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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi guys welcome back to my channel today is the video happened most excited for it's my top 5 red lipsticks in my lipstick collection with you I have to really narrow it down to 5 lipsticks because I have a lot of red lipsticks I love love love love love lipsticks I love how they look I love how I how people can carry they often feel like you just get a more and bolding more mischievious personality when you wear red lipstick really speaks to me okay so yeah narrowed it down to five lipsticks let's get started with the first one the protocol remains the same I've already got my nude lipsticks my pink lipsticks affordable lipsticks or lipsticks which go with different outfits for window I've done a hot wing lipstick challenge if you've not seen all of these I'm going to list them in a playlist and leave the link to the playlist in the description section so make sure you check it out those are some of my favorite videos on my channel right now let's get on with the redness okay so the first lipstick I have is it it stick I'm wearing because I love this lipstick and I think a lot of your love it too because every single time I wear it I get so many comments on my pictures and on my videos asking which lipstick it is and every time I have to give the same reply it is the Wet n Wild mega last catsuit in the shade missy and fierce this is a gorgeous blue undertone jet lipstick which really makes your lips pop it's such a comfortable formula it's a liquid lipstick definitely and it's non transfer proof it does not transfer anywhere in that kind of a color which makes your teeth instantly look whiter and brighter and really brings out your makeup look if you go with a simple makeup look like I have done today or you just put on eyeliner i even love this lipstick on no makeup days I feel like this suits so many skin tones on fairer skin tones and dusky skin tones it just looks so gorgeous I love this lipstick my second favorite red lipstick is a little up there on the price range but it is a very nice lipstick this the smashbox triple tone let's take the offer a lipstick but this is in the shade red ombre so this has those triple tones oil i don't know if you can see because i've completely used the doubt pen to the triple tone has gone away oh but it applies in an ombre fashion so it's a dark maroon on the outside and then it becomes orange on the inside it gives your lips a more fuller look it looks very natural it's a creamy matte formula but once you've worn it for like an hour or so it dries completely matte it's not an uncomfortable formula at all or it is 2,000 rupees so it is expensive but it's a unique color I've not found such a feather in any other brand that's why I felt like I should mention it also a lot of people do or compliment me every time I wear this since it looks very natural sort of red unit orange toned red so yeah that's why I really really like it and I included this in my video since I wear this a lot on my no makeup test my third red lipstick has to be the Miss clay soft matte lip cream in the shade 10 now I also have the NYX soft matte lip cream in this similar identical joob shade and although that is six hundred rupees and this is hundred rupees that one isn't that great I don't like that so much I think that Morocco or something else unmentioned over your vitamin book but this one is better miss Claire India's of matte lip creams I honestly feel miss players better I don't know if others feel the same I do love NYX I love it as a brand but only the soft matte lip creams this is a shade ship this is the shape then it's a deep maroon sort of blend very rich very comfortable to wear I think soft matte lip creams are a must in the indian market every girl has it every indian Govan has it oh it's now very easy to acquire since it's even available on my car so people who still like in the rurals or who don't have like a beauty center nearby you can of course call it a night come but the price is I think 200 or 309 car and I buy them for 160 170 tops from beautiful love Beauty Palace or one of those tools these are definitely chance for transferring they do transfer they are not is proved by very comfortable formula and control it's really really well okay so the fourth lipstick I have put in the back like so much gloss this is in the shape 14 this I don't like applicator on this that much it's a very scratchy sort of an applicator but the follow is a very pretty color it's a jelly pop red is a deeper red it's sort of blue toner it's a cherry sort of wretches it looks different looks unique I know the formula is a tan with drying but that's because it's a liquid lipstick and it's really dry matte and not chance for anywhere it's not gonna be staying on your clothes or you can definitely go on dates letting this lipstick so yeah that's that is the reason I mean Jordan I love the formula I find the color unique or just a tad dry so try using all the bouncing okay so we're the fifth in the last lipstick up mentioned of Gigi Hadid X Maybelline lipstick in the shade or stick either a first impressions only is lipstick and although I feel like a red bleeds lightly ever so slightly if you use it for the lip pop it looks gorgeous I think it's a very nice mix of a deep tone red and a blue tones red it's not true to any one particular category it's somewhere in between so I like the shade a lot I feel like it will go well with all skin types that's a must as the price is also very very affordable only your formula is a creamy matte so it will transfer it will not last very long and all of those problems mostly when I'm opting for a red lipstick I go for long wearing and liquid lipsticks since red is a color I wear for like parties or donoso weddings and stuff like that so yeah this is anyway have very very good affordable ups so it is I complete my top 5 red lipsticks - I am so excited we're so ahead in this journey I started my channel I think my fourth video and the channel was top 5 lipsticks which is the most popular video right now in my childhood I was such a donkey that time it was so I still remember how I shot that video my best friends are sitting there and there and we were shooting it and talking and goofing around in between and this is like just me alone shoot because that's just sad but I love talking to you guys I hope you guys enjoyed the series it's in no way over I have another set of lipsticks also there are the plums in the more sense of deeper purpose that's another category of left to do is there any other category you all want to see in the lipstick collection series please let me know in the comments below please don't forget to subscribe if you're new yo it would mean a lot to me hit the like button if you actually did like this video and I will see you in my next video until then connect with me on my Instagram the handle is alyssa roche not super tough to pronounce you know my name is pretty small and I will see you next time bye

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