The Narc Didn’t Play You, He Played Himself

by: Kill Jezebel

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good Sunday morning YouTube family um with us today stay where July is just about finished huh Wow um well I'm not getting ready to go to church if I'm talking a little funny it's because I'm wearing my retainers remember I got my braces removed about two weeks ago so I gotta wear these retainers all freakin day you know and they do they're annoying but you know you need to wear them so your teeth don't shift out of place but um yes I'm on my way to church it is mercury in retrograde and I just want to make sure that I am covered and protected by God's sword and shield during this crazy phase of the year special shout out to my girl Suzy this video I'm gonna dedicate to her by request you guys when I get done with church I will be putting together a video for my impact prayer circle so you still have a little bit more time if you want me to add you to the prayer list where I pray for all my empaths who want special prayer you know to help them endure you know whatever you're going through right now if you're in the midst of a dirty nasty breakup with a narcissist you're going through a divorce if you're in Family Court if you're being stalked and hoofer by flying monkeys you know you're just going through a hard time and you're dealing with the obsession and the betrayal and you're trying to cope and you're finding it hard to cope and you need some prayer I will pray for you I will add you to my prayer list let me know I will post my email address down below and just hit me up I'll add you today you still have a little bit more time I'll probably post a video this afternoon early evening alright great so again like I said shout out to my girl Suzy's soozee babe this videos for you by request I you know I love posting my name's I post a lot of their therapeutic memes on my Instagram account to help victims of narcissistic abuse and up those memes there is one well there's several that stand out but one of my favorites is the one meme that says don't ever think you finessed me or got over on me you know I helped you because I have a big heart whether I knew your intentions or not okay so in other words what that meme is saying to the narcissist is that don't think for one second that you got over on me you know because you know I'm this way with everyone yeah I was giving I was generous and I was kind however you know I'm generous and kind with everyone I need it just so happens that you took advantage of my kindness and that's what I want to talk to you guys today you'd think that you were used into the ground and you know you you were swept up into this illusion of a relationship but really think about it because I was laughed and I was thinking to myself I said okay the narcissist tricked us into believing we were in a relationship that really never existed it was all an illusion but and in very end who's the joke really on is the joke on you for being in a fictitious relationship or is a joke really on the narcissus okay that a little allusion shit you know the relationship was an illusion created by the NARC but the illusion is really on him or her and let me explain that in their minds they think they can forever continue treating you like a slave getting you to serve all of their sexual and financial and whatever type of need they they have they fill in their minds that they can groom you and break you down you basically spend the rest of your life serving them and they don't even think about the ideal of you escaping they really honestly don't believe that you'll smarten up one day and leave they honestly honestly and truly feel that you are their personal object you are their personal slave you don't have the strength to leave because they've broken you down to the point where you can't leave there they feel really that omnipotent they feel that powerful I mean it's almost like God like you know and that's blasphemy because and idolatry they want us to worship them as as they're our God and you know God is not having that God is a jealous God you are not to serve no one over him but the narcissist doesn't care the narcissist wants you to treat him like a god like he is the only God but what happens is that we get sick and tired we might tolerate and put up with the abuse some of us longer than others some of us have to be cheated on and stepped on a few times some of us it only takes one time and we're gone but either way you're going to end up leaving the narcissus and that's when the hovering and the obsession and the stalking and the harassment and the flying monkeys began and that's where where the real fight it might be my personal opinion that's where your real strength is required to fight off that spiritual demonic attack the constant repetitive attacks to get you to come back to the narcissus that's your I mean it feels like you're fighting for your life actually once you feel you've escaped so the way I'm going with this the NARC is furious that that you escaped and not only did you escape you're resisting him or her you are fighting them off you are fighting for your life you know it's hard because you love this person and your heartstrings are tugging at you should I give him another chance should I not maybe he'll change maybe if I just love them a little bit more maybe if I change a little something about myself maybe if I do this or that maybe things could possibly work you have all these emotions running through your mind about what if what if what if but then you have the logic side of your brain saying don't you dare go back to that motherfucker because you already know what's