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hey everybody bet from star DS gaming here back with another episode of our rim world Warhammer 40k let's play where we have arrived at our destination after sending our away team with their new Boulter's to go ahead and claim this AI for sonic or not that we needed one but of course it's something that we can sell or you know barter for something that we do need so here we are we're gonna go ahead unload the APC and I don't see anything hostile on the map so I'm willing to bet that we're gonna be ambushed at some point and so I'm gonna be very cautious in our approach here we've seen it before the gene stealers love to jump out from nowhere and attack us so let's move through these rocks as cover and I'm gonna slow things down a bit just to be safe as well give me more time to react so bit by bit we'll move up and that looks like a good place to set up do I want to send some people in so let's see I think Zima and Bragg are gonna move up with their boulders this is our destination here the rest of you are gonna cover from back here still nothing it's a Zima let's get you to the door Bragg cover her on the corner there and be ready to shoot okay can we claim this we can that should imply that there's nothing here so I think we're in the clear I thought for sure we would get ambushed but apparently not can you just pick that up okay apparently we can got a heat wave I thought that was gonna be an ambush but and hope not that kind of notification so let's get them moving back out and I'll just load them in the APC and send them right home I wish there was something else for us to test these on I guess we can just shoot it like the wall with them or something but I was really hoping to get some live fire practice I mean they look pretty effective cuz they're gonna do explosive AoE damage but we won't know for sure until we get to test them and get some real enemies all right if you two could stack up on that side let's go ahead and load everybody up Remy come on Ren Serena and it's Zima with the package all right so back to the world map let's go ahead and reform that Caravan I don't need any chunks so let's just lock it in and I suppose we'll send them on home that's not what I was hoping for but okay we do have this out here as well how much food do you guys have 3.8 days where the food gonna take him 1.7 to get there technically that does give us enough time to get home let's do it we got we came for and it's not like it's gonna spoil or anything so that'll give us something else to potentially test these on all right so back at base not a whole lot going on here other than us you know crafting new stuff we're making another Webber that one's gonna go to Jackyl because he works in the prison and then his lies go and we'll just be an extra hovel you can just drop that anywhere no yeah just drop that anywhere and Jackyl where are you do me a favor go ahead and equip that you drop your gun somebody will come get it and we'll figure it out from there so yeah I'm not really sure like what else to do with this base so we've already talked about the plan sort of for ending this playthrough and that is I'd like to attack some of the enemy bases if possible but the big thing is gonna be a final stand here if possible well I mean definitely we're gonna do that so we'll see if we can add any like other stuff to that but a big final stand is definitely gonna be part of it we're gonna put all our defenses to the test and I've thrown out some ideas for what to do moving forward there's been a lot of talk in the comments about rim hammer which is like a new 40k overhaul mod that's being worked on I'm not gonna play that anytime soon it's not that I have any issues with it actually looks pretty cool I like that they have a very consistent art style across everything but they even say in the description of that mod that you should not play it if broken savegames are gonna be a problem for you and as a youtuber that is a huge problem for me because I need to be able to you know continue my playthrough I can't keep restarting over and over again so I'm not gonna touch that mod in the foreseeable future because until it's finished I am gonna be constant constantly at risk of losing my let's play but I do really like what they're doing with that mod so I'll have to keep an eye on it and see you know when it finishes versus when I want to start my new let's play because I was gonna you know make a bunch of stuff from scratch as I did for this playthrough but I may not necessarily need to do that maybe I can just modify something that already exists or do some like tweaks to serve my purposes but it's nice that you know that mods being made and I wonder if they'll take a page out of the corruption 40k mod that was out for alpha 1718 which had a bunch of vehicles in it because obviously I have my own vehicles I don't think rim hammer has vehicles so if that's the case I know yes vehicles was finally updated I'm still running my version but it did get updated after that and was working for beta 18 I am assuming it'll get updated for 1.0 and so ground vehicles will be a thing if they're not a thing in rim hammer when I get