David Lammy Attacks Britain (Again) | Compares Brexit With Colonialism & Empire

by: The Iconoclast

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let us now be honest with the country total independence is a fantasy it's the same idea that motivates an angry teenager to run away from their family total independence means throwing a tantrum and ending up in the cold total independence is selfishness it's individualism arrogance superiority a refusal to work together and the breakdown of the common good total independence will lead to total isolation before the British Parliament votes on Teresa May's treacherous brexit deal if they ever will of course as Teresa has seen fit to delay the vote in order to avoid a complete Emily Asian and to kick the brexit can further down the road frustrating the entire process to bore us all into apathy I want to draw some quick attention to a speech given by my favorite guy Labour Party politician David Lammy this speech was made last week during a series of debates about Britain's exit from the European Union but I've only seen it now I suppose you can blame my tardiness on the complete apathy I just mentioned for all things related to brexit right now as I've simply tuned out from all the noise however I need to go through this verbal diarrhoea nonetheless as it does more to highlight what is wrong with our political establishment in seven minutes then I could point out with a hundred videos it demonstrates that this country is being eaten alive from the inside by people who have a deep resentment for it who have historical and racial bonds to pick which completely guides their decision-making on a governmental level David Lammy cries about division in the national but he's the carrier pigeon that delivers it as this speech proves he doesn't give a damn about the British people and now he'll freely admit it [Music] I've made a couple of videos regarding David Lammy in the past strangely they were all banned from YouTube for mysterious reasons I've long suspected that Lommy has someone from his team looking on YouTube for any disparaging content telling them to try and shut it down whenever they find it I know I'm not the only one who has had content removed for daring to call him out so this video will likely be under threat as soon as I upload it but I can't let that get in the way I simply must expose this rodent for what he is more than I've done in the past David Lammy is where he is today as a result of his unashamed and unapologetic willingness to use racial politics in whatever debate he's taking part in his entire career has been based around the fact he's black he constantly advocates for pro-immigration and pro-chinese against stop and search despite London turning into a murder zone and cries about how many black and ethnic minority people are in jail of course according to him they aren't in jail because they're guilty but rather because the justice system is racist he also famously said that a different judge should have been chosen to preside over the Grenfell tower case because the one who was appointed happened to be a straight white upper-class man here's a white upper-middle-class man who I suspect has never ever visited a tower block housing estates and certainly hasn't slept tonight on the 20th floor of one I hope he will do that in the days ahead I'm sure he's eminently legally qualified of course he is it is also to be empathetic and to walk with these people it's a shame that we couldn't find a woman to lead the inquiry or indeed an ethnic minority to lead the inquiry in 2017 in fact criticising white guys is a big string in David's bow as even goody-two-shoes ethnic minority loving anti-racist Jeremy Corbyn was given some shared earlier this year with it's suggesting that the reason he hasn't been chosen to sit on the front bench in Parliament within Corbin's in a circle is because of racial reasons in an interview with The Guardian mr. Lambie was asked if he could explain why he was not in a front bench job he said no go and ask the white men who run my party that's all I'm gonna say go and ask them go and ask them don't come to me and ask me why I haven't been chosen ask them about who they've chosen asked why he was not part of mr corbyn's in a circle despite nominating him to be leader he said you know what you know what I'm so bored of tribal politics that's part of the problem I'm so bored of it I'm not a tribalist that's not what turns me on so if I don't present sufficiently as part of the clique then so be it I am very happy influencing change in the way I'm influencing change I have long given up crawling up political backsides in order to floor to the top do you reckon he kept a straight face during that interview I mean the visual image of David lah me of all people insisting he's not into tribalism is one of hilarity he wouldn't have a job if it weren't for tribalism but in actuality it turns out that David has turned down a front bench position within the Labour Party in the past especially when Ed Miliband was leader he also refused a job offer to him during Corbin's first reshuffle now did he turn down these positions on purpose just to cry racism later to paint himself as oppressed as a victim as an underdog someone who has to claw their way to the top I wouldn't put it past him I really wouldn't lemis debate tactics are straightforward and repetitive no matter what no matter the topic David will somehow manage to shoehorn the subject of the British Empire colonialism and slavery into the discourse I'm serious that's all he has digging up Imperial history into modern debates where it doesn't belong and has no relevance it's his way of attempting to force guilt over the British people in order to push through Pro globalist policies that will ultimately harm the interests of normal citizens in the speech we'll be looking at today which just to remind you is about Breck's it remember that it's about brexit you will hear David accuse levers of wanting to form another British Empire you'll hear him rattle off historical crimes of colonialism mention the horrors of slavery and war disparage Britain on a global level say national sovereignty is a fantasy and undesirable prayers immigration on diversity and advocate for the Democratic vote taken in 2016 to be ignored and run again I know I know to get all of that into a seven-minute speech is bloody impressive but that's David Lammy foyer he's shall we say a bit special all right let's start the European Union was once