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by: Cadaver Co

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alright so I've never made a video like this before so it's not gonna be the best quality but I've had a lot of people request to see my quetzel platform design so I'm gonna be showing you guys how to make it you're gonna want like a place where you can work on your quetzel I usually make mine like 4 ceilings about 4 ceilings off the ground and I'll part from console right like that I'll work on it like this so once you start once you've gotten it started off you don't need this platform anymore but it's it's easy it's a lot easier to start off that way place your foundation is far to the front right of the quetzel is you can like that I should work and then yep and then you should want to snap a little 4x4 of foundations like this I do Stach for all of these things because when you use thatch you can just delete it cuz you're going to delete some of this stuff for example this ceiling is gonna be deleted here in a minute so you don't place your ceilings like and it place all your walls look they were all the same they're usually crooked and it's really difficult to make them not crooked but anyway the reason I said to you snatch is cuz you wanted to leave some of this stuff's for example that needs to be replaced with a catwalk so that you can just walk right up access your consoles inventory maybe not but you could ride them then once you ride them can access his inventory you can take what you need and you can get off and you'll be right here that's why you have the catwalk there now you're gonna want to leave these ceilings open here and these this back opened here and I'll show you in a second I don't know why you have to do this to do it like this but just the way that the art gods wanted it also like I said you gotta want to leave some of this or yeah you're gonna be leaving some of this stuff for example this needs to be a door frame so you can actually get out on the cleansing see I do all the stuff out of thatch before your before you actually do it out of metal or stone if you choose to do stone and then you're going to want to place your Dino gate here I'll tell you why in a minute that's really fucking annoying then you're gonna place a dino gate like that night so you gonna place your Dino gate like this pretty good yeah perfect so you're gonna place your Dino gate like that yes there will be a tiny crack there but that's you're not gonna see that because next once you've got the whole of this place done place your ladder like that not like that thanks Ark you're gonna want to place your ladder like that there we go pleasure like that you come up here and you can finish off your balls you don't want to put walls in the front you want to put a ramps in the front ramps in the front hey lets you load big dinos onto the front you put them up to like a structure and then you can walk the big Dino via the REC spine oh I don't think you can do a kick or a Bronto but like Rex is in spy notes you can walk them up onto the ceiling and they'll be able that you'll be able to transport on long distance so let's see what next okay so next we're done with the majority of the whole so we can transfer all these out and then we're gonna start placing the guts I'm eating the potatoes of the platform you're gonna place your grill in here you want to place it so that it doesn't stick out because if your grill or your generator there'll be generators oh it sticks out then you won't didn't they'll be damageable by Rexes and spy knows and players and whatnot you just don't want that to happen they want to place it against the back wall so that it doesn't stick through the wall so there's tiny crack there and then you're gonna want to come over here and place your fridge against the back now I can stick out the back well now there's a Dino gate there so it won't do it just place it as far back as you can because you want to be able to go up this ladder here and then you want to place your omnidirectional lamppost right like that and then these all need power obviously so you're gonna wanna come over here you want to take your cables and place your generator in this corner so it doesn't again so that it doesn't stick out you don't want it to stick out because if it sticks out it can get damaged by dinos and players and whatnot place it right there like that but there's a tiny crack in between it in the wall on both sides and then you're going to want to place now every structure on your quetzel counts the quetzel can only have 32 structures total this counts as the structure and the bots the electrical box counts as the structure also another cable what I like to do I like to put another cable here and then plate you can't see it but I like to place the Box in there normally I can't see it I guess you can see it this time so that it powers these things but this will count as one structure for this wire one structure for this wire and another structure for the junction box so if you're if you want to save one structure so that you can place like an auto turd or something on the on the quetzel at the end you can delete this and just place your junction box here what I prefer to have it in here so that it's out of the way it doesn't look like shit because it looks like shit if it's not if it's right here obviously so once you've got all that stuff placed you're going to want to take out your chemistry bench shit okay so don't place this sealing here first make the quetzel platform like when you're first doing it don't place that there because you're going to need to place your chemistry bench there my bad guys so watch the whole video before you actually start placing your shit don't put that ceiling there because they'll get fucked up and yeah this should be good now you can replace your ceiling I don't know why but it lets you replace the ceiling yeah okay whatever this is how I have it on my official server that I play and I just did this so that it would be out of the way in the open but anyway you have that place there you're good there these things you want to place your smithy and your bunk bed and that should be all the rest of the stuff that you need so you want to place your smithy on the catwalk sorta like that now you'll still you're gonna wanna place the smithy more as far to the left as you can so you can walk if you crouch you can get through here and you can get onto the console so yeah place the smithy as far to the left as you can so you can you'll be able to crouch in here and access the klutzes head so you can actually ride them in and then you're gonna place your bunk but your bunk bed actually you can clip through the bunk bed so it doesn't matter where you place it you can place it legit like right here right like this and it doesn't matter cuz you can walk through it but to make it look neat and tidy and not like garbage hold on to make it not look like garbage you're gonna want to place your bunk bed there like I said you can walk through it so walk through it access your quetzel boom you're good and yeah put some gas in your generator and you should be good to go this console is pretty much good for every single thing you can think of keep mining metal with an Anki there's general purpose getting cementing paste all this things that God sent for getting cementing phase but yeah that's that's about it everybody you can place an auto turd on the topic you want put some bullets in it so they shoots at people but yeah it's about it also the reason I use this Dino gate here and the frame is so that um so you can have enough structures because if you don't use a Dino gate in a frame you're placing four structures there as opposed to just putting a frame - and the gate so you're a sec you're effectively saving two structures by doing that you can do it on the sides - if you really want but I wouldn't recommend it I'd only do it on the back so yeah put some gas in the generator turn your generator on and you got chemists are working chemistry bench you got a working grill you got an omnidirectional lamppost and you got a refrigerator and you got a smithy plus it also doubles as a transport like a Dino transport thing because you can put Rex's and spy nose on here and they can walk up on here and then you can transport them without it glitching out so yeah that's that's about it ladies a gentleman lemon let me know what you think by pushing the like button we're pushing the dislike button if you didn't

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