5 Million Migrants in 12 Months

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so about five million Latin Americans plan to migrate to the United States in the next 12 months and an estimated forty two million more say they want to enter the country those statistics were in a report from Jim Clifton the chairman and CEO at Gallup 42 million seekers of citizenship are asylum are watching to determine exactly when and how is the best time to make their move this suggests that open borders could potentially attract 42 million more Latin American immigrants a full 5 million who are planning to move in the next 12 months say that they are headed towards the United States the poll came as Democrats began using their new political clout to try to widen the catch and release loopholes in president Trump's border defenses Democrats also argue that immigrants who bring children should not be detained if that rule is adopted by Congress all immigrants who bring children to the border would be quickly released into the United States job market the Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Katie willed men rejected the Democrats proposals saying in a statement without the necessary detention Authority and significant funding for family beds to enable us officers to detain official family units when they are ordered removed ice will still only be able to remove a very small percentage of family units thereby increasing the pool factors and further contributing to the border crisis just days after President Donald Trump made border security a key plank of his State of the Union address a tense confrontation between US authorities and Central American migrants is heating up in Texas in the border town of Eagle Pass Texas officials are anticipating a huge surge of immigrants and thousands of those aliens may be attempting to enter the United States without permission in the next few days the immigrants around 2,500 of them are being housed by the Mexican government across the Rio Grande in Piedras Negras the Central American migrants want to come to the United States but US authorities are telling them to stay Mexico while they await through the process of seeking asylum waiting for their asylum claims to be looked at by already swamped officials may be the smart choice but recent events have revealed that many of the immigrants have other plans well well well what did I say what did I predict I predicted that these illegal immigrants in Latin America will get the news that Trump is trying to build the wall and he's pretty close to getting the border wall funding meaning that these immigrants who plan to migrant to the United States all 42 million of them are gonna try to get into the country while the going is still good and here's the thing again that the Democrats are pulling that they want to enact a proposal that will essentially stop ice officers from detaining family units basically immigrants who bring children with them to the border if this policy would be implemented thankfully it was shut down immediately but let's say if it was implemented do you know that over 70% of the illegal immigrants bring children to the border and why do you think they do this why do you think they turned down and they were angry about the fact that we were hinting about the use of DNA tests at the border wall why do you think they were mad at that and it's a simple reason it's because a lot of these children that they bring with them are actually not they're kids these kids are not these people's children they are family members they are nieces and nephews hey do they might even be friends kids that is why these illegal immigrants and the Democrats were in up in arms about the whole DNA testing at the border wall I was in 110 percent in approval of it because we need something like that at the border because again if the Democrats had their proposal their way 100 percent of all illegal immigrants would bring children with them because it is a scam it is a lie they already bring children with them seventy percent of the time which is an uptick from back in the Obama era and the Bush era if they were to implement that that would be abused so badly it wouldn't it wouldn't even be funny it's already abused you have Democrats here in America you know keep families together you know if you're gonna keep the families together you know don't don't deport anybody just keep them all here and I was saying you know you can keep the families together I am in 100% of agreement in that keep the families together deport them all deport the mom the dad and the kids I don't care and I'm sick of the Democrats and these illegal immigrants trying to use sympathy to their favor they bring children that might not even be theirs in the first place they hold these children up like Simba from The Lion King and they scream how could you not you know how could you turn this child down what kind of an evil person are you and I would turn it around on them and say how could you use his child as a wedge to try to get what you want basically using the kid as a pawn and that's where a lot of these illegal immigrants end up doing in the first place and the Democrats are well aware of this but we have established that the Democrats are specifically benefiting from a massive legal immigration moving on you know us the American citizens we do not actually understand just how expensive it is for deportation for one person to be removed in the United States let's say it's a grown man you know let's say he's 42 his name is Jose we plan to deport him do you know how much that will cost a taxpayer that would cost the US taxpayer about 72 thousand dollars to deport this man so deportation is already extremely expensive housing the illegal immigrants is expensive detaining them is expensive keeping them as expensive then going through the process of asylum seeking basically as soon as an illegal immigrant steps foot on US soil we are already out of the money the taxpayers are just throwing up money at that point and you know it would be nice if some of that tax money would actually go to funding ice officers and actually building detention centers and so forth but you know the Democrats want to stop that too and here is my proposal to end chain migration - and catch a release to end immigration totally number one yeah we need to build a wall that is a no question no brainer we need to build a wall number two and a chain migration and n catcher Elise no questions asked no if ands or buts deport massive amounts of people I mean tens and hundreds of thousands of people our immigration system and our immigration policy must be stricter because of this abuse now and here's something that the Democrats don't understand there are people out there who are you know legitimately want to come to America because they value our culture they value you know what America has to offer and they want a migrant here and that's fine and dandy and they want to do it legally they want to go through the process that's fine and dandy but the bad apples the illegal immigrants are making it harder for them because in order to curb stomp illegal immigrants we have to make necessary policy changes that that'll affect immigration in its entirety which meaning that it will affect legal migration equally and even though that's unfortunate but it has to happen because America is the only country in the world that is currently having this kind of crisis nowhere else in the world is having this kind of immigration impact nowhere else in the world you have countries in Europe right now that have built border walls and saw a 92 percent drop in immigration and yet we have politicians here who are refusing to do that because of some idiotic ploy to try to stay in power you know the Democrats and the Republicans are just as dumb at this they want to keep their cheap labor force which therefore put strain on the American workers and the American job markets it's just a bad position to be in right now you know 42 million in total and about five million who are saying yeah we're gonna be in America within the next 12 months 5 million immigrants are planning to march down here to our borders and demand entry demand that we give them Asylum demand that we treat them as American citizens while not being American citizens it's just it just really infuriates me because the level of entitlement is just it's it's it's crazy how can you be so entitled to come here and to think that you that we Americans owe you something it's just mind-boggling how dare you we don't owe you anything you are not entitled to our land we you are not entitled to our rights and you know that the people will be like all this land used to belong to them yeah used to be we conquered them we won and we kicked them out this is our land now baby you know any of you who you know get in a fight with a liberal about there and be like oh this isn't there you know this isn't your land this is their lines like no it's not their land we won it we wanted fair and square it's ours now get over it and that's what you can tell everyone who you know has a say about that that you know isn't what I just said but know that this needs to end that this has gone way too far these immigrants you know they're too entitled you know that they think they can come here and if we don't open our doors you know we're the bad guys and it's like no you want to invade our country literally damage our economy with your cheap crappy labor and you sit there and wonder why we don't want you here it's not because you are different from us it is because you are entitled you think we owe you something and the truth of the matter is that we don't owe you anything but anyway you guys go ahead and let me know what you thought about this in the comments section below and that's it for

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