GANG BEASTS ONLINE - He's Trying to Murder Me!!! [WAVES]

by: The8Bittheater

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all righty guys we're playing the waves on grind all righty I'm rhino dude we're the same team know this guy dude oh my god [Music] jerk tinkles a jerk what there for him man Oh do is it a panda you fell right on the rail that's a gift keep oh yeah Kiko you suck [Music] oh snap this little guy alright it yeah how am I gonna play like this I can't see anything so zoom back hope you guys get this drill oh my god this quiz isn't fighting each other don't don't do it is her friend man

mon Dieu that won't play Bailey right dude that's right just me now anybody anybody it's me I'll find another room I'll find new friends with y'all about all stupid there you go but I bought I bought I bought all right it is wave wave three it's it's I'll stay right here yeah come on big guy come on well take y'all on No now I'm a rare Rhino ever seen a red riding on the win the wild ever that's how rare we are ah cut off of me Oh Oh all right guys Oh that's what I get for playing with people are mailing each other whatever [Music] hey now we are on the roof the roof oh do is this two of us the heck man stop dude God please jerks he hit me kid [Music] yeah I'm just trying to save you dude holy smokes Oh God come on Santiago is still a little guy

very awesome Santiago thanks for your help dude geez all right a mango pickle I'm gonna stay over here go take off fight them go Santiago you can do it I have 50 you go Santiago go Santiago and he don't bring him to me man go Santiago who goes 50 ah go do we do here

yeah good job go so Thiago no no no all right get them again of Santiago yeah [Music] can't grab the heck man there you go ground by the ears that's right No [Music]

oh sorry Santiago I'm gonna save you go Santiago okay go get up staff yeah go get them dude what are you doing dude yeah you go

all right shouts yeah go you can do it just take him no money this big guy over here Oh snaps ah oh no please

oh dude this little guy yeah you go some there you go see I'm Tiago then you go Sam yeah go you're so cool good Santiago shoot you can erotic good job dude this guy's like no oh my god that was so close Santiago good job dude oh my kidneys go Santiago he's the one go Santiago he's the old dude what the heck dude oh my god sounds Yago I sacrifice my life you get a wind just dude come on Santiago win this for us man Missy got Mahal dude

go Santiago there you go oh yeah I did a second fuck my life I sky I killed the three oval alright here you go my own playing generator easier way to Oh miss Santiago Kodak Kodak YouTube codec lat

oh my god yeah damn Kodak you too boy buy the little guy socks all right here we go finally coach mess good help dude get away I got I don't need your help now yeah do it throw it holy smokes dude oh my god died already

right a good job three we [Music] all right here we go comes another wave we all right all right I'll get the right you get the left go

my guy can't grab them yeah what can I grant whether you go Oh Jerry was so close oh my god sorry dude close oh dude what the heck does that go

all righty don't master was a crawl curl left all right you get the left thing at the right toe - oh you got a big guy well we got two big guys do debris what we hear you oh my god I did

oh there were too close [Music] I gotta do something oh dude no

[Music] yeah big guy [Music] yes all dudes are closed down yeah [Music] celebrate let's we go must whirl the scribble

all right here we go all righty let's do this Oh Jude don't die my friend

no no no this is bad daddy's choking me off dude now I got two big guys on me oh all right my master you can do it dude well there you go all those don't die now stop don't mess that don't die nice

oh yeah I knocked out again go go go go because we lose what do you think I'm that way 400 man barely don't don't don't don't

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