just a remarkable dream I hope that our countries which fought and murdered each other on an industrial scale twice in one century could come together a refusal to return to extreme nationalism in the determination to prevent more bloody conflicts where tens of millions are killed David starts off his speech by framing the European Union in a highly emotive context he places it in the shadow of two horrific world wars millions of people dead untold horrors etc etc etc we've had World War two beaten over our heads enough he even calls it the European dream so this is our starting point Europeans are longing for peace after a time of war in steps the EU to solve all of our problems way nationalism is bad don't forget everyone don't be a nationalist although I wonder what David's opinion of the nationalist uprising within modern-day Europe would be I'm sure he'd divorce it completely from the policies of the EU the two couldn't possibly be linked could they but yes this is our best point now prepare for some major hyperbole as we go on all right the audacious idea of European integration was motivated by fear but it was made possible by shared ideals democracy human rights equality freedom and a refusal to submit to the tyranny of fascism ever democracy freedom has this man no sense of irony what exactly is democratic about the European Union David are all of those unelected bureaucrats making unopposed decisions what the citizens of Europe had in mind after World War two would they have considered that progress freedom what what freedom sure the freedom to go on holiday without needing a visa whoop-dee-doo but what about the freedom of our country to strike it's on trade deals for example to set its own laws without the EU looking over its shoulder to decide border policy for the British people to be free of foreign rule do we have the freedom to do that we clearly don't mitt you are trying to overturn a democratic vote for crying out loud don't waste my time after the Second World War in 1946 Winston Churchill said this if Europe were once United in the sharing of its common inheritance there would be no limit to its happiness prosperity and glory David that quote from Churchill doesn't mean he wanted Britain to relinquish sovereignty within the EU he's saying that Europe should embrace itself and that we should be allies and friends not locked into a political union where nation-states of their rights stripped away this is backed up by British representatives from the time namely a man named at gladwyn Jeb I don't think I'm saying that right but whatever who later went on to be a member of the European Parliament who said Churchill was himself clearly not a European at all if he had had his way Britain would have been associated with a Europe that would extend from Lisbon to brest-litovsk but would never reformed part of it herself why the European Federalists should have apparently thought at one time that he was thinking of British membership of a federal Europe I have never understood he always made it quite clear that Britain if he had anything to do with it would stand aloof Churchill himself said about further economic integration with Europe our attitude towards further economic developments on the Schumann Lyons resembles that which we adapt about the European army we help we dedicate we play a part but we are not merged with and do not forfeit our insula or Commonwealth character it is only when plans for uniting Europe take a federal form that we ourselves can not take part because we cannot subordinate ourselves or the control of British policy to federal authorities David Lammy is simply using the name recognition of Winston Churchill and again all the emotions that man and that time period stern people to misrepresent the nature of the current European Union what it does and is trying his hardest to convince the British people that they should be on board with it despite all of their objections and just to clarify even if Churchill had been for Britain's membership of the EU so what what difference would that make it wouldn't have influenced my decision to vote leave why should it influence anyone's opinion over what the EU is today and whether we should remain in it but today some conservative colleagues talk about total independence from Europe as though it's a virtue let me remind them Churchill understood the European dream is to build a whole bigger than the sum of its part he understood that it's about pooling sovereignty working together sharing control Churchill would have never shared control of Britain made especially with Europeans he was quite happy to let the Soviet Union take a big slice of Germany but not us mate come on let us now be honest with the country total independence is a fantasy it's the same idea that motivates an angry teenager to run away from their family total independence means throwing a tantrum and ending up in the cold total independence is selfishness it's individualism arrogance superiority a refusal to work together and the breakdown of the common good total independence will lead to total isolation there you have it total independence is a bad thing basically why is it a bad thing because it just is so the very sincere belief that millions of people hold that their nation should be governed by their people who they have a right to elect and remove from power is a rebellious immature selfish arrogant fantasy I'm gonna need you to elaborate on that David I really doubt he would have said the same about India when it was trying to gain freedom from the British empire or for that matter all the black countries in Africa that have been occupied by various empires throughout history no sorry lads independence is a stupid pipe dream you're acting like moody adolescence now get back down the mine you scum yeah I don't think so and this leap to say that national independence automatically means we wouldn't be friendly with any other nations trade with them or help them with various things is completely ridiculous how would that be the case why explain and let us be honest Britain did not become great in total isolation Britain thrived by becoming the biggest treaty signing power in the world Britain thrived by signing more than 14 thousand treaties in the modern age Britain thrived by sharing us obviously not stockpiling it is David making a case for the British Empire here yes Britain expanded around the world it did but we didn't give away national sovereignty or our independence to do so the signing of