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[Music] hey guys welcome back to a YouTube channel in today's video I'm going to give you guys a few pointers and tips as far as what helped me prepare for the nursing entrance exam for those of you who do not know what this exam is is it's an exam that is required for nursing students to take really just depending on the college that you go to fors will determine whether you are accepted into the program or if you are declined so it's a super super heavy weight and exam and it's pretty scary but I wanted to give you guys a few tips that helps me and what to really focus on when you are taking the exam so if you are just as excited to learn about what I have to say and you are ready to pass this freaking test please keep on watching so what I really really recommend prior to even beginning studying for this exam because it is super heavy weighted and it's pretty stressful of your guys itself a set date when to take the exam but it just helps you kind of navigate and really know like okay I'm gonna do this and this this week and I'm gonna study this and this the next so it keeps you organized and it keeps you set for a certain date that you're gonna take it now the section is the five questions the reading section is also 55 questions the vocab and the grammar also 55 questions with a mouth section that's just combined as one full grade and then with the reading vocab and grammar that's a full another section so with the massive combination that's going to be a score of 75 percent or higher if you get below a 75 then you actually have to retake the exam as far as the reading of vocab and grammar goes you need to get above a 80% on that section if you get anywhere below you have to retake it and the thing that a lot of people don't know is you have to retake the whole exam you can't just retake the section that you failed in so another thing that I do want to note for the huzi exam make sure prior to even beginning studying for this exam you know what your college recommends you taking so what chapters you're giving tested on I know that one of my friends she studied some physics and the ANP but our school I'll test you on that so she wasted a whole month and a half studying for physics and and Pete when she didn't need to because our school only tested us on reading grammar vocabulary as well as the mathematics section so just make sure you're studying for the right things so next what I want to do is show you guys that the books that I purchased before I actually took the exam check purchase this Hesse admissions assessments exam review this book goes I believe it's like $50 on Amazon and I looked it up on offer up to an some lady was selling the PDF for like five bucks so I was like okay well I need to go buy that one sent me the PDF through my email and I just had my mom printed at work and then I had the whole book right here it's obviously it's a bigger book but the way I did it I would I just divided it into the sections that I actually mean it instead of you know kind of having this physics and we didn't get tested on it so I kind of just left us off the whole time but inside of this book it don't give you how to answer certain questions and then it'll give you sample questions like at the end of the chapter if that makes sense so it gives you the grammar section right here there's also the vocabulary section as well and then the mathematics in the very beginning of the book so I recommend purchasing this if you are on a budget just like I am go to offer up and have one of those people email you the PDF and just print it off this book that I did buy as well was the three evolve reach Hesse a to practice exams and this literally was set up so similarly to the way the actual Hesse was in person so you have three and you have three like practice exams that you can go through and with me I just treated each practice exam like it was the actual exam so what I would do is I tie myself and I make sure that I was doing an hour per section and just studied the sections that I need it again a cool thing about this book is it literally gives you the to a certain answer so every time I take this I take this exam like once every week so over a three-week period I took the whole test just so I could improve my score every single time which I did towards the end of the book I don't know if I could show it but towards the end as a book it'll say like oh the right answer is DN will give you a reason why it's that answer so that really helps you I just recommend going through these problems really taking in like okay why did I get it wrong and then improve your score for the next time but wait that week grace period just so you're not going in blind testing and you're actually making corrections for why you got them wrong okay guys so the next thing that I want to cover with you guys is section by section and what helps me succeed in each sections as well as my overall scores within them so with the Hesse exam you can pick what subjects you take first I recommend that you take whatever subject you're not so confident in first just because you have the most time you know you're not getting anxiously stressed out we're at the end of the exam you're like okay I only have 30 minutes left for this one section that I completely know nothing about me I decided to do reading first just because the reading kind of gives me a little sticky sometimes so with reading comprehension it's not long paragraphs at all literally like four sentences or six sentences at the most like it's so short and the reading comprehension you just have to read and a lot of the questions that it's asking it's basically like oh what's the author's purpose is it to inform is it to persuade is it to reflect you just know the difference as well as a summary is supposed to look like and this book covers so much summaries so make sure your summary is just including an idea of the actual topic that it's discussing take your time with the reading because I think about it the answers kind of in front of you is just your way of interpreting the question okay guys so for the reading section I ended up getting an 86% on it I totally forgot to mention that but there was a rumor going around that if you right-click on your screen it pauses the exam for you I went in there and I'm like heck yeah like my exam pauses oh my god I'm gonna score super super high on this so I go in I took my reading my reading section first and that's the first question that I do it's like I right click and then I look at my time and it completely frozen and I'm like girl what just happened did this really pause so I'm taking my sweet dandy time reading the reading section I'm like oh yeah I got this in a bag and then all of a sudden I had like five more questions to go but I really had to go to the restroom so I rose my hand and