Cain and Moira - THE FEISTY BITS (4)

by: Moira Barton

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morning oh yeah you're speaking no I'm just trapped on the bridge you were you're gonna call this in about a rating system no god no hi Sarah listen uh I feel awful wasn't your fault have you been fighting well you've made your mind up already aren't you so there's no point explaining and I'm gonna head it just right you are pathetic

ignorant who is he no wonder brother right you know what I think I'm gonna get off oh that's not I'm not gonna dr. Maura I think I've got work right thanks so are you saying before we all started making fun of you what about me being a painter mm-hmm is it true no it was just a ruse to make you take a close-up I have to do better than that sunshine a challenge nice not a bad night excellent I'd say don't we'd like it to stay that way okay well you got a rule about who people look at your partner no but I've got to rule about how they behave looks like it do you know what tomorrow is for her yes I do does she

what do you want Sam again I'll barely touch that yeah this is me offering you a drink on me in the hope that you'll say cane go awake in a the old fella I'm telling you a story fella husband you're married no she hasn't come away she was until a year ago and now you're thinking she's celebrating her divorce and you're the lucky one yeah stop it car accident died in hospital it's tragic he was a decent bloke didn't take much for me like the same could be said of a lot of losers around here yeah well something tells me you're the loser mate

you don't speak thing is though she's been through a lot before that but she likes to lay the law down tell people how to behave what she'll stand for and what she bought and if she doesn't like something that's it you're out you're gone then go some folks have been tiptoeing around her trying to do right so you can imagine how it might stick in people's throats when with all the morals and the rules for the rest of us city er getting slaughtered slugging it up with some softy waster who's been playing at gangsters shooting at play it scarred yeah they don't chase up that breakdown service

I've got an oil leak can you fix it today I'll probably okay hmm oh I hear you and chairs have warmed up a bit maybe you should listen to me more often you know this strong silent thing you do it makes you look constipated

aren't you meant to call your dad I thought I'd drop him off myself okay hmm you must be that before Oh so yes thanks keen I'm very well why is your problem don't you remember what you were like the other night you refer that's cuz you were all over that block you don't get to tell me who I can have a drink with I wasn't the drinking I was worried about yeah this is about John isn't it do you feel guilty about him and that's why you can't be with me you worried about what he's gonna think don't dare talk about me and John you'll embarrass yourself you think your relationship means locking someone in our room and threatening to beat them up if they leave that is my problem with you I never know what you're gonna do next I would never hurt you don't be so stupid you already have and not just on Valentine's Day you tore my family apart you remember and your own I mean you can't help yourself it is what you do you're not safe to be around so let me make myself clear you and me we are over

he's still here not some kind of psycho Myra I can't control myself well that's not what I've seen right so I was just a pointless fling then was up you've helped me through the last few months alright thanks for that but please listen to me I'm moving on I don't need you in my life make it sound like it was some kind of therapy I've had enough of this I want you to go home so it's all about what you want isn't it yes keen is I don't have the strength to think about anyone else you were me well well can't you see it see what just give me another chance you are not listening to me No you're not listening to me I am trying to tell you that I do not need you in my life I need someone that I can rely on someone that will still be there in the morning you know a man who can love me you've got one

you have somewhere well it looks like it well I was gonna come and find you maybe I got bored of waiting oh here we go again look I know I didn't handle things well yesterday but please don't pull the sulky teenager thing it's not attractive it's this your knee-jerk reaction to every problem you just drop off in a mood why are you back well why would you be interested they'd be glad to see the back of miss every awkward run-ins but like this you mean exactly

all right I'm coming by really are you deliberately trying to make a fool out of me didn't you hear me knocking yeah I was on the phone planning your mystery tour I want to scho them to work not this any of your business isn't that well should be if you tell me you love me or nyet enough well soon as L say so much let's just pretend I never said it you're not serious you know we are going round and round in circles here you don't want a real relationship oh you want us to have someone around to see and do all the right things to bolster your pathetic 13 year old eagle you can't finish with hysterics oh so have a Sirica now are my because I have an opinion well I'm not about ranting and carrying on oh ma well if I'm embarrassing you

are you trying to get yourself killed I know you've got a temper boss ranked on the fight you didn't actually want me dead I don't think things are not easier oh thanks nice peace offering I thought it might keep you around at yours did you know you know most men opt for flowers and diamonds for the grand gesture I wouldn't insult you with anything so predictable

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