to that point then I will make my own that you know kind of fit with that or I'll just add to what I already have but obviously vehicles were a huge part of this playthrough and I can't imagine having another playthrough like this without them they're just so much more convenient in terms of going around and we probably wouldn't have done a lot of this stuff that we did on the world map without them just because the speed difference is insane and then the ability to carry a bunch of stuff with you in terms of supplies and you know wounded people and whatnot without having to worry about significantly slowing yourself down this really nice and I feel like they fit really well too because rimworld you have all this advanced technology you're doing like AI implants in people's brains and you know making Advanced Bionics but you can't come up with a vehicle or even you know the giddyup mod allows you to ride certain animals or depending on what version of the mod you're using like basically any animal but in base rimworld you can't do that so transportation is completely lacking from base rimworld and was a huge part of this playthrough and it's probably gonna be a huge part of every plate that I do moving forward just because it adds so much to it I don't want to spoil the Star Wars playthrough plans that I have too much but it's gonna be a big part of that as well I'm gonna try to focus more on aerial transport that was something I wanted to do in the old Star Wars playthrough unfortunately with the updates and stuff that playthrough got really broken just one like just like this one did and because that one was already further along I felt like it was a better idea to just bring it to an end and then implement some of the ideas I wanted to in a new one and so that's what we're gonna do in that plate that I'm gonna be using a lot of aerial vehicles there was a mod for beta 17 sorry beta 18 that allowed you to craft various I'm not sure what the best way to describe them is sort of like shuttles oh we got a meteorite and so I was gonna effectively reskin those oh you bastard alright well they just destroyed all my conduits right there let's go ahead and mine all this granite out I didn't need granite that bad and I guess in the meantime I'm just gonna oh it didn't destroy all of it okay let's just reconnect it then I was gonna route it around but if some of it's still there that's fine I suppose we'll get it fixed real quick and so yeah in whatever 40k playthrough we do we'll have vehicles as well I don't know if I'm gonna go more AirLand because this was 40k with imperial guardsmen I decided you know land-based stuff made more sense especially like you know tank wise and eventually I wanted to have like Lehmann rust tanks but we just never really got around to that and I couldn't get for my version of yes vehicle that couldn't get the turrets working which was unfortunate but for whatever we do next time we might decide to go area of aerial vehicles maybe a combination of the two if we go mechanicus it'll probably be their vehicles would be really hard to represent a marine world because a lot of them are walkers but we'll see we will see and obviously if we do Space Marines there's plenty of vehicles to choose from there whether it be rhinos or predators all sorts of stuff like that and the rim hammer mod actually does have some very nice-looking space marine armor and I like that they've gone and added multiple chapters as well I think right now they have ultramarines and Blood Ravens and I'm all about blood ravens so I wouldn't even need to retexture or anything I could just use those looks like they're camping on the road so 0.8 days to our destination we have 3.1 days where the food so unless we need to linger there we should be alright and because we are attacking an outpost chances are we'll be able to pick some food up and I think the third idea I had was something along the lines of like an Inquisitor and then I was gonna maybe pull a few characters from this playthrough that managed to survive whatever final challenge we throw at them as sort of like the inquisitors maybe the Inquisitor comes in and rescues the survivors and Tara gates them and you know the people that manage to survive all of that they go on and join the inquisitors little retinue or whatever and we find ourselves on a new planet or something but I don't know I'm kind of leaning toward the fortress monastery just because we never really got to see Space Marines in this playthrough and I don't know if we're ever gonna get to just because of the amount of hurdles we have to overcome I've been tinkering with this but I haven't had time to actually go through and tweak the minimum skill settings they're pretty deep in there and so I don't know if we're ever gonna get around to crafting those organs or implanting them and then we've still yet to find any gene C legitimately so even if I do what I said before and you know I'm cheating various things in I'd like to at least make the black carapace legitimately and I don't know we'll ever have enough genes need to do that but I would like to show Space Marines in a playthrough and so if the next one is fully Space Marines then