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hey guys do it on a dime here so I'm super excited to share with you guys this Dollar Tree haul January is the best time to go shopping at Dollar Tree they have so many products that they don't normally carry during the year because this is like people's like organizing and cleaning time or their like I should get organized so Dollar Tree jumps on the bandwagon to your benefit here's what I got you guys should check it out the first thing that I picked up was this 8 pack of Kleenex for one dollar you can't go wrong and the Kleenex is pretty good quality for what you get I keep these in my purse in my car seriously the glassware section I flipped out and I think I scared some people but that's ok it was awesome I got this container for my husband for work because he likes to have little candies and peanuts next to his desk and I thought that he could put stuff in here and for a dollar it was perfect the next thing that I picked up were these heavy-duty storage bags now anytime I see these there I always grab them because they go so so fast this is what they look like they're really big I got the extra extra-large size and I use these for storing my son's clothes that no longer fit him the next thing that I found you guys seriously this is going back to the glassware thing I flipped out I have been looking for this for months and one of my subscribers Tammy she was super nice and she sent me like Facebook messages and she told me they would probably start carrying them in January and oh my goodness look at this a food storage container these are like those really expensive like Pyrex storage containers that you can buy that literally cost like $40 for a box of them and this is such a good size it's like the perfect portion size that comes with this little plastic lid these are microwave safe food safe and I was so pumped to find these and I think I bought six of them that seems like a good number to me kind of looking back I almost wish I would have bought more but probably not though because then that would border on like just having too many in my cabinet for one dollar this is the best deal in town I do not think you could get a better deal on glassware especially food storage glassware so check your nearest Dollar Tree see if you can get these stock up if you can they're in the glassware section like but I like the plates and stuff beeline for that and tell them do it on a dime set you just kidding but you can tell them that if you want I was also super excited to find these little bowls I use these for everything from like mini servings of ice cream our likes food for my son I just love glassware especially budget-friendly glassware and you get three of them for a dollar and this is a bigger size and I currently have and some of you guys have actually left me comments on my videos saying things like you have to be really careful with your glassware because you want to make sure there's no lead in it especially things made in China you do have to be careful and be you know aware of what's going on with that but I will say the biggest problem did you guys see that I almost dropped that bowl the biggest problem with glass or in China is the one that's like frosted you know I'm talking about like the frosted glass these ones have been pretty safe on especially if they're in the food section that to be sold in the United States and like for a food storage container or for use with food they cannot contain what so they're safe they're good and I love using these I was also really excited with their cleaning stuff they had a really good selection I got one of these brushes I use these for everything from like scrubbing down tile in the bathroom when I use like my vinegar and dish wash soap solution and you know these wear out after a while so for $1 and look at this such a cute color I love green it's one of my favorite colors I also got these spray bottles because I want to have some cleaning my DIY cleaning sprays for my mirrors and my counter tops upstairs so I'm going to be putting these in the bathroom is our nice small compact and so cute I also got this grater and some of you guys are probably like Katherine in your last video you got a grater why you buying more graders I bought this grater because I actually liked it better than the other one I had a Betty Crocker one that I got last time that was mini and I liked it it was just a little inconvenient to have to went clean out the little reservoir that you can great stuff into so I thought this one would be better you can just stand it up over a plate it's got a bigger surface area and I love the green color so I picked this up and I'm going to give the other one to a friend of mine who said she wanted it the next thing that I got is this over the door hook I was really excited to find this because they don't always have these there I'm gonna see if this works some of these over-the-door hooks that I have take off the paint and because this one is plastic I was hoping that it wouldn't do that so we'll see I also picked up some dice these are for my classrooms so we'll just put them over there the next thing I picked up and you guys you seriously need to get these if you haven't already these are reusable wipes this is probably like my second pack no my third my third pack that I purchased a DS but with Carson just getting the whole world messy when he eats these things are so amazing for cleaning they're reusable so you can wash them and I use these to wipe down his trays they're nice and big so way bigger than a paper towel would be but they have that same like almost like texture of a paper towel and I just keep them in a little Dollar Tree bin under the sink so we can take them out and you know do cleaning that's a little bit more green so I already implemented these so I wanted to just bring you up to our playroom to show you these buckets weren't by the cleaning section and I'm just using them to store Carson's like building blocks and Legos they're so perfect cuz you can tote them anywhere and just dump them out on the ground and it makes it super easy to pick up and I just love the red color because it matches like our playroom built in organization little boxes I got these from Target but they come in white and I think I also saw them in blue there the next thing that I picked up were these and these are I don't even know what to call these square mounting tabs I use these a lot for scrap booking so if I'm making like a cart or something and you want to make an image on the card stand up a little bit from the card this is an amazing product to use I also use these for other things like mounting you know pictures and different things around my house that are pretty light so these are good to have around and have on hand and I really like them the next thing that I got and this honestly for a dollar if it doesn't work I'm not going to kill myself over it but I'm kind of hoping it well it's called counter trim now I've already opened the pack because I wanted to look at something I'm like hitting myself in the face a lot today it's not good anyways I was excited to find this because our fireplace built in has kind of a leak off to one side like really cold air it's been so cold here comes in through the fireplace wanted to use this down the side of the built in to try to help stop the leak you know especially during the winter months and like I said for $1 and it looks pretty like I mashed it up to my built-ins and it you really can't even tell that it's there so I'm hopefully going to be able to put that on Scott the cold air from coming in and like I said if it doesn't work then it was $1.00 I don't know what this is but it comes with this oh these are coroner amounts you can like put it flush with the corner that's actually pretty good all this for a dollar and the last thing that I got is for my car I always lose sunglasses I do not own expensive sunglasses because seriously I would either sit on them or lose them somehow I don't know what it is with me it's like I have it in my head and then I'll like take them off and set him down like forget about them or better yet I'll like sit on them on accident tell me in the comments if you are a serial sunglass killer that's what I do I kill my sunglasses but look at this I thought these were pretty cute for $1 - should I keep the tag here that'd be pretty nice look but anyways I'm going to keep these in my car so I just have a pair of sunglasses that are extra in case mine break or get lost and it says that these are ultra they give you ultraviolet protection so they aren't just for looks Lena comment down below if you guys have any fun dollars free fines and I'm going to put a link on the screen as well as down below to a Dollar Tree playlist if you like watching Dollar Tree haul videos because Dollar Tree is the best ever and I will see you guys next time bye you


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