Conejo - Dirty Money

by: SixTrece Rider

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dirty boy got straight you bitch the room who need it resource depletion defeatist level walking dirty to propose to shit it's the freedom on the line so impressed me is Fred over there Masha I see these stat shit my dad is planning their mind prime suspects I'm me will public election I said people do shoot case with the weapon you summer fell it and this is gangsta rap religious in the building no he murder when they're this our message to the husband covers me shots go block level rock band drummer Luke ambush nobody shot 20 speakers to go amigo it's a person first how GU fucking shows I don't need to address it's for the pool is so minor Geoffrey some of us were making uncle will get very dirty money motherfucker investing world only then you see the resource the pro-v sending me it's like a fucking cold dirty money cheaper fuck this shit is secreting one the line so impressed me is flip only dead I see snack shit my biggest complaint in mind warty boy the pool and my defense attorney is crazy to add a beautiful fresh up the jam a decade on the new straight gotcha Novelli my floor Wow the skies are cloudy is a people company we met some girl you be pounding little puppy need to I just switch the gear overkill from me how many souls chef at work this year I lost care for this more than the budget I'm the only motherfucker when the demon was done it that's why I'm running the bills our journey can't you build the fucking key from the pit the burn that someone earned it I got no concerning if we can't beat him then I ain't returning dirty motherfucker got straight misty would only thin you see the resource the Tories in the media slap a fucking quote dirty money to promote this shit except freedom on the line someone pissed me a strip only thin see the stack shimmer gearless to plan

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