the Proctor let me out and come back and I answer like the five more questions and I look at my time and I'm like an hour and 45 minutes and I already like the time he goes like that guys and so I ended up moving on to the vocabulary section cuz that's the section I decided to do next and on the vocabulary section I looked at my time and I'm like okay like let's pause the pause the exam real quick and answer this question I took about like a minute to answer the question it was really really easy but I wanted to see what was happening with my time and I paused it and so when I exit out is a little like pause section I realized that my time dropped down from from a minute so I was like dude this whole time I thought my exam was pausing and it was just freezing the time at the time was still going on so if you hear that rumor it is false do not go on that because at this point I went by an hour and 45 minutes on one section which was the reading and then I ended up having one two hours and 15 minutes for three more sections guys literally it was crunch time for the rest of the exam and this was the most stressful I have ever been I wanted to walk out because it was so so sad but not rely on that you could right click to freeze a time it's like seeing the time kind of makes you get anxiety like myself but don't rely that the times actually pause so just remember that okay guys so with the vocabulary section I ended up getting a 76 I believe but at this point keep in mind I only had two hours and 15 minutes to complete the entire exam so the vocabulary section I was like go go low girl like you have no time to waste with the vocabulary section inside of this book it gives you view for the vocabulary section like lists of words to know literally like a word and its definition to know a lot of these words I would say words used in the sentence not necessarily a cool like an answer if that makes sense but just in case because I never took the exam before I still make flashcards about it so what I did was just every single word I put in the front of the flashcard and then did the definition in the the practice exams inside of this book right here um any words that I didn't understand as well I just also made a flashcard on just in case because I didn't want to be stuck not knowing any questions however guys I think I knew way too much words from what I was actually tested on so if I could help you and tell you what to know and what not to know I would totally if I memorize every single words walking out of there it just sucks because I studied so much for this exam I mean two months prior and some of the words I still didn't know but I would recommend me taking the exam first and during the vocabulary section any words that you are unfamiliar with write down the word like I kind of like stuck in your head and I know that my friend after an exam they didn't ask for her scratch paper and she just took it home and studied those words that she didn't know it was like an innocent mistake that she didn't really know that they needed it back other thing that I do also recommend is knowing common prefixes as well as suffixes so if you know prefixes and suffixes or even root words like that would help you so much for any words that you didn't know that's kind of what I turn to when I said it no word okay yeah but seriously guys making flashcards is your saving grace for this section because you guys are gonna have a lot of words that you are unfamiliar with and just know what the prefixes root words as well as suffixes are it'll help you a lot okay so the next section that I took was the grammar and I got at an eighty place seven on the grammar inside of this book again it covers a lot of things so what I did was I've made flashcards and just kind of gave example of them I had a few questions asking like what is a preposition in the sentence and literally I learned a preposition song when I was little and I just sing it on the testicles like oh sweet ended up getting it right so if you guys know these these come in handy and they will be asked definitely found that exams things that is highly asked it's like the independent clause and a dependent clause was a huge one or the direct object and the indirect object all those stuff are covered inside of the book once again I just made flashcards on it because it helped me memorize it before you go in butter the times we speak English very poorly obviously a lot of the times that was asking like oh what effect is used correct in the question and I can't tell you how much I had the word effect and effect so no the difference is between those and for me I literally just wrote little flash cards like fewer or less I googled what are the common words that we mess up in the English language and so who and whom this one was asked definitely not a difference and then so on and so forth I will post the words down below in the description so go ahead and check those out as well as the vocabulary list of words that I remember they don't really waste your time on because I was stressing about this is which word is spelled incorrectly the sentence and you read it because honestly guys that those questions are asked so much in this practice example I'm stressing so much because I'm not the brightest of spellers or if a word looks right I'm like oh that's right and I get it completely wrong so don't really know too much about styling or in my case I don't know if all the tests are different or if they're similar but I didn't get asked any spelling so you're not that good at spelling I wouldn't stress too much about that section if anything they'll ask you like one question about it okay guys and the last tip that I have for the grammar section is make sure you know where proper punctuation goes like I cannot stress this enough to you guys know where a period is supposed to go where a comma is supposed to go just basic English I had a lot of questions would like the semicolons or Poland's they're very very similar but know the difference again made flashcards for those it'll really really help you but last but not least I decided to take the math section just because I figured I would you know kind of get through it pretty fast I only had about 45 minutes to get through my math however it was more than enough time because for the math sections the way I studied again reflecting back through this and I went from the beginning to the end and I rewrote all of the notes from the Beef guide into just a regular notebook so I like actually had it inside in my head a thing that I did want to point out on here to really know your military time guys which is kind of down here that I wrote how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and Varion Heights as Celsius that is going to be a question guaranteed just so how to do that a couple things that was asked a lot through was proportions so