gonna happen you know your conscious is telling you your intuition is saying don't do it don't go back your heart might be saying but I love him I love her I love them it hurts but I still love them but your intuition your gut feeling your intuition is saying hell to the no if you do it you know what's gonna happen you're gonna fall right back on your face and you're going to be even more you're gonna be ten times more devastated than you already are right now it's a setup for more heartache and pain and abuse so you know once you escape the narcissist is still in denial about it the narcissist is just not trying to hear that you're done with them and that you're trying to move on you're fighting to move on you're pushing but that's where his illusion comes into place and well not his you're you're giving him the illusion that in his mind that it's not over he will always feel that it's never over he will always feel that you're forever his possession you're his prize even if you're in a new relationship the NARC will forever feel like he has ownership over you you're a toy you're his toy you're his plaything you're his object how dare you escape you can't escape I didn't give you permission to escape so not only is he delusional and he's not coming to terms with you escaping now the arild real illusion sets in okay his illusion is that while he's faking and giving you bullshit now the reality has set in that you're holding the cards you are in control him not him playtime is over playtime is fucking over his dream of controlling you is over its crumbled okay his delusional world his world of illusion and lies about you maintaining a place where he can control you 24/7 that's crumbled it's done now you're in the fight of your life fighting to move forward to get away from this demon okay so you have crumbled his his his illusion you have now crumbled the narcissus illusion of control and manipulation all this time the narcissus really felt like he was using you into the ground and getting over on you and destroying your good nature destroying your beautiful heart but guess what the joke is on him he's learning that now now that you've fought him off now that you are no contact strict no-contact you've stayed no contact you're doing an exceptionally well job of fighting off the dinars his flying monkeys you have peace and quiet now for once in your life you are beginning to heal you are beginning to fill inner peace it's quiet there's there's no drama no headaches no aches and pains no depression you are really fighting for your health and your healing and he gets it now he gets it now his grasp has slipped the illusion is destroyed okay yeah he created an illusion of a relationship and you destroyed that illusion you're you're hung up on the wrong thing your urine disbelief that he was faking the relationship the entire time but what you fail to realize that you had the power to break and destroy that illusion because he wants that illusion to go on forever guys he wants that illusion she wants that illusion they want that illusion to continue forever they want that control and subservient mentality to go on forever you're not supposed to escape but empath you destroyed that illusion the narcissist created it and you destroyed it you don't understand how powerful you are so to the dear narcissus thinking that aha yeah you might have escaped me but I still used you for sex and money and everything else no no they didn't know they didn't what they did was they played themselves they cheat that they cheat themselves out of a beautiful love a beautiful life a beautiful you know someone to grow old with someone that will always be by their side through thick and thin as a friend not just as a lover in times of sickness and health they're going to need someone you know love is a beautiful thing you know even when you're broken you're poor and you got somebody by your side to love you through it all through the good and bad there's nothing in this world that compares to genuine love the narcissus will never have that and you know I have another meme that I posted and it's it you know I posted that I am a giver you think that this experience with the narcissus is going to change the fact that I am a genuine giver with a big heart no it's not do do not change that about you you are a beautiful compassionate giving person in the NARC and his stupid delusional mind thinks that you were created to just give give give give your money your time your your your genitals and everything else they want control over everything we have but we weren't created to serve the narcissus we were created to serve God and through God you know as God blesses us we become a blessing to everyone not just the NARC we give we give to everyone do not change that quality about yourself if you have a very generous giving heart just change who you choose to share it with that's it stop sharing your heart with two toxic people continue to give and help people go go to a charity and give help the homeless on the streets you know be more selective with who you share your big generous heart with don't let the narcissist take that away from you because deep down inside he knows he is cheating himself out of pure love out of genuine love out of a kind beautiful heart he loses he loses in the end the narcissist loses he didn't play you and get over on you he played himself alright guys I'm headed to church I love you guys much I'm gonna drop the impact prayer circle later today so get your prayer request and be blessed it's mercury in retrograde watch for the hover attempts and just guard your energy be blessed

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