treaties with other colonial powers as well as colonies and the like was made more possible due to our own colonial expansion mr. speaker sovereignty is not an asset to be hoarded it's a resource which only has value when it is spent the hard brexit ears in this house say they want to take back control they say that we lost it because of the European Union but in reality they are still mourning suus Britain's last fling of the colonial dice back then Anthony Eden failed to recognize that Britain was no longer capable of launching a solo imperial adventure let us not fall for the same hubris today wait a minute so leaving the European Union a political and economic body is the equivalent of launching a sole or imperial adventure Dave nobody wants to invade the Middle East again well regular normal British people don't that is I can't say the same for the war hawks and government and their lobbying groups but you understand my point comparing military campaigns with the Democratic vote to leave a bureaucratic entity is all part of limeys strategy to muddy the waters to good intentions and to make you feel bad when those on the other side of this debate say that they want Empire 2.0 let us ask what does that mean who is calling for a second British Empire seriously who is calling for that apart from the people online who are LARPing no nobody's calling for that one earth is this gunk talking about what was imperialism what was colonialism at its worst the British Empire was exploitation and subjugation moral superiority that led to putting humans in shackles the oppression of black and brown people because this country thought it knew best those countries once coloured pink on the globe were not won in negotiations they were taken by force today we need to build a new image of Britain one that brings this country together after years of division we have to use our imagination an empire 2.0 is not it well that's David Lammy in a nutshell he's talking about brexit so of course he's going to rattle off British colonial history because you know it's totally relevant the persecution of black and brown people putting them in shackles don't forget that Britain is racist guys don't you dare don't forget about slavery you bigots you war mongers you Empire fetishists don't forget that we took away the independence of so many nations across the world but also remember that independence is really bad huh he's like a dog chasing its own tail running around in circles confused making no progress of any kind he talks about healing divisions yet takes this opportunity to shame Brits for things that happen before they were even born it's in his interest to do this of course because it frames him and his fellow immigrant descendants the non-natives has more morally pure as the ones who will put us straight put us on the right path hold us to account for all of our wrongdoing the evilness of our ancestors if you tell him to shut up which believe me everyone wants to do he'll just label you as a defender of colonialism and slavery round and round we go after the global embarrassment of sewers Britain gang became the sick man of Europe the EEC was set up in 1958 but Britain did not join until 1973 in those years GDP per head rose 95 percent in France Italy and West Germany Britain only grew by half that rate our industry and economy fell behind mr. speaker Europe gave post-imperial Britain a chance to regain some wealth and dignity in the 40 years since our economy grew faster than France Germany and Italy we restored our position on the global stage but it was not only our prosperity that increased our allies in the u.s. respected us for our seat at the top table of Europe and the rest of the world saw us become a confident nation again a grown-up country prepared to take a give and take for the greater good it's quite incredible how quickly David can jump between topics isn't it he started off with World War two then shamed us all for the Empire now he's talking about the economy all in the space of a few minutes that must merit some sort of award right maybe I'll create my own version of the Oscars for outstanding political bullshitters now he's rambling on about GDP a common tactic by all in Westminster when talking about brexit and everything else really this religious like worship of the gross domestic product the zeros and ones on computer screens the fluctuations in our currency over the years the market all this does is reduce grand things like peoplehood and nation's down to economic units downton numbers half a percent growth here a little dip there that's all that matters in life the block that comes round to your grandma's house and fits a boiler n is really concerned about GDP you better believe it it's all he talks about in the pub with his mates David conveniently amidst the fact though that British industry has been sold off to the Far East for decades our manufacturing has been gutted entire working areas of the country are now Baron and rudderless yet despite all of this we still need mass immigration to fill labor shortages don't forget no doubt when the next world recession hits in the near future these pricks will blame it all on brexit and populism and then call for greater globalised systems in the name of financial security and togetherness you can really write it like a book the breaths that are promised to take back control in 2016 was nothing more than a deluded fantasy a lie that divided friends and families a lie that pander to racism and xenophobia a lie that caused an extra 638 hate crimes per month what does it say about the United Kingdom when the UN sends reporters to warn us of increased racism in our country what does it say about Britain when our politicians play to the fears of migrant races and religions to win votes what does it say when Nigel Farage stood in front of a Nazi inspired poster of refugees with the caption breaking point the founder of the Labour Party Keir Hardie spoke of the socialism's promise of freedom it's larger hope for Humanity and of binding the races of the earth into one all-embracing Brotherhood and so to my good friends in the party those who are still wavering I asked honestly can you really vote for this politics of division and hate can you really vote to slash workers rights and protections can you vote to give tax avoiders a sanctuary can you vote to hand over more power to the clumsy hand of the market this guy's such a dick isn't he racism bigotry hate crimes fascism Nigel Farage is a Nazi and by