Minecraft - Episode 230 - Mushroom Stamped

by: ZackScottGames

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what's up my baby Zak's got here playing Minecraft back with a new episode no worries oh hey Clark I'm recording I'm recording oh man I wonder if Clark has retaliated against me oh man I wonder if he has oh jeez I am I won't ask him I won't even check I'll wait till later because there's a lot of stuff I got to do in this video it's been a couple days I was on vacation um hold on one second hey Ashley Jimmy wants you to get on to Minecraft okay I was on vacation I went to Kansas City with Kansas City Missouri or Kansas whichever they're the same it seems I'm not pacing but really I don't have anything in it to check out and I'm waiting on Ginny to show me something really cool but she's waiting uh that reef is nice I haven't checked out checked it lately though should I I am recording this has been updated

made better anyway ash and I went to Kansas City you met Mack there we went we had so much fun we went to a theme park called Worlds of Fun Zone how could we have not those penises are definitely still here those need to leave a contingent Marian hasn't no I'm not no I should reply to him instead of you guys anyway we went to Kansas City have so much fun okay I'm gonna check this out whoa tons of mushrooms holy crap the shrooming what oh my god what the crap what the crap is happening well but in the world is this what is this

what in the world has happened oh my gosh I got mushroom stamped oh no who did this why is that here I don't know Wow someone holy crap that creature looks really familiar what is this I feel like I can't get rid of it it's so big what there's so many mushrooms oh my gosh how many mushrooms are needed here not this mini oh man oh my god I love mushrooms though they're all for the trees gonna be growing the trees oh that oh no this is my punishment for being away Oh No what a punishment oh I fell Wow that reef is great for bouncing yeah I can jump over it what is this pixel art he looks familiar I just don't know what he's from oh my god I've been mushroom stamped some Pokemon Pokemon spended it I have God mode on still probably left over from last you know before the weekend I I left on Friday it's really huge geez oh man I got mushroomed tits are still in the air oh my god Ginny has a new skin no that's Ashley but Ginny also has one where is it it's over oh Clark why are you Clark Clark why are you breaking my windows yeah I don't know how to get a security system up in here okay this guy is here I have gone mode on it's okay what is this creature he looks so familiar

Thank You Clark yep you just put out my fire mushroom stamped hey Otto looking good I don't even know who did this probably a combination of people did this got shrooms mushroom stamped whatever you want to call it so I guess I'll just tell you uh yeah they're all up here too yeah I hear Clark breaking someone glass I don't know why it's quite rude if you ask me we went to Kansas City Thursday night Thursday night we got there Thursday night we had a hotel room in the Country Club Plaza area so just a really nice area you know we went shopping the next day we went to a miniature Museum we hung out watch TV you love HDNet which i've never heard of that channel before but uh look I'm just pacing around to show you all of the mushrooms that have happened that just happened here the mushroom my time gone looks great though we went to Worlds of Fun we rode like all that we rode every single roller coaster the only ride we didn't do was the ripcord pretty much that's the only ride that I wanted to do as a ripcord the timber wolf I don't know if you guys have ever been to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City Missouri but the timber wolf was the by far the worst ride cuz it was a rickety old roller coaster made of wood and it really banged me up but like the the drops and the heights and stuff like that didn't scare me at all it's just that like when it would hit me like when it would do sharp turns and what would just bounce around and like slam me and uh timber wolf bit me I'm gonna go to this guy I don't even I don't have any shame about having okay titans is underneath or is he under my what see underneath my freaking hey what are you doing why no no don't why why I don't need a basement no Clark ah anyway great times were had we went shopping you know they were having Labor Day sales all around I went to my very first American Apparel their clothes are cool they're very plain very basic their pants don't fit me the way that other pants fit me they're really long they only come in like one width and they're really long we went you know all sorts of places Jenny and Wilden ago they were you know but Jenny did take care of our cats and our dog is he our cat saw Tony gun we had a great time though I wish you know more people could have gone how my windows are gone again great cool man it's such a cool time such a very cool time I hopefully get to see Mac again soon probably October very cool in person once you get to know her what else what else I don't know what else to say my house is in shambles it's been shrooms mushroom stamps whatever you want to say so anyway I guess that's it oh also yes yes yes one more thing and this does indeed require more pacing I'm gonna go check out shambles is a good name for a cat she hear me say that I put up some ll replays which of course were totally inspired by Toby games highlights I mentioned that if you have a sentence ago that was gonna kind of use his idea to do highlight clips but I wanted I wanted to call them something different so they wouldn't be any confusion and who did the video or what they were and so I'm calling them replays they're definitely totally inspired by Toby games though no doubt about that I want to do compilations though I don't think that's something he does but it might be taking a look around Scotland see what we have that area looks kind of a little bit new over there um the arena's still there he's looking good the first clip I uploaded over the weekend see I didn't I didn't have very many episodes recorded I didn't have like a huge backlog of Minecraft recorded and so but thank you guys so much for posting haikus in the pagoda video for the contest Mack and Ashley are the judges for that but uh you know we had a great time in line waiting for rides and reading over those haikus hilarious that really killed the time while waiting in line some of the rides were at a very long line playing dead space watch now and then people is Olle forever what does that mean Oliver is the only thing any think of this alley bluemax cat I don't know what was I gonna say oh yeah yeah yeah so I uploaded one clip it was the Pokemon song that I randomly sang during one video and another clip the second one was the wheel knows how to find the big cave song this next clip I'm gonna be posting these periodically probably not every day but this next clip I posted another one it's my favorite moment so far in Deus Ex yeah I know I know Clark it's there should be a link at the top it's my favorite moment Deus Ex it's a fun game I've been playing Deus Ex there's not a lot of interest in it so hopefully this clip get you a little more interested it's a funny clip it's my favorite moment so far I think but uh yeah guys thanks for tuning in regular minecraft episodes are back I don't know no I don't think so I do want to do compilations but I might need help with those that will kind of set me aside a little bit from what some of the other El peers are doing up here is being let's players I'm pacing man a lot of this is pacing but you know the main gist of the video I often use these videos as a way to communicate with you guys directly Mass Effect will be back up and Wednesday or Thursday I stopped playing that simply because I played as much as I could to get enough backlog for when I went out of town I managed to do with Megaman 2 I managed to do partially with Minecraft since I left Thursday but I uploaded one Thursday Friday and Saturday and Sunday Monday we're just clips I wanted to do those lol replay there'd be other times replays like lol replay WCF replay fail replay epic replay also think compilations separately but I wanted to do two of them one for Sunday went from Monday both of them to Minecraft due to a lack of Minecraft episodes so that's what you guys got yeah so stay tuned for more videos should be back on completely normal schedule soon Mass Effect coming back deus ex hopefully never went anywhere minecraft is back now Mega Man 2 never went anywhere so thanks guys for watching I'm Zack Scott subscribe if you have not click the like button to give me a 1-up and I will be back tomorrow there's no more Bing bong I'll be back tomorrow for some more minecraft ninja Marion fix the Bing bong there's news of us which

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