that's fine somebody had an idea in the comments I really liked that was I wouldn't be able to implement it in the way that they said but I could kind of borrow from it they were talking about having some sort of very elaborate setup like real Space Marine chap I mean I say real Space Marines but like chapters in the lore obviously not ones in real life very elaborate recruiting methods so what we would do is we would start that let's play with a handful of Marines or something and then for anybody that we brought on not only would we be very selective but we'd probably take a bunch of prisoners and find a way to like you know make them fight each other something to the death and the survivors of you know after we accumulate like maybe five or ten throw them all at each other if say three of them make it out those three get to be Space Marines or something like that and so we have our fortress monastery you know people would get the implants become Space Marines and those that didn't we could use as chapters serfs or something like that so there is there are places for non Marines in a fortress monastery people that aren't capable of violence for example could still have a role in there you know basically slap them in some chapter colored robes and make them clean power armor and scrub floors stuff like that why are these accumulating here I feel like this is spawning it is spawning chunks why is it spawning so many chunks well it's making a real mess in my base oh well we won't be here for too much longer you guys are point six days out hopefully they can get there soon I'd like to be able to handle that in this episode because I was really hoping that that other stop would be a fight and obviously it wasn't so I'd like to have some fighting in this episode and I'd really like to get some live test-fire of those Boulter's I'm gonna see how effective they are against real enemies the shooting targets means really nothing it's it's killing efficiency not just you know how accurate they are or how much damage they do it's kind of all of the above let's see stuff is rotting it's cuz I think it's all stacked in that hallway isn't it no it's plenty cold in there how's our face doing it's a little warm in the base but for a heatwave I think thirty degrees is pretty tolerable it's 56 outside really just need to get them to stop coming and going so often like they don't need to be outside as much as they are or you know going back and forth as much as they are part of that though is my fault I did you know put this out here and so a lot of people are gonna be hauling this stuff outside but it's there so we'll let them do it and I guess to that end I am going to expand this a bit just so that we're able to get all of that stuff out of there so let's push this to like that and I think that'll more than accommodate everything that was in here alright so basic imperial weapons have been researched what do we have next we're never gonna get back to where we were probably but let's at least get the important stuff special weapons interesting that it gave me that last pistol let's finish that we'll get last gun you know I don't need any more last guns so let's not bother let's do power weapons special power weapons I don't need the Webber anymore and then let's see mechanicus weapons I don't really need mechanicus weapons either I think from there we'll go to heavy weapons

something like that if we even make it that far I know a lot of stuff is getting upgraded for one or updated 41.0 and once I feel like enough quality of life mods are there I'm gonna start transitioning all my playthroughs over to that I just want to make sure I have the important quality of life stuff there because I don't want to start a playthrough and have to kind of shoehorn mods in as we go because that's generally a recipe for disaster as we've seen with you know let's update any mods changing you don't want to be messing with mods in the middle of a playthrough it's just not a good idea there are mods that you can add without too much trouble but I'd rather just have everything in from the get-go because it's easier for me to share that with you guys as well I can you know put together the Steam Workshop collection and then you guys can just go and download it for yourselves but what I will do is even if I set up a collection I'm gonna manually install all of my mods so that people messing around with them on Steam Workshop cannot affect my playthroughs as they did with that last update so will be completely independent of that but you guys will still be able to get the collection for yourselves and know exactly what I'm running and let's see Oh point three days out it's taking them an awful long time to get there it feels like it's been a lot longer than what it said but they still have over two days with the food and I really doubt it's gonna take us two days to get home from there so I'm gonna speed things up to three times excuse me and hopefully we can handle that very soon I need to zoom in so I can get my UI back 34 it is getting a little bit warm in the base these damn heat waves it's really the biggest threat to us is these heat waves let's see over here I wanted to put in we're gonna do ya deconstruct that deconstruct this I'm gonna put a vent there or maybe here and we'll open up one of those so that the air can flow out or okar gobots another thing I can do is just dig out to one of these edges and replace it with so I'll have like a hole and then like an embrasure right there so that it can flow out the embrasure what do we get fire foam shells I don't need those but fine make sure that gets hauled inside

