2018 Sentient Jet Breeders' Cup Juvenile - Game Winner

by: Breeders' Cup World Championships

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and under the lights here at Churchill Downs a signalman comes up to the outside stall to complete the line goes in ready for the start they're all in line they're off in the Breeders Cup Juvenile and it was a good start for tight tent who goes out to the early lead and there goes complexity on the outside well-defined is in between horses and then it's Nick's goal as they make their way into that turn and they're followed by Tom purty and then comes mr. money who's racing about five lengths off the lead and there's game winner who's on the outside and mid pack early on farther back and about six lengths behind as they head to the back stretch and then comes dueling funneled by mind control standard deviation signal man inside of gunmetal gray and the trailer is Derby Day the opening quarter mile was twenty three point two four seconds up the backstretch and complexity is the pacemaker on top by a length and then it's Nick's go running in second position top forty is third on the outside well-defined funnels in fourth and then it's mr. money game winner is on the outside and still about four and a half lengths behind with a half mile to go the first half was forty six point eight seven seconds a moderate tempo here and then it's dueling brink of another two links back to type ten that standard deviation on the outside of signalman though they make their way around the turn complexity is the leader Ted even and moving his Nick's goal on the outside came winter has made his way up into third but he's coming under pressure now he's a length and a half behind and complexity has lost the lead and Nick's go is in front as they turn for home Nick's go on top trying to pull up another upset here into the final furlong with game winner running at him on the outside that told them into the final furlong and they bumped their game winner on the outside takes the lead on the inside and it's go who fights on but will be second best as they come down to the line he doesn't know Honolulu he's game winner in the Breeders Cup Juvenile let's go a second signalman came on for third and mr. money was for thank you and game winner as game as ever overcame so much today in the sentient jet Juvenal I am with Andrew Collins the CEO and president of San Shi and jet for the trophy presentation two owners Gary and Mary West well it's a game winner congratulations on behalf of the owners and employees ascension jet great run big congratulations Gary you claimed your first horse back in 1980 you have been successful in this race before with New Year's Day but I could see you were a little overcome by emotions what made this victory so special well I never thought we'd probably win another one so this was bob has told me all along that this was a really nice horse and he did not have the best of trips today we were really concerned down the backside that he he might not get there but Joel Rosario did I have a good job on this horse is all I can tell ya good for Joel that is hats off to Joel Rosario Bob had been saying that he prepared him for everything and he went through everything today Mary what were you thinking as he was coming down the stretch well he is coming finally I was glad to see that well that he was you think about Derby when you win a Breeders Cup Juvenile does he have you Derby dreaming sure we have the Derby dreaming how do you want to race like this at Churchill Downs and not at least give that a little bit of mine thought and last week we look forward to west coast and the Breeders Cup Classic will you see you right here again come Saturday I can't make you that kind of a promise I hope the horse runs a good race and that's all we can hope for go celebrate this victory Gary and Mary west Bob Baffert Joe El Rosario they take the Senshi and Jack with game

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In mid-stretch, 40-1 longshot Knicks Go was tenaciously battling to hang on to the lead in the stretch of the $2 million Sentient Jet Breeders’ Cup Classic at Churchill Downs. Then it was game over.
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