extension brexit itself is associated with all of those things as well as the 17 million people who vote for it blah blah blah buzzword buzzword buzzword David here's some advice fuck off I just have to say that this country has been very generous to people like you and your family that came here your life has been more luxurious than most normal Brits you've been given a platform in the House of Commons in one of the biggest parties yet you can't help yourself always shitting on the public calling their decisions morally suspect insulting the native people of this country a group that you will never belong to by the way I want to make that clear guard the liberties this man takes the complete lack of gratitude he shows so much disrespect and antagonism all the while framing himself as an advocate for the people someone who has their interests at heart a fighter for them in the disconnected world of Westminster yeah right lummy is a leech he takes what he can and gives nothing back let me play a clip from a video by Laura Towler link to her channel down below by the way I highly recommend it it's very illuminating lamby likes to pretend that he's some kind of superhero for the disadvantaged but that couldn't be further from the truth it was reported in 2009 that he admitted to claiming a second home allowance for which he claimed over 12,000 pound from British taxpayers for a house that he stayed in three nights a week while he was working at Westminster his main home was 28 minutes away by tube he made more expense claims than any of the MP back in 2011 claiming over one hundred and seventy three thousand pounds of taxpayers money in a single year add this to his huge salary which was approximately sixty-five thousand pounds at the time plus other other freebies he receives such as trips to Washington paid for by George Soros's orphan Foundation and we can see he's doing rather well for himself I would never criticize somebody for being successful in life but what kind of a person earns that kind of money and then submits expense claims for 50p drinks and 95 peace snacks and makes taxpayers pay for them so that he doesn't have to during the UK's parliamentary expenses scandal of 2009 it was also revealed that he was expensing 100 pound a year on jaffa cakes redistribute those jaffa cakes david share the wealth come on now mr. speaker what I'm about to say is not fashionable but our country story of renewal through Europe is a story of immigration we grew as a nation because of free movement European migrants are not citizens of nowhere or queue jumpers as the Prime Minister would have us believe young energetic diverse and willing to pay taxes EU citizens have given us so much they have done the jobs that our own would not do around 3.8 million now live in Britain over their lifetimes they will pay 78,000 than they take out but the contribution of European migrants has not been just financial our culture our art our music our food has been permanently improved I take real issue that David thinks British society needed improvement from outsiders to begin with just because something is foreign doesn't make it better never mind the fact that British people have always been against immigration but we've already established that he doesn't care about what we want our culture far from improved by the new arrivals has been watered down tossed into a pot with a bunch of others and mixed into an unrecognizable gruel our food is better oh well thank God for that as if we needed mass emigration to learn how to make a curry just complete drivel here again I cannot vote for any form of brexit because every form of brexit is worse for my constituents mr. speaker brexit is a historic mistake it forgets the lessons of Britain's past it forgets the value of immigrants it forgets that we cannot build a new Empire by force it forgets that in the modern world our nature our nation will flourish through isolation will not flourish your isolation but connection cooperation and a new vision for the common good brexit forgets why this continent came together after two bloody wars mr. speaker this country is crying out for a second chance 700,000 people marched on the streets of London millions more campaigned online and wrote their own fees they are asking for one thing an opportunity to right the wrong of 2016 another shot at the imperfect but audacious European dream or as Shakespeare put it in Richard the second from John of John of Gaunt this England that was want to conquer others has made a shameful conquest of itself well thank god that's over I think I've made my point if any of you actually watch to the end congratulations but I wouldn't blame you for switching off people like la me are a cancer and I know I'm preaching to the choir here but I just have to say it they rot us from the inside subvert our politics and drive our nation to self-loathing and shame they do this because they only care about one thing their own group and in David's case that's black and minority ethnic people in Britain David's Korea is old too his willingness to be open about his allegiances he's been an elected official for Tottenham in London since the year 2000 and looking at the demographics of the place it's not hard to see why white bricks are a shrinking number and the non-white population continues to expand it's directly within his interests to disparage British history attack the decisions of the natives and to constantly position himself and his supporters as victims if brexit is overturned and that's looking likely at this point we'll have people like David Lammy to thank for it what a time to be alive that was racist thank you all so much for watching once again if you'd like to support this channel you can do so via a couple of ways the first is PayPal link is down below thank you to everyone who's been so generous now this is usually the part in the video where I list my patrons but I have to say due to recent events I want to try and start phasing my patreon account out I'd appreciate it if you were friend from donating to me on patreon and instead went to my subscribe star page the link is down below however for respect of the people on patreon who have donated the right amount here are the beautiful people who deserve a credit at the end of my videos I will be talking about this in further detail soon so don't worry about it for now thank you all so much I can't do this without you okay that's it I'll see you soon

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