and I don't think these ever are ever going to get moved based on I'm seeing their 0.2 days did you decide to camp right on like the doorstep or what they should be there already well we'll have to wait it out okay so they finally arrived at their destination let's go ahead and check it out what are we dealing with ooh that's a pretty defensible position they've got there and we're dealing with Tao who are pretty good shots with those plasma rifles this is gonna be tricky and there's not a whole lot of good places to approach from either maybe we're gonna have to do is come at them from this direction hugging the wall and then set some people up here maybe like one on this corner one on that corner and one on this corner and then try to use them to cover as we run some people across to this side and we'll basically try to enclose them in here so they have nowhere to flee to so that's the plan let's go ahead and unload I do need to do that there we go hey let's draft you guys and move to here hopefully the Tao remained in their base this is actually a really fantastic spot for base okay so who's gonna go where I want the Boulter's in the hell gun firing right away so I think what I'd like to do let's get Remy on this corner Zeeman brag we'll get on these corners will run zarina to dare [Music] I'm actually wondering if that might be a better spot there hmm cuz I don't want Ren on her own on an island like that she is a sniper after all that puts her very close to that turret as well so Ren I think I feel better about you being like they're right outside the range of the turret let's see how that goes we're gonna be very close to them but they have good range too so I think being close nice let me just immediately obliterated that guy yeah voltar's are pretty effective as far as I can tell cuz they're fleeing they have nowhere to flee but toward me so we're just gonna leave it right here oh that's out of power right Ren move up then [Music] and we won't let any of them get away god those vultures are pretty overkill keep in mind though that the enemies we were looking at Oh God be careful the enemies we were looking at attacking about half of them had bees so it's not like it's an overpowered weapon that only we have it's actually uh gonna clean that before I get shot by it they're actually fairly prevalent among the enemy and that could really spell trouble for us so you guys go ahead and move to here let's see um somebody finish you off

like actually you know what see what's in there so Rena actually Remy you're already here go ahead and finish him off there we go got some places for you guys to sleep in the meantime let's claim the rest of these doors as well and everybody do me a favor and poke your head in one more beds devil strand a it's okay well we're pretty much done here let's unfor bid those unfamiliar bidden simple meals survival meals and pulse rifles pulse carbines medicine that it I think that's it so we'll want to take all that back with us but it is late so I think I'll let them sleep here under after you let you go about your business you can eat that while we're here that'll save the pemmican for the ride home and let see about making you guys a little bit more effective while we're sitting here could grab that steel but yeah I was gonna say I thought I saw something down here that is Sarah might might take too long for us to harvest but we'll try it's gonna do me a whole lot more than or be a lot more useful to me than steel will at this point so even if we only get a little bit of it it's still better than steel any amount of steel I'm so Murr go where are you there you are could you make a call for me I want to see what those bulk goods traders have so regarding other ideas for playthroughs the Jurassic Park ones seem to be pretty popular so that's something I'll consider as well I'll have to make sure that the dinosaur mod and the rim genetics or whatever mod are both updated to 1.0 and compatible because for this version of the game I'm playing now there's a patch to make them compatible but I'll have to wait until that patch exists for the new version of the game - there's a void shield but no I might take that actually I'll buy the void shield for one of my melee fighters but yeah and no gene seed or anything like that so that's an idea there's obviously a lot of other ideas we could consider as well we're playing that World War one kind of dieselpunk steampunk trench warfare playthrough