I don't even know I got how to at least 20 questions asking you what is X equal so for example so proportion kind of looks like this I don't know what I'm I'm literally coming up with the random numbers so forgive me so it'll say something like this and it'll say answer for X so literally all you do is gonna be like 18 X right here 18 X equals whatever this is combined together so I don't know and then you'll divide teams divide 18 and that's what x equals okay super super basic just know how to do this because it asks it's so much time but it's really really easy I'm the whole time I just had that my calculator because you're allowed a calculator on the exam it's actually built into that exam and so you could use that so the whole time on proportions I just use my calculator and I'm super super fast everything to know conversions it's those I made flashcards like Hertz and everything else huge trick that helped me memorize those actually watched a video on YouTube and I'll leave the link down below guys but because I highly recommend checking that video out okay guys so another thing that helped me kind of do the metric system was a gallon man and this in but if you google a picture of the gallon man it'll help you memorize it I if you guys remember this dude right here and doing like the leaders inside it'll definitely help you when it comes down to the exam because you have a scratch piece of paper you could just draw that gallon robot man and it'll really really help with your exam scores the next thing that I do want to mention is a lot the book often covered Roman numerals and like Oh what is this date in Roman numerals so the whole time I was testing I was really really worried that Roman numerals was going to come up and it was gonna be a question however it actually wasn't so I was really bummed out because I had made so much flashcards so a little word I'm enjoying since I would just memorize the very basics like one through ten or one through twenty something like that I wouldn't waste so much time like I did myself the next tip that I have for you guys is in the book it literally goes over the most complicated way to convert a fraction into a decimal and I figured out you could just do it on a calculator well it was kind of like stressful because the whole time I wasted so much time trying to figure out how to convert a fraction into a decimal into our example you had like a question saying what is to 8 it'll say what's two weeks in decimals play you can do 2 divided by 8 and then that's your decimal right there and that was asked a lot of times on the exam just knowing how to convert or even knowing how to convert decimals into fractions or percents into this and all that fun stuff so just know converting but when you're converting from a fraction to a decimal you could do it on your calculator super super easy so a common question that was also asked on the exams it looked like this so what number is the largest or the greatest anything like that so for these ones you literally just divide and turn this fraction into decimal form and after it's in a decimal form go ahead and kind of see which one is greatest in the decimal form and then that's your answer super super easy but I would definitely convert those fractions into the decimals before answering any questions what that last thing that was really tested on the math section was basic subtractions dividing supplying and adding all that stuff was just very very basic take advantage of that calculator okay guys so that is actually all that I have for you guys today I really hope that you guys enjoyed the video and it helped you out in some way on what to really hone in on and really study again guys I don't know if the exams are the same for every single College across the board but I do know what it is like for a shreya Mountain Community College so again I'm gonna leak all the helpful websites that helps me practice test youtubers that helped me out as well as like certain words that I remembered for certain sections down below in the description so please be sure to check those out if this video helped you guys out in any way shape or form go ahead and like it please and subscribe down below if you just like always have a beautiful blessed rest of your day

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!!!PLEASE READ BELOW!!! I also have the pdf if you want to send me 8$ through zelle my email is dha35@nau.edu

and I'll be more than happy to send it to you! but please EMAIL me through YOUR email address letting me know you've sent the money and I can send it directly to THAT email!!! Thank you! My Scores: Reading: 86% Vocab: 76% Grammar: 80% Math: 96% Hey everyone I really hope you all enjoyed this video and it was helpful! I tried to be as honest with all the information I was giving out, and things to really pay more attention to while studying. Below I will post what words were covered on the vocabulary section, what words you must know for grammar, and the helpful links that helped me as I prepared for the exam (Practice tests and all)! VOCAB: *These were the only words I remembered that I was tested on, but also be sure to make flash cards on the words that were given in the HESI review guide! -Adulation, Euphemism, Demur, Infer, Boorish, Euphoric, Impending, Patent, Cursory, Adept, Vertigo, Brawny, Regime, Labile, Ostracize, Impervious, & Regimen GRAMMAR: 1.) Adjective-A describing word 2.) Adverb- Describes an action 3.) Conjunction- A word that connects two things/ words 4.) Interjunction- Shows emotion and feelings Ex. Eww 5.) Noun- Person, place, thing, or idea 6.) Pronoun- A word that replaces a noun/ noun phrase 7.) Preposition- Links nouns in a sentence Ex. Above, Around, Before, Behind 8.) Verb- An action word Ex. Run, Jump -Know subject, clause, direct & indirect object, phrase, predicate, predicate adjective, & predicate nominative -Know the difference between: Then & Than, Among & Between, Which & That, Who & Whom, Me & I, Fewer & Less, Farther & Further - KNOW YOUR PUNCTUATION!! MATHEMATICS: -1 mile= 1,760 yards -1 ounce= 30mL -1 quart= 0.95L -1 Gallon= 3.79L -36inches= 1 yard -1 inch= 2.54 cm -1lb=16oz -1mL= 0.338oz 3ft= 1 yard 1cup= 0.24L 1kg= 2.2lbs 2 tablespoons= 1oz 1memter= 100 cm 1mile= 1.61 kilometers 1mL= 1 cubic centimeter 1 mile= 1.161 kg 1 ton= 2,000 lbs 1 cup= 8 oz 12 inches= 1 foot 1 mile= 5,280 ft 1gm= 1,000 mg HELPFUL LINKS: *I do recommend when completing the practice tests to understand what you got wrong and Google how to get the right answer for that specific question! http://www.hesia2practicetest.com/hesi-a2-math-practice-test/






HESI Practice Books: https://www.amazon.com/Admission-Assessment-Exam-Review-HESI/dp/0323353789/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1541741189&sr=8-3&keywords=hesi+a2+study+guide+2018



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