Our boys joined a GANG ... the GOOD kind!

by: Tiny Notes From Home

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hey folks welcome back to the vlog my name is Lindsay and I'm Forrest and this is tiny notes from home we're about faith family and following Jesus and we hope that you'll join us for the rest of the journey today we're celebrating Forrest 10th birthday happy birthday Forrest thanks we have an announcement about our vlog at the end of this video so stay tuned for that but first let me tell you about my fanny-pack game [Music]


so being on the road living in the camper we don't have a lot of space and so Bracken came up with the idea to get everybody their own personal fanny pack you might think it's nerdy but it's actually pretty cool it's been one way that we've found to help keep things organized so I'm gonna go find the boys and they're gonna tell us a little bit more about the little gang that they've created called the fanny pack getting support uh me a little bit about the same thing what is it and what do you do it's pretty much just my brothers and me we like to wear a fanny packs and go around look for opportunities to help you can you tell me what a fanny pack even is like can you show me your fanny pack it's a patch that you wear around

[Music] [Applause] [Music]

okay for us why don't you show us what's inside your fanny pack okay [Music] I have a few a few pencils and pens I have my little pocket knife here I have a wallet the first aid kit with a whistle I have a nice bright flashlight and have my watch I have three batteries here I have some bands I have a notebook and I have a gospel tract looks like you're ready for anything yeah nice hijos what's in yours [Music] [Applause] right here and then I have a calculator wallet I don't watch to nines I have a pocketknife and then I have a little plier knife then it has a yo-yo then I have a flashlight and a compass Wow hey Abby can you show me what's inside your friends back the hammer knife chapstick band-aids I was looking school yeah silly putty got it yeah all right looks pretty minimalist alright Silas show me what's inside


thanks for showing me your stuff Silas alright so Joseph what's the time that maybe you would use the stuff that's in your fanny pack if we're playing in the woods and you're trying to run a fort and somebody got cut by Brad I can use one of my band-aids in my face the best thing about the fanny pack gang is not that they wear fanny packs and have neat things inside it's that we're trying to teach our boys how to look for opportunities to be prepared to help other people [Music]


[Music] all right so it seems like it's fun to kind of get your pack all organized yeah right think of all the emergency kits and all the things you could use to help people and although you may not always have opportunities right now to spring into action and give all those exciting things you are growing as a leader and you're growing in your desire to help people and that is a blessing and I bless you in that so the announcement we wanted to make about the vlog is that we will be taking some time off and we will return vlogging sometime after the new year so stay tuned to see more from us in 2019 2019 we love you guys god bless you and we'll see you next time so the faint Pat gang is my brothers and I with our fanny packs and we're ready

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