I had a bunch of simple prosthetic feet somewhere did we get rid of them I feel like we might have I could make them really quickly they'd give me carapace armor for it which is pretty decent trade actually the question is where I have 11 days that's not very far I don't know if we could make that many prosthetic feet in that amount of time now I think it's only gonna take us I should have checked while I had that open from here to there Oh point eight days so about a day to get there which means we have roughly 10 to get the feet made so if we open this up it sucks because at one point somebody gave her the the story teller dropped a bunch of them on our heads basically but I think I got rid of them all so I'm gonna make I'm gonna go ahead and make three there let's see surrogate lungs Bionic hand yeah I'm pretty sure it's gone at this point that Webber is unfinished but we already got a Webber so let's just do that adamantium reading table I'll install that where hmm where oh where let's put it somewhere in here it'll be a public thing and not in somebody's room and I'm gonna throw down a steel stool in front of it I don't know that we really have any books in to read but there you go forbid that pemmican and off we go so yeah we have that World War one plate they're going on that's gonna be a casualty of the update I will try to figure out some proper ending for it I don't want to just end it unceremoniously but obviously we're gonna have to move on with the newer version of the game at some point so I can't have you know one verse verb 1 gameplay let's play going on bed 18 and one on one point oh and you know they would just create all sorts of problems so when we update it'll be across the board and I'll try to have you know something worthy of each playthrough the end date but we could try to pick you back up wait why did we oh I need to clean these I'll actually take those back with us not that we'll probably ever get to use them but waste not one not and all that you know if this playthrough was running longer that's what I would do so I'm gonna do it even though you know we'll probably be done well before we ever find a use for them okay so that thing is mine nobody's gonna get shot by it correct psychic ship oh pretty and fortunate spot there I'll have to wait until these guys get back because we've seen what sort of horrors a psychic chip can be carrying in it and I'll probably shift some turrets over there as well I don't know about mortars I guess if we set up like here I don't think the mortars will be so inaccurate that they could hit us I just got to avoid friendly fire obviously also I don't like having everybody set up right here if they have anything with AoE like those Inferno cannons that's gonna be a disaster so we don't want that obviously I don't I I guess I could set some people up back here maybe lay down some chunks actually I don't think I can put anything right here because it's too close to the edge even the stockpile I don't think it'll allow me to do it but I can have even maybe a sniper on this back corner just taking shots or maybe somebody with a bolter unloading on them from the back the only reason I say that is because we have these doors here so I can sneak around if necessary if those doors weren't there that would be kind of a death sentence if I put somebody here and they couldn't escape anywhere but past the enemy in that direction so that's ill-advised let's see here's what we're gonna do I need

why am I looking there I need temperature the cooler right there or I could set it in a little bit I'll put it there I guess well forbid that good time beam then we'll go do security grab some steel for some deadfall traps like so and then we'll ask them to remove the roof over that oh they're thick roof something that's to do it the other way okay well let's get this there for now and then we can worry about it all right so give him a rat on time and we're at in the episode I figure we're probably better off just going going ahead and ending it here and I will send these guys home off camera when they arrive we'll go ahead and pick back up and figure out a solution for this psychic ship obviously we've seen just how nasty they can be the last one we dealt with cost us a colonist and so we'll need to be very cautious in our approach here but I'm gonna try to have multiple firing positions set up so that we can spread our people out and hit them from basically everywhere so we'll do sandbags over here if I can keep them a reasonable distance from this we'll take advantage of these chunks here and maybe put some more sandbags out that way just so that we have cover realistically rather than sandbags I could just embrace your instead it cost me the same stuff essentially so let's see for sandbag it's six steel if I wanted to keep them extremely safe I can spend 15 steel on embrasures and just you know do embrace your ball there and brace your ball here not maybe I'll do that but we'll see we'll deal with that in the next episode so for now let me know about let me know what you guys think about the idea is moving forward a lot of you guys weighed in on the last episode but definitely keep your thoughts on them coming as well as maybe other suggestions because obviously that's something that we're gonna have to deal with fairly soon so I'd like to have plenty of feedback on it but anyways thank you again for watching and I will see you back here for the next episode


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