My Lumix GH5/GH5S Settings For CINEMATIC VIDEO!

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what's good guys today we're gonna be taking a look at my settings that I use to my GH 5 not necessarily every single setting within the camera just the settings that I feel like really impact the overall image that you're gonna be creating within the camera this is gonna be a really simple and quick video after I quit talking we're gonna dive straight over into the actual settings within the camera I'm gonna go through the menu system really fast I'm just gonna show you guys what I have set that pertains to the things that I feel actually matter within the camera a lot of this stuff is gonna be subjective stuff that you might personally want to use within the camera but the setters that I'm gonna show you are the things that really matter to help your image but just help the process of creating a good image within the camera let's head over to the camera and let's do this so here we are on our gh files I should stop into this we're gonna head over to the menu system you can see right here that variable framerate is it's it's grayed out and the reason that this is is because a resolution that we said is just not there yet so we'll come back to this if we scrub down nothing really here that really matters my personal pain could be log out Lewis this helps a ton if you're using B log L the profile I'm not gonna turn it on because regardless you're not gonna see what it does but a brief overview of what it does do is it gives you a rec.709 overview of what you're filming when you use MP log so essentially you can see the preview of the image that you're filming with a contrast that is saturated look over top of it so let's just go down to the next thing and here we have the resolutions this is all subjective and scenario-based as well but if you wanted to use variable frame rates what we have to do is go down to this option right here go back up to the top and change the variable frame rates right here so you have options all the way up to 180 frames per second as you guys may know and this is on scenario-based as well let's just continue to keep going photo style is gonna determine what you pick your picture profile you're using within your camera I'm gonna sitting like D right now but you can hide choose with then a ton of these so when I use satellite D I just use the settings that you can see right here on the right side and you log out you can see myself I thought you said this as well these are really the only two profiles that I use within this camera I might use like the rec 709 profile from time to time I'll show you the settings that I use for that as well I like seven on that right here and it's all pretty simple I never really change any of the settings within the picture profiles that are already there so you can use this information you know as you as you will so you can see the scrub down not really saying too much of anything here stabilizer is really important I tend to keep my stabilizer on that most times I use gimbals obviously keep it on if I'm doing some inhale work I might not necessarily want to go on so you know if you wanted to choose smooth stuff obviously keep your stabilizer on and yeah I mean nothing here is you know really really really really important so if we go down to this setting these settings right here I will really change the game for you guys so I saw increments you want this to be on the third you don't want this to be on one this is gonna you know affect the increments that you're able to change the ISO you want to be able to change it within increments you don't want to just jump from one hundred to two hundred you might want to go in between from time to time so continue to scrub down these are all autofocus settings which aren't really personally important to me I don't really use autofocus and all the focus within the J's file sucks as most of you guys know so none of this stuff right here is important for me I don't really use native lenses so the manual focus assist is crucial for me I have my sets of these two settings right here and what this does is whenever I grab my focus will zoom in on what exact that I am try to focus on so I'm just gonna throw this out a little bit and you guys can see that we just have assumed for you over focusing which helps the tell me what you're doing manual focusing so yeah I don't want what else nothing else for me here peaking is huge for me I use focus peaking all the time essentially what it is it's a highlights on the screen what is in focus as you guys can see within this preview on the sides of the images that we have focus right here it has like an orange glow it basically just glows and tells you what's focused so peaking is huge for me I always thought peaking on guidelines is also huge for me when I'm doing cinematography I like to see the lines on the screen to help me frame up my shots the best way possible I personally use this frame option but you have a few other ones as well framing this huge video guy who has is also huge for me as well and I use this basically because I like to add letterbox images over top of my edit most of the time so with these previews on the screen I can see what is gonna actually be within the frame up at the letterbox in the end so video guidelines a huge Cinemark I'll always keep that on I always like to know exactly where the center of my image is for framing purposes and also for for symmetry purposes as well so if we continue to go on zebra patterns is huge for me definitely receive it basically identifies on the screen what exactly is overexposed within a shot as you guys can see within this preview right here if we look over to the left side of it you can see it has like a zebra pattern I wanted to tell me and identified to me what looking a shot is overexposed so zebras huge you have to have zebras on and yeah I think that's pretty much it within this one if we continue to go down we just went to all of these let me go back and I think that might actually be it we have the custom set menu set up as well now if you guys are you know interested in this or even wondering what this does on the top dial of your jh5 you have c1 c2 and c3 and these basically identify what custom menus you have set or if you want to switch between your custom memory setup my bad and I may use so essentially what you could do with this is say you love every single setter that you have right here you love the 24 frames per second 10 bit with the 1.4 aperture the idioma shutter the white balance whatever you go through it you set everything up as you would like it to be go back to the menu system and you do the custom set memory now I could set every single one of these settings to see one will do that and the main reason and the main purpose that I use this for is when I'm vlogging so if I want to go from our 24 frames per second shot I switch it to slow motion really fast what I'll do is I'll create a custom setup for the slow motion in yourself and you know set those settings up and then I don't have to go into menu and do that every single time I switch from real time slow motion so the custom menu setup could be essentially a big deal for a lot of you guys so take that information as is and I think that's pretty much it like you know it's a bunch of other things within the camera but like I said a lot of this stuff is subjective and just how you like to you know enable your workflow to I work best with how you doing it so yeah man that's pretty much it if you guys enjoyed this or you have a suggestion on what camera you feel like I should run through the settings next of just let me know down in the comments top this video like if you're new here make sure you hit that subscribe button I'm gonna check out loud on my next video though peace out

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