 says be not weary in well-doing for in due season you'll reap of your fame that's one of my favorite cookies thank you so much for stopping by

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This clip is form the 2008 Jackson Music Awards in Jackson,
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