Homeschool Rewards System that Really Works!!!

by: Jacinda Layman

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[Music] hey guys it's just a North creative tempest homeschool today I want to tell you about our incentive boxes that we've introduced a few months ago and they have been so helpful for my children they have helped my kids feel really excited about learning they really look forward to learning the next thing they're always asking me mom what can we memorize next and it just helps to give my kids a real sense of accomplishment so I think that having some sort of an incentive program is really helpful in any homeschool routine I want to tell you a little bit about what we do because it's been really helpful so you can see here we have a small incentive box and a big incentive box and our small incentive box let's see I have put in it I'll just give you an idea I didn't put in these boxes whatever your children really love so I put in things that my kids love my kids love little animals they love to collect them one of my kids loves little pokémon's so I have some pokemons I've gotten these off of Amazon I've actually got all of this off of Amazon very inexpensive and then my kids also well the kid doesn't love candy I got these xylitol lollipops that are supposed to be great for their teeth I got those on Amazon as well so our small incentive box we use more often we use it for things like a Bible verse memorization we at home you do capital and state memorization and then also just for a good attitude on writing assignments whenever they're given an assignment completing it with a happy attitude and then this next year we're really excited we're studying classical conversations and so whenever they memorize something for the week we'll probably be doing a small incentive for that so that is our small incentive box now our any in centre farms again like I said a lot of things that your children love I have said this with a lot of different little creative art paths and wheat to Joanne Joanne's crafts and just got different little art packs crafty packs that make it alive I also put in some mints from Trader Joe's one of my children loves toy animals so we have in from the front 20 animals so you get the idea put in whatever your children love if your children love Hot Wheels but in Hot Wheels fidget spinners are a big thing right now my kids cut in digit spinners whatever your kids love put it in there I try to keep everything in this box hopefully under three dollars that's my goal between $1 and $3 so for this large incentive box we will be using it for our semester learning goals and I want to show you a chart in just a minute for our semester learning goals but one of the things that I love about having a chart for our kids is that they can look at their semester learning goals and know what they need to do next and then they can say I want to learn about this or I want to memorize this and then they know that once that is accomplished then they get to go to this large incentive box so I'm going to show you now our semester goal charts all right these are our semester goal charts and I have put okay I have one for each of my children I even have one for my two-year-old that's turning 3 because I don't have to feel left out so this is for my kindergartner this is for my first grader and a couple of the things I've included on here besides things that I want them to learn so for instance for my kindergartner he struggles with any kind of symbol recognition so really like on here just simply like recognizing the numbers 1 through 5 that's gonna be huge for him and really really exciting when he learns that for my first grader can tell time by fives can count to 200 can count by 2 threes fives and tens so I have just picked out where they are at and chosen goals for them but some additional things that it added on here are our reading charts so you can see at the bottom on my kindergarteners we have read 40 bucks those will of course be books that are read to him and so he will go on here and put a check off for each one in a certain color and then when he gets to 40 he'll get to go to that large incentive box and then we'll go back and do it again and then for the first grader whenever he's read 13 books on his own then he will also get to go to that big incentive box his number of course is smaller because he's reading them on his own and that's more difficult some other things I have on here besides just academics I also have put on here chores new chores that I want them to learn this next year for instance on my first graders is loading the dishwasher and on my on my kindergartners unloading the dishwasher and cleaning the entryway of our house each night so as they learn those tours and they get good at them and they're starting to do them on their own then they will get to go to the big incentive box something else we have put on that I think is just gonna be really helpful is different character character traits that I want my children to learn why it has on his I don't know that it's a character trait actually but no not whining so asking with a happy heart and for Elijah's is obedience asking the doing what I asked him to do the first time so this is great like I said earlier they can go to the chart especially for my first grader he can read and say I really want to get to my big incentive box and pichu's a prize can I learn to count to 200 or can I learn to tell time by fives and so this is gonna really give them a drive and excitement for learning so thanks for

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